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  1. 90 days sim-only payg cost me £30 with three so approx £10/month, ideal to use in mifi ( portable 4g router, battery lasts a full day before it needs recharging, or just leave it on charge and use as a home wifi)
  2. This concerns me too, I couldn't find anything that explained why it was happening until recently, see Keywords to search for are The Kalergeri Plan (methodical white genoicide from decades ago), but apparently still actively encouraged see or search for The Charlemange Prize . Good background article - I found the links above at which includes the explanation : "the EU bestows the Coudenove-Kalergi prize to “Europeans who have excelled in promoting European integration.” This is done officially under the name of The Charlemagne Prize. Recent winners of the award have been such moral luminaries as Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger." Apologies for going OT, but it feels relevant here
  3. Everything I've seen / heard in the past said the safest seats were at the back. Makes sense - planes never fly fast in reverse
  4. Search and pick any source you like, the proportion of solved crimes has dropped even though the number of reported crimes has dropped Que the usual calls for increased funding for police etc. Just a suggestion - maybe try getting officers off the sick, and out of the office to where the crimes are actually happening ! My theory : reported crime numbers have dropped as the public have realized it's a waste of their time ringing to report theft / vandalism / burglary etc
  5. I was chatting to a local in Illfracombe last month - he was not happy that he'd got 2 tickets in 1 day earlier in the week. Local traffic wardens have also been challenged about issuing tickets on the road past the pier (private land - not council responsibility), their response was along the lines of "I don't accept your argument about this area being outside my authority - here's your ticket - have a nice day". North Devon, and most of the South & West Wales coast now has double yellow lines and pay & display carparks as I found out when touring last year. Great for raising revenue for the council, also for pissing off tourists (like me) who decide to drive though the town rather than pay to park so they can spend cash in the local shops. Many smaller businesses were complaining about the fall in tourist numbers, expect more places to become uneconomical as the parking restrictions are implemented in other areas. I'm in South Devon this week - have booked into a great B&B which has free parking until 9am tomorrow. I'd like to stay a couple more nights but as I need to move the car I'll just drive somewhere else tomorrow. Their loss...
  6. Anecdotal : I was watching a punk bank in the local pub last night, the music included plenty of "Rebelling against the state" tunes, at one point the band announced a track "Dedicated to all those oppressed by the state" - top marks to the Landlord/DJ who called out "Tommy Robinson". The crowd response was a 50/50 mix of applause and "Who?" All good news but not what I would have expected.
  7. The junior school I went to used to teach swimming, with a one-off practical "survival" excercise on what to do if you fell into water fully clothed (ie remove extra clothing that might tangle and prevent you swimming). The "survival" excercise was stopped a year before I attended - due to 1 student drowning in the pool and only being found at the end of the lesson when the discarded clothes were fished from the bottom of the pool
  8. Note there have been 2 examples just on this thread of individuals made to suffer for refusing to go along with the official line of "black is white" "up is down". Top marks to them for them standing by their principles ! How many other cases have we not heard about where individuals have been put in an impossible position : either agree to promote an absurd statement as fact or face sanctions
  9. (link stolen from another thread :) Apparently Canada doesn't know what good for it - they have banned a list of traditional British foods (Marmite, Ovaltine and Irn-Bru because they contain illegal additives, also Lucozade, Penguin Bars and Bovril)
  10. Angel Delight (colours, E numbers, and milk) - what more could you want ?
  11. Why don't they take lessons from UK and just make bombs illegal - it shows the problem is not being ignored
  12. Maybe already reported here but HMRC are now sending letters to LLs who have not declared/paid tax on their rental properties ( I suspect the info is from the much-hyped HMRC supercomputer, and the volume of individuals targetted will rise rapidly) Version A CID_c04f678819904df5fb6971d85665f71c&utm_source=internal_cm&utm_term=Read more
  13. Today is the first time I've had US content blocked because of where my IP is based (UK), time to set up a proxy? fails with "451: Unavailable due to legal reasons. We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact or call (302)478-2700." Similar reports on other US sites work ok, eg and
  14. HECK foods? Lots of negative press #BoycottHeck following BoJo pr stunt "Others on Twitter insisted that Heck had completely misunderstood their customer base and predicted it would be the “kiss of death” for the company."
  15. I thought anywhere handling customers money had to keep a dedicated client account to protect the funds - it looks like I was wrong "More than 1,100 farmers have not been paid for their livestock after the collapse of a cattle auction house which failed to keep its clients' money ring-fenced." "The money paid by successful bidders was not kept separately from the other finances of Wright Marshall Auctioneers which went bust on June 26."