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  1. Monday 18th May lockdown ends. Buy airline shares a week before Monday 11th May first thing.
  2. When this lockdown is finished we will see the biggest breakup of relationships ever recorded. Domestic violence has gone through the roof. Forget the death of older people. There will be more younger breakups and house put on the market than estate sales.
  3. Mentioning no names but i know an easyjet first officer who is working tills in Morrisons already. He has done 2 days work. His last flight was a little over a week ago. He was a very late starter as a pilot (3 years in)so prob needs the money. He has had lots of previous mundane jobs so is quite down to earth. Still cant quite get my head round it though. I wonder how many other pilots he will tell if when things get back to normal. Part of me thinks they should do a documentary on people like that to bring society down to earth.
  4. Friend of a freind had husband die of heart attack in last few days. They were told if they want the body straight away they would have to put covid as cause of death. If not would be weeks of wait.
  5. Poland taking this way more seriously than uk but they are not stopping people going for walks in national parks
  6. Exactly my theory. This is now everywhere. More than 50pc have had it. We are at peak now. This is why hospitals having lots of people. Children eventually got this to the old. Lockdown will be over in a month. People will be taking holidays again this summer abroad. Lots of bargain shares about if i am right.
  7. I went in 88 and 2002. Apartheid time was so much better
  8. If you look atcmuslim and not just asian thatcnumber will double again. Even when the 1st born has cp they have another and that has cp too. Dont ask me how i know. Oh and they want to try for another. Bangs head against wall. Inbreeding. So much benefit money though and free house.
  9. how is skipton so expensive? Its up there with Bedford and Milton keynes price wise. Not sustainable
  10. these people are not showing symptoms? does not make sense
  11. councils are writing letters to EU'ers to remind them to register in time for permanent residency. Seems like a waste to me.
  12. i can imagine lots will stop paying the rent, what is the landlord going to do? Will probably take it on the chin as long as payments start again at the end of the crisis. Anyone have best guess on what the actual number of cases are in the UK in terms of multiples of those testing positive? It must be at least 10 times greater? 20? 30? 40? if we say official is 500. There must be 10000+ surely So 1 in 60000 chance someone has it at the moment? That surgeon should be named and shamed
  13. If housing was cheap people wouldnt need to work for very long and the economy would collapse.
  14. Sounds like the grid system of kaffa taxis in joburg
  15. Why would usa have more than us? We have way more concentration of nips travelling in from far east?