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  1. I get your point, but disagree with parts of it. Wage data is easy to come by, population data is also and it's the trend not individual data sets that is important here. If this is so obvious as to be self evident, then it should be real easy to show historic data correlating wage falls with increased immigration figures. But it doesn't seem like anyone wants to do that. But even that isn't the point. It's more that it's our responsibility to question our beliefs, challenge them. But no one here seems to want to do that. It's Dogma and it's exactly the way the left operates. So, here is a question. What if immigration hasn't had a significant effect on wages, but the mass offshoring of moderate to high paying jobs to India has and it's the relationship that the UK has with India that's the reason why the UK is different to say Germany or Australia. What then? Reducing net immigration isn't going to bring those jobs back. How can we possibility know if we don't valid our beliefs.
  2. sorry, don't get what you mean
  3. And here is the problem, I don't. I said you need to be careful drawing conclusions without data. I suspect immigration in the UK has lead to wage suppression, but i can't prove it. And anecdotally i've seen wage suppression in my industry from mass offshoring. Every single job i've done the past 20 years is now done in India. But not one of those people has stepped foot in the UK. But, then again, so what, that's just an anecdote. Without the data I can't prove a thing, which just makes it dogma.
  4. So that's a no then. No one is prepared to provide any evidence or data to support their position. And you wonder why no political party will do anything about immigration, why should they. (This isn't directed at you personally btw) Honestly, it's disappointing more than anything else. You guys have some good arguments, but without any foundation to them, what do you expect to change.
  5. Well you've just provided your own example where supply may not be the critical factor. But, like i said, if it's so obvious provide data. Provide some empirical evidence. I'm going to do the analysis. Do some yourself and we can compare. Maybe we'll come to the same conclusion or maybe not.
  6. No not always. Not in demand lead economies, supply has very little effect on pricing. But if it's so obvious, then it should be really easy to demonstrate. Provide net wage growth over the past 30 years against net population increase and proportion of that increase as a result of immigration. For UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, the US, and Canada. Throw in some countries that have seen net reductions in population or large scale emigration. See what happens there.... And I will do this, btw, it's just going to take me a while to get the data together.
  7. Ok, but where is your data. Without it's just becomes a panto of oh no it doesn't, oh yes it does. And i know for a fact, that there are shop floors that have become EE only need apply, just as much as here.
  8. I think you need to be real careful in drawing conclusions without supporting data. Germany for instance has seen some fairly significant immigration in the last few years, but they have continued to see wages increases. So it has to be more complex than simply immigration leads to wage suppression. Base population growth may be more important. I don't have time now, but i'll try to see if i can find net immigration figures for EU countries, native population growth and wages, to see what correlation, if any, there is.
  9. Sure, the movies being made now reflect very much the state of the political landscape and that is so much identity politics in the run up to 2020. The new Bond will be in a new political landscape. There may be the same political pressures of representation, there may be not. A Black Female 007, now, gives them capital to play with for the next iteration and think it becomes a much more likely that the next Bond is traditional. But like so many other franchises, poor writing damaged them, long before any of this. I think the one to watch, with respect to what happens next, is Disney, Disney IP and their streaming channel.
  10. I think you’ve got this wrong. She’s not Bond, she’s 007. Craig is still Bond. But old and broken and retired, so he can’t be 007 anymore. But what’s more interesting is that it’s Craig’s last Bond. So the end of the Character arc for him and I think that’s important, at this point in his arc he can’t be 007 anymore, but he can still be Bond. So the new 007 enlists the old 007 to save the universe from an intergalactic terror, or something. The next Bond will be a reboot and like every time you get a new Batman you get a Batman Origins story with his parents being killed, you’ll get a new intro as the new Bond becoming 007. And I don’t think they’ll deviate from tradition with the Bond.
  11. If you're seeing that then you want to avoid booze and you may want to dial back any other diuretics I have the same reactions with creatine as you're seeing and a hangover is not something you want to experience. The good news is you'll likely see the benefits
  12. You may get some water retention.
  13. Well that and being terrible at sex. Seriously, if either partner thinks a sex strike is a thing, then the other is doing something wrong. But still it’s the mail, so it’s probably entirely made up.
  14. An extra. Not a man of his statue.
  15. Right one hair, left one beard. Look like a GOT extra. Actually do a pretty decent job .