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  1. @spygirl@janch Thanks for the replies, I'm looking at up north or possibly west midlands depending on job.
  2. I think there’s a few people like me, a FTBer millennial in their 30s with a reasonable income and a 50% deposit due to saving a fair chunk, sat waiting for the time to buy. My dilemma is do I buy sooner and have a place to live and hopefully not be as fucked as the example of Tom and Lucy due to having a smaller mortgage thanks to the deposit OR stick it out a bit longer wait for the drop that might not happen and my 50% deposit then becomes a 75% deposit on the now reduced house?? Not wanting to profit from the misery of others but if I wait I’m sure there would be some scenario like the above where a good deal could be had...
  3. Hi all, First post after lurking for some time and reading through everything in this thread. Firstly thank you all for sharing this knowledge. I think someone else made a thread "for newbies" on this topic on how to respond to the deflation/reflation roadmap/ideas discussed elsewhere but has gone a bit quiet. A lot to take in for a relative novice investor - don't worry I'm not about to go and put everything into PM miners. Just thinking what I can do in my situation as a 34 year old to best position myself for all this No property and working in mechanical engineering (although not infrastructure based, more product development), looking to move around the north east/yorkshire area if I can find the right job but getting paid a better contract rate to live in the east midlands...for now, although I don't like the place. The bulk of my earnings is going into cash as a house deposit, small amount into a Lifestrategy 100 SIPP each month (£300) and some left over to potentially to take advantage of this information here. Not wanting to make the thread about me or go and do something crazy based on forum advice - but any ideas on where to start in my situation in the light of this thread?? Thank you