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  1. I think you're kidding yourself if you think it's ever going to be smoothed over. The British public's famous reputation for strength in adversity will snap within the next 20.
  2. So somewhere near the Lotus museum but not the Lotus museum? I have no idea about East Anglian museums. It just takes so long to get there.
  3. My daughter is giving me the best gift of taking an afternoon nap (I was less impressed with her earlier gift of dropping a dog-worn tennis ball in my beer before proudly shouting "floating!"
  4. Based on all the other guesses so far being places in East Anglia, I'm inclined to agree.
  5. It certainly has all the blades standing up like that but I'm confused by the land in the background. I guess I'm used to seeing it from the West and the pic could be taken travelling West on Hedon Road, looking towards the south bank.
  6. Something like Boris vs Rory, with Boris subsequently having to pull out, would raise a few eyebrows.
  7. I'd rather be accosted from behind by them than the one that was popping blue pills.
  8. Not even the Chinese have gone that far yet. Just black marks for buying the wrong thing.
  9. My best mate does it and the best word I can use to describe his appearance is gaunt.
  10. I think step 5 would be the biggest stumbling block. For whatever reason, the Uk seems destined to have a red or blue rosette stamping down on a human face, forever. I think Peterborough gives a clear indication of plus ca change.
  11. At the same time I was blowing out of my arse climbing up to the 1325m Lysa Hora, we had people on an ultra marathon coming the other way. They were only doing 67km with 4500m of ascending. Based on how my feet were doing after 2 days (descending seemed to be worse - I think a good toe box is important), I've got no idea how people don't badly injure themselves every time they run, let alone be ready to do another 100km run a couple of weeks later.
  12. All it takes for misandry to prosper is for good men to do nothing.