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  1. Schindlers list of naughty things you do Munch War Whore
  2. Of course, they went straight in as it just so happened a 16gb ram upgrade became my nephews Christmas present. He also got an ssd upgrade hehe.
  3. Amazon were doing 32gb of sodimms for 80 something quid before Christmas. There’s no way I’ll need it, but could I resist? Lol.
  4. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32897632139.html or try an apple dac https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-apple-vs-google-usb-c-headphone-adapters.5541/
  5. That may identify you if you have access to the servers themselves, it doesn't give the authorities a nice little list of everywhere you've been. Vpns are to stop mass data collection, they're not to protect you if you're an actual terrorist mi5 are after.
  6. Definitely doesn't. Millions of workers vpn into offices every day. The main reason is so the police, whoever can't pick up the phone ask BT for your entire web history. If they have to start putting requests into foreign agencies etc then the whole ease of their tracking doesn't work.
  7. I share it with a few friends, but it’s more to hide my traffic from U.K. isps. I’m not doing anything nefarious, use it mostly for getting around filters. Unique ip isn’t a problem if outside the country Running a permanent vpn with a foreign ip is a right pain, and using a U.K. ip kinda defeats the point. With shadowsocks you can setup a list so any site you want hidden routes through the vpn, but others like iplayer for example don’t. If the govt. want my YouTube viewing habits they can request them from google anyway since I’m always logged in, vpn or not. It’s just about making things difficult. I also run https://simplednscrypt.org for U.K. traffic so dns queries are hidden. You can enable dns over https in Firefox and I think chrome, have a google. Oh yeah and adguard to stop tracking (and ads!), lifetime is £20 odd.
  8. I rent a vps from liteserver.nl for a few quid a month and installed Streisand on it. https://github.com/StreisandEffect/streisand It’s my own server so logs etc are my concern. Just requires a little technical know how, but you never get speed issues or privacy concerns. Also let’s you use shadowsocks which I find better than OpenVPN
  9. Same, first cold in similar amount of time, but no-one else in the family caught it off me.
  10. Crazy, almost 15,000 new cases.
  11. I’ve done it in my pants while shouting “I’m DOSBODS” at the wind. Kids today...
  12. That a bit like top middle or bottom. What is a hotspot not?
  13. This works, dunno if it's up to date. https://thewuhanvirus.com/