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  1. Zero Value TalentLess Fuck
  2. Kudos to PJW! As her of Somalia close up she has really bad skin
  3. JackieO


    No its not. Weird turn to this thread... Narrative now them teen girls were asking for it FFS! Just like the social services said of those teenage whores just asking for it from those lovely followers of Mo.
  4. Doing a Savile in the morgue?
  5. JackieO


    George Nader, Witness in Mueller Probe, Hit With New Charges of Sex Trafficking Nowt to see here. Just a few friends having a dip near Little saint James...
  6. Abuse of a corpse? What does that mean?
  7. Those symbols again in Aleppo Still no idea why Epstein would have chosen these symbols...
  8. Q drops overnight... Inspiration for the Epstein Temple found? The image below is of a Mamluk era bath house in the ancient citadel of Aleppo. It was called Hammam Yalbugha. Built in 1491 by the Emir of Aleppo Saif ad-Din Yalbugha al-Naseri.[1] It is located next to the entrance of the Citadel of Aleppo, on the banks of the Quweiq river.[2 It was destroyed in the Syrian civil war. Now is the mystery of why Epstein based his folly on a bath house in Aleppo.
  9. Country Rap fusion in Trumps America. Things a changing? The vid below at the BET awards has had nearly 11 million views since it was posted in late June. The song its self has had massive sales since its release in December. The original vid is below...
  10. lol I don't follow Lionel but Mr J.O does and he had it on his phone earlier where I heard him going on about the Qbaby, No way could I watch Lionel even for a 1/2 hour!
  11. I think she will be busted but her community will not be the ones to do it.
  12. Here's Lionel Nation going nuts about the Q Baby. Americans huh!