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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to spygirl in 'Lets close all women prisons' thread   
    Two boggles at this
    One, why is the mental cunt not locked up fo life.
    A mother who threw her baby at a police officer has been spared a jail sentence.
    Kirsty Bearfield was at the Hull Royal Infirmary after her eldest child suffered a 'non-accidental' injury. 
    But when officers told her that her two children should be looked after by their father for the night, the 24-year-old threw her baby at a detective constable in a fit of rage. 
    The police officer has been left with life-changing injuries and was forced her to leave her job. 
    She said Bearfield had 'robbed her of being a mother'.
    The officer was referred to another specialist who performed further surgery for a 'frozen shoulder', a condition which was 'exclusively attributable' to Bearfield throwing her baby at her.
    She still does not have full use of her left shoulder and has been left with a six-inch scar as 'a painful reminder of what happened'. 
    Two, how in fuck sake is that possible? 
    Catching baby, no matter how fat, wont cause a frozen shoulder FFS.
    And a frozen shoulder wont stop you being a fucking mum.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to spygirl in 'Lets close all women prisons' thread   
    Someones not 100% sure ....
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to One percent in You know who is in control by who you are not allowed to criticise   
    Thought this needed its own thread. 18 months for hurty words
    jihadist terrorist, get a couple more years and then you are free to go all stabby against the narwhal freedom fighters
    what a completely fucked up world 
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Boglet in The Labour party hates Jews   
    If anyone really wants to understand the relationship between the labour party and Jews, have a read here:
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to BoSon in India   
    Hell's bells, so India is literally a shit hole!
    I see the problem we have in the west now. We're too educated and advanced in cultural terms for a world where a substantial part is still adhering to middle age laws on women, religion, and basic living standards.
    We won't find peace unless we rewind a few hundred years and go back to throwing our shit into the street, letting the local rulers have their way, and generally stop thinking we're better than the rest that barely have clean water and enough food to survive. All this western civilisation stuff isn't making us happier anyway. Everyone's in debt to fund a pile of bricks they can own while they're alive, fancy metal boxes on wheels, or devices to stare at while ignoring the real world around them.
    Rather than it come to a head with another global war as the inevitable cultural differences cause tribal conflict I'm hoping for another asteroid strike or how about some aliens.
    In the meantime WGAF, I'm with Bill Hicks, looking out my window and thinking "where is all this shit happening". Fuck it, there's food in the shops, drinkable water in the taps, and cardboard city if it gets really bad. 
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    Turned Out Nice Again got a reaction from maynardgravy in Black guys and white women in adverts   
    ?? Fuck knows what's going on with this lot - white dad, black(-ish) mum and daughter?; white granny up the ladder; half-caste baby, one East Asian(?) and one Ginger(??) kid!  I'm confused.

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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Austin Allegro in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Why is Sir David Attenborough constantly on the So-Called BBC, whilst Dr David Bellamy has disappeared almost without trace?
    Answers on a postcard please to BBC Climate Change Bias Department, Wood Lane, London W12 8QT.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Soft lad in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    English patriotic song.
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    Turned Out Nice Again got a reaction from Tdog in The art of contentment   
    Somebody once told me to be content you need A.I.R (Accommodation, Income, Relationship).
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to SirGaz in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    I watched this the other day, a really wonderfull snapshot of whole culture that has practically dissapeared.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Hopeful in Electric Car Market - Something Odd Going On   
    After my first secondhand car, a Renault 5TS, all my subsequent cars up until the present (my first new vehicle) were secondhand motability cars.
    There were all a bargain. Each exactly 3 years old, capped mileage, dealer serviced and you could always beat down the price as the dealer loved a quick cash sale because the forecourt was always full of them and another would be arriving on the forecourt tomorrow.
    In terms of car cost, 30 years of motoring for £15k, or £12.5k if you take off what I sold the vehicles for. Depreciation of £500 per year, what's not to like?
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Fischer in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    V funny. Never heard of him before.
     "Woke comedy is like women's football. It gets written about a lot in the Guardian, but it's shit."

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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to hapax legomenon in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    Posted this before but always worth a 'bump'
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to spygirl in A very YORKSHIRE brothel   
    Its worked.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Rowley in The normalisation of female obesity   
    I was studying a particularly fat arse belonging to a waitress at Cork airport yesterday. Upper torso and face didn’t look that chubby, but her arse cheeks were each the size of a small space hopper. How does this happen? 
    You could offer a £10M prize to recreate this look and most people (especially men) would find it impossible. Is there a way of eating a calorie surplus, whilst target exercising everything from the navel upwards. When you start buying jeans that billow like a double duvet cover, is that not a wake up call?
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Napoleon Dynamite in Invasion of the Agile Cult   
    Has anybody had much to do with Agile practitioners?
    My workplace has just got weirder, we've had an influx of them.
    There's something incredibly cult like about them.  They're all friendly, smiley and positive then there's the doctrine, the anecdotal feel good stories, sacred ceremonies, priesthood etc.
    Scratch the surface and you have to wonder what's there.  Most of them haven't written a line of code in their life, let alone been involved with delivering anything.  But they're now highly paid consultants/scrum masters/product owners.
    Weird, weird, weird.  They remind me of Jehovah's Witnesses.   Apologies to any real JWs on here ... or anybody that does Agile and has actually acheived something.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to dgul in UK must suffer knockout blow if EU is to thtive   
    That's been clear all along.
    The EU has to send a message to the more troublesome members that resistance is futile.
    If the UK succeeds then it'll probably try to arrange an EU-lite of members that have freeish trade but not the other stuff.  Ie, a neo-EEC.  And the EU is terrified of that -- it is what most countries actually want, but they currently have to join the gang and pledge allegiance to the Emperor to get the useful stuff.
    I think the UK will succeed, but mainly because the EU will crush itself in the coming economic crisis.
    [This is why I'd want Brexit. It if wasn't clear before, the behaviour of the EU post the Brexit referendum has shown its true colours -- as a hegemony that acts in its own interests before those of the member states]
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Melchett in There are no Londoners   
    I went out for a multi-country work dinner last night. The guy opposite me, an Italian who has spent the last 11 years living in the U.K., told me to my face with a smile and with no sense of how this might sound to me, that the thing he really liked about London is that there are no Londoners, just people from all over the world. The German and French people either side agree they loved the multi culti (as one of the.termed  it) thing, before waxing lyrical about their own home towns and about how people have such strong local identities. Without getting g argumentative, i tired to explain that there used to be Londoners but they had all left. They really couldn’t see the hypocrisy of wanting London to be a city where the locals have all gone and them wanting their home towns and cities to be full of their own people.
    Fucking depressing. Having a foreigner say that the thing he loves about your home city is that there are no locals.
    I just about stopped myself from pointing out that this was one reason why we voted to leave the EU.
    feel free to move to another thread if you think it belongs in one.
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    Turned Out Nice Again got a reaction from Great Guy in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    Ah! The romantic dream of bestriding the noble "Ship of the Desert" like Lawrence of Arabia
    (unmute the volume and put your tea down before watching).
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to stokiescum in Don‚Äôt try this at home   
    They call it lobby around here they use anything traditionally 
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Melchett in Joker could inspire attacks from incels   
    I have concluded overnight that whether you were uplifted or disturbed by the Joker is probably a good indicator of which side your bread is buttered (or not) in so many of the social divides in the West at the moment: Have/have not; swamp dweller/drainer; leave/remain; white male hating SJW/astonished by the hypocrisy and idiocy. Etc?
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    Turned Out Nice Again got a reaction from Melchett in Joker could inspire attacks from incels   
    Are we talking about the same film?! I didn't find it depressing in the slightest. On the contrary, I was punching the air to Rock n Roll pt II as he danced down those steps, led the applause at the end and left the cinema absolutely energised (for the first time in years)
    At last somebody has managed to portray white male struggle in Clown World without paying lip service to PC!
    That said, the sign of a really great movie is that it is open to multiple (even conflicting) interpretations and I respect yours.
    Can't wait to see it again
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    Turned Out Nice Again got a reaction from gibbon in Don‚Äôt try this at home   
    If you like a stew but haven't the patience for slow cooking try boiling up the following in a pot for about half an hour:
    - bag of bacon off-cuts (costs buttons from any of the big supermarkets)
    - onions
    - leeks
    - carrots
    - potatoes
    makes its own stock from the veg and seasoning from the ham --- luvverly! And cheap. Sort of poor man's Dublin Coddle.
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    Turned Out Nice Again reacted to Austin Allegro in Extinction rebellion?   
    Climate change activism, along with transgender stuff, is the logical end result of what could be called the 'protest industry' in the west. Every one of their definite objectives has been achieved; gay marriage was the last real big one.
    Now there are no major causes left for them to fight for so they only thing left is an open ended cause with no real objective or goal other than to keep the virtue signalling/protesting alive for its own sake.
    That's probably why XR appeals because it has no real goals other than to cause disruption (or 'raise awareness' as they would put it) as does transgender issues because nobody can agree on what it all means.
    It's the social justice warrior's equivalent of the never ending battle between Eurasia and Eastasia as depicted in Orwell's 1984.