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  1. I got cut up by two older drivers today who were at their youngest late 60s. Left lane on three exit roundabout is for turning right apparently..... I guess maybe it is just the thick ones out and about.... God bless you Darwinism.
  2. If only . Sadly I think they're about to get another even larger one to cover support a lot of soon to be struggling businesses and debtors.
  3. It is today in Wokingham
  4. I'm in a slightly different position. My other half and I booked flights (only flights) to Vietnam and are scheduled to fly early April. The Vietnamese govt has abolished visa on arrival (which we were banking on) and a day later they announced they wont process e-visas. There's no real prospect of us being allowed entry now. We have a joint annual policy with Direct Line. Will call the online agency today. Flights booked on a Barclaycard. The wedding we were flying out there for is also being postponed. Gutting, but any advice DOSBODders?
  5. IMHO The best stimulus would be to raise the tax free allowance significantly and put money into the pickets of those with the highest marginal propensity to spend it. Good for them, good for economy and doesn't have (at least immediately) the impact of ramping asset prices some more.
  6. Should of been hanged for they're error
  7. You can't say house prices will stay flat or increase slightly because if you do you'll be branded a troll.
  8. Should be hanged. FFS ahhhhhhh hahahaha
  9. Funny, i thought the same. They called it 'sleeping sickness' and it went around after the flu. They knew they were linked but not sure they ever got to the bottom of it. Increasingly concerned about by Vietnam trip now. This video aside the rate of increase of infections in and outside of China is a worry. Vietnam has 8 official cases but places where they're more likely to be counted (Singapore) seem to be growing more quickly. Keeping up to date of the travel advice: "People showing signs of respiratory illness on arrival in Vietnam can expect to be checked. You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the local authorities. Anyone confirmed as having Coronavirus, including foreigners, can expect to be quarantined. I wonder what the quarantine facilities out there are like? Mattress on the deck and a squat loo for 14 days?
  10. Media loves this stuff. They were all over Ebola panicking the crap out of anyone last time that came up! Flu kills between 55k and 80k people per year and if you tracked those numbers last year, the year before etc this (at least so far) would be puny. If it does spread around the world then I'd sooner get ill here than there for sure. Danger of being quarantined and stuck over there would be cool if I didn't get ill (we have a friends beautiful house we can stay at indefinitely). Flights can be cancelled, wouldn't get a full refund but I agree with you that it would be worth losing it if things get bad. So far my biggest concern is getting there and everything is closed/sealed off and we can't do or see anything. We're going for a wedding and the happy couple are from Singapore so will be a few people from all over the region in attendance.
  11. I've got flights to Vietnam booked leaving in a couple of months. What's the advice from DosBods on that? I'm slightly nervous but the girlfriend is a bit more adventurous and has been out there many times (she lived in Singapore for a while). Is this just the media bigging up the flu, or or is this something a healthy mid thirties man and women should be worried about?