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  1. I like this for 158K in BA. You'll probably tell me that it's overpriced!! Is that French Revivalist style?
  2. I have my wife's ISA on iWeb. For basic FTSE shares - no problems at all. Minimizing transaction costs is a fantastic way to get the best growth.
  3. I guess to go from it's PE of 12 to a bargain 8 would required another third off. I'm almost fully allocated in RMG but will add a few more ladders in case it goes lower still.
  4. IMB currently down 7% after AGM update: Imperial Brands PLC today issues the following AGM trading update: Tobacco trading remains in line with expectations, with a weighting to the second half as previously guided. However, following the US FDA's ban on certain flavours of cartridge-based vapour devices and weaker than expected consumer demand for vapour, we now expect constant currency full year Group net revenue to be at a similar level to last year and adjusted earnings per share to be slightly lower than last year. First half adjusted earnings per share is expected to be down c. 10% at constant currency, due to the phasing of inventory write-downs, primarily relating to the US flavour ban." Lower ladders coming up!!
  5. With hindsight, I bought into Wynnstay too early and now have a full allocation. Coincidentally it just popped up on my Stockopeadia screen for High Value High Quality stocks (they also have to have high Piotroski F-Score, Altman Z-Score and a Quick Ratio greater than 1). There are only 15 of these in my screen. Others include Go-Ahead Group and my new addition - Castings (LSE:CGS).
  6. Spot on. Terrific day for buying today. Be greedy when others are fearful. I just managed to buy back in my last BT ladder having previously sold them for a 20% profit a few months ago.
  7. I've used Aldi for my main shop for the last 10 years. The shrinkflation is noticable, e.g. larger cardboard rolls on the loo paper. But I really hate the deflation in recipe quality. Custard tarts taste like water and Oatcakes taste like powder. I'm starting to hold my nose and pay Waitrose prices for quality.
  8. I always take the income and use it to rebalance the portfolio as necessary. At the least it saves the question as to which investment to liquify if cash is needed.
  9. Cash is cash. It's purpose is to be highly liquid, readily deployable to the right situations and safe from investment risk (but not inflation risk as you realise). You can only partially mitigate the affects of inflation by losing some liquidity and speed of deployment. I have mine in premium bonds (effective 1.4%) and easy access accounts (similar). You can't expect to match inflation. Others may offer some other ideas like inflation linked bonds. they'll advise if better than the above. I also keep some of my cash in physical and foreign currency -- for immediate execution!
  10. I'm 4 out of 5 ladders into Shell and looking for 1975 to be 100% allocated I'm 2 out of 5 ladders into BP and need 385 to be 100% allocated but appreciate that I may not get there in this cycle.
  11. After 2 days of fun post-election, this is my current scorecard
  12. I guess that there may be some odd declines based on the reduced value of foreign easrnings.