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  1. Your argument is electro [delete as appropriate] (strong/weak/magnetising). What are the tax rates/labour costs in space?
  2. You mean that, in their spatial reference frame, the moon came to them?
  3. I have a mate who describes a fat arse in trousers as "two hippos fighting under a blanket". I therefore think it's something like hungry, hungry hippos?
  4. I read earlier that she was "one of a number" of people who were invited to speak at the conference. How did the others get there?
  5. A pedant-off? Why not? We can call it a ped-o for short (just to be inclusive for @spygirl and Andrea @The XYY Man)
  6. For my "temporary residency certificate" in CZ I needed: -passport -signed employment contract -signed rental agreement -2x passport photos -application form (which had to be filled out in Czech) With all of that it was "take a ticket at the foreigners office and wait several hours to be seen." I have to go back when I: -change passport (next year) -change job -change residence.
  7. The American dream link I added above was very marginal between countries. Even those where the bottom quartile economically had the highest opportunity to reach the top quartile, the chance was still barely over 20%. So, from an economic perspective, even the best case scenario is: -80% of those brought up in the top 75-100% will not reach the top 25%. When you look at stats like that, if money motivates you, then you can see why so much economic migration occurs. If you have such a low chance of succeeding nationally then why not try and play the game of international wage (or benefits) arbitrage? Edit to add: I bet the vast majority of those who do socially climb have to do it off their own backs (e.g. Entrepreneurially IN SPITE of the system) rather than via some kindly "Trading Places" benevolence.
  8. Ulysses just needs to identify as literate. And maybe start him on dog and cat, and work up to trying to spell Ulysses.
  9. If anyone cares, not that I really do, Kevin Spacey was on the news here today. He was visiting some 50s themed place in Prague called James Dean restaurant.
  10. And Deborah Ramirez?
  11. I think it's more about the social mobility than it is the "keeping up with the Jones's"
  12. He had a rental agreement. Unfortunately it was vaporised by a barrel of cannabis oil upstairs.