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    Yeah I agree, well mostly. It's not going to win any awards for flavour but it's quite drinkable.
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    For grains, the seller I bought from isn't selling any at present, but there are lots of options for around a fiver. I bought this fermentation jar from Lakeland https://www.lakeland.co.uk/72470/Lakeland-Fermentation-Jar-with-Air-Release-Valve-1L How long it takes depends on the ambient temperature and how much milk you add. At the moment it's taking about 18 hours to ferment a batch but that can be 12 or less in the summer. You can put the grains in the fridge to slow down fermentation if you don't fancy making any for a few days, they'll be fine and will start fermenting again once you take them back out and they get up to temperature.
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    There is water based Kefir, so I understand?
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    I'm a big fan of Kefir. I find it makes a difference to my state of mind as I'm noticeably more positive and cheerful when I'm drinking it regularly, once every couple of days. I make my own with some grains I bought on Ebay, they've been going for almost a year now. Stick them in a fermentation jar with milk, leave until thick and creamy, strain to remove the grains (which are returned to the jar with fresh milk) and drink.
  5. Mine are :- Chav Debt Mortgage Equity Withdrawal
  6. This is an interesting insight into what it is like to be a hot girl on Tinder. 1800 likes in 20 minutes, an endless stream of opening messages...
  7. This, exactly. The sort of woman I want to meet isn't going to nightclubs more than very occasionally and isn't going to meet men when she does. Identify your target audience.
  8. "if not an increasing number of opportunities", meaning wealth and security can make up for other shortcomings in those outside the top 20%. I'm late 30s, and I'm not in the top 20% looks-wise. I do get attention from women in their early 30s though, more than I used to, but there is often a hint of desperation about it. A couple of weeks ago I was stood at the bus stop smartly dressed as I was off to a work event. An average looking early 30s woman was clearly interested, firstly she tried to get eye contact and then she asked a couple of inane questions to try to start a conversation. I replied politely, which seemed to annoy her, her body language changed and I received the cold shoulder. I imagine she was trying to convince herself that I hadn't measured up and she had rejected me or something.
  9. Online dating makes it to the FT! There's an article on FT alphaville about online dating and how it changes the dating marketplace. Very red pill. Quotes include: "This means that as female market participants move from ages 20 to 35 their available inventory may shrink to a sliver of the original pool. Conversely, male market participants face a virtually unchanged opportunity set, if not an increasing number of opportunities." "The shifts in market opportunities and costs has had the effect of lowering the market value of the median male while also incentivising a female to hold out for better candidates. Unsurprisingly, this has led to prime reproductive age individuals having less sex, as men are being disproportionately priced out of the market. We believe this is a material driver of the “incel” (involuntary celibate) social movement/problem." ...and a chart showing how women rate more than 50% of men as very unattractive on online dating sites. A link won't work, but the article is called "Thank u, next: how dating apps are transforming relationships". Google that and click news...
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    Bad sex

    Exactly. The graph in the article says that 56% of women have experienced that sort of thing and NEVER felt pressured into it, i.e. they enjoyed it and wanted it. The article itself doesn't say that, instead mentioning the 42% who did feel to some degree pressured. In my limited experience it's incredibly normal for women to want and to enjoy some degree of playful aggression. Spanking, hair pulling, being tied up, blindfolds, submission just turns women on at a very basic level. Why doesn't the So-Called BBC write an article about this, perhaps with some guidance on how women can communicate their desires to realise them in a way that doesn't put men at risk? Ah, but that would reveal that women aren't delicate innocent little flowers and men aren't dangerous aggressors wouldn't it.
  11. ...and very non-white women are so unattractive that they are invisible to you...
  12. A woman keeping her finances separate from a man is modern sassy independence. A man keeping his finances separate from a woman is financial abuse.
  13. It was quite an interesting show, I thought it would have gotten more attention on DOSBODS as it was right up our street in some respects. the So-Called BBC narrative was as you would expect; shocking that men want to chat up women, disgraceful that they want sex, women are innocent victims of men preying on them and targetting them. And the So-Called BBC journo was clearly trying to sensationalise things, which I suppose is what journos do but the show was very obviously about promoting his career rather than fairly criticising what was taking place. Having said that, the objectification of women that was on display and treating them as trophies is not really good for anyone.
  14. It's not just about notch count. I'm 38, so my target demographic is late 20s to late 30s. A woman in her early 30s could have quite a high notch count just by having a string of medium term relationships since she was 16 i.e. a high notch count doesn't automatically equal slag (a string of relationships that long could have other issues, but that's for another post). It's also about confidence and character. If a woman wants to sleep with me really quickly, it could mean that she's completely secure in her sexuality, well adjusted, and just really fancies me. However it probably doesn't. It probably means that she is very insecure, lacking in confidence, thinks that she has to put out to keep a man's interest and wants me for superficial reasons (they can only be superficial reasons - she's only just met me). None of those are good qualities. It's true that a woman like the above but operating at a higher level could delay things to display a 'good girl' image, but taking a bit more time means I've got more chance of spotting dangerous red flags. Given the risks of shagging the wrong person in today's climate I think that's much safer.
  15. Yeah a coffee / drink date is the best way to kick things off. As @gibbon says you limit your exposure in terms of cost and time, and so does she. If it goes well then one drink can become two, then going to get something to eat, etc. I've pretty much decided that I don't want someone who is down to fuck after a few beers though. If she fucks you a few hours after meeting you she'll fuck anyone a few hours after meeting them, and probably has/does regularly. Someone like that isn't relationship material, and fucking her carries all kinds of risk.