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  1. Cars as a service is absolutely the model that the large auto manufactures want to get to.
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    Not like they have all that much choice these days.
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    There are 12M over 65's.
  4. If you enjoyed nightcrawler, try Nocturnal Animals. Also Gyllenhaal with Amy Adams. Also very Dark.
  5. Can anyone recommend a seed supplier for next year. I've been looking at realseeds.
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    Escape from LA

    Ford Foundation is more of a plaything for the extended Ford family than any real part of the motor company.
  7. Main selling point for what? I want a viable alternative. There isn't one and it's the refusal of the labour party to accept their failures, that puts us in this position. The conservatives are doing what they have done for decades. They haven't changed. Comments like is Boris is worse that Teresa, the conservatives have failed, whats the point of the conservatives - achieves nothing, without addressing that the labour party are utterly broken. I want the labour party and the labour party supporters to admit, that they are shit, utterly un-electable and i want them to deal with that fact. But they seem incapable of accepting their failure. Double down all way. So we end up with this merry-go-round of criticism of the conservatives with a response of so what. In Sir Keir they found someone as close to the winning formula as blair as is possible in todays political climate and then sacrificed him to the alter of cultural marxism in a matter of weeks. So it's not an argument that the opposition is way worse, it's that there is no opposition at all.
  8. M&S food hall, no mask for me, most shoppers had masks, a few didn’t. Almost all of the staff were mask free. Not a word, not so much as a funny look. I’m pretty much invisible.
  9. Not sure what's worse, that there isn't a viable opposition party, or labour followers refusal to admit that they aren't a viable opposition party.
  10. He’s the wrong colour for that
  11. I don’t understand how you get to the Tories are finished. For the Tories to be finished, someone has to beat them. The only party that could do that is the Labour party. For the Labour party to win, they need, at the very least, to reclaim the constituencies they just lost. This doesn’t win those constituencies back. If he is still the leader of the Labour party at the next election, I can guarantee this photo will be everywhere. Do you want the man who knelled before the rioters who attacked the cenotaph to lead this country. He’s done. He's not credible, he'a a liability. So who do they replace him with. They’re trapped in such a purity spiral that anyone they choose to lead the party, will be unsupported by the people whose votes they need to win. All the Tories need to do to stay in power is not fail as hard as the Labour party.
  12. It finished him, before he even got started.
  13. A lot. Firstly because there isn't anyone for them to turn too. Sir Keir doesn't seem to know what game he's playing. Labour seem intent on bankrupting themselves and any chance of another option died with Brexit party. Secondly, because he's built up a lot of good will over the last few months. Brexit could do it, but it would have to be something more than just another delay at this stage. Joining the Euro, maybe. Internally the conservative central office may want him gone at some point, but not today, hes too much of an asset.
  14. In a little over 8 months he's won an election with largest conservative majority in years. Had to manage with the outbreak of a global pandemic, with the dozens of various agendas, medical advice, pressure from multiple agencies and the out right fraud of the WHO and deception from China. As well as the legacy of the lack of preparation and the NHS. Mostly had the country comply with the lock downs and changes in society, with little resistance. He contracted the disease himself and recovered. Had to deal with the blm/cultural Marxists and the nonsense associated with the upcoming US election as well as the traditional media / social media companies agendas. Without declaring sides. Or pandering. He seems, on the surface at least, to be getting on with brexit and he had a Son born two months ago. So, no he's not worse than Teresa. Teresa couldn't even throw an election.