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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Craig in Iconically awful cars of yore   
    It's got six seats. Think that's the only reason someone would buy one.
    That Bugsy Malone pastiche one from the nineties really offended me too. Chrysler something or other. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 got a reaction from sarahbell in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    You are Meghan AICMFP. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Chewing Grass in Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria   
    Had a look at the list of NOTAMs and there seems to be activity relating to Mildenhall whereas all other places are routine stuff like runways closed (Brize Norton) and firework displays.

    VC25A is US government aircraft, KC-10 are tankers, C-5 are Super Galaxy intercontinental heavy transports and boom an E4 is the 'Nightwatch' air command aircraft.
    KC135 is the' Stratotanker' , B52 & B2 are Bombers, KC 46 another tanker and the C17 is the globemaster military transport.
    Yes, something is going on at short notice.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to HighYield in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    That's along the lines that they're supposed to hope, so that they open and read the thing!
    In all seriousness, a well written reasonable actual physical letter (starting with an actual postal address in an MP's constituency) should warrant a physical reply, which depending on the original letter will either be dictated by the MP or copied by the intern from the copy & paste database. But either way, the MP should have to actually sign it, and personally I read everything I sign. So at least the MP might have to skim read their own copied & pasted junk.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 got a reaction from HighYield in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    You are Meghan AICMFP. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to ashestoashes in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    seems the game is to so confuse the electorate that no one will get the blame for when it fails and the impression will be it was just too difficult 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 got a reaction from One percent in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    You are Meghan AICMFP. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Harley in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    What's interesting is how myopic everyone is about Brexit.  Step back a bit and have a brain ache over the full extent of all the possible contexts and scenarios to play out.  The age old technique of setting the game which the plebs then just blindly play.
    I like the one that the genie is now well out of the bottle but that this was already underway (the current status quo in the UK had already run its course) and that vichy UK (as part of the EU) is the new "to be" state.  In which case some "villans" are being entirely sensible.
    Plenty of others to chose from but what is clear is many on both sides are clueless and will be in for a surprise, unless the players can continue to "boil the frog" and people just slip into the new normal.  That is probably unlikely so the valves will have to be fully opened.  Imagine, for example, those French riot police on UK streets.  
    The status quo has always been for change, no choice, Brexit or not.  The country was run on the basis of a "managed decline" for decades and a district of the EU state is the logical progression for the proponents of that very real policy.
    Many other scenarios available but very few involve life as it was.  Brexit is just the catalyst to enable the chosen change, whichever one wins/has won out.  Fishing quotas and the like are not where its at but give a dog a bone.....
    Spare a thought for those voting for Remain on a conservative basis.  Especially given 90% of the logic is based on what would go wrong with leaving (ie. change).  BAU is the last thing they'll get regardless of leaving the EU or not. 
    Most people are too anchored or basically too scared to be able or willing to see how profoundly different things will be, whether that be say a post Brexit national hedge fund or a post Remain world where the EU is a modern King John with the local Sherrif collecting wealth taxes on its behalf.
    Not sure I've said anything new.  It's the detailed thoughts of what life will be like behind all this which is the real point.  How many have taken time out to really visualise the new normal?
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to DownwardSpiral in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    Without turning this into a circle jerk, would just like to say how enjoyable these threads have been. The level of discussion has been a lot higher than in most other places on the net and “in the real world”. Had a brief look over at TOS and their Brexit thread and fuck me, no analysis whatsoever.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to DownwardSpiral in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    I haven’t got of clue of course (it goes without saying but worth saying all the same) but I wonder if this is where the circus surrounding prerogative powers interacts with coercion and the validity of Article 51 of the Vienna Convention.
    In March, Treason May extended by prerogative. If it is a prerogative power then Parliament has no authority to compel the Prime Minister to ask for an extension. If they are attempting to compel him to do so then either:
    a) extensions are not a prerogative power, in which case Treason May’s extension is invalid and we in effect left on March 31st
    b) extensions are a prerogative power, in which case Parliament mandating that the PM must do something which he has stated he does not want to do could be argued to be coercion. Article 51 of the VCLT could potentially be applied such that any extension that arises has no legal effect.
    Going to be another week of constitutional crisis! That fucking Fixed Term Parliament Act is utterly utterly dreadful.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 got a reaction from spygirl in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    One for @spygirl (even if it is just messing up big scary numbers reviewed by an arts grad)
    Two million people have asked to stay in the UK after Brexit under the government’s EU settlement scheme, latest figures show.
    The number of applications received by 30 September is equivalent to one in six EU citizens in the UK and included nationals and relatives from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, Home Office data published on Wednesday said.
    Sooooo. 12m?
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to BadAlchemy in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    You are spot on with the Balkan analogy. My wife is Serbian but has lived here 25 years now. Also voted Leave but unlike me isn't so riled up about current situation. Partly I guess because this is not her native country. Largely that she has risen above it all and gets on with life regardless, but also she says she has seen it and experienced it all before over there in former Yugoslavia, after Tito... and still to the current day. Corruption everywhere. For her it's just SNAFU. 
    (Over there they went through a phase of politicians getting shot if they tried to shake things up too much..  got in the way of the big money men etc. I guess we'll get that here too the way things are going)
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Austin Allegro in Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6   
    Yes, this is what I am expecting now. A delay followed by a second referendum with a Remain result, either from direct fiddling or indirectly through a split Leave option.  That makes it harder for any future government to campaign to leave the EU because Remainers will just point to the referendum result and say 'the will of the people is clear' or some such bollox.  I can't see any other way out; Remainers will not accept either a deal or no deal, they won't allow a GE but can't risk blocking one for too long for fear of appearing anti-democratic.  The EU has form with this, and second referenda have been used before to stifle dissent. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to MvR in Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness   
    I had a little moment like that once, though without the insult from those arguing.
    It was concerning this shot ( starts around 4:58 ) in Band of Brothers where Captain Winters ( Damian Lewis ) throws a hand grenade through a doorway. It explodes almost instantly, and various military buffs were in a heated argument as to whether this was accurate.  Some claimed this particular type of grenade could be modified to give a shorter delay, whilst others said it was a mistake in the filming where the pyrotechnics guys set off the fake explosion too quickly.
    In reality, there was no explosion. I know because I added it . The grenade was indeed a dummy, and for dramatic reasons, the director and editor wanted a short shot, so I was only given a couple of seconds worth of footage to work with. I added the blast by layering various bits of explosion footage shot by the B-unit, along with the bright flash effect and camera shake to give the shot impact.
    If you slow the footage down to 0.25 speed, at 5:01 ( see still ) you can see the rather crappy mask I drew around Winters' head and face to give some impression the flash came from inside the room, leaving some parts of his face and the back of his helmet un-illuminated. 
    You'll notice the smoke clears unrealistically quickly too... again because that's all the footage I had.
    it was a bit of a conversation killer as you can imagine.

    anyway.. sorry for dragging this thread off topic! 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Chewing Grass in Fittest Girls in UK?   
    In the 21st century the UK's fittest women will be formerly men and will be officially proven from competition.

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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to satch in Rochdale Axe attack. So what happened to the other 16?   
    Why do people go around carrying knives or committing multiple criminal acts, eg the Rochdale Muslims or the XR lot? Simple answer, is there is no or very little deterrent.
    I don’t carry an illegal knife, many of our enrichers do and this ‘can carry a prison sentence of up to 4 years’. But if they are caught nothing really happens … if caught carrying again nothing really happens. If first offence was 4 years jail, no parole, not up to but minimum 4 years it would stop IMHO 99% of them carrying and second offence is 20 years jail, no parole, there would be no knife carriers bar the really mentally ill who need locking up in any case.
    Take the XR the guy dragged off the top of the train … already banned from protesting on public transport, so not a first offence or probably even a second. Old c*** from Bristol been arrested 13 time IIRC. No deterrent. If the XR train guy was in prison for previous he could not commit his latest crime. If Old C*** have been fined £1,000 for 1st offence, £2,000 for 2nd, £4,000 for 3rd, £8,000 for 4th I don’t think he would reach 13 arrests and have to pay a fine of £1,000,000 plus. (I read that the vast majority of the XR arrested were released without charge … so the just carry on.)
    One of the reasons this country is going down the toilet is law enforcement is wrongly directed. The focus is on hurty word crime and making sure police officer use the correct pronouns when talking to offenders.  And for maintaining pubic order … well the police just join in, dancing at Notting Hill and skate boarding at XR demos while making sure no demonstrator is hurt when being arrested (before being released shortly after) by having six officers carry them … aahhh sweet.
    And when some commuters rough up people stopping them getting to work (stealing their money if they are hourly paid) the politicians all come out and condemn the ‘violence’ and state that perhaps XR are not helping the climate change cause. They should be calling for tough action on crime but that is no PC and they are not affected so issue bland comments and platitudes.
    No wonder this country is getting worse and worse as a place to live and call home.

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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to SillyBilly in Is this an exceptionally healthy 47 year old?   
    I just get miffed at all this stuff. I am not interested in immortality. I want to be reasonably healthy and I am (a stone overweight Id say) and I generally eat and drink what I want. Zero f**s given. I just worry these nonces will gain a critical mass and ban red meat or something daft. Ban cars. Ban red meat. Ban booze. Ban fun. Live to 150! No thanks...
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Southmartin in Is this an exceptionally healthy 47 year old?   
    I'm a 'second tier' vegan
    Instead of eating plants and vegetables, I simply eat the things that eat the plants and vegetables. Thus leaving more for the skinny limp-wristed vegans
    "you're welcome"
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Roger_Mellie in Is this an exceptionally healthy 47 year old?   
    You have no idea what they look like on the inside. 
    Diet is like all the other big issues of our age: too big, too complex, too multifaceted for any one person to claim complete expertise. Add genetics and epigenetics on top and you have something that's really not worth worrying about.
    All you need to do is balance calories in and calories out, eat plenty of fresh food of any kind, then hope you win the cancer/heart/Alzheimer's lottery.
    If you do you'll be guaranteed to be shitting yourself in a miserable nursing home well into your 90s.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to spunko in South Africans   
    All the nice ones seem to be women in my experience.
    One of if not the most awful, rude, obnoxious person I have ever met was South African. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Fully Detached in South Africans   
    I've found the ones I've met to be direct, very confident, and almost obsessively career focussed - that combination has led to some behaviour which I think most of us would consider to be cuntish, but for the most part I think it's just them doing what they do.
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Libspero in South Africans   
    The older ones are great..  remind me of eccentric, stubborn, opinionated, oldfashioned upperclass British from a bygone age. 
    I find it quite charming. 
    Once you get to know them they seem like really decent no nonsense people.  If I was going into battle,  they're exactly the sort of people I'd want to be stood shoulder to shoulder with. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Wahoo in South Africans   
    They are white Africans...who survived in a tough environment and built a civilised country. They're tough with big open hearts. 
    The British put their women and children into concentration camps and disease spread.
    The International Community decided to hoist change upon them...which they rightly resisted because they understood Africa.
    What is happening there now will happen across the Globe.
    Yes they can be cunts....but I loved living there with them than the wet useless cunts  over here. You were free there. You're over controlled here.
    Just saying 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to Captain Cavey in trans madness   
    Recently at university, my son was at a meet and greet event where you had to have a badge declaring you name and personal pronoun of choice.
    He wrote his name followed by “I’m a dude”
    He doesn’t pander to this bullshit. Neither do all his friends. 
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    The Generation Game 🙌 reacted to One percent in trans madness   
    I shall make no comment
    The maker of Always sanitary pads has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol of the female sex from the wrapping.
    Outraged women are now boycotting the leading brand after the decision by makers Procter & Gamble (P&G) to kowtow to trans activists who were born female and still use sanitary products.
    Last night, feminists warned that the concession is a chilling move towards the ‘elimination of women’s biology’.