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  1. Oskar

    Smart (arse) Motorways

    No idea, I'll ask one of the drivers hanging around waiting at St Pancras when I go on Monday. Will assume a 6 seater as they have lots of stuff.
  2. I am somewhat miffed at not getting invites to these sorts of dinner parties: New craze sees middle-class women serving up the drug MDMA in BRIE at dinner parties - so the conversation flows more easily A new trend for serving French cheese laced with the drug MDMA is emerging Middle-class women say 'brieing' is guaranteed to cheer up a dinner party A powdered version of the drug is sprinkled in the middle of the soft cheese The drug claimed 63 lives in 2016 up from just 8 in 2010 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5744875/New-craze-sees-middle-class-women-serving-drug-MDMA-BRIE.html The sort of parties I go to we serve baked camenbert with garlic, thyme and these Swedish crispbreads https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/254592139 Meh.
  3. Oskar

    Smart (arse) Motorways

    I do the eurostar each week and as I live near (ish) to you I have to do the Waterloo to St Pancras run. It's 30 minutes roughly between the two but it is a lot of stairs and walking. It gets tougher on the way back from France as the good lady wife asks me to bring 4 bottles of wine for her "cellar" weekly and they really weigh my case down. Fully agree on the north/south link it really is needed.
  4. Shocker: Professional employed xenophobe finder finds xenophobes everywhere. http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Racism/SRRacism/Pages/CurrentMandateHolder.aspx
  5. Resurrect the Aztec religion here in the UK, start protesting for rights to practice the religion freely and fully as other relgions do. Demand exceptions to the law as other relgions have with say Kosher or halal to allow human sacrifice. Anyone who disagres would be dirty Tenochtitlaniphobic bigot and get 6 years! Hopefully then people will realise how stupid this law is.
  6. Oskar

    Fucking Tories thread

    The way current labour/momentumists dismiss many previous Labour mistakes as being the fault of "new labour" and not the current party really pisses me off. They then have the gall to slag off every past Tory mistake.
  7. Oskar

    What does equality mean?

    You chose the right answer minge. You need to contact the people who wrote this course and correct them. Here is a handy dictionary link you can send them. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/equality "the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability: "
  8. Oskar

    Champagne for everyone!

    Most would still take it, spend it on shit and ignore the consequences until age 64 3/4.
  9. Oskar

    Champagne for everyone!

    long Avocado futures!
  10. Carl, Bill, might I suggest you agree to disagree on this one and shake hands like gentleman?
  11. Oskar

    Immigrant Amnesty

    Try the passport office in Croydon. Even my recently British Indian mate was lost for words when he went up for a replacement passport.
  12. That Hirsch woman is a proper head case. Check her Guardian profile, pretty much every article she writes is race based.
  13. Oskar


    Judging by the steady stream of extremely attractive young women (often accompanied by their pimp) turning up late at night to the hotel I frequent in Lille it doesn't look like many folk are upholding that law.
  14. From the targeting list that yankee general is reading out, it seems like a pretty limited strike. Macron, Trump and MAy have waved their respective bits and done little real damage. As a plus they also get to see how good S-400 is. Hopefully it doesn't go any further. Sleepy time. PS. Gulp.
  15. Fookin'ell! Need more beans!