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  1. I remember reading about an NHS employee who said under the rules he could technically be sacked for smoking a cigarette at home whilst wearing his work uniform. It is an unjustified intrusion into your free time.
  2. I think it is a bad thing. I dislike drugs but recognise that as a personal prejudice. You want your son not to take drugs, which is a perfectly fair view, but are happy to extend that restriction to others who could lose their livelihoods as a result. I once worked with an incredibly tedious claims manager who became very chatty about 2pm each afternoon. Yet he did his job perfectly well so I don't see why he should become unemployed and destitute through his single daily use of cocaine.
  3. Yes but that's because people die on construction sites so you need ot reduce the risk. If @ccc is trolleyed out of his mind whilst tapping at a keyboard nobody is going to die.
  4. I actively dislike durgs but have worked with a lot of excellent people who have been users; either occasional or regular. This would simply bring mediocrity to the work place by sacking talented hard workers who add real value with plodders. Sorry Priti but this is a "no" from me.
  5. I've never understood why dogs come at a price but cats are generally free. There seems no better rationale than "because that's how it is".
  6. Both! From the HL article: However, the rebound masks a sharp split between online and high-street retailers, with online and mail order retailing up 34.4% on the year in August, while many traditional retailers outside the grocery sector have suffered reduced footfall.
  7. Although it was posted that the Christmas before last temporary staff at Tesco were required to have their money paid onto a Tuxedo card which meant some fees when you took your money out; if you were on minimum wage this technically meant that you were receiving below minimum wage.
  8. Sensible strategy and my maxxed PB is also an interim measure as being somewhere to hold cash rather than just leaving it in my current account. To be clear I don't actually advise anyone to go VCTs; rather I note that I have but as part of a wider portfolio and because their tax advantages come without the strings of SIPP or pension.
  9. This would be for banks and possibly for gilts rather than personal depositors through. The current rush for yield on cash is into premium bonds because they still yield 1.4% when the rates on other savings accounts have been slashed; my mother mentioned getting 0.1% on her post office account. And the more bonds you hold the closer you get to that hypothetical rate. Consequently they are extremely busy and it is apparently near-impossible to get through on the phone; plus they advise not sending letters because they aren't opening them because they are on a only a third of staff.
  10. Mainstream archaeology is very poorly funded and is mainly about teaching. The evidence for a pre-Egyptian civilisation in particular is very strong IMO but all it is at present is a collection of sophisticated stone artefacts or constructions which, in the absence of inscriptions or dating evidence, are simply oddities which are highly suggestive of something earlier. It should have more study but the way that academic archaeology works is that you choose an existing field of study in which to specialise and the pre-Egyptian evidence doesn't fit anywhere. You can see how it cou
  11. To expand on @desertorchid's point it is also that physical cash is invisible to the authorities so if you have something like £10k which would prevent your receiving benefits or having your care home fees paid then it is wiser to keep it off the authorities' radar as then you will be able to keep it as well as receive benefits.
  12. I can't quite believe it. These people are utter fuckwits. That's not an investment it's money thrown away.
  13. Everyone wore them at my school. Have no bloody sympathy at all.
  14. I know. The number of times I've replayed that to see quite how he does it and I'm still baffled. There are lots of clips of his close control on the internet but that one, aged about forty and playing for some non-league Welsh club, is the one that seems superhuman.
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