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  1. “Michael Gove looks like a haunted ventriloquist’s dummy carved from the yewtree that Operation Yewtree was named after”. ”Michael Gove looks like Pinocchio dressed for his abuser’s funeral “. Frankie Boyle.
  2. Well, at least he got the waiting lists down.
  3. Bit sinister ......... edit: soz spunko. I'm pissed up on booze. 😊
  4. I'm in spunko. Maybe I should rephrase that.
  5. I can't view your picture, but I'm hoping it's Charles Hawtrey. edit: I see it now. Almost right. I think he looks a bit like a Paul Whitehouse character out of the Fast Show
  6. mkultras - hard core football supporters from Milton Keynes don't cross them
  7. Stephen K Amos. Stephen Kuntin Amos. He’s as funny as a death at a birthday party.
  8. Tricky one. I’m gonna say 2011 2000. 1984. Current day freak show
  9. Check YouTube. Kitboga, scammerrevolts, deeveear, Malcolm Merlyn. they all bait scammers, usually Indians. You will learn what not to fall for and also plenty of Hindi swear words. I love using these when the scammers call me. bhenchod, madarchod, bakrichod, chutiya Do not try the virtual machine computer stuff these guys use to wreck scammers computers unless you are an IT wizard.
  10. Nice. This is the type of stuff I am looking for. Any further ideas will be welcome.
  11. They believe that people with autism were dictators in their former lives. Sounds reasonable.