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  1. Poor fella lost his zimmer to Harvey.
  2. Or, if you are looking to vent, 'cheer up love and enjoy the forthcoming rant.'
  3. I think that you could call it "Dosbods" and, if long enough, you could personalise it with the anti-terrorist slogan "Fuck off, I'm dosbods!"
  4. Who doesn't have a vote? The bar worker, the pump attendant, the corner shop cashier, the post office worker? Be honest, you're employing child labour aren't you? Liz and Phil will not stand for such things. You can expect a MOAB from President Trump any day now to liberate such 19th century practices.
  5. Charles was always an eco warrior (whether through belief or as a wealth generator) so I can't say I'm surprised.
  6. You are @spygirl's mentor and I cliam my fere ketbaord.
  7. I think Harry took out the patent on that last week.
  8. Is that cans of Pepsi Max or the PlayStation version?
  9. They can't. The world is 'on fire' right now.
  10. Time for her chat outside the LGBT school. "I grew up around here, matey Jim and so I know how all the little sub-communities love each other".