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  1. This was from bet365 "We are contacting you to advise that your bet365 account has been inactive for a consecutive period of 365 days and you currently have a balance. After 365 days of inactivity your account balance will be subject to an ongoing administration fee of £2 (or currency equivalent). The first administration fee will be deducted 35 days from now and every 28 days thereafter until your balance reaches zero. No further charges will then be applied. To avoid this fee being applied simply log back into your account. "
  2. I wanted to like SWS but I found too many issues. For a start was that awful black screen. Then I found that entering a transaction didn't allow for Stamp Duty and Fees. Their suggestion was to calculate an approximate share price by dividing the total transaction cost by the number of shares. And for some bizarre reason, a simple price * quantity calculation returned the wrong result. In my book, you have to do the simple things absolutely correctly before embarking on the clever art-farty stuff.
  3. I think that you have to keep the account active by betting and so on, otherwise they will slowly eat your balance up.
  4. Thinking a bit more about self sufficiency and diversification of assets in the run up to 2030, do folks have any advice on the best ways of locating woodland for sale? I occassionally check on land on Rightmove but I don't know how many advertise on that platform. I have also come across https://www.woodlands.co.uk/ who are a company that buys large woods and sells them off in smaller parcels. Obviously they're out to profit / fund themselves and that's fine. They seem to charge around 10-12K and acre. Is this reasonable?
  5. Good reminder to always hold a healthy cash allocation in order to exploit new opportunities as they arise.
  6. Fried eggs on mine and Mrs CVG has cheese as in cheesie beano.
  7. I had that 'treatment' on my last sale 10 years ago - Asbestos found. I told the guy that I'd already accepted his discounted offer and so I wouldn't discount any more. His wife did the rest!
  8. Wait. I've lined up Patch Adams to view. How does that one fit?
  9. Watched Awakenings (1990) with Robert de Niro and Robin Williams. A very good film about the potential treatment of catatonic patients. It's based on the memoirs of a British Neurologist. I thought that I watched it based on the recommendation of someone here and wanted to credit them for it, but the search found no mention of the film in this topic. Apologies if it was you!
  10. BATS has a far greater Operating Margin (c.37%) compared to IMB (c.6%) meaning that it is much better placed to pay its costs including interest on it's debts. Operating Margin is profit divided by revenue.
  11. I'd recommend Moon (2009). Picked up a few awards and nominations for acting and new talent. Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi. I wont provide any plot spoilers.
  12. Slow news day https://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/18701498.west-bromwich-albion-midfielder-jake-livermore-pays-albion-compliment/ "They were good"
  13. Renewed mine online the other month. £14. Quite easy especially if you have a new format passport that they can lift the photo from.
  14. Ours was so automated and tracked that it was impossible to avoid - other than by retiring. Even that fire escape training is a joke. Ours used to involve testing single floors at a time. The one time we had a fire, and every floor was evacuating, was absolute chaos!
  15. If you'd paid attention during all your AML/KYC training (brilliant TLA's) then you'd know that they are the least trustworthy!
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