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  1. He could, but: He'd have a lot less income The residual 75% in his SIPP would eventually be taxed at 20% if/when he draws it (assuming his other pension income always uses his persoanl allowance) He may or may not have lifetime allowance issues The preferential treatment of SIPP money versus ISA money for IHT purposes may be to his (and your!) advantage You're right to be mindful of the MPAA
  2. I think this is an intriguing idea but possibly a bit of a gimmic, so I think Swissy is spot on saying "try before you buy". I guess it would depend a lot on the nature of the work you are doing, for me it would have to be something where I am focussed on one thing for a decent period but that thing couldn't be so involved that walking would be distracting. Webinars / internal video meetings - ideal Watching something (video / news feed / market data) - Yes Reading lots of text / reports - maybe Writing text / code / all but the briefest of emails etc - probably not, I just can't imagine I'd be able to do that and walk at the same time Anything client facing - no, you'd look like an unprofessional idiot
  3. It's made from un-painted steel. Won't it just rust?
  4. Thanks. I don't know what you'd call what I had, but I'm pretty sure it was an absence of serotonin and I'm certain SSRIs gave me a lift. I think it would be difficult to assess what triggers are affecting depression. You might look at a Hollywood actor, say, who had depression, and you might think "well that must be zero trigger because what can he/she have to be depressed about?". But in their mind, they might not see it that way, they might have missed out on a big role or "only" have a $5m mansion or even with an endless string of groupies love someone they can't have. I suspect there are always triggers, I suspect those triggers aren't always rational. Thanks. I tried to self-medicate with St John's Wort prior to turning to my GP back then, but at that time I didn't find it made much difference. It might help lighter cases or help when used earlier though.
  5. I went through an especially tough period a few years ago, a perfect storm of bereavement, significant change, intense work pressure and woman related issues. Anti-depressants stabalised me and gave me the ability to function outwardly normally for 8 hours a day, plus a clear enough head to know what I needed to do to sort myself out. For that I think they were invaluable. I completely agree that they aren't a way of life, that people are too quick to medicate and should be responsible for their own mindset, that diet, exercise, a positive attitude etc are the only long term solutions to mental health issues. But in a situation of real crisis, they have a place.
  6. Yep, I've just done that too. Minor issue with sound (a driver issue fixed easily enough) and otherwise seems perfect.
  7. Butthead


    Yeah I agree, well mostly. It's not going to win any awards for flavour but it's quite drinkable.
  8. Butthead


    For grains, the seller I bought from isn't selling any at present, but there are lots of options for around a fiver. I bought this fermentation jar from Lakeland https://www.lakeland.co.uk/72470/Lakeland-Fermentation-Jar-with-Air-Release-Valve-1L How long it takes depends on the ambient temperature and how much milk you add. At the moment it's taking about 18 hours to ferment a batch but that can be 12 or less in the summer. You can put the grains in the fridge to slow down fermentation if you don't fancy making any for a few days, they'll be fine and will start fermenting again once you take them back out and they get up to temperature.
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    There is water based Kefir, so I understand?
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    I'm a big fan of Kefir. I find it makes a difference to my state of mind as I'm noticeably more positive and cheerful when I'm drinking it regularly, once every couple of days. I make my own with some grains I bought on Ebay, they've been going for almost a year now. Stick them in a fermentation jar with milk, leave until thick and creamy, strain to remove the grains (which are returned to the jar with fresh milk) and drink.
  11. Mine are :- Chav Debt Mortgage Equity Withdrawal
  12. This is an interesting insight into what it is like to be a hot girl on Tinder. 1800 likes in 20 minutes, an endless stream of opening messages...
  13. This, exactly. The sort of woman I want to meet isn't going to nightclubs more than very occasionally and isn't going to meet men when she does. Identify your target audience.
  14. "if not an increasing number of opportunities", meaning wealth and security can make up for other shortcomings in those outside the top 20%. I'm late 30s, and I'm not in the top 20% looks-wise. I do get attention from women in their early 30s though, more than I used to, but there is often a hint of desperation about it. A couple of weeks ago I was stood at the bus stop smartly dressed as I was off to a work event. An average looking early 30s woman was clearly interested, firstly she tried to get eye contact and then she asked a couple of inane questions to try to start a conversation. I replied politely, which seemed to annoy her, her body language changed and I received the cold shoulder. I imagine she was trying to convince herself that I hadn't measured up and she had rejected me or something.