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  1. Sorry to hear that @No One, but you won't be the last to hear this kind of news over the coming weeks. As I've said before (not bragging), I have about the safest job out there (if it goes then pretty much the entire economy is finished). I came to the UK on holiday in Feb to consider moving back here and quitting that job. I don't envy anyone who has to try and obtain new employment in the current climate, so much so that I have made a complete 180 on my original decision. I will re-evaluate in 6-12 months.
  2. There are two locations in Brno I walk past on my commute home that are manned by JWs almost daily. They have quite fancy pamphlet stands that almost make them look like tourist information (except that there aren't many tourists).
  3. My thoughts on religion are firmly in the agnostic camp. Have no reason to believe in sky fairies but reserve the right to change my mind should evidence convince me. Same with the afterlife. I leave people to get on with their own mysticism as long as they: 1. Aren't destructive with it. 2. Don't aggressively push their ideas onto me.
  4. Is that a famous line? It reminds me of the seemingly nonsensical line from this song.
  5. I was 40 a couple of months ago. Time for a new side effect of the virus, for time to slow down.
  6. Clearly preening. In one direction they had the rotors as a heli and the other they were turboprops. Like a mating display.
  7. We had two Ospreys fly over yesterday. No distinguishable trails (well they were only at about 1000ft).
  8. And you could have a laugh about it.
  9. We've got to have a "Tweets in our time" moment before that can happen.
  10. I bet the goats were really pissed.