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  1. Brilliant, right at the end she insults Europe (all of it) and the EU. America is headed for a recession and will have one in 2020.
  2. I have a 10-15 minute commute each way and I also have the option to work from home. My father had a job for many years that was a 30 minutes commute. He changed roles and ended up about an hour away. He'd leave the house very early to avoid the traffic etc but trying to work around traffic and attend meetings would be a real challenge. He lasted four years and went off long term sick with stress and depression which is a shame as he was pretty good at what he did. He didn't think to get another role closer to home either. I read up a lot on depression and it's root causes. It's a big subject but from what I recall having a short commute, having a fulfilling role and being paid slightly better than your peers were all top things to support. I would encourage you to think carefully on the added commute. Will the costs (money and time) grind away at the back of your mind? What else could you have spent that time and money doing? Then again will this job support your life and career goals? Would you relocate if it starts going well? Anecdotally again I was relocated to Reading. I wasn't enjoying my job but went along with it and ended up getting the role I wanted and moved out of my parents house and in with a flatmate a mile walk away. That ended up being a great step on my career ladder and got me out of the house. Because of that move I met my girlfriend and we've been able to buy a house in lovely town together. In summary, think carefully about what makes you happy, how easy that commute is (driving or trains and expense) and does it get you closer to where you want to be.
  3. Assuming a second ref gets voted through I wonder what the question and options would be?
  4. That's a good point. I could get 750 bottles of one of my favourites (including the 25% off for buying more than 6):*GHS+-+Grocery+-+Alcohol*PX+|+Shopping+GSC+|+Alcohol*Alcohol:+F%26D:+Wine:+Wine*PRODUCT_GROUP278507626*&ds_rl=1116019&ds_rl=1116322&ds_rl=1116019&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1cXA9emg4gIVyzLTCh0GcQrZEAQYASABEgI1WPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. My favourite part is where the diners didn't even realise (I'm still struggling to get past the fact theyr ordered a £260 bottle!!) so it clearly wasn't so great and the people didn't really know what they were drinking (or did and played dumb which would be smart). Is any wine worth £4,500 (or even £2,500 online)?
  6. I love this forum. Unlike TOS everyone seems to be open to debate and more importantly to listen to other views whether they agree with them or not. Don't be afraid to put your views on here (but I do get it - I was half expecting to get called a baby killer!)
  7. Adarmo

    M & S Food

    Agreed with you. M&S and Waitrose are smashing for meat, veg and dairy. All lasts longer than the dates compared to the cheaper fellas. My favourite is the M&S curry range. I swear they're as decent as a curry house and £4.50 AAAAANNNNNDDDDD ready in 5 minutes!! We found them by accident as the GF thought she was a glutard (gluten intolerant so maybe a glutist?) for a month so if you happen to be of that allergic disposition you're good to go too!
  8. I fully agree with your first point. I guess from my perspective there's the 'new life' point and when that is the case for the fetus. Is it conscious? Can it feel pain? A new baby not fitting in with someone's lifestyle, maybe. But it might be utterly incompatible with their life. You alluded earlier that in some circumstances a child might be better off having never been born, and there is a hypothesis with strong evidence to suggest that society might be better off too. Then there is another issue around making it illegal not stopping it. Look how successful the war on drugs has been. It's enriched a bunch of violent gangs instead of being taxed by the state to enable the costs of mitigation to be offset. Amway, UNICEF estimates that over 22,000 women die annually from unsafe abortions. About 40% of global abortions (55m a year) are done illegally and most of those are unsafe. So there's another question, does making it illegal actually do anything to stop it? Does it not infarct increase the risks to women. I guess if they die from an illegal abortion then tough titty right? Edit forgot link As with all these things it's fine to have an opinion but I will always be strongly opposed to one group of people dictating to another group of people what they can and can't do when the actions of one party have no bearing on the other just because they have strong feelings about something. In other words I draw the line where my nose ends. Each to their own though. It's clearly an emotive and thorny subject.
  9. There is the jackpot. Not sure whether you have heard of the hypothesis that banning abortion increases the crime rate? It is though to be a resultant of unwanted children growing up unloved and children born into social groups more likely to commit crime. wrt. your earlier post I disagree people use abortion so they can shag around and just get rid of the baby. Obviously we all know how babies are made, but I have a former girlfriend who was in a relationship who fell pregnant and aborted the baby. Contraception is not 100% successful unfortunately.
  10. Agreed - like, here's a ring road that's the limit. Then you get a monorail or Boris bike or those electric scooter things. Or walk or cycle... But most people would live and work inside teh ring road and they could bike or walk or run to work. Aside from getting people skinnier and better looking it'd save a few quid on the NHS.
  11. Absolutely. I'd quite happily move to any city that banned cars permanently.
  12. I worked in Woking between 2007 and 2010 and there was an annual road closure on a weekday during rush hour. In my mind that is just fucking shit planning. But if you know Woking you might be familiar with the cluster of fuckwitts that is Woking council. They once spent the funds to redevelop the high street on a solar panel canopy outside the train station. The thing saved less in electricity than it cost to insure! Utterly fuckwitted cretins. However, at the weekend all roads are fair game as far as I'm concerned. Cars are a much much bigger problem than pretty much anything else on the roads but everyone looks the other way because they are brilliant convenient things (and noisy, polluting full lane width hogging things). In my mind the real question isn't why shouldn't the cyclists and the runningists go and do this in the middle of nowhere, it's why do we allow the stupid, loud, smelly and frankly potentially lethal cars into any large town or city when banning the effing things would make the world a much better place. No ugly car parks, no loud exhaust piped twats (look at me, look at me) instead people able to walk and breathe and enjoy the city as it was originally designed to be enjoyed (i.e. not in a fucking car). The people who want to do these vents all live in the city. The people driving into the city in their cars by and large do not live in the city so why don't the car driving twats order their crap online and stay out in the boonies and let towns and cities get on with being better places? There is a misconception among many that roads are designed and built for cars. That is bollocks. There are special roads for cars - motorways and racetracks. The rest are for everyone to use. The fact roads are defacto monopolised by cars 364 days of the year is inconsequential to me at least. My local market town is closing down the entire high street in a few weeks for an annual carnival. I cannot express how much nicer the place is to be when this happens and not just in the town but in all the surrounding areas as people either walk into town or keep their fat fuckitted selves and stupid V6 SUVs away. In other news heart disease is up.
  13. Oh bugger, I bought a dishwasher and washing machine just under two years ago. Touch wood they've been ok so far. That's a grand sunk into that. Had to buy it as my other half's brother sold us his old Curry's cheap and cheerful machine for peanuts and neglected to mention he'd installed the transit bolts. Came back to find the thing had vandalised my conservatory and smashed the microwave that must have been going rodeo on it. I live and I learn! My dad went mental and bought Miele which are disgustingly expensive but seem to be pretty epic machines. Agree with the points on universal batteries. Would be good to not have to continue to acquire the full set of a particular manufacturers power tool set.... but I've renovated a house using Erbauer (Screwfixes own brand) and the only thing a bit iffy was the jigsaw. Obvs not as good and functional as DeWalt but a third of the price.
  14. Adarmo

    Tourists Fuckoff

    I love Padstow and the best place to visit is December to March. Rock really is a joke. I once told a very posh rich colleague I was going there (about 10 years go now) and I remember her saying "Oh we go to Rock, it's really the place to be". ... it's a got a boat club and that's it. There really is one born every minute and some of them inherit huge sums