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  1. Thought of an easy solution to the trans sports question. If a college feels a trans person is gaining an unfair advantage then all the men decide to identify as women and the women as men. This then puts the trans man back into the correct category. There can’t be any complains as the men are only doing as the trans has, and for the trans to try and then move to the men’s (woman’s) race will call their bluff.
  2. That ‘sword of Damocles’ as you put it, otherwise known as the law. Encouraging intergration? How about don’t break the fucking law? Perhaps the thought of being deported might encourage a good citizen and not ISIS sympathisers.
  3. Think UK where Iraqis have bumped into their ISIS torturers in Tesco Express.
  4. Nothing of note in my family tree. If I don’t sire a son though it dies with me, so should make things easier for everyone.
  5. Deodorant I find Mitchum best (owned by Revlon) Shaving products definitely Proraso, owned by some Italian company.
  6. Option 1 would open the possibility for another 150 isis fighters to return who are in the same position.
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    We already have a means of exchange, several in fact. If bitcoin disappeared tomorrow nobodies life would change. Currently, it's useless.
  8. honkydonkey


    What you'll find is the more useless something is, the higher value it can have. Gold and bitcoin are both fairly useless, so having huge values doesn't negatively impact things we actually need. If silver were $50,000 an ounce it would cause no end of problems with expensive electronics and would stifle innovation. I know it's counter logical, but if you want to get the next bubble, look for something fundamentally useless.
  9. No, it's this. Bit obscure but you used to see it in the offie every once in a while.
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