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  1. I would rather work from an office. Clear beginning and end to the day and a bit of social interaction with others including teams peripheral to my role. My commute was a half hour cycle. So that was my daily exercise as well as being mostly enjoyable. As you mention training is going to be a problem. I wrote new procedures and used Microsoft Teams to train existing employees up on new methods we needed to use working from home. This is much easier than training someone new but was still stilted compared to being there. How difficult will that be? I expect very. I expect we will be able t
  2. Police figures are often conservative. Unless it is Government supported. Didn't the countryside alliance get into the Commons?
  3. Fully agree that it is disgusting to tax the average worker more. Their one good policy has been raising the personal allowance. Especially as it reduces tax credits. Could be that they're only going to squeeze the higher rate. Or freeze for one year only at the lower rate. They do like to say this will be bad and then only do half the bad stuff.
  4. No-one has been getting 5% wage rises outside of niche industries or skills. That will change if inflation gets high enough. Your other point about unemployment and thus a reserve army of the unemployed only applies if the unemployed have the skills required. If the newly unemployed were shop and hospitality workers they're not going to drag down wages in other sectors. If it is more broad based they will. Most people can't afford to train themselves up and employers won't do it.
  5. I saw a program on 1970s New York. The Bronx was burning down day by day. There was a clip of a cop being asked if he thought the Bronx had a future. No was the answer. Probably the perfect time to buy, from an investment point of view. There literally was blood on the streets. Major cities were depopulating through the 70s. Certainly New York and London. Could well get a repeat.
  6. What you need is a really good prosphetic from a movie make up artist. Go in there with bulging arms like the incredible hulk, preferably not green. Tell the injector that you're really good with injections due to all the steroids. Don't offer to lift anything heavy or cover will be blown.
  7. You've written loads of words so I don't have to. At least we can work out what the charts show. The main reason you can't draw any conclusions is that younger age groups will have been much more social in recent weeks.
  8. Nice to see some positivity. The majority have coped pretty well. A bit of sunshine and warmth will make a big difference. The following of the rules is falling away. Hopefully those that have struggled most will start to see a brighter future soon.
  9. Agree with this but it is just one way in which a community can develop around the houses they live in. Old fashioned door-on-the-pavement terraced housing used to have kids playing in the street, women scrubbing the front step and blokes going to the public house on the corner.
  10. It is going to hit the upper middle income earners hardest. 5% inflation salary increase at £50k is an extra £2,500 but taxed for £1,000. Even if they keep up with inflation they're losing buying power. Best put it in a pension and spend less. Many on that salary won't as they need to maintain their lifestyle. Tax credit recipients will be cushioned. Young single workers, who probably do count as the poorest, will get stung for 20%. So 20k to £21k they get stung by £200 in income tax. Less than 1% of their new salary. Compared with almost 2% of the higher earner's salary. More signi
  11. Looks like there are enough figures in the article to calculate the expected inflation rate. Although there are likely to be two sets of books. A base/official/publicised case and a bullish/extreme/hidden scenario. So perhaps not worth the effort.
  12. Hairs aren't a problem. I started using a roll on by Bulldog (made in the UK, supposedly natural ingredients and owned by Wilkinson Sword and not sure of their woke credentials) as I thought the spray on stuff couldn't be very good for you. Not hanging around in the air for a few minutes with the long list of ingredients. Not effective against sweat from significant exercise though. So I've also got some Sure spray on that is also made in the UK but owned by Unilever so part of a conglomerate that must have multiple woke lines.
  13. She is a Bangladeshi coloniser who was brought up in England. She is as British as the administration of the Raj was Indian. She lived in a colony, she was "educated" in a colony, she has a foreign culture and she is foreign. Her family came to extract resources. Her father returned home to spend what he extracted. The people of this country have never welcomed or wanted mass immigration. Just the same as every other nation on earth. The rulers want cheap labour and to avoid the costs of training.
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