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  1. Does the decline of US shale mean good news for offshore/subsea O&G in the longer term?
  2. Thanks for sharing that. I’m tempted by a similar plan myself. I could really do with buying a place as sick of renting, and have a big enough deposit but been reluctant to as don’t want to miss any potential opportunities from the next cycle as it’s all tied up in a house. I could stick a chunk in silver, keep some aside for reflation shares and the rest for 40% deposit. what would you actually hold the silver in? something like SSLN or actual sovereign/coins?
  3. That is bloody brilliant. For the student railcard, how do you get around the form where you need a stamp from the uni for the student railcard? If it works I'd be tempted to get the 4 year one as well (assuming you'll use it) so only need to apply once.
  4. For those with investments like me <15k say, is there a good way to get silver exposure via a fund in an isa without individual miners? Not sure individual ones would give me enough breadth with this size pot... From what I gather there is some silver crossover in GDX and GDXJ, is that “enough” exposure to benefit, if there’s no alternative? A lot of the Silver miner trackers aren’t available in ISAs it seems. thanks
  5. Looking either somewhere in or between north/east Leeds area due to wanting short trip to work. Pension and other investments are pretty minimal for my age as I’d put it into a deposit instead. I’m not young but not that old either, 34. I’ve managed to get a fair deposit in cash approx 85k, but still waiting it out. I was moving all over the country doing contract work so didn’t actually need a place as would never be there but now back in one place. I could just about get a place now and be done with it, try and pay off as fast as I can but having waited this long holding out for a
  6. That’s crazy, why the huge difference in benefits out of interest? presumably kids under 18?
  7. I’m working as a mechanical engineer (albeit quite a junior) and just moved to O&G services as things seemed to be picking up a bit. I’m involved with subsea systems. I went into it fully prepared to move to another area of engineering altogether as you’ve alluded to above, don’t think it would last what’s left of my working life (although there may be decommissioning work etc.) Fortunately what I’m doing is fairly translatable to other areas as it’s mechanical design/analysis regardless of the O&G side. Could you elaborate a bit more on the bold part and about the plans for
  8. Been following the thread closely, mainly lurking! Really appreciate the advice and help from all, best thread on the internet! (edit- should add a good friend pointed me here as it moved from hpc) Not contributed much as other than my own story I can’t offer much yet in as I’m still quite a novice and something of a relative whippersnapper at 34. Most of my “wealth” is in cash for a house deposit as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post but starting to put some via a S&S ISA into VOD, BT, CNA, RMG for the longer run. @DurhamBorn I wanted to ask about the big downturn for
  9. @spygirl@janch Thanks for the replies, I'm looking at up north or possibly west midlands depending on job.
  10. I think there’s a few people like me, a FTBer millennial in their 30s with a reasonable income and a 50% deposit due to saving a fair chunk, sat waiting for the time to buy. My dilemma is do I buy sooner and have a place to live and hopefully not be as fucked as the example of Tom and Lucy due to having a smaller mortgage thanks to the deposit OR stick it out a bit longer wait for the drop that might not happen and my 50% deposit then becomes a 75% deposit on the now reduced house?? Not wanting to profit from the misery of others but if I wait I’m sure there would be some scenario li
  11. Hi all, First post after lurking for some time and reading through everything in this thread. Firstly thank you all for sharing this knowledge. I think someone else made a thread "for newbies" on this topic on how to respond to the deflation/reflation roadmap/ideas discussed elsewhere but has gone a bit quiet. A lot to take in for a relative novice investor - don't worry I'm not about to go and put everything into PM miners. Just thinking what I can do in my situation as a 34 year old to best position myself for all this No property and working in mechanical engin
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