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  1. BBC have chosen to block streaming radio services that don't provide data about the listener (but the change only applies to UK listeners), big brother is watching YOU Lots of listeners are unhappy that their preferred devices no longer work with BBC radio. 40 lies the So-Called BBC tell about subscription And just a reminder about the executive pay rises last year at a time when OAPs were losing their free license &
  2. Andersen


    Maybe I'm noticing the reports more than I used to because this is now on my radar, but when I see multiple folk stabbed in an area I know well - I can't help thinking this is not what I'm used to. Summary : Denis Erdinch Beytula (nationality unknown ) has been charged with attempted murder after stabbing a 21 yr old mother and 3 week old baby (baby has since died)
  3. if this was to happen to more scotes in / on stolen vehicles then they'd stop being arseholes and endangering others.
  4. A man has been arrested following more than 20 years of sex with 2 of his daughters, and a grand-daughter. He has fathered "at least" 6 children with one of his daughters. Mysticism and a psychic app instructed the girls to have sex with the man (and his friends). This does not sound like typical Anglo-Saxon behaviour so my guess would be they are from a non-native culture. This raises so many questions, not least how does the bloke and his daughter lose count of how many kids they've had together? What is going on in some folks minds
  5. Not up the standard of some other reports, but worth a mention A No-deal Brexit would mean Ex-pats will struggle to change or renew their insurance policies
  6. Never mind about the shambles of the past 3 years, read an article from someone who has been campaigning for Brexit for 30 years - they now believe our "destructive government" has created a situation where leaving is worse than remaining.
  7. A teen has been found guilty of manslaugter for putting an obsticle in the way of a chap pulling a wheelie while not wearing a helmet on a stolen motorcycle. The rider panicked and crashed, and died instantly from neck and chest injuries. Speaking after the case Avon and Somerset Police said “We appreciate that to Michael’s family and the wider community this sentence may seem lenient,” he said. “We are now looking to consider making a formal appeal to have the sentence reviewed.” Speaking as someone who has had a couple of much-loved motorbikes stolen over the years I see this as karma at it's best for the rider, and don't see why the police felt the need to prosecute anyone for removing a criminal from the streets. Them asking for the sentancing to be reviewed as it's too lenient is crazy !
  8. Sainsburys & Argos are closing supermarkets & shops as a cost-cutting excersise, but are also plannning to expand and open new ones. Good news or not? Watch this space
  9. Investors in Kevin McCloud (aka Grand Designs) face losing "up to 97%" of their investment. Best case is they will loose 74% A shame as I like unusual properties but it looks like they're no more profitable than traditional projects.
  10. I thought Morris dancing was fading quietly into history but apparently not - a recently event with 500+ "dancers" shows lots of different team colours (is that the right phrase?) Question : why have black & white minstrels been outlawed, but Morris dances are allowed to continue ? (ps. I'm not a fan, but will defend their right to make a prat of themselves if it makes them happy and harms nobody)
  11. ^ my thoughts exactly, which is one of the many reasons "The Public" no longer respect the police. I have noticed police are reasonably willing to respond to a crime by visiting when a car or property has been vandalised - can you think of a safer way for the police to spend their time than visiting a crime scene when to criminal is known to have left ? They can also state "We're doing something"
  12. Alexa - soon to be available in cars ?
  13. An older (2017) article saying Germany has plans to install Trojan apps on target mobiles, to record calls, WhatApp chats, use camera / microphone / gps, etc. Safe to assume it's either gone ahead quietly or been shelved. Any bets which?
  14. Two "Swedish criminals" have been arrested by Spanish police - the photos don't look like native Swedes. The alleged crimes (using a drilling machine on their victims !) are also not your typical Swedish offence