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  1. Oskar

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Didn't we invade Ireland shortly after 1066? With papal consent I might add. So again blame the Romans!
  2. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Jesus, someone just got their hand blown off on the RT livestream. Not very pleasant to see at all.
  3. Oskar

    Stansted 16 - seriously fucking wrong.

    I wonder if it is acceptable if your plane is shackled, to alight and counter protest the shackled by pissing on them.
  4. Oskar

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    I chose my most disliked for the top 3 MP's to make sure they get more power in the party and help keep labour out of government. Every little helps.
  5. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Nope, saftey devices for proles are banned in the name of freedom, or something like that.
  6. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Macron is now channelling Petain: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-31/outrage-france-targets-yellow-vest-movement-anti-hooligan-bill-banning-masks Outrage As France Targets "Yellow Vest" Movement With "Anti-Hooligan" Bill Banning Masks
  7. I recall they had a list of jobs women were banned from. Usually very hard graft work that wore out even burly blokes quickly.
  8. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Well that was fun. Quite a varied crowd, with army veterans, Catholics, LGBT, climate change, free the weed, and of course antifa (masked and not in yellow vests). Cops were jumpy, especially the plain clothes ones in the crowd, but not aggressive. I ended up with the weed group so a bit squiffy at the moment and some really smelly hippy girl kept hugging me after I told the weed group I am a brexiteer protesting Macron calling us idiots last week. She really stank.
  9. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    loads of folk in republic de bauxe arts. will post picks later as I am joining in
  10. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    The banner in lille.
  11. Oskar

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    about a dozen yellow vests here in Lille at the moment. tons of riot cops though.
  12. Oskar

    ikea virgin

    Then I shall remove it, sorry for any offence caused. Edit: can't edit the post on my phone so the change will need to wait until I get home tomorrow.
  13. Oskar

    ikea virgin

    I think it is fair as they employ quite a few in the canteens in the ones I visited. Sweden is one of the few countries that encourages downs people to be very independent, you will see many living very normal lives. They are generally unaccompanied and are on the whole very well behaved. Compare that to the UK where they are nearly always accompanied by a helper or France where you hardly ever see anyone disabled, be it mentally or physically (I have no idea where they are kept).