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  1. Db, gold roadmap very clear thanks. What figure is your silver map now indicating ?
  2. Regarding the Silver price DB, I did almost buy some more silver miners last week but held off due to expecting slightly lower prices. I am still anticipating one good opportunity in April to top up the silver miners, perhaps that is wishful thinking.. How do you see it?
  3. Hello Durhamborn, In the media one reads that JP Morgan are in possession of 750 million ounces of silver. Do you think this is real and if so, would when JP Morgan sell have an effect on your silver roadmap?
  4. Hello DurhamBorn and all, this is really good here : structured, bouncing and sharing ideas with respect. It makes a change from either having some incompetent managers telling you what to do or some incompetent managers as colleagues...
  5. I see several advantages of transferring to his SIPP : He's got the £101K , he will have access to £5K per year for 20 years even if he doesn't invest it….could spend some earlier to enjoy when he is able to or if needed it will help bridge a gap to 65 . Alternatively £2.6K per year in 16 years won't buy that many cruises...
  6. Appreciate the view. Best then in these unclear periods.., simply stick to the basics : follow the market, a good deal of patience and average in on the lows when it feels right. Ability also to put any short term losses into context and the time plus revalorisation for silver will bring it right.
  7. Hello Durhamborn, my first comment on this site and have been following closely for a couple of months now. Given the current on-going stock market correction, does your roadmap still see silver going to $22 and if so in what timeline?