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  1. Are the thin ones subsidising the extra material the fat one is wearing? Knickers £10 each and the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL size has 10x the material in it. Isn't that racist or something?
  2. What's next? A fucking postal vote where any vote not returned = support for round avatars? Jeeze is @spunko a fucking United States Democrat politician?
  3. What a load of wank. Dear headmaster, I would like to resign as head lollypop lady because your views on school truancy are beyond the pale. When I took the job of lollypop lady I never intended to support such outrageous views. You can stick your lollypop up your arse!
  4. I couldn't help myself.... Bad XswampyX Bad.
  5. If we keep round avatars then some clown is going to have their sphincter as one. @spunk can you look into it.
  6. People will change their picture to fit in with the new 'round window' and we won't know who anyone is.
  7. Your Avatar looks like it was made for these stupid fucking wank shit round cunting borders. Hey @spunko Can we have our square avatars back please, border 0.... you can do it! Thanks.
  8. Quiz... Do you want to have your eyes gouged out to support the poor, the workshy scrounger, international socialist politics and the illegal immigrant? Vote Labour! Do you want to have your eyes gouged out to support big international business, the rich workshy, less obvious taxation and the legal immigrant? Vote Conservative! Same result. Same fucking eyeballs.
  9. This isn't about cutting you off for non payment. It's about cutting you off when the wind isn't blowing. You can get a guaranteed supply if you pay for it. Suck it up!
  10. It's the same old left wing wank. Group A has something that Group B wants and the only way Group B can get it is by giving the left all the power. Group B won't get the 'something' that they want the left will get it and then loan it out to Group B, if they behave.
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