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  1. Oskar

    Westmister car of peace

    It's not Friday so this is unexpected.
  2. Oskar

    Infowars being censored

    The gaming community is starting to show support. I play a very sad and boring WW2 strategy called Hearts of Iron. It's a really easy to mod game so there are new mods and tweaks appearing constantly. As you can imagine as gaming communities go it is fairly free speech minded and as it is a game where you can literally play Hitler (or pretty much any WW2 leader) it does attract some quite right of center people plus a lot of history buffs. Now as it is a WW2 sim it covers topics that Youtube finds a bit spicy and videos of playthroughs can get demonetised or banned by the algorythms. So I was checking the latests mods this morning and saw this as the top subscribed: German flag replaced with Youtube Symbol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1470688966&searchtext= Quote: We all know Youtube has been getting rather silly and annoying with its demonetisation and censorship. But what happened today put me over the edge. I was watching a video from AlternateHistoryHub (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClfEht64_NrzHf8Y0slKEjw) and apperently their video got demonetised because it contained an animated character with a swastika representing Nazi Germany. What Cody did next was he reuploaded the video and replaced every swastika with a Youtube symbol. I found this fitting and got inspired to make this mod. If you agree with my sentiment or you want to express your disapproval with what Youtube is doing or you're ISP and you're looking for something silly for your next video, this mod is for you!
  3. Oskar

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    £10/kilo is the usual yardstick, no?
  4. Oskar

    Shooting in Canada - New Brunswick

    yup, that's the one.
  5. Oskar

    Shooting in Canada - New Brunswick

    Yeah that image the KSA put up was very out of order and a bit if an own goal as it does lend some credibility to the rumours that KSA was involved in the 11/9 attacks at a state level. I think this shooting is gang related though given the location, but lets see. Still ongoing according to the local plod: https://twitter.com/CityFredPolice
  6. Oskar

    Shooting in Canada - New Brunswick

    No I am English. I only posted the thread as it popped up on my phone and I wanted to beat TMT to post it
  7. Oskar

    Shooting in Canada - New Brunswick

    It could be related to a drive by gang attack last night where one kid was injured but like you say it is Friday and the Canuckistanis have pissed off a known state terrorist sponsor this week. What a strange world we live in.
  8. Cops warning people to stay in their homes. Details to follow.
  9. Oskar

    Infowars being censored

    Very uplifting, thanks for the recommendation. I don't see the problem with the shots they used, it put things in perspective of how utterly gruesome those horrific times were.
  10. Oskar

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Yup, 3 articles in 5 days now. The G never normally cover TFH stuff that much so it got my wtf'o'meter going this morning.
  11. Oskar

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    The Guardian had a piece on Q this morning. I think they fear something. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/06/online-conspiracy-theory-journalism-qanon following this one: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/03/qanon-conspiracy-theory-trump-rallies
  12. Oskar

    IT Question

    The creative cards are a real pain on Windows 10 as every update appears reset the ports on the cards and whipe the creative settings. Same hardware with win7 works fine.
  13. Oskar


    Quite a heartfelt vid. If you can't be arsed to watch, she is thanking non mentalists for not being mental.
  14. Oskar

    Islamification of Europe

    From experience it looks like very few are returning and those who do tend to congregate in the larger cities, especially Budapest. The countryside is suffering badly from low numbers of breeding age folk. You can buy a little house with a good sized plot for £5k in some areas. Sis in law, who is in one of the more remote regions, says the place is awash with low paid crap job adverts, nothing decent as all the good jobs are centralising in the capital. She didn't vote for Orban as he is too left wing.