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  1. Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe One of many?
  2. The Christchurch incident hysteria has resulted in total censorship of Q platforms in NZ and Australia....all for a LARP???? A quote from an Aussie patriot below... and still the hysteria rolls on with the So-Called BBC revving up again this morning Ardern calls for global anti-racism fight DS is strong in that one...
  4. Vid of what looks like rehearsal out there.
  5. full article... ENDGAME : POTUS Trump's Vindication Nears Ask yourself this - would these men know that Trump has been a long-standing patriot and FBI source, for decades? Answer - yes. Would any of these men work for Trump, if he was the traitor and Russian agent, that leftist journalists have been accusing him of? Answer - no way. 2019 - Mueller is SC. Rosenstein is DAG. Barr is now AG. And how about Donald J Trump, patriot, billionaire, FBI informant? President of the United States of America. Have any leftist reporters made these connections? No, of course not. They're still chasing shiny objects down endless information dead-ends, chasing that elusive piece of evidence that they know must exists, proving 'OrangeManBad'. My advice? Laugh and ignore them. As they've run around like headless chickens, we can see that Trump has assembled a mighty team to drain the Swamp. The strategy has been nothing short of genius and the execution, masterful. It is now far too late for the enemies of The Republic to respond. Taken by complete surprise, their fates are sealed. Buckle up. The Storm is upon us. The stage is set, for Trump's hammer to fall.
  6. The Mersey at Didsbury looks set to flood near Fletcher Moss...
  7. During WW2 my mum and dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents etc were all safe in Ireland which was virtually untouched during the war. Even though my ancestry is Irish going back generations, I am absolutely furious with the betrayal of the political class and their lackeys in the MSM. I cannot imagine how angry Brits whose family members actually fought and died or were maimed in WW2 feel about the political classes disgusting betrayal. WTF did those patriotic Brits die for?
  8. There's a two tier law system in the US atm...if your poor over there forget it.