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  1. Well it was obvious she was going to mention "he who shall not be named" right from when she started speaking, I think one of the sound guys might get sacked over that. Maybe they should build a milkshake cannon facing the audience?
  2. And the subject changed rather quickly.
  3. I think this story will disappear, as in never happened, nothing to see here.
  4. If athletes are anything like PE teachers, they simply tell them when it's the end of a sentence :p
  5. Shouldn't put photos of children on the internet, pedos have the ability to determine where a child lives, what school they go to and their daily routine, JUST from a photo of their left arm!!!!!!! I mean I can't find a f**king train station using Google maps, but these pedos they're clever bastards and they've got drones too! True story.
  6. Front page worthy news, "middle class" dog walker hurts finger........
  7. Along these lines, Gtech are on my shit list. Not for any real political reason, but the bullshit spouted by their CEO, one day he's an underdog who used to work at VAX and was down trodden by management and colleagues for having ideas, the next day he used to be the "research director" at VAX......... So which was it? Utter bullshit, trying to appeal to the working classes by coming across as a genuine hard working guy, it really riles me up when these twats pretend to be the hard done by underdog who finally succeeded, when actually they're just as bad as the big corps.
  8. How about a tax on milkshakes, i'd go for that, I don't drink milkshakes.......
  9. All this milkshake throwing, I think it would be great if they had someone following them with a spare suit jacket and tie, and not unlike and F1 pitstop that milkshake disappears in about 7 seconds and whoever the victim was, just gets to walk away looking smug :p
  10. I don't think the prize was appropriate at all, BUT if we flipped this around and the men got fleshlights as a prize, it'd just be a bit weird, everybody would laugh and forget about it the next day.
  11. They like to panick us every year about water shortages and then it never happens, coincidentally the prices seem to go up around that time too, but that's our fault for using too much. I guess someone got to pay for the managements new fleet of German cars.
  12. Something i'm getting from all the recent videos, TR, Sargon, UKIP, Brexit party, some of the Muslim channels, a lot of people seem to be linking Brexit party and UKIP with the EDL, as in genuinely believing that they're all the same thing....... I wonder how that came about?
  13. I let Firefox keep all my passwords and sync them between devices under one master password...... BUT Aside from my at home laptop and PC, I carry Firefox portable on a USB stick for use on other machines (because it leaves no trace or history behind, AND it's set to use my own proxy connection to bypass firewalls or DNS monitoring and remove the risk of a MITM attack). When i'm done I use a script which randomly renames and moves all of Firefox portables files into an encrypted password protected RAR file, then it changes the extension of the .RAR file to .mp4 so that it looks like a broken video file. So if I ever lose the USB stick someone would have to figure out what the file was, crack the RAR, then figure out what the hell the files were inside it, what their file names should be and THEN IF they managed to do that, they'd have to figure out the master password for Firefox. Now that i've written it down, it all seems a tad extreme :p
  14. If all they got was 6 Muslim men beating up one white guy, then something didn't go to plan.
  15. Did they seriously use those images? Which basically show Muslim men getting violent and in one photo 6 of them beating up one white guy who may or may not have been with the TR group?