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  1. Agricola. Great game: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agricola_(board_game)
  2. Oskar

    Escape from LA

    He normally walks around interviewing people and is pro trump but his new lockdown mashups are much better.
  3. Oskar

    Escape from LA

    Fleccas sums up last weeks madness pretty well in this mash up vid, quite long but very funny in places and quite thought provoking in others. The rest is just the usual insane yankees which is always entertaining.
  4. Been working remotely for a Swedish company and the 3 locals I was speaking to all day were very pissed off with the EU for doing nothing and critisising the Swedes for doing their own thing. They reserved specific anger towards the Germans and French who stole incoming Swedish orders of PPE as the Swedes like the French had destroyed their stockpiles over the years. I've known two of them for years and have never seen them this angry including being with them through the 2015/16 migration crisis, even then they were pro EU. Both older men, both pretty much normal middle class types.
  5. Interesting feedback from some preppers: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/what-preppers-learned-during-lockdown/
  6. Not any more, Wee Krankie has vetoed it. Government blames Krankie for holiday chaos: 'Air bridges' are DITCHED as Scotland 'refuses to agree to them' and ministers delay publishing list of the 75 'safe' countries that Brits can visit this summer AGAIN https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8481727/Johnson-set-green-light-holidays-95-destinations-dozen-let-Britons-enter.html
  7. A big purge that will resonate over time. 4Chan is pretty busy this evening as they welcome their new recruits.
  8. Oskar

    Escape from LA

    This might be more appropriate for larger crowds.
  9. I fucking love purity spirals when they start to implode and this is the first big one ever. Pure unadulterated entertainment especially the Ash Sarkar twitter thread above. Like the 1936 purge all over again.
  10. I always refer to cellars as 'the children's room' when viewing houses. Managed to get a few very nervous laughs and some very odd looks from estate agents over the years. Really want a big cellar for prepping but you can't say that to EA's as the first rule of prep club....
  11. Agreed, it's a great place. Safe, friendly and cheap. The Pljeskavica burgers are amazing. Try to get a place in the center of town as it can be a bit of a haul in from the burbs. We managed to get a lovely penthouse for very little opposite the citadel, the only problem I had was the ancient lift which was so scary I tried to avoid using it. Oh, and as it is the east, never, ever mess with the police.