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  1. My local Iceland had a sign on the entrance door that said free school meal vouchers cannot be used to buy alcohol. This would suggest that the food money is being repurposed.
  2. Ray Manzarek deconstructing Riders OnThe Storm. Just genius.
  3. My council bought a shopping centre as well. The one James Bulger was abducted from. They are going to repurpose the whole area. I’m sure they have good intentions, but they are just dreamers. It’s a shocking waste of money. The venture scorpions who sold it to them must be laughing their cocks off. https://mysefton.co.uk/2020/08/14/exciting-future-ahead-for-bootles-landmark-shopping-centre/
  4. Looks like she is stamping out a small fire, then doing a big shit, then waving at an aeroplane in the sky. She’s my favourite dancer as well.
  5. Right. I’ve found the best thing ever broadcast by the BBC. It’s the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics. It’s fucking astonishing. Ignore the obvious virtue signalling and go with the flow. Pink Floyd, Underworld, Mike Oldfield, The Clash, LSO etc etc
  6. You ain’t half been a clever bastard there
  7. Spandau Ballet lads as the Krays Phil Collins in Buster Fella from Bruce Springsteen’s band was Sal in The Sopranos
  8. Another gullible idiot in thrall to an older American woman.
  9. I’d watch it. Hosted by Jeremy Kyle. Break out the lie detector as well.
  10. The Singing Detective was excellent. BBC1, 1987. Edge of Darkness was also great. BBC1, 1984.
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