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  1. I won't be going shopping either. Perhaps food shopping. There will be shoppers though, as soon as it is allowed. Especially in the run up to Christmas. Some people enjoy it.
  2. What I meant was there would be benefits after the £120k had run out. It probably wouldn't take long. You'd be able to keep £6k. Would cover funeral expenses.
  3. Presumably they will want people spending money in the expensive shops down there eventually. They'll probably be open from Wednesday.
  4. There has been talk of internal borders. Perhaps it would be regional. That would be a tough sell to the public though. Especially if they aren't doing anything to strengthen the external border.
  5. The £120k would just be a down payment on potentially decades of benefits. Probably best spent on a trip to dignitas as it would be no life. Especially with the anger and resentment that would build up with no way of acting on it. Perhaps you could pay for dignitas and a hitman for some revenge?
  6. Simplest explanation is that it means nothing specific. People seem obsessed with finding hidden meanings.
  7. So the CIA doesn't have access to top notch medical facilities closer to Somalia than Germany. Nothing in, say, Saudi Arabia?
  8. Part of general anti-corruption training that all staff receive in any business large enough to need to tick the boxes. Probably also any business that provides services to the public sector. There will be an ISO number that demands it. Some of the training materials I've had to click through recently have been unintentionally hilarious. Not been told about the necessity of taking leave in order not to commit crime for a while, it must be due shortly.
  9. Fuck sake. They wouldn't dare suggest that if they thought they'd get taken up on it. I wouldn't recommend they go any closer than the Whitechapel Art Gallery up the road.
  10. In your drinks globe? Or is that just for exotic spirits?
  11. People do insist on replying to him/her...
  12. When is the next school holiday? Those usually coincide with XR protests. Although it might be getting a bit cold so spring might be the next one.
  13. They have changed. The two man rule is new. Probably wouldn't have been enforced for the state condoned demos though.
  14. What does losing an election matter if the new lot continue the same policies? Particularly if you can expect to earn more money out of office.
  15. £200 is not much money. Less than a week's wages for any full time adult worker. The only people who would be persuaded by that would be those desperate for cash. It could possibly encourage some to volunteer who would have had the vaccine anyway. It could put off a lot of people. "If it is safe and for my benefit then why do they need to pay me?" In fact the more they offer the more suspicious it is.
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