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  1. The only industry left will be herding the sheeple around. Shout "Putin!" the flock move right, "Trump!" for a left turn. "Global warming!" for reverse and "Hate speech!" for stop! Baaaaaaa!
  2. If Putin was really like Hitler then Boris wouldn't have said a word. It's just like knocking Trump.... He's so evil and threatening we can say anything we want about him.
  3. Islamification of Europe

    Isn't that just prostitution by another name. Only you don't pay the women, you have to pay the government?
  4. Islamification of Europe

    If you squint you can just about make her out.
  5. What stands out from all these videos about the pug and it's there right in your face if you look. Is that nobody can show or has the balls to post the video in order to criticise it. They can't rebuke the actual contents of the video because it can't be show. Even the defenders of the "hate police" and their actions can't show it. What a mess. How can we even have a functioning sham of a democracy under these conditions?
  6. He's just been picked out to send a message to the rest of us. SHUT THE FUCK UP, OR ELSE! Didn't you get the message?
  7. If they continue down this path they will trigger more than his dog!
  8. Murder by self-driving car

    Fucking sweet WTF! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5524031/PICTURED-Felon-wheel-killer-self-driving-Uber-car.html ....
  9. Islamification of Europe