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  1. scottish news "Passengers on a flight which carried three oil workers who tested positive for the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 have been urged to come forward. They flew into Aberdeen from Brazil, via Paris and London. Health chiefs want to trace everyone on the BA flight 1312 Heathrow to Aberdeen on 29 January. They said some passengers did not provide up-to-date contact details they want them to get in touch with the National Contact Tracing Centre." so its more than a month ago........brazilian wave here we come.....
  2. so its too late then ? this reactive approach which allows planes to land then trying to chase up potential sources clearly doesnt work, its the same mistake over and over again. the reson it doesnt work is because people are selfish, lie etc etc
  3. last nights results using ball set 10 as per above...number 4 and 39 again...prob the two hottest came out again are they putting lead in the balls ? too much repeating goin on the numbers sets are to sticky. last night - 4, 33, 36, 39, 45, 49.
  4. i wouldnt mind but when is somebody going to pay for my 2 houses and operations ? ive only worked and payed tax here for 45 years......
  5. managed a nice £180 win last night, not bad was close for a lot more
  6. must be won tonight will be ball set 10. heres the last 8 draws with ball set 10. not particular high or low bias pretty even, slight high but not much. very hot numbers (red) = 4, 9, 10 ,39, 46. triple of 39,46, 52 came out TWICE in last 4 draws. 2622 Sat 6 Feb 2021 27 28 32 39 46 52 (06) Guinevere 10 2621 Wed 3 Feb 2021 04 09 17 21 26 46 (12) Guinevere 10 2568 Sat 1 Aug 2020 04 10 13 24 53 56 (22) Arthur 10 2567 Wed 29 Jul 2020 01 24 39 46 49 52 (51) Arthur 10 2562 Sat 11 Jul 2020 09 10 14 17 32 58 (22) Merlin 10 2561 Wed 8 Jul 202
  7. that has to be bull5hit. am not buying it.
  8. its NEVER going to transition to contribution based as the agenda is driven by the corporates, its all about MASS CONSUMPTION to maximize corporate profits.....hence why people are recieiving massive benefits via printing..its a system of wealth transfer UPWARDS to the top......the benefit recipients are just money conduits .........there is no way to unwind this without dire consequences
  9. "And now 97.9%. It can go higher. It cannot however go "to the moon"." note the key point in the chart, 2008. updated the chart for 2020 - is this what covid lockdown is really about ? there is only one way this is going and its not down....
  10. its exactly the same eveywhere in the west. The politicians know exactly how this is and how it came about, and its all due to to reckless money printing. Pandoras box has been opened with money printing it will all end in huge piles of dead bodies eventually.
  11. This is rational thinking however they will just print to the moon until it implodes. They have no other choice, as most of the population wouldnt be able to survive economically and the whole system would collapse. So yes they can print as far as they like. They have paid too many people to breed using printed money for too long now, that they have trapped themselves in an infinite printing loop.
  12. I live in a deprived area and it is absolutely soul crushing to look around me and realize i am one of a very small handful of people actually working. The majority of the occupants around me are basically partying every day and smoking weed etc. Its a nightmare , and i am finding it difficult to continue to have half my earnings taken in various taxes to have to sit amongst the "deprived" and watch them spunking that money from earnings on drugs, scratchies, and living it up. None of them have any idea what it is like to have to work to support a family. They get it handed on a plate. They do
  13. i stopped purchasing coke last year after they went woke. i dont know if pepsi is any better ?
  14. Why is practically everything i eat either ritually sacrificed in honour of islam or ingredients doctored to comply with islamic protocols ? Why do i have to go to lengths to search for food that isnt compliant with islam ? WTF is going on ?
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