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  1. Oskar

    Terminator development thread.

    It's worse than we thought
  2. Oskar

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Looking at Arrse (Army Rumour Forum) the army types seem to be a bit unhappy one of the kids in the photo is being drummed out of the service. The use of photos of saville and separately Blair with troops was a lovely touch https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/army-investigating-video-of-tommy-robinson-with-crow.287040/
  3. Oskar

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    not sure paper targets have feelings but who knows in this crazy world we live in now.
  4. Oskar

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    The mag and flash suppressor makes me think it is an AK74 which fires a smaller round with bugger all recoil compared to the chunky 7.62 rounds. The recoil was so much less it didn't feel like proper shooting to me.
  5. Oskar

    Juncker Youth

    I just told the wife who was obliged to be in the young communists as a nipper and she just repeatedly yelled "fuck off!". She is now drunkenly singing the little bolshevik theme song, badly. You bastard Juncker.
  6. Exactly. First thing I think of when someone says jazz hands is blackening up. If anyone ever suggests it to me I shall call them a racist and meet every protestation they make as irrelevant due to them being a filthy racist pig.
  7. Oskar

    Learning to speak Mandarin

    All I learnt out there was ni hao nu nu (hello boobies) and fi-de-la (faster).
  8. love em or hate em UKIP are the only party pushing for freedom of speech. That in itself speaks volumes about the other parties.
  9. Oskar

    SJWs ruin linux

    The bastards. They ruin everything they touch. Couldn't they just leave the geeks alone.
  10. Oskar

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Fully agree. Have been to a few of the smaller outdoor music festivals for the last couple of years and meet a lot of 30-50 year old professionals loved up for the day. I fall into the same bracket and will dabble a few times a year.
  11. Some heartening news from Hungary from the Mrs. Don't bother clicking the link as it is a wall of random letters which the locals insist is a language. http://magyarhirlap.hu/cikk/128597/Hetfoig_kell_bevallani_es_megfizetni_a_bevandorlasi_kulonadot Tomorrow is the last day for any foreign NGO working in Hungary to file their new tax returns and pay a 25% tax on money for "projects". This new windfall will be spent by the government on security and defence. Essentially Hungary is going to build a bigger wall and Soros is going to pay for it. I really am starting to think the ruling Fidesz party is now completely focused on trolling Soros/EU and is getting its political advice from 4chan. Hajra Magyarorszag!
  12. The train to where I go takes 3-4 hours from BP as it stops every 15 feet in Balaton. With the new super toll motorway it takes just over an hour, even the coach is quicker than the train as rail is on an old trianon compliant line*. *WW1 peace deal that removed a third of the country/population and forced the huns to rip up a good part of the railway system to ensure the did not have lines side by side, just a single track. I think trianon is a key reason the huns won't take shit from the western powers.