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  1. I remember recalling a passage in a Stephen King novel at the family dinner table which described how a character had given up on life and set about killing himself in the most pleasant way possible...... alcohol. Think my dad really took that passage to heart.
  2. Fecundity Obsequious Quixotic Feckless cretins Degenerate Ossify
  3. Adarmo

    Tax question

    There is a regime of pre-trading costs that are, and are not allowed to be offset for trading purposes. Training to acquire new skills is NOT to be offset despite it being key to the trading in the first place. If you have completed no Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) previously then these training costs are not allowed for the tax calc and will be added back when the computation is performed. If you go on another training course focusing on the latest Yoga teaching methods this IS allowable since it is improving or keeping existing skills up to date. So initial YTT is not allowed for tax but the CPD courses are. I maintain though to stick with cash accounting. Keep it simple, spend less time doing accounts and more time enjoying life or doing yoga Yamaste
  4. Adarmo

    Tax question

    My other half is actually doing this sort of thing too. My advice is to delay payment and stick with cash accounting. Accruals accounting requires much more detail and rigor and will take up more of your time since you'll be booking some entries twice (once to the balance sheet and then again to release to the P&L), accruing for costs that haven't been invoiced yet and even booking revenue from people who haven't yet paid. Come year end your accounts are more complicated and will require adjustment for the tax computation. If you cannot delay payment make the payment this year, you'll make a loss in your yoga business for 2018/19 and can offset said loss next year anyway.
  5. Incorporate in the UK, UK entity signs contracts with your customers and bills them UK to UK. Use accountant as Co Sec and registered address for official docs - that will come with charge, or use a family address or get a virtual secretary to do all that side of things if you don't plan on visiting that often. All money in the UK and corp tax etc etc. Pay salary and dividends to yourself as ordinarily resident in Italy. There are schemes and all sorts of beautifully constructed avoidance structures but they're slowly getting on top of those. I would be focusing on the Brexit discussions around working and living in the EU going forward. We are trying to plan this at work but frankly all we're doing is coming up with scenarios for currency adjustments and how to sell into Ireland in a worst case scenario.
  6. That's the run rate of current contributions circa 12b a year. Plus... Daily Mail..... but the above applies regardless.
  7. Haha, we're in good company Mines a 55 plate. Every time I get the 'time to buy a new car' idea in my head I just can't believe how much over what my car is worth (£1k) to get anything representing a decent upgrade. They're good at constant speed but they're also great at variable rolling. Fantastic in-gear acceleration and pulls well even in 6th. The only downside is that it's a little rattly and pretty dirty on the emissions front. Next up I want one of these: I digress from topic though. I was hoping to get a decent car all round when PCP blew up but it hasn't happened just yet .
  8. I run a 1.9 TDi PD with 155k on the clock. Engine is fine (actually I'd say it's an engineering masterpiece given the performance and economy) but the rest of it is getting a bit shaky now (it's 2005). Can't bring myself to ditch it. I want her to run until she drops and then hopefully I'll be able to afford a reasonable performance and priced EV car.
  9. Thank you New Labour's breeding programme.
  10. it could just shout the correct speed and distance to camera? My old TomTom would flag cameras and stamp the correct speed very obviously across the screen.
  11. Maybe, or maybe accidentally shot an innocent bystander, or his partner? I don't disagree with your sentiment and I think much anger boils in people when they see this sort of carry on because they feel helpless and hand tied, unable to react or deal with this in an all powerful right and mighty way. Let's not compare with the USA where someone was 4.5 times more likely to be the victim of an intentional homicide in 2016 than in the UK.
  12. She was 5 when Poland left USSR....
  13. As smart as Poles are i doubt they jyst woke up speaking it They don't speak highly of the Ruskies. Seem to think the Germans look down on them though.