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  1. Is 20 grand going to fund 3 years of retirement? Or have I misunderstood? BTW I agree with your way of thinking.
  2. Sir, I salute your knowledge of the once popular soap opera.
  3. King of Fools


    Give it to me straight. Like an Ankh cider made from 100% ankhs.
  4. King of Fools


    Fuck me. I could knock him over with a decent fart.
  5. I get unwanted text messages from Dominos. There's no one on my side and surely that ain't right.
  6. Doing well until the last sentence, when your whole argument fell apart edited to say that I agree with you in that it is good to challenge your own thinking
  7. A true Northerner would have had the ferret stored in his trousers
  8. Blackpool Risk Assessment. Task - drunken sex with stranger Hazard - STD Likelihood - 3 X Severity - 3 Risk rating of 9 Control measure - use PPE. done. You owe me £500
  9. I stole some shoes off a drug dealer. Fuck knows what he laced them with but I’ve been tripping all day.