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    Next PM

    Rory Stewart getting by far the most applause from the naturally leftie-biased C4 audience. Dominic Raab getting lighter applause from the few people in there who might actually vote Tory. Sajid Javid doesn't appear to be able to speak publicly. Michael Gove is embarrassing himself. Jeremy Hunt just tried to excuse his junior doctors fiasco. I suspect the "winner" will be deemed by the media to be Rory Stewart, as they try to sabotage Brexit even further.
  2. I understand the problem, but I really don't understand those who see this as the solution. I've never been with a prostitute, doesn't appeal at all. Protected sex, with someone who has been with thousands of men, who doesn't really want to, who I don't know or like, zero mental/emotional intimacy, sordid surroundings, time limit, threat of violence from her pimp....? I would far rather just stay at home, and have a wank.
  3. In my first ever online date, when I was VERY naive and blue pill, I met a woman who owned a small semi-detached in a not particularly nice town. She was scathing of the fact that I rented a flat, it added to the already quite clear disdain she had for me at that point of the date. What she didn't realise is that I also had about 50% of the value of her house in cash savings, and when I did buy a couple of years later it was a place far nicer than hers! Edit - Spelling
  4. My local Aldi has recently been refurbished. It seems a really well run store, no jumble sale areas, shelves generally well stacked, it would probably be my favourite store even if it wasn't the cheapest (which it is, by a margin).
  5. Ben and Jerry's, because their packaging recently featured cows holding signs saying "refugees welcome". https://www.benjerry.com/values/issues-we-care-about/refugee Shame, because I like some of their products. Definitely don't boycott Five Guys though, I treat myself to a Five Guys burger every couple of months or so. Cheeseburger, all the way, no mushrooms, extra barbecue sauce... Seriously good burger and worth paying extra for.
  6. Indeed. A good chunk of the 400 votes against will have been Tory MPs who come Monday will be extremely anxious about the liklihood of holding onto their seats. The only way back for the Tories now is to change leader, deliver a proper Brexit, then fight a GE on the usual platform of economic competence. Anything else and the Brexit Party will take maybe half their seats at the next GE.
  7. Online dating facilitates hypergamy and brings out the worst in both men and women. It really doesn't matter what gimmicks are put around it, who communicates with who etc, it will always be the same in this regard.
  8. A few years ago I was visited by a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. I made the mistake of engaging the father of the family in debate about their beliefs, that clearly marked me out as a potential convert because he visited me a couple more times. The last time he visited me was with a very attractive young lady who gave me a beaming smile as I opened the door, and while I didn't chat to them that time I got the impression that he'd brought her along as 'bait', of a sort. (Edit - double post)
  9. Excellent point. It's a mindset that possibly originates in growing up in a feminised society and likely a single parent household, and having no positive, strong male role models.
  10. Barbara Ellen in The Guardian has picked up this story in an opinion piece, and as you might expect has completely missed the point. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/05/prince-charming-nowhere-to-be-found-in-our-toxic-sexual-lansdscape "Just in terms of appalling sexual etiquette, do the likes of Hepburn even care what young women think of them, what a major turn-off it must be? You hear about angry male “incels” (involuntary celibates) complaining about women ignoring them/denying them sex, blah blah, but who could blame the women when this kind of behaviour passes for “normal”? It seems modern women have been more than patient about a certain toxic male attitude – arguably, it’s a wonder there hasn’t been a full-on casual-sex strike." It's not the likes of Hepburn who are being denied sex is it Barbara? Even if Alex was exaggerating with his 60 score he was still getting a lot of interest from young women. The 'incels' are likely to be generally respectful, well behaved and interested in a relationship with women, and it is almost BECAUSE OF THIS that they get no sex at all. I wonder if Barbara genuinely doesn't understand the dynamic of what is happening, or if she does but can't admit to it especially in public.
  11. Butthead


    I'd say 'damaged' rather than mentally ill, but other than that I completely agree with the above. Fleabag is a very clever comment on modern life, more of a drama with comedic elements than a comedy but occasionally very funny. Lots of DOSBODS specific themes too especially in series 1. The beta boyfriend, the alpha lover who doesn't care about her, riding the cock carousel, getting perilously close to the wall... But the character is written from a female perspective and is dealing with grief, guilt, loneliness, it's really fascinating. I loved it. Phoebe WB is exceptionally talented.
  12. I had a choice of Lib/Lab/Con, so I wrote 'Leave Means Leave!' across the ballot paper. First time I have spoiled my ballot paper, first time I have not voted Tory in a local election.
  13. No, I expect her to be feminine, supportive, caring, loyal, and reasonable/rational at least some of the time. Do you disagree with what I've said?
  14. I think you're both right in principle, but communicating it in an extreme way. Being a masculine man doesn't mean always being unpleasant to your woman or never doing nice things for her. You can be thoughtful, considerate and caring as long as you also display dominance, expect her to behave, expect her to treat you in a certain way in return and are absolutely prepared to walk if she doesn't. Also, while all women ARE like that, they don't all apply it the same way. Some women will respond to being treated like shit, but better adjusted ones will respond to being treated well by a high status man who will leave them if they don't reciprocate appropriately - and it's these women that you really want. Do you think George Clooney treated Amal like shit when they got together? Of course not, he will have treated her very well but it will have been absolutely clear that if she didn't treat him well in return he'd have been on to then next one in no time.
  15. Fair comment. For me, the phrase "then boyfriend" means boyfriend at the time but it could well be poor journalism.