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  1. https://onlinedoctor.lloydspharmacy.com/uk/coronavirus-covid-19-testing
  2. Jitter maybe. The exact digital audio data on the DVD arrives at the decoder/amplifier but some of it is sent too early and/or too late, because of a bad clock on the sender.
  3. You can install an open source/community-supported OS on it such as https://lineageos.org/
  4. Ubuntu Touch is a free/open source phone OS. There are also custom ROMs such as LineageOS that use only the free parts of Android so you can leave the Google stuff out. I ran CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S4 nicely but I haven't tried anything else in a while. To be free you have to enjoy fannying around a lot with beta software. Supposedly the government contact tracing app will be open source. I don't know why they didn't download one of the existing ones, though I almost knew it because I switched on the radio today and the interviewee said '... so that's why they didn't just use one of the existing apps'.
  5. Yeah, but don't you think people could get behind that?
  6. My worry is they'll print money and buy them for £1.50 on the pound.
  7. I read a poster on 4chan once, after someone asked him how come he had loads of money and could get hookers all day and not work, he said in the 90s he would get planning permission to put up a phone mast, then he would put it up, and afterwards blanket the area with leaflets talking about how phone masts caused cancer. When the phone companies came along to put up their masts the locals would kick off and their permission would be denied. He then named his price to rent them space on his masts.
  8. They might not have released it deliberately but they probably knew about it sooner than they let on and tried to cover it up. They also likely continue to release bogus data that is confusing the science. This deserves a boycott at least, but I think stories of the virus being bio-engineered will just muddle the story and discredit the more credible criticisms. Ultimately it is our fault for choosing to move our manufacturing base to the control of communists who force a bunch of peasants into city slums where their farmyard practices are not so appropriate.
  9. I think the defense of the rainwater collection ban was that people collecting it prevented it gathering downstream where some presumably more deserving users depended on it.
  10. I seem to remember talk a few years ago of making MOTs necessary only once every two years. The main complaints were from garages that would lose business.