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  1. Nothing can save this market, banks are pulling lending and we will have a lot of unemployment and uncertainty. BTL will go under, housbuilders will go under or just about cling on. And after spending 0.5T it will be hard to scrape more money for another prop.
  2. I need some help with an excel sheet, how can I download stock prices into excel on a daily basis based on a seeries of ticker/instrument names?
  3. Hello, I have no idea but I've only just begun doing research myself. Maybe you can help me out, I'm working on an excel sheet to help me calculate the best options out there, its looks like this: The issue is there is 4000 lines and I won't be ab;le to do it myself, but if I post it as a shared sheet I could go through it faster. Maybe @DurhamBorn, @Loki, @janch or @Ponty Mython would be interested in helping out too? I'm using this site to get the data for the Average 12 weeks, and Trading 212 for Dividend Yield, Profit Margin and Debt to assets.
  4. Maybe some good classic will be sold off now as a result. I can forsee decent well done projects being flogged off to support the morgage repayments.
  5. It was always a scumbag company, I think Panorama did an investigation on them in 2012
  6. Well he can sell one (If he can) and save his main property.
  7. So buy Shell in late spring? I missed on some big gains as I only had 400 to play with when this began. I pilled in another 1000 after the paycheck on Friday but I think I was late by then.
  8. I sold yesterday, or was it Thursday? So I made 10% on 100 quid I saw this, European stocks are down. Cheap maybe?
  9. I'd like to know this. I frequent the Shares and Trading section of this forum but there aren't many active users there besides you me and @Ponty Mython I'm trying to create an excel sheet of all the stocks and shares available on my platform to work out what stocks have dipped the most and then I'll try to filter out those who are most like to recover and grow to gain in the upswing. So far I've had a gun ho approach which is basically a hail-marry that they pick up on Monday after markets open based on the massive stimulus package passed Friday afternoon. For those interested this is a thread I have going on my picks: I am hoping to get a deposit for a house by saving in stocks and shares so they go up as house prices go down.
  10. Well I took a chance and bought a bit, I posted it on my trades thread . We will see what happens. I put my money where my mouth is .
  11. Mc Donalds Just like Coca Cola this one will rebound after it’s all over Microsoft NVIDIA Some Pharma stocks And Sony