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  1. I think the two cities would be better as Mecca and Medina.
  2. Please do. Apologies if you already have, this is as far through the thread as I've got so far.
  3. How much do their nannies take home after tax credits?
  4. Whatever happened to Andrea Rossi's E-Cat fusion reactor? I don't remember seeing a valid debunk of that (even though its breaking of our fundamental understanding of physics and his former fraudulent behaviour don't exactly elicit confidence).
  5. Is that a reimagined, touched up version of the exhibition in Bristol with the Avon running through it?
  6. The railway bridge make sure me think of white vans and Dave.
  7. They didn't manage to get their Halle Berry "Jinx" spin-off so why not just co-opt Bond instead.
  8. Hopefully the wasted review will come back to haunt them. Looking ominously comfortable at the moment.
  9. My nearly 3 year old gets bundled over all the time by the in-laws' German Shepherd. I have seen her noticeably flinch when he bounds past her. It still didn't stop her trying to pet some bull-terrier cross on the tram yesterday whilst going "Hello, Mr dog". I'm quite grateful that the law here is that dogs must be muzzled on public transport as you don't know how they may react in enclosed spaces. I have also seen her hide behind me at times due to the boisterousness of said German Shepherd. The little house dog avoids her because she's pulled her tail once too often.
  10. This kind of thing? The ad said Arriva was seeking 30 drivers to work 38hours-a-week in Watford, with accommodation provided by the firm. Arriva defended the process. In a statement they said: β€œOn occasion, to ensure that all vacancies are filled with the most suitable candidates, we employ agencies that specialise in personnel from overseas.
  11. Eventually they'll have to source a new supply of grenades.
  12. A small child is likely face-to-face to a mid-sized dog. It's a little different than being a 6ft adult.