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  1. I read a few years ago that money going into the Muslim community is on average spent 4 times before it returns to taxable circulation. In other words a lot of tax free transactions going on. They also don't trust western banks, so probably a lot of money kept in storage of one means or another.
  2. Snark

    Smart meters

    Which is what's annoying me about the job market right now, stupid certificates, which are basically a tax to work.
  3. Snark

    Smart meters

    This is stupid, that article is full of sh*t..... The ability to cut off your supply has been built into "smart meters" right from the beginning, but as soon as they mention switching off specific devices, you know it's a load of crap. They couldn't do this without replacing your consumer unit. And this.... "Electricity networks in Great Britain were not designed to accommodate the significant additional demand that certain consumer devices, such as electric vehicle chargers, presents." Well no shit sherlock, us sensible folk have been saying this since TPTB and the media starte
  4. I've shoehorned the word "degree" into my CV, so we'll see what happens. It's about ticking boxes, and if the agencies ATS system (applicant tracking system) is looking for a degree because someone put it down as a requirement, then said system will drop you like a hot spud, regardless of your experience level. Also going to start uploading my CV in .DOC format, because i've heard that older ATS systems cannot read pdf and will simply reject any applicant sending a pdf, without a human ever knowing what's happened. I converted to PDF years ago to stop people editing my CV and to preve
  5. Fake jobs are a possibility that i'm more than aware of. The problem i've always had with agencies is the degree thing, plus they're not technical, they don't see that a prior history of repairing electronics must mean I can use a soldering iron (for example), thus I might get dropped for not including simple tools in my CV, but I can't do that, my CV would be so long that nobody would bother to read it. Then they look at everything i've done and they don't see "multi-skilled", they see "jack of all trades, master of none", they also assume that experience from 5 years ago is completely out of
  6. DNS issue was my first thought, but maybe the dosbods only mode is a red herring? If the network has been expanded, it could be a DHCP issue/conflict, maybe other devices trying to use the same IP address?
  7. Snark

    Crazy markups

    The problem is the postage costs, I don't know how some eBay sellers do it, where I would have to pay say £3 to send £3 item, they sell the £3 item with free shipping........
  8. Last week I applied for a job, it was basically the exact same job I was just made redundant from, but with another company, I didn't even get contacted by the agency. The thing is, I know we used to have trouble getting experienced people, they'd been advertising and interviewing on/off for 4 years when I came a long and they snapped me up in no time. So when I apply for a job which is almost exactly the same, and I get nothing, what am I meant to think? I know my former employer had trouble because agencies kept sending graduates who couldn't do the job, so i'm wondering if it's the s
  9. Believe me i'd love to, but I wouldn't really have a clue what to do, my skills don't really translate well to dealing with the sales/marketing side of things, I could set up an ebay shop, but I looked into that 10 years ago and I still don't know how UK sellers manage to get postage for next to nothing. Today has been a bad day on the jobs front, it's frustrating because there's soooo much I can do, but everyone wants meaningless certificates for even the simplest of roles and there are so few jobs in each sector that spending money to get a pointless certificate for a role that may neve
  10. Water melon...... Bit racist.
  11. The problem with degrees in electronics is you have to have a genuine passion for the subject, it's easy to get a degree by temporarily memorising text books and using websites to download material to get you through. I've had managers with degrees in electronic engineering, who were utterly clueless but thankfully admitted as much. In electronics as opposed to mechanical engineering degree's, the students typically spend most of their "practical" time running simulations in CAD, unlike my BTEC quals where we used to actually build circuits and test them. There's a lot of high value equ
  12. Do you know how much I can claim? Sweet fuck all!! Because I didn't throw my money down the drain or splash out on new cars, I managed to have almost double the threshold of £16k in savings, so I don't get a single penny.............. If i'd been a tit and lived hand to mouth, i'd be getting around £600 per month in benefits. Perhaps I should go to France, hire an inflatable dinghy, throw my ID into the English channel, put on a funny accent and get everything for free?!!?!
  13. Too many holes for my liking, but it does raise some good points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh6VnB7JvW0
  14. Common issue with all monitors, is dried out electrolytic capacitors, they can be anywhere, but easy to spot as they will bulge. They really don't like heat, and they're usually built in next to a heatsink where there's..... Lot's of heat. A bit of soldering work, replace with same value low ESR, you can go higher on voltage rating, but not lower.
  15. I think employers are losing experienced staff and they want direct replacements, people who have all the skills already, even if those skills are almost entirely unique to that workplace. They also don't like older employees, because we don't just blindly follow orders, i've found myself having "an attitude problem" because I was asking my manager at the time some relevant questions about the task i'd been asked to carry out, I ran through the task in my head and I asked questions about the obstacles I could see, so that I could go ahead and do the job without running back to the manager
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