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  1. Something like 8% of rape allegations end in a charge. The number of real rapes is probably higher, if you consider the perp getting off on a technicality or the act itself not being reported. But 92% is still a helluva number for those to shrink. It looks like most allegations of rape are lies, told by women.
  2. If you really want to challenge a woman with 'wanderlust', just challenge her to satisfy her travel urge without taking pictures. They're looking for Instagram/Facebook timeline ammo, not to get away and experience new cultures. If not to outdo a competitor/work colleague online, to at least conform. The growth of social media has given a surge to 'keeping up with the Joneses'.
  3. Always found Poles to be curiously arrogant. What fuels this arrogance I don't know, but a real chip on their shoulder. Seem to more arrogance than French/Britons/Krauts, with the achievements of neither.
  4. Looked of Facebook last night and it's yet another eye opener to see how air headed many women are. Tons of RIP memes for Caroline Flack from people who had never met her, ever. Also, 'Be Kind' custom avatars. What about attempted murder with the bed lamp? Is that 'kind'? They must really watch Shite Island religiously. And Flack must have been some Gossip Imam. They're in pain and mourning. Fuck is it any wonder Europe is finished. Women should never have been allowed to vote.
  5. I'm gonna watch this tonight. But it looks like a hit piece considering the lunatic they brought onto the show. I do wonder if people like David Baddiel truly believe they things they say, or if their fears are rooted in being rumbled. If anyone is wondering about the kind of person Deborah Lipstadt is, she sent a bouquet of flowers to David Irving with a sarcastic note attached when his daughter took her own life. I don't remember the message, but it was thoroughly despicable. Irving's daughter had some type of lifelong illness that left her in physical agony, and had finally had enough, taking her own life. Lipstadt saw fit to mock and gloat. Of course, I'm guessing we won't hear about that in the pleb-funded documentary.
  6. Broadcast TV has really gone to the dogs. ITV used to be alright, with stuff like You Bet. Now, shite like this. Four years of getting through the cast of ITV's execrable soaps singing behind a mask as cretin Davina McCall screeches as some type of 'judge'? Good thing subscription TV is picking up the slack. A new season of Better Call Saul this month; why would anyone bother with broadcast TV anymore?
  7. Relative new law: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/what-is-coercive-control-and-what-types-of-behaviour-are-included-in-the-law_uk_5c765be8e4b062b30eb95d7d?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAAAXKoXkDzFFnmJYJgXKZ_J0aR0ygjHBBTzBLx3nQizEk3F5TvHy7ngBrTeGep10rBlVmaxa3pLKEqLNUcKHHS1lvdu211cXKMS8KmOmYj_SDHqfVyskN56sy5MuTk1cSjmx50Kv6R4HiRn-yPqQkn9FIzqk3th-N3Cze0nr2qsE Hello police? I'm feeling unappreciated (read: coerced), can you please send around forty squad cars with jobsworth cops to get rid of my husband?
  8. I was in the Republic on Monday for the first time in ages. It used to be our side of the border was quite shitty and the worst part of the UK, with their side of the border being even shittier and dulling the shittiness of our side. Now they've changed rapidly. The whole tax haven thing must be working for them, I suppose. Right now, I imagine it like driving from Russia into... Norway?
  9. My Great Grandfather fought at El Alamein. He's rolling in his grave.
  10. Ah fuck lol I needed that laugh today.
  11. Get woke... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7852811/Channel-4-ratings-slump-number-programmes-100-drops-fifth.html The establishment had fun with their little experiment of using CH4 to push batshit far leftism. I'm not sure they'll be happy with these results.
  12. You ain't seeing nothing yet!
  13. Douglas has also been linked with the disappearance of Jean Spangler.
  14. Another Savillestein down. A good day for humanity.