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  1. Are fireworks worth all this kind of bother?
  2. Gold and silver on the up over the last two hours. Not sure if coincidence.
  3. There's the CIA Sabotage Manual: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mickie/albums/983397/with/44991138/
  4. I love the keyboard on my X220. They X230 keyboard is horrible in comparison. I'm wondering if I need to buy a lifetime supply of X220s.
  5. highbot

    Name the cat

    One of the black characters: * Parker * Xenomorph
  6. My last car was a Golf and a lorry wrote it off. As I needed another car quickly I didn't have time to shop around (plus I hate cars and driving and shopping for cars) so I got a Golf.
  7. Just keep some posies handy.
  8. Apple are making Asimov's Foundation.
  9. They definitely shouldn't be using Microsoft in education, particularly when large parts of the computing industry is built on free software. A lot of teachers and support staff in education are extremely hostile towards free software though.