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  1. If anyone has good intel on Roscan Gold I would be obliged. West African based, near the necessary infrastructure, top management team allegedly. Other miners in the area so permitting should not be insurmountable. Minnow price 0.47cad. 128 million cad market cap. 274 million shares. From their website .... Roscan Gold Corporation (TSXV.ROS) is a Canadian public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, which is focused on the acquisition and evaluation of gold properties in West Africa. Roscan’s initial prospective gold exploration project is the Kandiole Project located in West
  2. I looked at a copy of a Noddy book in a Nursery school in 1988. All well and good until I noticed Noddys personalised number plate.....WOG 1
  3. Its more like something I have concerns about rather than something I see as more likely. I was sold on the BK as inevitable, currently I am more open minded about outcomes. Sods law.. recession economics with stimulus, commodities demand are part of my musings. Also some things Michael Oliver and others said in various places. Re Michael Oliver iirc He does expect melt up then fangs to go down hard and kick off a less dramatic bear market in the broader S+P . He is a momentum technical analyist. Generally he seems clued up, well worth a listen.
  4. The govt. is giving £4.8 million to a scheme in Angelsey for using tidal power to make hydrogen for lorry fuel. Was on the news so I cant link or flesh this out with more details.
  5. What I would have certainty about is our currency being thrown under a bus.
  6. Im giving some credence to the possibility of a slow motion crash rather than a BK now. More so after watching a recent Michael Oliver video. A miserable drawn out slow grind down with lower lows over an extended time frame until some sectors eventually begin to pull away to the upside on the back of more stimulus. Just my thoughts atm.
  7. Maybe you already know but just be aware the miners are a volatile rollercoaster ride. Nice when it goes up mind. Here is the 10 year chart for Barrick share pice for instance.
  8. I thought the delay was due to a requirement for a 60% majority to get it through and not all democrats were on board initially.
  9. Gold has fallen through the $1760 support level. I was about to top up Harmony and put a first ladder into PAAS and Endeavour, will wait and watch now. Next price I will watch is 1700, see if it bounces off that.
  10. I would expect some sort of shake out as the 10 year yield closes in on the average S and P yield ( 1.46 % I believe ). Then also worth watching if the S and P goes below its 50 day average. That will ruffle a few feathers I would think.
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