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  1. * moon affects tides * tides wash up turtles to lay eggs * turtles evolve into women That's the idea I have in my head. Not sure if science.
  2. And better value the longer the chart:
  3. Get some Nazi silver: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GERMANY-SILVER-2-MARK-1938-1939-NAZI-SWASTIKA-ISSUE-FROM-5-00-FREE-UK-POST-PAID/153480280535?var=453447913299&hash=item23bc2339d7:m:mJiACQK25XtXuEuGNaojlKA
  4. highbot

    Favourite Car

    I saw a fancy car today and it occurred to me that the person inside it couldn't see it. They're just looking out the window at my shitty car.
  5. I heard somewhere that the Romans had steam engines but they didn't develop them because slaves were cheaper.
  6. highbot

    AMD Ryzen CPU

    I think light beams can cross each other without interfering, while electronic circuits have to be routed around each other or be built on multiple layers.
  7. Even if our government doesn't want no-deal, they have to convince us that they are willing to accept it because everything they tell the public is also heard by the EU's negotiators and any leverage in negotiations depends on them not believing we are fearful. I don't understand what's in the minds of the people saying we must 'take no-deal off the table' - even if we did we mustn't be seen to be doing that. They must understand that our public stance is necessarily not the same as our private one.
  8. I've heard the mushroom grow kits are simple but I haven't tried them and I don't know what the legality is in the UK. It is legal to buy spores. Apparently the simplest method to grow from spores is PF-tek. You need a pressure cooker to sterilise your mix of brown rice flour and vermiculite. Once the spores have colonised that you stick them in a shotgun terrarium with some perlite where the fruit bodies then grow. At harvest time you can stick them in a dehydrator to dry them and a cofffee grinder to powder them, giving you something easy to store and measure for a predictable dose.
  9. This was an important anti-hoarding realisation for me - Amazon's inventory management is better than mine. If I buy something I'm not just buying the thing itself, I'm also paying for their ability to store and find it. Ideally I'd have a web site that's like Amazon's but it's just stuff that's in my house and I'd click on something and a robot or Pole would show up and find it and hand it to me.
  10. 36 hard disks, going back to 1993. Mainly because I just need to get around to checking and destroying the data and getting the magnets out. Magnets always come in useful.
  11. I was waking up with a bad back and as my mattress is old I thought I should get a new one. Got bewildered and stressed by the options, couldn't even figure out whether a hard or soft mattress was best so I did some science on myself and slept on the floor, just on a yoga mat. It was difficult to get to sleep at first and I'd wake up sore but it wasn't too bad and it was better each time I did it. I think maybe you just need to build some muscles as you get used to it that let the body support itself. My back's been okay since and I forgot about carrying on with the science and the mattress shopping.
  12. I think I read that it's chitin that makes magic mushrooms very hard to digest for some people. Best to make a nice cup of tea. Maybe it's the same in quorn.