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  1. Agreed, Mr Bunga Bunga appears to only be after the power and the rewards that come with it.
  2. nothing on this in either the So-Called BBC or Guardian. How strange. I think if the allegations are true comrade Steptoe is finished.
  3. Mass shooting Florida

    could be central Asian, he has the great Khan's eyes.
  4. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Completely serious. I will be staying in the arab half of the town though, the locals live on the other side of town. It was always a bit arab in the area but over the last 5-6 years that I have been going out there the demographics have really shifted. It is scary to see how fast things change and how many people so willfully go along with it.
  5. The Sweden is fucked thread

    I will be working near Malmo for a month or two starting next week so will keep an eye on things. Since my last visit in early 2017 the little town I am going to has had the police station attacked with a grenade, a shooting outside the hotel I will be staying in and several small bombs in apartment blocks. It will be interesting to see if the local viewpoint on immigration has changed. Last year when it got dark early we were already having to escort some of the girls from the office to the centre of town as they had to go through the aptly named "rape park".
  6. The Guardian comments on the issue were quite revealing. Lots of "just kill them" comments getting good a number of up arrows. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/09/beatles-captured-britain-isis-fighters-jihadists#comments
  7. Radio4 was dropping the hint that even though the bastards had their citizenship revoked we should still look into their welfare. Especially the kids of the fighters. Given what some of those little darlings have been doing to prisoners on film I think they should get the same as the parents. Instead we have this policy: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2284886/first-brit-convicted-of-joining-isis-handed-132k-of-taxpayers-cash-to-fight-court-case/ ISIS MUM's £132k aid First Brit convicted of joining ISIS handed £132k of taxpayers’ cash to fight court case My view is that the Kurds will hand them to whoever offers the most cash, influence or weapons.
  8. i thought there were under 200 countries. Is it nations or countries?
  9. Sold my House should I be worried

    I was one of those morons. Moved into new place and couldn't get the boiler working. Thankfully a neighbour showed me how to get it going as they had the same one, this involved switching it off and on again. When we moved I left full written instructions on how to operate it. Saves on embarrassment.
  10. the So-Called BBC reporting on this is a classic. The key points article on the front page covers 4 of the 5 points. The one it omits to mention is the collusion between Steele and the media and his subsequent removal as an FBI source. I wonder why they left point number two out? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-42827167
  11. Yup. Probably a hate crime in the UK though.
  12. They (did) support FOM but now people are flooding out the HUNs are getting a bit twitchy. One thing they are adamant about is that they don't want their lost population replaced by those from the former Ottoman empire. They also hate the leftist NGO's with a passion. The link below is from an official government information office advert that is currently on the front page of their main newspaper (http://magyarhirlap.hu/). Have a look you can see the advert is the one with the big red "stop soros" sign. http://stopsoros.kormany.hu/ Google translated: Across Europe, organizations that support and organize immigration are active. This is especially true for Hungary, especially because we are an immigration front. We protect not only our country but also the borders of Europe. The activities of these organizations weaken Hungary's security. The Government therefore prepared the Stop Serial Bill in accordance with the results of the national consultation. 1. Under the proposal, organizations active in the field of illegal migration from foreign sources must register. They must also produce activity reports. If they do not do it then the authorities will do it for them. Requirements for public benefit would also be tightened. If there is not enough domestic support, you may lose your nonprofit status. 2. Organizations supporting illegal migration should pay their immigration fees for immigration finance fees. Revenues from this would be spent by the government on border protection. 3. And finally, on the basis of the bill, immigrants could be banned. The immigration detachment normally applies to the entire territory of Hungary within 8 kilometers of the Schengen border, and in particular in case of a third country national, where justified. Those who otherwise finance immigration are equally as dangerous as those who organize it. We are aware that great forces will move against the bill. Those organizations will be the strongest attackers who will get their resources from abroad and allow for immigration. They would demolish the barrier and launch the settlement programs. For us, Hungary's security is the first. That is why we are stuck in the debates and we will use all means to combat illegal immigration and its activities. We would like Hungary to remain a Hungarian country.
  13. Agreed. Hungary has lost a significant chunk of it's population especially the young. Half my HUN in laws are now in the UK or Germany. Most of the rest work in industries supplying Germany one way or another. One quit his job as a mid level manager and now works as a waiter in Liverpool. Really weird when you go over and see first hand what is going on outside the cities. The villages and smaller towns are dying, literally.
  14. Thing is it is not just here. The same is true all over western europe. Complete denial that any problems over the last few years are down to the recent arrivals.