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  1. Lots of options depending how much space you have in your hobbyroom, some folk build half or 3/4 scale then fly *IN* the things A sure way to spend some qualiity lockdown time https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/forums/warbirds-warbird-replicas.43/
  2. Relevant to the EV folk, trial quantities of "5 minute fast charge" batteries are available off the production line, but the current (ha!) infrastructure would need to be upgraded to make use of them From link: “The bottleneck to extra-fast charging is no longer the battery,” he said. Now the charging stations and grids that supply them need to be upgraded, he said, which is why they are working with BP. “BP has 18,200 forecourts and they understand that, 10 years from now, all these stations will be obsolete, if they don’t repurpose them for charging – batteries are the new oil.” https:
  3. Most insurance risk assessment is (I've always been told) done by postcode. Simple but also stupid. Exhibit A, Kings Arms riverbank pub @ York floods regularly so the postcode is a flood risk. The postcode also covers houses 100s of yards away from the river up a hill. Photos https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186346-d5565863-r189615490-Kings_Arms-York_North_Yorkshire_England.html floodmap - surprise all the flooding is by the river https://www.getthedata.com/flood-map/YO1-9SN
  4. One report this week from a business claims it takes them 4-6 hours to fill in the new paperwork for 1 container lorry, I have no idea how accurate that is but it's a crazy amount of time to add to each shipment. We had a similar chat on a different thread. It can / will / should be filled in automatically. The problem is details of the new requirements were only published at Christmas which gave companies about a week (with many staff on holiday) to change their processes & computer systems. If (and it's a big IF !) the requirements don't change expect some companies to be filling the for
  5. I like this chap - one to follow? See 1:40 Irish authorities have suspended the new customs process to allow imports again (bonus info about shortages in supemarkets inc Sainsburys ). Ireland is purely inter-UK shipments, it's not even a UK/EU border
  6. Soylent Green - look out for it in the supermarkets near you soon
  7. Sad but true. I bought a joblot of hand tools to do a job when I was on holiday - kept what I needed and handed the rest into a charity shop. An offduty member of staff who was in the shop took them straight home "to make sure they worked ok before sale" (wtf - spanners work or don't, no need to take them out the back door). Talking to someone else I know who worked in the shop it's one of the perks of working there Similar - I know somebody who knits and volunteers in a charity shop, any wool that is donated is split between her and another member of staff, any customers who ask for wool get
  8. It's surreal. I was in South Wales just before their 2 week lockdown ended (October?) at a town I spend a lot of time as the locals are always friendly. Walking through the estate I saw no traffic and only 1 other person, they were walking towards me on the footpath - they crossed to the other side of the road so they could keep at least 20ft social distance in the open air.
  9. We have similar windows here, 2 had problems, both related to the "main" hinge : 1. The window was sticking and had to be lifted slightly to open/close it. The "main" hinge (the bottom one on the side that opens) had worked loose from the frame. Easy to check - pivot the window open and gently try to lift the open side while watching for movement at the hinges. I replaced the screws holding the hinge to the frame with fatter ones and it works fine. 2. The window was stiff to open/close. The "main" hinge was rusty and sticking due to lack of use. When I started to use the window the h
  10. In that case, I genuinely fear for your sanity too! Take care <hugs> Personal choice but I try to balance socially isolating with the basic need for human interaction. Anyone isolating alone, not leaving the house and refusing guests (the lass I know and others like her) needs support. You always have us here to chat to if you get desperate
  11. A mate works in a pharma manufacturing plant, from your guess and previous chats if they reconfigure the lines they will deep clean everything while its apart (to remove any possible contamination ) so plan for dismantle - clean - reconfigure & reprogram. Agreed the timing makes no sense - it has alrady been confirmed as seasonal, crazy to not make the changes in the Summer when virus cases are at their lowest.
  12. True. A wife I know (drinks, smokes, slightly overweight, late 50s. Hi Hun!) has been "properly" (not half-hearted) self isolating since February. WFH, food is by home delivery, no visitors allowed (I think only 6 people were allowed into the house since the start). Very diciplined about keeping the virus out but I fear for her sanity being isolated in her own house for a full year !
  13. The latest "kick the can down the road" scheme will give breathing space to tennants who want / need a break from their debt https://www.nrla.org.uk/news-breathing-spaces-new-rules-will-give-tenants-break-from-debt Summary: the new scheme will ban banks and landlords from chasing tenants for unpaid debts, the standard arrangement will last for up to 60 days.
  14. Advocated by Tony bLiar (who convieniently has a ready-made solution available in the form of a rebadged "National Identity Cards" programme from the 90s) https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/01/12/tony-blair-advising-british-govt-coronavirus-pushes-covid-passes/ Cause for concern of just situation normal? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tony-blair-advising-matt-hancock-coronavirus-vaccine-b1785125.html Your life choices include becoming on off-grid hermit or rolling over an joining the sheep
  15. https://www.anglotopia.net/ultimate-list-of-funny-british-place-names/
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