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  1. “Rochelle is ...... a fat activist and cat mom”.
  2. Worst ever? Worse than May?
  3. I’m not even looking 😺 100% it’s Jocelyn
  4. He's never been in a fight. Shes never had a proper fucking.
  5. Bless her, she seems nice. Not like the usual obese, blue haired harpies you'd associate with this kind of thing. I wish her well.
  6. Yeah, but when you go on a shitty training course at work, you can take a photo and post it on LinkedIn with the comment “Great Day”.
  7. Pissed up skank . Situation normal.
  8. Just sign each one up for granny porn. Or, even worse, Amazon Prime
  9. Can he last 5 weeks? I suspect it will become increasingly toxic. Maybe this really is the death of the Conservative party.
  10. Entirely predictable. Surprised they've gone so early though.
  11. He should have dropped her like a small sherry, then Big Phil H could have put the boot in once she was down. Fuck, yeah.