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  1. Population about 30 million. You do the math (yes, I said "math" on purpose".
  2. You haven’t installed an app, it’s just google notifications. They need an app to be of any use (or to spy on you, depending on your view point). Anyway, to get rid: 1 On your Android device, open the Settings app. 2 Tap Google COVID-19 exposure notifications. 3 Turn off exposure notifications, or turn off notifications for a specific app
  3. Full compliment of virtue signallers out tonight on our street. Pan head woman has abandoned her experiment with the bongos and returned to the trusty pan lid and wooden spoon combo. Fat Drummer Man was out again giving it plenty on his stupid drum whilst his wife beams beatifically and claps along. Public sector pensioners out in force as per. I stayed in, watching videos on YouTube. Although I did mutter “get back in your slave boxes you fucking drones”. Please let this madness end Inshallah.
  4. Malcolm Tucker. Master of the English language. Proper cunt
  5. King of Fools

    Let's BRAG

    Fred Trueman told me to fuck off. Bob Carolgees (with Spit the Dog) told me to fuck off. Pete Waterman told me to fuck off. I’m running with the A-Listers.
  6. King of Fools

    Let's BRAG

    I've shaken hands with Margaret Thatcher.
  7. Hmmmmmm .... I thought she'd be fatter, blue haired and multi tattooed. But she's not. She's one of those horrible bossy primary school teacher types. Look at her eyes. She's convinced of her own moral superiority. and no, I wouldn't.
  8. Don't even think about it. Lockdown is just for fucking plebs. Like you. Don't question anything, just keep paying your taxes and buying shit. Look over there, its Lord Captain Sir Tom, what a heartwarming story.
  9. I’ve just calculated mine. It’s £2.4k. That’s not enough for a decent bottle of wine. This fucking country.
  10. You're welcome. Weird mix, part Crime drama, part high farce, part sentimentality, part promotion of rave culture. It doesn't work.
  11. White Lines on Netflix is shite. Sounded just my sort of thing
  12. Same up here (Sefton). Obesity thread cross over as I saw a mass beaching of female Land Whales when I was walking the dog on the sea front.
  13. Good luck mate. Been through it myself a couple of times in the past. It always feels like the end of the world, but it never is.