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  1. XswampyX

    Goading the Graun with Trump

    It seems the peoples vote is only for pro EU remoaners? If it was a genuine "peoples vote" then where is the opposition to the EU in that march of NHS employees and Labour benefit scroungers, the leave but hard brexit or the soft brexit?
  2. XswampyX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Remember the fried egg. I'm fucking starving now!
  3. XswampyX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Honestly... It's fucking immense!
  4. XswampyX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Fucking A. I put it in a flat baking tray @ 200 Deg C with enough water to cover the base for about 10 mins (I don't like it crispy). Bung a fried egg on it in a bread bap and I move on a higher echelon of burnt pig flesh. Yummmmmmm!
  5. XswampyX

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    Yeah, but it won't "backfire" on the fuckers pushing this, just the ordinary men and women trying to live their lives.
  6. XswampyX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

  7. XswampyX

    Paris is a Shithole

    Another politician that can only smell the roses once they leave... They must be stupid and complicit on purpose.
  8. XswampyX

    Islamification of Europe

  9. XswampyX

    Islamification of Europe

  10. XswampyX

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Hah, given a UK wide vote then the SNP would get their EU version of "independence". That's not to say we hate the people of Scotland, just the politicians you vote for.
  11. XswampyX

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    That's what I do. Sleep is such a great problem solver.
  12. XswampyX

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    The correct response should have been "If you think our Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll is sexist then you can shove it up your arse!" Honestly!
  13. XswampyX

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Yeah, me too. So we all have to send 1% £25.00 and she will buy the Xmas presents. This sounds like some kind of Xmas club?