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  1. I will forward you the laundry bill for the Oskar households undergarments.
  2. We are due to exchange soon and saw this mentioned somewhere on here so called the solicitors earlier today and they said they will add a clause to reflect the possibility of such a decree from our masters. We are STR'ing so need some contingencies.
  3. They look fucking hilarious. Read some of the bios of the contributors, seem fun and well meaning but mental. They have my vote.
  4. I had a gammy toe when I had the coof no rash but itchy skin and tingly nerves all over (bit like pins and needles but not painful). Not natural.
  5. It's very dry. Part of my push to buy physical old books since they will probably disappear soon.
  6. I purchased Miklos Horthy's auto biography before Christmas from Amazon. It is still up for sale so they don't seem to mind actual fascists. Maybe its just the fake ones they don't like.
  7. Doesn't that mean you get pissed quicker?
  8. Agreed, the moment they ban booze a state of war will exist between people and government.
  9. Since I think you are in Wokingham try Great Hollands, ask anyone local.
  10. My brain kept trying to tell me it was CGI. Couldn't believe it was real.
  11. Thanks, was amazed at the effect tbh.
  12. I've just had a spliff but for medicinal reasons. Day 6 of covid for me and I have found that smoking a quarter of one every few hours really relieves the tight chest and coughing symptoms. Really strange, hacking cough to nothing after 2 tokes. This disease is mental.
  13. Having tested this strategy today I can report it is less than optimal for the intended purpose. Been wrecked since about 0900 after champagne breakfast, so off to bed for a good kip. Best Christmas ever, thanks
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