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  1. On-topic, a quick look at BWMs shows how much sizes have increased, seach for 325i dimensions at Year & model - length x width : 1986 E30 - 170 x 65, 1991 E36 - 175 x 67, 2004 E46 - 176 x ??, 2005 E90 178 x 71 1 (non photshopped) photo = 1000 words
  2. Many houses advertised for sale in the Lake District last year had restrictions when put up for sale "must be a local resident" etc. This is to stop outsiders paying inflated prices for a holiday homes - leading to housing being unffordable for local workers on NMW. Search "Section 157", Ex-council houses can have restrictions included so that all sales in the fuiture have to be approved by the council - giving them the ability to implement a "Local residents only" policy or similar HMRC issue SA302 "tax year overview" certificates to show tax has been declared (& paid) on income from holiday lets, etc. Mortgage companies have started to refuse mortgage applications from folk who have been getting income from Air B&B but who can't show a SA302 certificate (assuming the income is not being declared/taxed). HMRC are running a campaign so "undeclaring" landlords can bring their tax up to date (tax is still due, but the large potential fines are reduced). Expect undeclaring landlords to sell up if/when it becomes unprofitable for them. Increasing tax ("Section 24", +3% SDLT etc) and increasing legislation/costs means many existing holiday rentals are becoming less profitable, don't be surprised to see many being sold in the next couple of years. For info, I'm often in North Wales but moves to Devon over the Winter, both have a "deserted in Winter / over-crowded in Summer" lifecycle. A mix of hotels/hostels, holiday rentals, Air B&B, etc.
  3. I've had Property Lion bookmarked for a while now, it's always interesting to browse the sales it hilights but I didn't know they published quarterly price indexes (indices ?). Many thanks to everyone involved in the work ! One thing that would make it a very useful tool for me would be a way to filter by area or region (is that possible but I've missed something obvious, or am I trying to use it for something it's not intended to do?). It's great for info as it is, but it's not really a way to look for properties I might actually want to buy. It deserves top marks regardless
  4. You can't predict how long it takes to strip the paper - it could just pull off in full strips or (painted woodchip !) could be a nightmare. Best case would be a couple of hours for a room but I'd plan for a full day and hope it takes a lot less. Sometimes you just need a bowl of hot water, sponge, and scraper - other times you need a steamer. 1960s is plasterboard era which is normally good news.
  5. This is the type of job I often take on but I'm SW not SE. Try to invite folk around so they can see what's needed. I estimate how many days work it will take me - and cost it about £150/day. Maybe reduced a bit if it's going to be a few weeks work. Avoid paying by the day - it will get expensive if you're paying them to work part-time and just to drink tea ! For curiousity - which area/town are you in? (PM if you like..) One option might be agree the jobs to be done and give them keys, let them do the work unsupervised and pop in every couple of days to check if they have any questions. Decide how quick you want it done - it might be cheaper if they can fit your work around their other jobs. My routine is electics & plumbing first - repair/plaster where needed - paint ceilings before painting the walls. Carpets are the last job once everything else is done. Be prepared to find more problems once you start to strip it out. You will need to find a way to get rid of rubbish - maybe use the old kitchen units for garage stoarge?
  6. Are we there yet? A homebrew supplier just up the road from me has published an events timetable for the locals. Survivors / winners / losers will celebrate / commiserate / continue the battle in the pub afterwards The next 24 hours should be *interesting* around here
  7. Relevant to topic - link from @Bedrag Justesen on another thread - a North Wales retail carpark is now charging for all parking (no free 2 hours etc) but machines are too complicated to use, shoppers are now going elsewhere
  8. One to watch? I called in to Royal Quays out-of-town shopping center (Tyneside just outside of Newcastle) yesterday. Many years ago it had a lively feel with plenty of folk looking around (both locals & Scandanavian tourists from the nearby ferry port), now it's very quiet with lots of empty stores For comparison, reviews of another shopping compex near Newcastle are still positive so the lack of customers isn't a local "lack of disposable income" issue
  9. Niche mortgage lenders (BTL? / poor credit rating? / self employed?) are feeling the pinch From the link : "Sub-prime mortgage lender Magellan Homeloans has called time on all new lending with immediate effect, claiming competitive pressures in the mortgage market." & "It is the fourth specialist lender to shut up shop in three months, following the closures of buy-to-let specialist Fleet Mortgages, Secure Trust Bank and Amicus. "
  10. Granted it's an unusual offence but who decided a curfew was a suitable punishment ?? Given the reports of RSPCA/RSPB culling birds they have confiscated, there is no way they are in any position to claim the moral high ground when a animal is killed.
  11. ^ A new/improved HMRC system called Connect went live a coupe of years ago, and we are now seeing the results (2017 article) HMRC often target groups of taxpayers : "The taxman is currently focusing on two areas: people with multiple sources of income and landlords." There's also a big campaign running aimed at contractors & freelancers who (decades ago) were well paid but paid little tax, search for "IR35 investigations"
  12. Norther Powerhouse developer North Point Global ? Scam, Fraud, or a failed genuine Liverpool/Manchester developer? Edgy urban apartments, lavish promos – and a trail of angry investors. Marketed with great fanfare by top UK politicians, a string of buyer-funded developments in Liverpool and Manchester were snapped up. Then the dominoes began to fall. Report mentions £360M. - overview & a list of several building developments affected. £300M headlines. PT reports serious fraud squad investigating. Motto? Funding risky business models can be risky (even if they can provide slick artists impressions of how the project will look when built, and officially promoted by UK.GOV during their trip to Asia to bring trade to UK business).
  13. You put up a graph showing *something* caused spending on education to jump in the late 90s - I put up a link with an explanation. You're welcome If you're suggesting the next question we should ask - I agree with you Has the jump in spending helped GDP, happiness, or "other" ? The only metrics I've seen show 75% of students will never repay their student loan which has to be a major millstone for anyone . I'm slightly curious about the metrics you listed but my gut feeling is the benefit to the country has been "Not a lot !"
  14. I've seen the results from a novice DIY attempt - not perfect but it did what was wanted. Warmer = better, and expect best results on gentle curved panels not sharp pointed corners (PM sent with link). Pics when done pls
  15. I thought very late 90s was when Govt decided 50% of students should go on to FE/Uni (and led to accusations ever since that qualifications had been devalued). Just had a quick look and found a 2007 article that explains the jump from 1997 <spolier alert : B-liar >