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  1. Quite. It's hard to argue that $40,000's worth of facebook adverts swung the American presidential elections, but the full might of google is totally powerless in it's efforts to push its leftist, globalist agenda. Like maggots on a corpse the left infest the likes of google. A corpse that they should be revolted by, but the sweet smell of power and control is overwhelming to them.
  2. It's all down to timing. There must be a lot of pissed off right wingers who are just itching to get back on fakebook, twatter and you-twonk. 6 months before the USA election would be a good time for their return.
  3. Where is the UK on this? No fucks given? She reminds me of the "only doing my job" Nazi's. You know... "I didn't burn the bodies, I only sold their gold teeth."
  4. It's clever in one way but really daft in another. Here it thinks people have sunglasses stuck to their forehead, but it doesn't know what "sunglasses" are so makes them from hair. Hair glasses!
  5. She's an extremist and should be locked up for ever. Yeah! https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wd7zjm/greenpeace-polar-bear-649 Stupid. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-volkswagen-emissions-britain/greenpeace-boards-ship-in-bid-to-halt-delivery-of-uk-bound-volkswagen-diesel-cars-idUKKCN1BW1IO Get a job! https://www.ledburyreporter.co.uk/news/15893037.greenpeace-activists-in-hereford-call-for-residents-to-join-in-petition-for-protected-antarctic-area/ FFS! http://www.brecon-radnor.co.uk/article.cfm?id=110718&headline=Arrested protesters from mid Wales held in police vans at Oxford Circus&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  6. XswampyX


    There was another woman present. Perhaps they are lesbians? Are there any photo's of them eating each others pie?
  7. Well it looked like a woman, a muslim woman, With a job! Working in the NHS no-less.... in a hijab! A fucking hijab, you racist cunts!.... It was only going to go one way. ".... Yeah, I cut off clitorises, fry them in butter and then eat them" Whhhooooo! Yeah! Diversity! Inclusion! Clap! Clap! Woooop! Whooop!
  8. XswampyX


    I can imagine her waiting for 45 minutes before stuffing it into her fat gob. NOT!
  9. XswampyX


    It's not a pie.
  10. Awwww GOD it's got this cunt on it!
  11. Alright! Christ. It's one of those advertising shopping trolley tokens made for a Taylor Swift song.
  12. Why would a Roman gold coin have 22 on it?