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  1. XswampyX

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Imagine your having the worst day ever and then having it put on Youtube and then Tommy Robinson tweeting it out. Crikey!
  2. XswampyX

    Tommy Robinson thread

  3. XswampyX

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    They are taking the piss.
  4. XswampyX

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    You don't think the Brexit debate and it's reporting was played out along these exact lines? The oppressed (the UK) the oppressor (the EU) and that there is no objective truth and all truths are equal? Remember the people in the media and establishment aren't anti white racists (hard to believe, I know), but they actually believe in this shit and apply it everywhere at all times.
  5. Erm... Take your average fucking idiot, and make him take out a massive loan for a car (create some new money). Who actually gets that money, not the idiot. He spends it on a car. That's the job done. Fly free new money. Flap Flap Flap. Straight into the bank. Get in there! Interest payments, lack of money? What the fuck! Just take all his shit and kick him out into the gutter. It's a bonus, trebles all round! The less money the idiots create the more shit the banks can take off them.
  6. XswampyX

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

    Close. Men drink beer, fuck 'em! Funnily enough "real" men drink real ale so it won't matter to them, like the rest of this shit. They don't care and never will.
  7. XswampyX

    The Threat of Post Modernism?

  8. XswampyX

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    So if the pigs were on site "asking questions" did somebody set fire to a bin and drop a drill battery into it?
  9. XswampyX

    GDPR blocked sites.

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  12. XswampyX

    Doing it for the kids ....

    Nah, they were turning up pissed at the mosque so god "changed his mind" and said it was haram. Yeah, I know. Here :- http://cominganarchy.com/2010/07/07/the-history-of-alcohol-in-islam/