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  1. She calls it a 'rite of passage'. It's a 'rite of passage' for women to go to a restaurant and have sex with strangers they meet there? Slut shaming used to be a healthy part of our society.
  2. Is no-one going to point out the obvious? That kid is not three years old. So how old is her picture?
  3. That's definitely Melinda. First clue: She's smiling.
  4. Are you sure about that? It seems one follows the other. Cultural Marxism>Third Wave Feminism.
  5. But was it this bad in the Soviet Union? Our problem seems worse, a more noxious iteration of sophisticated marxism.
  6. IIRC, this is what happened with some players on the Irish rugby team. Spitroasting a slapper, but when one of her friends stuck her arm in the door with the mobile recording... suddenly it turned to 'rape'. They were acquitted.
  7. Translation: I can't find a multimillionaire man, especially because I'm a clapped out whore. It's the same story as 'educated' women pricing themselves out of the dating market. Hypergamy must be a bitch if you're a woman with money, you're essentially hard wired to reject men not matching your income. She requires a good looking multimillionaire. Good looking multimillionaires can do better than her, they don't care if women have money. Also don't forget that most 'porn stars' are junkies. Half of these women get strung up on all types of drugs before the 'shoot' begins, they
  8. Not to beat a dead horse but CH4 News gushing over and cheering on those orcs who beheaded that 13 year old kid is still the lowest I've yet seen on UK news. I still can't get over it. And to think they're being subsidized by the taxpayer.
  9. What does this mean? 18K reach? It can't be viewers.
  10. I'd love to see reliable year on year ratings for the BBC. Especially their news bulletins. Same for ITV. It would be kind of demoralizing if they weren't nosediving.
  11. Married women are some of the best flirts and seducers.
  12. He owns a couple of mobile phone shops. Her net worth is supposedly 1-5 million. She may have more ££ if anything. But... guy is an ex marine commando, got the height thing going on and wasn't likely to look at other women. I like Messenger, she was always a bit more comely than her peers.
  13. You sure? Guy can't even dress properly. I talked with a girl like her who lived 90 minutes away in 2019 for ages, I never did meet her. Late last year I checked her Facebook page and could not believe my fucking eyes at the boyfriend she was with. Like a fatter, younger version of that guy. I see it so much.
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