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  1. Anyone see article in telegraph today saying dementia deaths dropped of a cliff but does not mention or discuss this being down to people being labelled as covid deaths either correctly or wrongly. Very bizarre
  2. You have any Jews in the area that may be using it to live rent free? Maybe they have sabotaged it?
  3. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children
  4. If you forgive all the mortgages you get huge immediate inflation from all the disposable income people suddenly have. Interest rates go up and house prices crash.
  5. He needs to pardon the Tiger king before that bitch Carol Baskin gets her feet under the table at his animal sanctuary.
  6. You count as 1st time buyer if you sell and buy again under current rules
  7. Imagine the house price crash in NI if it stopped sucking on England's tit. Would be 70pc minimum. If it joins 🇮🇪 it could do the same thing
  8. How many do you see in the street? Is it not better to take them to a mates flat?
  9. Spygirl. Can you start a thread on the other place talking about HTB ending begin of April for 2nd time buyers. Also some SE regions will have 410k cap. This is the single biggest thing that will destroy house prices but nobody talking about it. 60pc at least of the big 450-600 new build houses are sold to 2nd steppers with HTB. Without this deadline being thrown out its game over. 20pc down overnight.
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