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  1. It's the one where Tommy Robinson gets smacked in the face for driving through Luton by somebody in his pyjamas. Tommy tells the reporter how they will have 100's there in a matter of minutes via their phones and that's their M.O.
  2. Well if the Brexit party decide I have to vote for wanker A then Wanker A gets my vote. Anything else is just stupid. I agree. It's one step closer and we can still tell them to fuck off. Treason's deal didn't have any options. We can stop the re-moaners from thinking they can revoke the Brexit referendum result and get them to try for a good deal. It still sucks balls though.
  3. What's curry face wittering on about?
  4. No. Euuuuuk! the So-Called BBC :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50083026
  5. It all just points to how fucking useless the Labour (opposition) party really are/have been. What an utter fucking disgrace they really are.
  6. So I put it on... It seems we need the EU to guarantee workers rights... said nobody who thought they could actually get into government.
  7. It will be quite an amazing trick to pull off if... The Conservatives can call a referendum. Campaign "mostly" on staying in. Lose the referendum. Negotiate the leaving "deal". Fail in negotiating the leaving deal. Offer up the surrender of our country to our EU masters in this negotiated "deal". And then... Have the EU, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP take the blame for a no deal Brexit that they all agree is worse than enduring WWIII. And ... Then have an election where they have a landslide victory from standing on the rancid, disfigured corpse of Brexit waving the Union Jack.
  8. You must have a big house! Here :- https://www.visualcapitalist.com/12-stunning-visualizations-of-gold-bars-show-its-rarity/
  9. Everybody knows this... If you can't leave the EU without "a deal" made by the EU then you can't leave... ergo... you can't leave! That's the EU's backstop. After all the votes, change of government and referendum's the EU produce a giant TURD of a deal that's unacceptable. They win and we can fuck right off.
  10. It happened to me. I asked for a change your password... clicked on the link to change your password, so my password was deleted then nobody answered the change your password email to give me a link to actually change my fucking password. I couldn't even log in to complain that I had been locked out and even tried to create a new member profile to get it sorted... this email for a new member was ignored. I had to resort to twitter and get another member to ask spunkface to CHECK YOUR FUCKING EMAILS!