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  1. BREAKING: Prominent Democratic donor and gay activist Ed Buck arrested on three felony counts
  2. United States Files Civil Lawsuit against Edward Snowden for Publishing a Book in Violation of CIA and NSA Non-Disclosure Agreements
  3. There is a big line between vegetarians and vegans. I became vegetarian in 1986, have in the past been vegan for a year and now I'm technically pescatarian. Vegans I've know quite a few and have found them to be sanctimonious, obsessive zealots who have zero tolerance for any contratrian views.
  4. The Minnesota starvation experiment of the 1950s had men restricted to 1500 calories of mostly vegan food root veggies, bread and macaroni. Basically they went mental. Depression, hysteria, self mutilation, social withdrawal, poor concentration, comprehension and judgment. I think the pushing of the vegan diet is part of the plan.
  5. Not sudden at all. I had doubts but I hoped for justice. Tom Fitton losing faith and the Brexit shitshow leaves me to depressed to hope.
  6. JackieO


    Jeffrey Epstein Paris probe heats up as three victims speak with officials after claims pedophile abused French triplets, 12, who were sold by their parents and given to him as a birthday gift Blimey
  7. Looks that way. Farage return to politics destroyed Battens UKIP which was authentic. Didn't both Johnson and Farage look shocked the night when Leave won the referendum? Thing that gets me is they could have shafted us more directly by just voting for the surrender treaty.
  8. I was wrong Q was a charade. There will be no justice.
  9. Wow I thought I felt depressed yesterday. England is lost. Time to plan an exit.
  10. Sorry I used to be a tad reckless but parenthood changed all that.
  11. Kanye Diamond and Silk Trump with Rosa Parkes and Mohmmid Ali Trumps nominated the USAs first female black General Trump and film director Spike Lee... I could go on but dinners nearly ready...