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  1. I was also thinking that the EU will give them a grant to rebuild But surely only with the pre-requisite that it becomes an inferfaith center of worship. EDIT: looks like you guys beat me to it.
  2. "British passports" + 10M for EE
  3. I think your uni card makes you a member of NUS by default. you pay a small fee for NUS Extra (never bothered).
  4. Family member. Ask for formal complaints process.
  5. No football. Apart from those few blokes it was relatively quiet. What appealed to me was the fact that Krakow looked like a town, rather than a city. Food is high quality, people are friendly, streets are clean. There is also a defensive culture. They have been invaded so many times they will not tolerate it. I suspect EU approval rating currently stands as it is because they get money currently with little consequence. When I was on the bus, there was a big EU flag to show it was sponsored. To me, the EU flag is no different than the Nazi flag. When I go on holiday to Spain I see it favoured on roundabouts over the Spanish national flag. Poland just looked how I imagine England probably looked a few years before I was born.
  6. This isn't true. If you insist, they have to do it.
  7. The fact that you've had to start another one is depressing.
  8. Cairns looks nice..
  9. The EU has succeeded in the sense that it removes devolved authority. You don't need to negotiate trade, we'll do it for you (so we suck at it and have to get people in) You don't need to develop standards for this, so we'll do it for you. People are worried about lax legislation. Things won't loosen, only tighten; so it is wrong. The UK led electrical regulations and labour regulations, contrary to popular belief. Still do. I don't however believe minimum wage is beneficial to any employee. We could end up very deep in the EU superstate Eventually we want to leave, but we have no army, no navy, no RAF.. The goal seems to be to integrate these verticals and when the country forgets how to conduct them, use it as leverage to keep them trapped.
  10. Tory party is split already. Porky Dave wanted to unify with a 'hah, told you so, no majority' but no dice. We may see a new party appear and win. Happened in France.. Convenient how Independent Party only just became a party. Because you don't declare any money as a Ltd. But once you're a party, donations must be recognised above a certain amount. So they now have sufficient capital in their eyes to run for things. Fielding a candidate in every constituency is hogwash though. No one would affiliate with them.
  11. Forgive me for I am younger than you, but is Oborne not the bloke that claimed that he was not an alcoholic despite drinking a couple of wine bottles a day. I remember an article somewhere where his routine was published. Now he seems to profess the benefits of not drinking (google peter oborne alcohol). He might be pickled now, at this rate..
  12. I can move there, but I cannot become a citizen, to my knowledge, which is a little risky. I disagree with your referendum idea. I suspect they will split the Leave vote. - Remain - No Deal - TM Deal Remain will thus win.
  13. I am so pissed off with this. I'm not a protester and I would've accepted if Remain had won 52%. Cannot accept this. The referendum was called at a time when the vote was heavily optimised for remain to edge it. It had been postponed for years while demographics shifted and we keep hearing about Leave overspending. What about £9m spent by remain put through all of our letterboxes? The problem is that people will be disillusioned and avoid the ballot box when we need to do the opposite.
  14. I thought that in 2016 we had some good news. Sadly not. The question is where to move to. I also don't want to run away from a problem. But I see no hope. Who takes the least bullshit? Eastern Europe I suppose.. Saw Krakow a while back and it was beautiful; clean and civilised. It felt more like a town than a city. I think the striking moment for me was walking down the road at about 2AM to see four Poles singing the national anthem in good spirits. Here they'd probably be waving EU flags laughing about how they had subverted democracy. Their immigration policy is tough though in terms of residency, as it should be. The thing I can't work out, is if a Leave vote means sweet FA; how can you ever be so sure, if you are not so hinged on remain at all costs, that your vote is ever to be respected again. This must ring some alarm bells.
  15. Heh, looks like BT Management is doing well..