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  1. I'm really enjoying this thread, particularly the well-grounded optimism of it. It's good to find there are some sensible companies available on the stock market and it's allowed me to follow the investing idea of buying things from industries that you use in your own life - that is I'm hoping my Centrica dividends will pay my electricity bill and my Vodafone dividends pay my telephone bill.
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    Hi all, Thanks for providing this forum and all the great content posted. I've been watching the HPC forum since 2005 for the great subject matter, but they never could tolerate genuine debate and it's always been the spin-off forums that were the best. There were the global house price crash and credit crunch forums for a while that sprung up during HPC's bull banning period. Only DrBubb's greenenergyinvestors.com survives from that era now, but the topic there has mostly moved to secret moon bases. After the financial crisis and phony recovery the old lines of bull versus bear seem very naive and the grinding years of seemingly having nothing real happen took their toll on forum debate. It really feels like interesting times are picking up now though and this site reflects that very well. I remain hopeful of a price crash but having been wrong about that for all of my adult life I'm as much just staying open to things turning out horrible or just plain weird in some unpredictable way.