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  1. Here :- https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2018-06-12b.733.3 'Tis done.
  2. Don't think so... was just looking it up. Stephen Barclay is just carrying out the wishes of the UK parliament after they voted to enact article 50.
  3. And... Tada! That was easy. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/08/17/downing-street-slams-dishonest-tory-rebels/
  4. Haha. He's just chompin' at the bit for an actual opponent to stand up and be mashed to pieces without mercy.
  5. Yep. Scroll down the link... https://www.elperiodico.com/es/gente/20190815/gianluca-vacchi-la-vuelve-a-liar-con-sus-coreografias-7594795
  6. When Bill is quoting Tom then he has Tom's face. It looks like shit because we expect it to look like shit, but it isn't. Whenever Bill is being Tom then he has his face.
  7. I can hear it now. After having an eco, non CO2 producing cremation.....Particles of extinction rebellion have been found in the North Pole!
  8. Yeah. I was expecting a map or some colourful charts. It's probably because they always have 100+ people in the car, so when it breaks down they are all over the road and in the verges. Is it a breakdown or a wedding? Fuck knows.
  9. Yep! Under the Greens in the Greens area(1), Labour in the Labour areas, Conservatives in the Conservative areas but no UKIP representatives. After they win the election (seats) they will form their new party... because democracy. Oh.
  10. This has to stop. I mean what's stopping people running for office under "what ever flag they fucking like" to get elected and then all switching on mass to the "United Fascist fucking Nazi party" and killing everyone they don't like in the UK...? Well they have a political mandate, the slaughtered masses all cry! It's representative democracy! they all chant from their mass graves. WTF!
  11. What's going to be the re-moaners tag line? ..... A) Pardon? Eh? What was that? B) Stop fucking around, this is serious! C) Fuck off you cunts! D) We don't listen to racists. E) I'm alright jack! F) Work sets you free.
  12. So nothing then. Well nothing that's any different to what's happening now. At least the unwashed racist masses will be able to vote them out and get in their own politicians for a bit of pay back. There won't be any of this ... "It's the EU innit, our hands are tied!" fucking bullshit.
  13. I think you are getting your gasses mixed up. https://www.co2meter.com/blogs/news/1209952-co-and-co2-what-s-the-difference