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  1. It's a truism but we are all different. I love walking in the countryside, love it. And when I have the time to do so I do it. I don't need a reason. When I am taking a lot of exercise not only does the weight drop off me through the exercise but my body starts tailoring my intake to its needs. I end up eating meat and veg and lttle else. Bread, chips, crisps hold no appeal and taste like sawdust. This accelerates the weight loss. Technically I am changing my diet but I'm not conciously doing it rather my body is dictating it; and when it's at a real fitness peak it's even dictating quantity. When I am really fit I can't eat big meals and I end up picking up the children's menu in a pub as I know that's what I can eat without leaving half of it. I suppose that technically it is "diet and execise" but the reality, for me, is that it's entirely exercise and that naturally dictates my diet.
  2. My office first thing Monday Max. And don't bother logging in first.
  3. An elderly neighbour who was still flying a microlight at 75 got lost on a very foggy day after taking off from a small aerodrome near Bodmin called IIRC St Erval. He chanced upon a dual carriageway way which in that area could only be the A30 and decided to follow it back to Bodmin by reading the road signs and then follow the road back to the airport. He had to keep hopping up higher for bridges, footbridges, and telegraph wires.
  4. May I be the first to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!
  5. Yep. Let's all fight to defend high house prices, multiculturalism, and a non-contributory welfare system. On the other hand: let's not.
  6. I lose track, partly because I have no intention of doing it because everyone I know who does has a grey pallor to their skin and looks at least ten years older than they actually are because it damages and scars the heart muscle. I may try a marathon but just the one. And not the choccy bar.
  7. A cruise can be great; you live in a luxury hotel that is beside a different resort to explore every morning when you wake up. Better if you're in a couple but still ok if you're single. I'm not sure I'd like one with long periods at sea. Iron man - if that's ultra running then some people seem predisposed to running addiction just like problem gamblers. A marathon isn't enough so forty, fifty, sixty miles, and make it muddy, wet, steep, and running through the night. I know someone who went from no exercise to ultra running in about two years; immediate addiction. Generally they are also deeply tedious people who may be doing it make themselves appear interesting; this particular chap is an exception who has just fallen for it. Work for fifty years in a job they hate. Totally agree. There is a certain type of person who is so fearful of change that they will endure pretty much anything to avoid it. I have known several like this. "Moan, moan, moan" about their job but suggest that they change it and they desperately cast around for excuses as to why they couldn't possibly do so.
  8. It doesn't matter. The steamroller of political correctness crushes everything in its path.
  9. @Solitaire replied re this subject on the flu vaccine thread, it wasn't clear at thst stage how limited might this outbreak be, and noted that using a computer gave her a migraine these days but provided a pandemic tracking link.
  10. If it was the day when Heathrow was unexpectedly closed this week then it could be that they have been holding so long that they have to divert to Gatwick without climbing back to altitude to avoid running out of fuel.
  11. Spot on. In another era vast amounts of police time would have been put into trying to intimate that Jones was gay and this would have led to the charges quietly being dropped. That was also bad. Now the same effort goes into trying to intimate that the bloke who hit him is "right wing" in order to increase his sentence. Fascist liberalism in action: you can think anything you want as long as it is selected from the pre-approved listing of "acceptable" opinions.
  12. I have to agree that there is something in tea that makes me feel good over and above the baseline feel good effect of a nice hot mug of liquid. I have drunk more Costa / Starbucks coffee than most here but I can't remember the last time I did; maybe four years' ago. Probably down to no longer working / meeting in town centres. You would have to be drinking a lot of coffee to make it worth carrying a cup for a discount; one bloke at work drinks a lot of takeaway coffee, two or three a day, and he doesn't do it. I don't think it matches to the "everyday luxury" idea that they have of £3 coffees to be ferreting around in a bin for twenty pence off, or whatever, as @spunko did.
  13. Challenge, glory, day in the sun. They usually bolt on some charity fundraiser but really it's entirely their own sense of personal achievement. Which is good inofitself.
  14. No, it was a relative. I count myself fortunate that I don't get long term down / depressed.
  15. I know someone who took them for about a year to get through a difficult patch. They really helped him and when things returned to normal he stopped taking them. Like any medicine really.