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  1. XswampyX

    Which VPN?

    All those articles are wank. So when you log into facebook and change your ip address facebook still knows who you are...? Give me a fucking break. "One well-known identification method is Cookies, little portions of data in your browser or mobile client." - You fucking waht! WTF! A VPN is about not allowing your ISP to give up all your browsing history to the Pigs when you post a possible non crime hate crime incident to twitter. Posting "kill the jews!" while logged into facebook isn't a VPN solvable problem. This isn't at you @leggers just criticising the articles. If a VPN provider is keeping logs about users then they will just be creating evidence for the Police to be used for their own conviction and the ultimate closure of their company.
  2. XswampyX

    Which VPN?

    I use Nord... it's great! Use it at work on the phone... It's great! At the pub.... It's great! For bypassing my ISP's blocked sites.... It's great! For Torrenting stuff.... It's great! For getting around localised censorship... It's great!
  3. It's numberwang! If it takes 27 days to die from it then the number of dead need to be reconciled with the number of infected 27 days ago not from people newly infected yesterday. That's 300 people infected and 1369 of them are dead!
  4. For the same reason you can't call somebody a spastic, retard or Joey. There's nothing wrong with the word, but given time it eventually means something to people... then it has to be changed.
  5. Eh? Kingdom Come Deliverance FREE on Epic :- https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/kingdom-come-deliverance/home
  6. https://vac-lshtm.shinyapps.io/ncov_tracker/
  7. Quite. I thought it was because all the Chinese were buying their own stock so there wasn't any available for export... but recieved an e-mail today from one of our suppliers saying they were only taking telephone orders for paper face masks and wouldn't process online orders.... People really are sheep... baaaaa!
  8. Don't hold your breath.
  9. XswampyX

    TV Licence

    The great big one is.... "everybody thinks immigration is great and big government is the solution to all of your problems"... then somebody invented the internet and people found out that everyone else actually believe the opposite! Now we all have to look out the window after every BBC weather report, just to check.
  10. That's the one I have on my Car android radio. It's great and doesn't moan about not being connected.
  11. A load of bollocks. I don't care how deranged the left are. They have to be forced to live in the real world and react to it accordingly... Don't they? If the second event of your political policy ends up with actual dead people then maybe you need to take a second look at it. Especially when the second lot are your actual voters.
  12. Quite. They might win the same state 3 times over but it only counts the once. It's the same mistake that Labour made... appealing to their core voter x 3 and alienating everyone else x 4.