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  1. Is it me or does that look like a betting shop rather than a hotel though?
  2. They can do anything they want. Crypto is a result of current policy IMO. They could destroy it over night if they deemed that to be important to them. I still think the the grand scheme of thing (on a long enough timeline) it's gypsy tears.
  3. I would say central banks buying it would be end game for it though. I don't know. Something has to be I imagine.
  4. Am am keeping some 0pc debt in case this happens. I have a spreadsheet which nets off to zero. I can pay it off and I am no worse off if so do or don't but if they try this I want to be holding some debt.
  5. I think if the state starts buying crypto that really is the snake eating its tail. They only really exist/thrive because of central bank policy. Isn't it the equivalent to divide by zero?
  6. Can't get enough of this imported culture. It's lovely isn't it
  7. It's all bullshit. I think presents actually spoil Christmas now.
  8. 30 officially I believe. I know as when I dropped below this I was supposed to change what I put on forms etc.
  9. It's caretaking really. They need someone there to answer the phones, queries. Make it look like someone cares about getting back to people. Do a few tasks. My job is like this. Sometimes I use my brain to achieve something but I often don't need to and just pick the easy repetitve stuff to do. I don't see any more reward if I do the former, it just makes the day go quicker sometimes. It's not hard but you are tied to the screen for the allocated hours regardless and that's the killer. The more hours the more it kills your soul IMO.
  10. It's a question of motivation. 1. Do I want a nice car? Not really, every sod is driving something similar on PCP so why do I want to copy them. I can drive pretty much anything that gives me decent utility for cheap. 2. Do I want a decent house? Oh no cos they priced me out of that? 3. Do I want a decent job and earn more money? No cos the tax that they take off gets thrown at everything other than helping me. In fact in most cases it is used to work against me see 2. Perhaps I want to save some money for the future? Oh no they have killed the incentive there too. Bu
  11. I'm glad I don't work very hard or often then.
  12. Or to remind people that you do not have to comply and you do not have to consent. If you object to something surely at some point you have to make a stand. However small a deal this may seem to others.
  13. I really really really hate the BBC these days. It used to just be mild annoyance but I would love to see the fuckers burn now. I was reading this load of old shit today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55017002 Oh that's it then, cleared that up for me. FOAD BBC
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