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  1. RJT1979

    Immigration Map

    really? somalians are the ugliest fuckers on planet earth, see mo farah
  2. RJT1979

    Immigration Map

    breaking news: Its all been kicking off in Bletchley again at a medical centre. stabbings i think. Will be somalians surely or will it be the descendants of the codebreakers?
  3. RJT1979

    Immigration Map

    dont be silly, the leftys dont want to live with them either
  4. RJT1979

    Immigration Map

    it will be eventually, it has to be, to survive imagine another 20 years from now, even the shires will be no go zones
  5. That judge looks like ronnie pickering
  6. I wouldnt even rape her She sounds like white dee from benefits st
  7. His wife was 23 when he was 51. Hope for us all. Even stokie.
  8. Just looked up her age. 38 apparently. Im 40. I genuinely thought she was late 40s. Jesus. Must be the voice and attitude makes her seem old.
  9. Costa hot chocolate just tastes of milk. Taking peoples dirty cups is disgusting. You dont know where they have been. Opens up chances of cross contamination.
  10. Thursday nights episode at the end of the show had a woman choosing between 2 guys. She went for a fresh faced 22 year old and she was 26. She was probably out of his league long term (when he gets older). But. They had a shag and then in the follow up interview she completely slags him off and dumps him cause he said he would like her babys. Her whole attitude was suddenly really nasty. She would be lucky to have his kids. She will probably still be single and childless at 45. You only need to watch last 10 mins of show on catchup. Just to clarify. He was probably 9 or 10. She was a 6 or 7. 8 or 9 with makeup. Body was already on the turn aged 26.
  11. she doesn't look very indigenous to these isles
  12. shove it in the freezer for 30 mins, does same job, why am i even suggesting this