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  1. Oskar

    Gaming addiction

    Wow2 will be along one day but I am sure they will ruin it just like many recent games.
  2. Oskar

    Gaming addiction

    When World of Warcraft was at its peak the number of IT folk with mysterious maladies went up. We called it Wowitis.
  3. Oskar


    Better to never go in summer, it can be hellish. I tried a few times in the late 90's/early 00's when aircon was unheard of and have vowed never to risk it again as I visit the non civilised bits outside of BP that still haven't heard of aircon. Summer involves sitting there too hot to move whilst boiling in your own sweat, most local blokes have no shame and just walk topless around with the beer bellies out whilst pissed up as it is too hot to do anything else. Any other season is fine but it does get really cold Jan-March. December seems to be getting a bit "warmer", around freezing not well below. Late September is best IMO as it is harvest time.
  4. Oskar

    No Deal Brexit Hoarding

    Will clear out the 2000-2008 preps over Christmas and restock according to the same rationale. The 2012 and 2016 preps are fine for a few more years. I will probably add an extra month or two just to bring it up to over 6 months basic rations for 2. The Mrs binned my stock of vintage fray bentos pies recently which brought a tear to the eye. Treats already added to the stockpile are: 20 bottles of good French wine 8 big pots of nice pate/rillets A few of the big tins of stew they do in France which I have yet to try. 800 fags I love a good prep session me.
  5. Oskar

    Legal weapons

    To he honest I wouldn't go on Sunday. You will probably only get in the way of the DFLA doing what they do best. Vive la revolution!
  6. More trolling of the EU from Orban and the Fidesz party: https://www.facebook.com/kormanyzat/photos/a.134933189912743/2352516614821045/?type=3 Már Brüsszel utcáit járja a kormány kisteherautója, amelyen a bevándolást támogató brüsszeli politika következményeire hívja fel a figyelmet. Miközben Guy Verhofstadt szerint szükség van a bevándorlásra, több százan vesztették életüket terrortámadásokban. Google Translated: Along the streets of Brussels is the government van, which draws attention to the consequences of the Brussels policy that supports immigration. While Guy Verhofstadt believes immigration is needed, hundreds of people have been killed in terrorist attacks.
  7. Oskar

    Owen Jones

    Fantastic! The fact it just loops adds to the joy of it.
  8. Oskar


    Can't add much else to Austin's list except to try a dinner here (you will need to book but they speak good english) https://www.facebook.com/firkaszbp/ If you want to do some shooting these guys have good english and a very wide range of toys to play with. http://www.celeritas-sch.com/
  9. Oskar

    What’s for tea luv?

    I'd probably have had a nibble under those circumstances. Just to test.
  10. Oskar

    What’s for tea luv?

    from my one time personal experience it has the aroma of bacon. I was hungry so salivated as I missed breakfast
  11. Oskar

    Who Snus?

    on my last visit I learnt it is now illegal to tale the stuff on as luggage as the more mature cans have a habit of exploding under pressure. it costs a lot to clean up when one of those goes boom, the smell permiates everything
  12. Oskar

    Who Snus?

    yup. makes snus look tame. the stuff makes you want to vom. just put Americans try surstromnig into YouTube. Swedes.... meh that's the one!
  13. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    it's coming. This Saturday will be fun, luckily I will arrive on Sunday when they have hopefully out the fires out and washed away the blood.
  14. Oskar

    Who Snus?

    horrible stuff, i am a smoker but that stuff is harsh and makes me drool much to the amusement of the Swedes when I am over there and the bastards peer pressure me into it. i used to keep a tub of the little tea bag things for an after dinner party treats to use on brits who had never tried it. The again it isn't as bad as that sur-strom-ning stuff that is really minging.
  15. Oskar

    Steve Bannon

    I listened to this earlier as it popped up on the YouTube feed. Is Google watching this site? It was great though. Very powerful argument and must have hit home with more than a few of those youngsters.when he talked about how they are being robbed of a future