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  1. Seconded. It really helps the stress levels.
  2. I'll keep an eye out for you when in the area. I will use the code phrase "your mrs is a deluded old scraper bird" to identify myself.
  3. Was down in the country at the weekend and our host was saying that the local towns in his part of Gloucestershire were rife with cheap coke. All very recent county lines stuff causing locals are going out less due to the increase in gobby wankers in pubs.
  4. Oskar

    Sydney Stabbo

    That's 2 former chan'ers in 4 days.
  5. Having to have your bags sealed before going into a supermarket is quite common and it seemed low level crime is pretty high. I did see security guards grab a few shoplifters out there, some who simply tried to walk off and got dragged back to be fairly roughly searched. Carrefore security does seem on the ball in Lille at least. Still think Swedish football fans win the burka abuse prize https://www.thelocal.se/20170403/swedish-football-fans-protest-mask-ban-by-wearing-niqabs
  6. I do agree, but it did come out of the left in the 80's/90's. Little by little insisting on a small change in language here and there for the "good of all". Now it has sped up to be very noticable as the frog comes to the boil.
  7. I think the problem is that we have allowed the far left to dictate to everyone what the terms right and left wing mean. This has allowed them to shift the supposed middle ground closer to them.
  8. Thanks for the cheap thrill. The wife thought I was watching pr0n from the noises.
  9. Facebook usage is far more common amongst mass shooters than 8chan. The NZ guy even streamed on FB. Why no calls to ban Facebook too? I do see this as tech giants + govt ganging up on potential competition, same as happened with Gab, dissenter and bitchute.
  10. Oskar


    No UFO sightings as now we have phones to zombie stare at we never look at the sky.
  11. As an anecdote, I paid off my mortgage a few weeks ago. 10 years early, yay!