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  1. Not just NY and LA. SF and Chicago have higher number of ubers than NY. DC not far behind. Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Phil etc.. all have ~10k drivers. There are 30 cities with 2M+ resident population, never mind worker/commuter. Rural and South mixed Urban will keep their SUV’s. SME and light commercial with keep their trucks. And that’s Fords declared strategy – sell vehicles into that market. But cars will become niche, specialist, hobbyist. Not a mass market product like decades past. Someone has to sell the lift sharing vehicles, of course, but at this stage I wouldn’t bet against it being some google or Bezos creation running most of the US lift shares in 20 years time.
  2. EU / ROW will be different and likely to be related to the Ford/VW alliance. But in the US, the money is in light truck/SUV/Cross over and has been for years. With the increasing uber-ization of metro areas, people just aren’t going to own cars. And the Mustang is a halo brand, it’s more marketing than vehicle production now. It's not a name plate you'd launch into this environment without the history.
  3. I think some people here, still think it’s the 1960’s. "Ford today announced it will phase out most cars it sells in North America. According to its latest financial release, the auto giant “will transition to two vehicles” — the Mustang and an unannounced vehicle, the Focus Active, being the only traditional cars it sells in the region. Ford sees 90 percent of its North America portfolio in trucks, utilities and commercial vehicles. Citing a reduction in consumer demand and product profitability, Ford is in turn not investing in the next generation of sedans. The Taurus is no more." https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/25/ford-to-stop-selling-every-car-in-north-america-but-the-mustang-and-focus-active/
  4. I have a slow cooker, a steamer and a toaster. That’s all. Haven’t used an oven/cooker in over 7 years. Yesterday cooked a Dahl in the slow cooker that will run for 4 meals. Freeze/reheat. in terms of meal prep to get ahead for evening meals, you can't beat a slow cooker.
  5. Prime is very good. Mostly for the TV shows. Movies can be a bit random, with what's on prime and what isn't. When they're released. etc.. but it's amazon so sooner or later everything is discounted. With movies it's best to tag what you want to see, and wait for it to come on prime or one of their £1.99 deals. The search engine and trying to find stuff is terrible though. Don't have netflix and with the content dilution don't think i will do.
  6. Safe seat. Guess they want him in Parliament. Or putting the remainers in seats they know they aren't going to lose and any spare leavers where they can be most useful.
  7. Surprised they still let him out in public.
  8. Yes. I think so. BXP only standing in Lab changes everything.
  9. Was that to replace the plastic Statue of Liberty.
  10. feed


    Grapefruit are wonderful, a bit sweet though. Lemons are better.
  11. Marginals are going to be different this election. Partly because of the effective 2 party elections in 2017, with Con/Lab capturing most of the votes and now the BXP asymmetry. Ipswich. Labour 2017: Lab 47.4 / Con 45.7. More than 90% of the vote in a two party election. Lab 831 Majority BXP / LD only have to take 832 more votes from Lab than Con, to give it to Con Finchley & Golders Green Conservative 2017: Con 47 / Lab 43.8. More than 90% of the vote in a two party election. Con 1657 Majority LD have to take 1658 more votes from Con than Lab, to give it to Lab. There are dozens of constituencies like this, low majorities with 80% of the vote being Lab/Con in 2017. Whomever loses the most votes to BXP/LD will lose the seat. With their being more opportunity for Lab/Con to lose votes in a Labour constituency, Conservatives have a real advantage in the marginals.
  12. Don’t see them getting seats. They seem to be strongest in the unassailable Labour strongholds, or where they stand a good chance of giving it to the Conservatives, like Ashfield
  13. Well, there is a month to go, so anything can happen. But I just don't see how Boris does worse than May.
  14. They'll probably get 30% of the vote. Even Brown managed 29% in 2010. But that doesn't matter. They need seats. Even to form a coalition they need to take seats from the Conservatives. 2017 - Conservatives with 42% of the vote had 317 Seats. Labour with 40% had 262. And the SNP are currently expecting to takes seats from both Conservatives and Labour.