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  1. One of my neighbours is a Muslim family from Mauritius. He is nice as pie to me (to me face), but the kids get absolutely bollocked behind closed doors. Pretty sure the missus gets slapped around a bit as well.
  2. This General Election was called for one reason alone - to ensure that Brexit does not happen. May has a very strong majority. It now looks likely that after the election, that majority will be reduced to a major extent. Hung Parliament? Couldn't possibly Brexit under those circumstances chaps. I know, let's have another referendum. Politicians are all puppets, and they think the public are all stupid. Luckily some of us are waking up.
  3. I'm in Tenerife and can't quite believe I logged in to say this but...... I'm getting a Rat type odour in my nostrils. Don't like this development, and am paranoid it will be the start of a waterered down Brexit and then, oh whoops, no meaningful Brexit at all. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. That's enough for me to want her to win. Go Marine.
  5. Music: Good: Judas Priest / Saxon at Hammersmith 2012. Got my ticket for about 18 quid off ebay and wasn't expecting much. They took my face off, and the setlist was superb. Bad: Iron Maiden since about 2006. They are too doddery to keep in time any more. Singer bails them out more often than not. Comedy: Good - Rhod Gilbert live, believe it or not. Bad - Jimmy Carr live. Enough said.
  6. Hmm, how many more incidents (if indeed this is ROP related) before our politicians start to seriously discuss letting less 'refugees' into Europe? Quite I few I suspect, sadly. Hope Merkel doesn't get re-elected.
  7. Drew Butler


    I'm afraid in today's dating environment, numbers game isn't a bad strategy as it makes you not care about getting rejected or dumped. You have to be a bit of a muppet not to put a rubber on it during a Tinder 'encounter' though
  8. Drew Butler


    I did not realise that - I stand corrected. In that case I am MGTOW without knowing it.
  9. Drew Butler


    Pretty much this. Don't see the point of MGTOW, you can still enjoy the positive aspects of women if you can learn to dodge the negatives. Call them out on any bad behaviour, drop them if it persists. Oh, and never get married. PUA seems to be wading through a lot of bollocks to find the odd nugget. E.g. 'kino' (light touching) on dates DOES work. Just don't go straight for the breast fondle
  10. It seems to me that the traditional family setup has been deliberately dismantled in Western society over the last 20 years, and over generous benefits to single mothers has been a big part of this. Why exactly this has been done, and by whom, is not quite as clear.
  11. They have the original line-up now though, and Axl has a clause in his contract basically banning him from fucking about.
  12. I drink too much and don't have a very good diet, however I do go to the gym 3 times a week and hit it quite hard. I look and feel alright most of the time, apart from my beer belly! Doubt I will ever have a six pack. In the summer months will add some swimming and tennis into the mix.
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    It was meant in jest. Apparently both parties were chuckling as he said it.
  14. Correct, he does want a kid. However, she 100% doesn't know about the cheating and would 100% not be OK with it.