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  1. Barclays Mobile Banking just updated. Changelog says ‘improvements’. They have changed the eagle to a rainbow coloured one and it has used 230MB of data to do so.
  2. I don’t mind answering. About £300 a month.
  3. Food, drink, general life. Not general bills.
  4. I also agree that it’s far too much to spend on something like a watch. I wouldn’t spend this money myself. But I don’t need the money so don’t see a point in selling it. I wouldn’t say I was ‘given’ it. We have done a lot of business over the years. I was surprised at the gesture though. I’m still a cheap bastard trying to live on <=£20 a day.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I figured there'd be an obvious explanation between Submariner and the date. Didn't realise the difference was so literal. I am worried about damaging it in day to day use, but from what I can see, it is not too bad to have serviced. Are the things heavy? I've very narrow wrists and small hands (trump hands). I suppose it depends for what reason people buy them. From what I've seen, it looks very elegant. I wouldn't buy one to keep mentioning it every 5 minutes though, and can imagine that some people do.. He is worth a few quid. His name ends in sen, which has really narrowed it down for Nords He sent it insured via DPD for £40k, from the waybill on the package. Thankfully sent customs fees paid or I'd have been cursing. (No - not going to do an insurance scam). I guess I'll take a look at it in person and make a decision. Maybe a safety deposit box (heard metro bank are doing them now although most high st banks have stopped) is the way forward. S
  6. A client from Norway has given me a Rolex watch. It’s come with a certificate and I don’t think he’d be dishing out knock-offs. DPD in typical fashion have left it on my neighbours doorstep (no signature), as I am on holiday. Nosy neighbour has opened it.. It is a yellow gold submariner date with blue cerachorm finish. Rolex site seems to suggest this is almost £30k. I don’t wear jewellery, but don’t really want to flip it. Do these things hold their value and what’s the best way to insure this? Is it possible to insure this for outdoor use? I don’t imagine myself walking around with it much however as people will either think I’m a dealer or have bought a knock off. From the website it looks beautiful. I don’t understand the difference between the submariner and the submariner date.. sam
  7. Left my wallet on the train a few years ago with £150 in it. Guy called me up with a business card I had in there and let me know he had dropped it off at London Bridge lost property TFL charged me a lost property fee and dipped in to the cash in the wallet.
  8. sam1994 ✌

    Next PM

    Just watching Beeb news now. Hunt interview with Kuenssberg (sp?) Looking at the camera shots and work they do. Looks very professional. Fortunately the So-Called BBC don't just shove a camera an inch from Boris' face...
  9. I returned this. I don’t know if I got a duff one but it wouldn’t shave my face let alone my head. Just.. didn’t shave anything.
  10. Obviously don't want my identity known, but have dealt with this woman before. She insists on dealing with people that are Pakistani. 'Well we don't have any colleagues with this background'? 'WHY NOT? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?' 'Yes, I do. You are a public servant and a member of parliament'. Having considered the matter, I wished that we hadn't recognised her at all, and just said 'who?' I would post more but I don't know what powers the MPs have these days. You can't call Gary Lineker a 'twat' these days (I quoted it, calm down Gary) without him reporting you for hate speech on Twitter. S
  11. Training exercise for RAF given current political climate, excused upon some in-flight disorder.
  12. Every time the lodger’s Mum is here. i just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough. You’re getting hotter and it’s getting rough I just don’t want to do you up the duff.
  13. We just keep getting referred to 'opportunities' in the SE on -- but there's faark all. The advice was indeed to partner with another technology company in the EU. They kept suggesting Slovenia and Estonia. I'll get there, just means it'll take longer. On the plus side, I'm more mindful of cash flow and don't expect handouts. Slow and steady should do the trick.. S
  14. Yes, but it's always been a 'research' program. We know what that means though. The sooner we are out the better. But while we're in, I'm going to try and pimp it. Even just to level the playing field.
  15. Seen this before. Some of these look like zombies in the walking dead that are just about to turn.