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  1. You must make this!! "Alex what will the weather be today?" "The frikkin weather is controlled by HAARP you sheeple!"
  2. I have a mate who briefly did the PC forensics for kiddy fiddling cases back in the noughties. He lasted just under 6 months which was considered long as the average at that point was 3 months. He got a lot of counselling after he left and can't watch porn since as it gives him flashbacks of the horrors he had to watch and catalog.
  3. it will be busy on Saturday, have the cops been paid that back overtime yet?
  4. Holy fucking shit 640k non-EU allowed to stay!!! Is that number correct, I keep seeing the "estimated" 300k net most places? Last year, nearly 700,000 people from outside the EU applied to live in the UK ā€“ but only 640,000 were successful. With our immigration system fast becoming a legal maze, this series follows the stories of those desperately trying to stay in the UK and the lawyers tasked with helping them
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    no, given my looks I would probably have been drafted to be the one searching the attic back in the day.
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    I've booked with them 3 times managed to stay in two of them. Got a flat in Belgrade which whilst old and tired was perfectly located and had a balcony for the smokers, the owner even drove us too and from the airport. then booked a chateau in belgium for a big group but the owner cancelled a week before saying it was double booked, was very unhappy about that. Last one was a whole townhouse in Amsterdam from a lovely Jewish couple who were very helpful. Not sure I would ever rent just a room though, whole houses seems to be best and do read the reviews!
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    Careless hunt

    Spelt with a capital K so as not to be rude.
  8. Isn't that filmed inside the Mayor's office? Why is he using a publicly funded building for his personal grudge politics? Could he be open to charges similar to those Boris is facing? So many questions....
  9. Wow thanks that will come in very handy in discussions
  10. He will have his pick of palaces around the EU one day, maybe one for summer and another for winter as a true great leader deserves.
  11. as a very occasional cub helper on camps.... sleeping mat or camp bed is a must, agreed on putting up/down the tent as a practice run. I usually do it a week before in case of damage and leave it up for a night. Make sure you arrive on site well before sundown as putting up a tent at night is a nightmare unless you know it inside out. A head torch for both of you is wise in case of needing the loo in the night. Power packs essential, one per heavily used device per day. As the little one is young you might want to take a spare sleeping bag as they do have a habit of pissing themselves instead of trekking to the loo at 2am. Run the little lad ragged with stuff during the day and he will sleep very well. First night camping can be quite scary for the wee ones with all the new noises. If you can find a place that allows fires then cook on that. the taste of bacon, sossies and eggy bread cooked over woodsmoke is amazing. When camping ALL food tastes nicer one pot slagbol for dinner. Fire is also great entertainment in the evening as it will hypnotise. Alternatively just enrol him in Beavers and become an assistant then help save the next generation from clown world
  12. A friend of my mum was referred to the prevent programme after he went to get counselling for claustrophobia in case he was arrested at the protests. Had the cops turn up at his house which caused a stir in his very well to do road. Standard scope creep of any laws intended to protect us from ourselves.