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  1. Indeed. I've still not read this in the detail it deserves
  2. Communism innit, it's all going the way of Venezuela. Lucky we're off soon.
  3. JRR Tolkien's son Christopher dies aged 95: Tributes are paid to 'titan' of Middle-earth who helped posthumously publish many of his father's works
  4. JackieO


    Epstein told lawyers that cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione ‘roughed him up’ "Jeffrey Epstein told his lawyers that a hulking ex-cop inflicted the injuries that left him nearly unconscious in his cell last month, a source close to the convicted pedophile’s case told The Post." So why would they put a murderer of 4 ex cop who is built like a brick shit house in a cell with Epstein.
  5. Laurence Fox has an interesting background. His dad is actor James Fox and his uncle is actor Edward Fox. His brother in law is black actor Richard Ayoade of the IT Crowd. He was married to Billie Piper. I never heard of him either but he is well connected.
  6. Not trending sorry but there is speculation.
  7. Getting close to 144000… Revelation 7:4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 It's going to be BIBLICAL! THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q
  8. Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre appear in court to hash out plan to unseal documents that name MORE high profile individuals connected to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring
  9. Obama was a traitorous cunt not just to America but to the Western world. I hope he gets what's due.