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  1. Bring her to the UK, jail her and upon release let her live with Gary Lineker. See if he hids the knives and other sharp items.
  2. Hold on , its 23-16. Take a few more drinks and take the Wife to bed for a good session ffs. In other words I've no idea.
  3. One was a woman. Still a good result though.
  4. Got it done in 2,000. Under G.A. as I didn't really want to see! No problems and no after effects.
  5. Stella i think used to be 5,6. Because of the " Wife beater " label the press gave it it was reduced. Also with the tax I think Still my favourite beer
  6. I have to check them for a Halal sign and if there's one it will join my boycott list.
  7. I was at Tesco on Monday. Sign outside saying shop alone and two staff there and I seen them stopping couples and pointing at the sign , I was sitting in my car watching. One guy stopped seemed to get a bit agitated with arm outstretched and pointing. Now my main point is these two were not Security and to me this was a job for Security.
  8. Are you sure about that one Greta? Though I have to agree with you.
  9. Decent. And for the rumours Chinese women are cut the other way yes that's true.
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