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  1. No it's not. So use at your own risk.
  2. I've decided to open a thread to post info on what is happening economically because of the virus. Manufacturing is definitely suffering.
  3. Yes, and it's very god for transferring. I think you can also use it to change money into a different currency and keep it there, so I think you can use it for speculation.
  4. It’s a great study case in how not to run a forum
  5. So this new coronavirus is a zoomer which hates boomers....
  6. No One

    2035 now

    This is what I think will happen. The western government’s will fuck up with the green bill shit, they will kill of our automotive sector, and instead it will be picked up by the Asians.
  7. No One

    2035 now

    They are. EVs are fucking expensive and have a smaller operating life than ICE vehicles. you can’t get everyone in the U.K. that’s currently driving on EVs due to the high price. driving will become a privilege for the rich, unless that’s their intent
  8. No One

    2035 now

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve heard all day . these fucking people should not be in power
  9. You need FFP2 or N95 (US) masks at a minimum. out of stock everywhere
  10. What is that ? A tv programme ? I don’t watch tv
  11. Local officials get blackmailed in the process so it’s corruption 1) as a pig farmer I can make a loss but I’ll be ok later on or 2) I can sell the bad meat and contaminate the market with possible deaths