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  1. Water shortages, they talk about it, they put the prices up, the heavens open all summer long, shortage never happens and then management get new German cars and a healthy payrise at the end of the financial year........... I put it to you that it's now nearly the end of March.
  2. For as much as I like the idea of an MP behind bars, there's a part of me that can't helping wondering if she was actually thrown under a bus for other reasons. If it was as simple as dodging a speeding fine, then i'm sure that people with right connections would have made this disappear.
  3. I've seen some stuff on Facebook, i've been responding with other stories that the media is conveniently pushing aside.
  4. It'll be interesting to see whether the guns used were registered firearms or not...........
  5. I think he just wanted to make sure that the media and the authorities couldn't twist the whole thing, put a political spin on it, or connect it to other people by vague association, a video and a manifesto spread far and wide is about the only way to do that, unfortunately the authorities very much have the power now to remove this stuff from public view, and as predicted the lies and "fake news" are flowing nicely.
  6. Suppress the truth to allow the establishment to put their own spin on the events. I would imagine these restrictions include the manifesto.......
  7. BBC now under investigation by ofcom? I keep hearing this, something to do with bias over Brexit, and them taking large sums of money from the EU? Although funny coincidence just after panodrama......
  8. Snark


    Local councillor owns the park n ride?
  9. Snark

    Jackboot Britain!

    Unless your Muslim, and then you can register all the cars in your illegal taxi firm, plus all of your family and local community, to some poor 95 year old 250 miles away, who doesn't know he owns 600 cars. Beyond this you can then drive and park with impunity, and without any tax or insurance (because car insurance is banned under Islamic law anyway). The authorities will never chase you because A) they can't find you, and B) they're scared of being called racist. Far easier to go after Jo Bloggs the honest tax payer, when he/she runs over on their VED or insurance by a few days, because Mr/Mrs Bloggs is easy to trace, as they're on "the system". Whilst Achmed the terrorist came in on the underside of a 44 tonne truck and whilst they know he's here illegal and living in a large flammable tower block, they'd rather the public didn't find out. Don't even get me started on community driving license services, why learn when someone who also looks vaguely like a post box, can do your test for you?
  10. Snark


    So what killed the poor girl? The class A drugs or the blue pills she's been swallowing for most of her life?
  11. The question is, which way would the referendum have gone if the establishment had been able to control what websites people can visit? combined with the new EU copyright laws and the link tax, and the fight against alternative news (or "fake news" as the MSM call it), I think they could easily have controlled the vote enough to make it 90% remain. Since the EU referendum, this campaign to control the internet has really stepped up a gear, and it's no coincidence.
  12. Well, you see they're suggesting that you'll only have to be ID'd once, this indicates something stored in or something active in your browser, which will be accessible by any site that needs it........ As such any website could demand this verified ID, now lets imagine each time you visit such a site, that ID will be checked with a central database and that database will effectively say "yes" or "no" (as this would be the only way to stop people faking their ID), what this then does is it gives the potential for a remote entity to dictate what websites you can and cannot visit, as well as collecting data on what you do on said websites. Right now it's porn, but once this precedent is set, what's to stop them extending it to every single website on the internet? Can't get Youtube to ban Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon? ok we'll blacklist his ID so that he can't access Youtube instead OR we'll blacklist everyone in the UK so that nobody can access Youtube, Youtube loses revenue and decides to reverse it's decision to not ban TR. New political party forming from labour and conservative MPs? are they a threat to the status quo? Ok, let's block everyone in their constituencies from seeing their website or social media accounts.
  13. I'm hearing from various people, that this ID thing is something you have to install, browser based, as in every website you visit is checked against your ID to see whether it's allowed or not. If this is the case then VPN won't do you any good, and the scope for abuse and/or large scale monitoring is quite frankly terrifying.