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  1. A nazi diversity officer reacting to Comrade Lammy's comments
  2. Probably one of the ones dropped in ww2. They get uncovered a lot and some are pretty big.
  3. Oskar

    Owen Jones

    I think Owen would be gutted if someone shot his granny because of something his grandad did. Keep in mind Carey's picture had both Mr and Mrs Mussolini hanging by their ankles.
  4. it's a problem on the line on the UK side. However I was forced to endure mini Macron's brexit simulator a few times over the last few weeks. 1 of 6 security scanners working so 3-4 hour queues in Paris. The frogs in the queue were furious mainly at macron but the brits tended to just chat and banter to pass the time.
  5. the boring lady droning on briefly took my mind off the treasonous events so thanks.
  6. I was enjoying the sub post offices!
  7. Oskar

    Brexit bunker

    Glad to see the forts built to defend us from Europe are coming in useful again.
  8. That city has gone very downhill over the last 10 years despite the attempts at urban renewal. It has a big Moroccan community one of whom, a taxi driver, threatened to slit my throat on my last visit after he refused my credit card having agreed to take it prior to the trip.
  9. I think that was spice, speed or maybe something else. mdma is not a violent drug, quite the opposite, it helped kill football hooliganism in the 90s and in my opinion contributed to the NI ceasefire. I agree though I won't do drugs or generally even drink/associate violent idiots. I only do Mandy once or twice (max) a year now and only in good trusted company. I hate coke with a passion though and think it is causing real damage to the 30-50 age range middle class.
  10. mdma increases the heart beat plus a whole host of other taxing things to the body. Also post stroke his mind will still be in flux as the brain re-adjusts. I would say don't do it as the risk of complications to him (health) and you (legal, responsible person present) are too high. it's a great drug in moderation but for many people (myself included) the self control is difficult and the tempation on comedown to just have a little bit more to keep the level always gets me.
  11. Well at least the mentalists are spending their time attacking one another rather than interfering with real life issues.
  12. Thanks! I foresee a very unproductive morning ahead
  13. wall to wall coverage of the anti semitism march on the telly in tje hotel reception. The customer also gave us a nudge at lunchtime and said it might be a good idea to avoid the protest. I asked why and got told "we have a lot of Muslims in Paris". I didn't press any further.