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  1. I had a phone call today from an EA I'm registered with on the SW coast. They are just starting to market a detached 2 bed bungalow with separate annex (currently a self contained air b&b) and double garage on a good sized plot of land. Asking price would have got me a typical 3 bed semi last year - it's not yet on rightmove but ea says seller is keen for any offers. Prices drops and desperate sellers. Who could have predicted it.. EA comments are prices & sales boomed as soon as lockdown lifted but have now dropped off. It's too early to see completions. Future is very difficult to predict. It's bad when even ea's don't try to talk the market up!
  2. California, 50-60 cops attend a fight between 60-100 innocent spectators
  3. The cargo was seized & offloaded to the ports warehouse in 2013, has been there ever since for the authorities to arrange the sale or disposal. That's one problem they don't need to fix now.
  4. I spent a lot of last year touring the SW coast - often using b&b's etc. Got to wsm and the b&b I had planned to use was in a street that had been closed off by police. One of the ee guests had torched another guest while they were sleeping and burnt out a large part of the building. Nice place, shame it's run down & has a druggies-everywhere vibe.
  5. If CV19 wasnt enough to concern folk returning to work, be prepared for outbreaks of legionaries disease that has been cultivating in stagnant water systems in buildings around the world. Decision time, wash your hands at work and catch legionaries or don't wash them and catch CV. Do you feel lucky, punk ?
  6. Spot on! A town near that used to be busy with different markets every day of the week closed its market square for 18 months for updating & renovations. Cost was reported as millions £££. It looks lovely but folk who had been shopping there for generations have got used to going somewhere else in the 18 months it was closed. It's now almost deserted every day of the week - game over for the town.
  7. A weird mid-drive, some good quality bits + panniers fitted by Bodgitt & Scarper using jubilee clips + bungees. Owner probably calls it very practical
  8. Concerns over a “second wave” of coronavirus infections brought on by returning vacationers are wreaking havoc on Europe's tourism industry, particularly in Spain, following Britain's effective ban on travel to the country. BoJo explained his government’s new travel advice. “I’m afraid if we do see signs of a second wave in other countries, it is really our job, our duty, to act swiftly and decisively.” Swift & decisive - that's not our BoJo* The questions we should be asking are "Who are you and what have you done with the real BoJo ?" *Unless that's code for "make it up as you go as go along - kneejerk policies have always been OK in the past so why change now"
  9. OP - thanks for the thread, I'm watching the air bridge news as I'm stranded (quite happily) in Portugal. Geography 101: Portugal is a tall narrow country, there have been CV outbreaks in the North but Algarve & the South have the lowest CV rates in Europe. Reasons I'm not in a big rush to return to the UK : No wish to spend hours crammed on public transport, airports, planes with the infected masses on the return trip. I have work lined up in the UK but most of my customers are self-isolating so I have no access, and my equipment is inaccessible as it's in storage with someone who is self-isolating. Temperature here is mid-20s to low 30s, sun every day, beaches are near empty, and I spent a pleasant couple of hours relaxing on a topless / nudist beach yesterday when exploring the coast on a kayak. I'm not into fitness but the regular excercise and suntan is definitely showing results. I love this place and the people ! Hopefully the hoards of Brits who come when the air bridge is opened here won't bring the plague with them but be prepared for "Portugal suffers huge unexpected rise in cases" next month"
  10. Search isn't. Is BLM on a naughty-list of words that search ignores, or is there another reason why its not showing?
  11. Andersen

    BLM UK

    It's many years since I was passing Westminster - it's not like I remember it ! The nearby BLM protest the had just ended nearby may or may not be relevant but the sun thought it worth mentoring in the title.
  12. From PIE - Frank Knight is consulting on up to 100 redundancies, also 26 at Alsops. Bizzare timing*, why would 2 large EAs start redundancy proceedings during such a boom time with soaring demand and even buying frenzy in some areas. *Maybe the doom-mongers have a point despite the msm feel good stories. Is this possible :) (misleading link title - it says top firms but is about EAs)
  13. Sitrep from Portugal for info. Law says customers must wear a mask* on public transport and in shops (unless eating or drinking, ie cafes restaurants pubs are mask-free zones), it's very unusual to see anyone not complying. Staff always wear masks unless gossiping in the shop doorway on one of their regular smoke breaks. No requirement to wear a mask outside, maybe 10% of pedestrians in town are wearing one. Parks & beaches etc are mask-free. *Mask = something / anything used as a face covering so there's a thriving cottage industry cutting up bedsheets and sewing 2 loops of elastic on. Then sell on market stalls, Facebook... CV has made everyone very aware of personal space and physical contact, the change is very noticeable since February. Folk here seem a lot more sensible than uk ( the lowest infection rates in Europe tend to confirm). Interesting (conspiracy? Where??) to see different countries have near identical mask requirements, a mate in the Philippines even reported it's similar there (but fines have to be paid in cash - no receipt given) !
  14. I've heard good things about using lighter fluid - squirt it in the nest - wait a few seconds for it to circulate - then light it. Or put a dish of petrol by the entrance, it stops them using that entrance and the smell fills the nest so they often leave.