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  1. This... It's just a prop for when she forgets what to say... Hold arms out... Look right.... Hands... Check.... Wrists... Check.... Shiny Baubles.... Check.... Shiny Baubles, what are they doing there? What's that long shiny bauble.... It looks like a small dildo... dildo... no not now... bullet dildo that's it.... bullet vibrator... bullet... why do I have a bullet on my arm?... ah! Gun control... yep. Mention gun control. FFS!
  2. Good grief. Is she pissed or what!
  3. Yep... Here :- https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/pakistan-man-sentenced-to-death-for-farting-in-mosque-during-Ramavan/ Ramavan?
  4. It says one person dies from measles every year. So about as dangerous as farting.
  5. It might be an auto closer that doesn't work? https://www.hafele.co.uk/en/product/door-closer-concealed-hydraulic-with-latch-action-perkomatic/000000c90000b6fa00020023/
  6. It stops the door opening too far and ripping itself off it's hinges.
  7. Not really. I posted the same thing... I didn't quote it. Isn't life funny?
  8. The whole measles UK epidemic narrative is just pure unadulterated BBC bullshit. I'm fucking sick of these cunts! Here :- https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/measles-deaths-by-age-group-from-1980-to-2013-ons-data/measles-notifications-and-deaths-in-england-and-wales-1940-to-2013
  9. What they are doing is using the impeachment processes to try and dig up some actual dirt to take down Trump. It's a farce.
  10. XswampyX


    WTF! £159.00 WTF! 159.00 fucking pounds! WTF!
  11. I know. 99% of the training will be to shoot to the body and an extra course afterwards about when it's acceptable to shoot somebody in the head. During that training every copper is going to think... I'm never going to shoot somebody in the head if I have to have all the evidence clearly packaged up (with a bow) in front of me before I pull the trigger. Fuck that!
  12. I like it, but you are not accounting for following the law. If we can change the law to enable us to kick all the islamic terrorists into the sea... then Jesus will be satisfied.
  13. Or not. Think of the paperwork. So you shot him in the head. Vs So you aimed for his arm and missed.