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  1. I was all ready to chuck in my life in the Czech Republic (the language is difficult - as well as myself, my 3yo is really struggling to communicate, and the job was too much effort for not enough pay) and return back to the north of England in search of an easier life. Now I can see just how fucked the UK economy is (I was offered a relocation to our Woking HQ - fuck that!) and how I will be competing with 10m other people for work, meaning that most jobs will be NMW. So I've changed role internally, something more technical with a better work-life balance. I've moved my daughter into a nursery that teaches in both Czech and English, giving her more of a fighting chance. The money is still tight but I fear that the opportunities here will be better than the UK over the medium term. A few weeks ago I was running some numbers on the EU about exchange rates and GDP per capita for various countries since the A8 accession in 2004. I know that the figures don't tell the whole story (e.g. Ireland's massive GDP per capita) but it is interesting to see the change in places like Romania (albeit from a very low base).
  2. What have you done to deserve this? Edit: Damn. An hour late to this pun-fest. Meanwhile the Spanish are kicking down chairs and knocking down tables, apparently.
  3. Unfortunately I still have to work during the week and, having broken my foot in April, lockdown wasn't kind to my fitness. Little and often will be the order of the day for the next couple of weeks.
  4. Clearly you switched off half way through. She wants men to acknowledge what she believes are the right characteristics. Clearly she, and all her friends, have these characteristics but it seems men don't give a shit.
  5. I remember being told similar when visiting a tin mine in Cornwall. Apparently about £1m per year was being spent to keep water out of the mine, even after production ceased. Then, when this money stopped being spent, getting the mine up and running is no longer viable, even though prices have recovered.
  6. Must have moved over here. I was woken at around 1030 by the sound of angle-grinding. Perhaps he was trying to drown out the sound of singing in the church a couple of doors down?
  7. My holiday to visit my folks back in February led to a 4-month lockdown. Since I got back a month ago, we have been to some interactive science museum and then a weekend in Prague. My wife has taken my daughter to visit the in-laws on the other side of the country for two weeks so now I have my own two week holiday. Just wandering about bits of town that I've never seen (5 mile walk yesterday). As I have a season ticket that covers most of town, I aim to take a tram to a different random suburb each evening and Czech out the local woodlands.
  8. Unemployed person who tries to coerce companies into giving them free stuff/money?
  9. I think that was the point that @Darude was trying to make: Eventually, free markets will step in when it becomes a competitive marketplace.
  10. Is that a picture of Harry and Meghan or Harry and MJ?
  11. It's been a weird weekend here. City centre is deserted (like it is most weekends) when usually we would expect hundreds of thousands of MotoGP fans here. Bonus points that the advertising hoardings around part of the track are advertising tourism to Andalucia. It will be interesting to see the financial knock-on effect of having to refund all of those tickets. @WorkingPoor