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  1. I take it all back then. The point stands, I think.
  2. How are people who don't speaky the english and don't watch the MSM going to protest. Here they are protesting BLM Here they are protesting against the lockdown. Here they are protesting ... who gives a fuck.
  3. XswampyX

    SpaceX launch

    2 mins .... https://www.spacex.com/launches/index.html
  4. They don't care about that. They only care about if they can make you say what they want you to say.
  5. I suppose it takes 14 years to indoctrinate a marxist and a 1 minute video by Stefan to reverse it.
  6. A drunk guy is in a bar when he suddenly says "Hey everyone! I bet I can fart the national anthem!" People start coming wondering if he'd really do it. The man then takes off his pants,kneels on the bare counter and takes a shit. The angry bartender then asks him what the fuck he was doing and the drunk responded "Well even Elvis had to clear his throat!"
  7. Yep. It's a hard life on the internet.
  8. http://www.cuntscorner.com/forums/topic/65985-the-order-of-nine-angles/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-408829