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  1. I didn't wear a watch for 10+years. I then bought a surfboard and therefore needed a watch to show me tide times. It requires a phd in astrophysics to set, so I just use it to look cool instead.
  2. honkydonkey

    Fake Lager

    No idea, I never needed to go to a Polish shop to get them, any off license was full of them.
  3. honkydonkey

    Fake Lager

    A number of years ago at a party I noticed we had two different can styles of Stella. On closer inspection one was from the UK, the other Belgium. A taste test confirmed they tasted different. Would I have noticed a different taste if ignorant of this? Probably not. I think all the Polish beers in the offy are still from Poland (maybe Tyskie and Lech excepted). Just drink them, they're the best value and taste you can get in the UK for strong beer that does the job as intended. If they're covered in Polish writing then they're likely authentic brain smashers.
  4. Sign up for nf with a Turkish vpn and it’s 5-5.50 a month for the ultra hd package.
  5. It would have been extra funny if you were a secretary, but you fucked the joke up unfortunately.
  6. How to dodge a bullet. Guess she got an F.
  7. max strength antifreeze for that special someone.
  8. When I walked the Hadrians wall I stopped off in many spoons and took a photo of the drinks menu on the table. It turns out, even though the menus look identical the prices for many things differs. A beer could be 40p a pint more in some places, but another would be cheap. I think they price the drinks so they can extract maximum profit, but knowing this, always check the menu first in a new spoons. #dosbodsskinflinterati
  9. Story checks out. Spoiler alert: Jesus didn't save them.
  10. Benidorm for nuns. Had about as much spirituality as a nodding plastic jesus statue (made in China). More people have died in car accidents journeying there than been healed by magic water.
  11. These occurrences are fairly common, in that you all headed to a tourist attraction. I've been driving around Spain and Portugal and sometimes see the same vans parked up that I saw in another country, you think, wow, but in reality there's only so many beaches people all go to. You get talking to others and realise you've often met the same people, sometimes 1000 miles away.
  12. Old transit camper