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    Cheesy Rider

    Enlighten me. If it was sitting infront of you with a BMW badge, what would be good about it?
  2. honkydonkey

    Cheesy Rider

    I don't get Harley's. They've taken everything that defines a good bike, stuck chrome on it, made it shit and then upped the volume so everyone can see what a piece of shit you own.
  3. Building something to survive a pressureless vacuum is the easy bit.
  4. They seem to be a company, that from the goodness of their hearts are trawling through all the financial products and rating them for us. I haven't paid towards this service, so I wonder who is....hmmmmm.
  5. Yes. Providing that bloke was called Xi and his experience was 'most appreciatively kindly' I find google map reviews are the ones to go on as invariably that's how people have found it in the first place.
  6. They wonder the same thing because they literally don't know a single person that does.
  7. I spent many an hour with Germans doing the vanlife thing and they all say the same thing, taxes are killing them and, much like myself it makes sense to stop working and live as cheap as possible instead. None of them like Merkel.
  8. The problem is people are lazy, if using a car for any journey under 2 miles cost 10x the amount then that would get our fat population on bicycles, or increase sales to delivery services 10x, one van delivering saves 100 car journeys.
  9. nothing, and since it's from the eu it can't be stopped by customs. My friend bought 5kg and I would say it starts going funny before you can finish it all, plus it's not quite as smooth, but near enough for the price. He spends an age putting through the little machine as you have to pull the stalks off, and he finds bugs every now and then (organic lol)
  10. I don't know much about growing tobacco, but I do know if you can buy a kilo of dried leaves for 10 euros then it's not worth doing.
  11. Because no-one's told them I guess. No-one vapes tobacco leaves that I know of.
  12. You can buy 'ornamental' tobacco from Germany. It's basically the leaves whole that you need to shred. Works out something like 10p a pack of 20. https://premiumtobacco.de/geschaft/tabakblatter/burley-de/
  13. Does offer one a get out of jail free card.