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  1. Lord "we're all going to die if Brexit goes ahead because we won't be able to source any nuclear medical material" Winston?
  2. Maybe it comes down to military might. Perhaps countries like China and Russia are the only ones who've ever had sufficient military capability that a Black Op can't just be sent in to assassinate any "problems"? Maybe when smaller fry do it they get short shrift? You can listen to the latest Joe Rogan episode talking about Biden putting pressure on any country that was going to provide Snowden/Assange* with safe passage/asylum. * I wasn't listening intently enough to hear what was being said at this point.
  3. And now the Beeb is flagging it as dangerous fake news. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-54733252 I must admit. I found the stuff around Bohemian Grove fascinating.
  4. Our resident travelling correspondent, @ccc, already flagged that one.
  5. Former PM, no? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahathir_Mohamad
  6. This tweet was fact-checked and deemed to be true. They have every right* *(we might revise our opinion in the next 24hrs, depending on the prevailing wind direction).
  7. Just looked out of the window. Although they are masked, I can see many of them bouncing.
  8. If your problem hasn't resolved itself within 7 days the incident will be closed.
  9. We got 100k gold tickets but unfortunately got 8.6m silver. Which means we win the really, really shit prizes future.
  10. A wooden church in the middle of Prague burned down yesterday. I'm sure it's unrelated.
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