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  1. As nobody twigged the lyrics here you go:
  2. No, I think you want @The Masked Tulip for such esoterica.
  3. Older than I used to be, younger than I'm going to be. (Fewer things puzzle me than when I was young)
  4. If you mean me Jackie then no, a mere 51.
  5. I was joking about getting them! As I said I don't qualify and that's because I have assets. I was putting it out there for anyone who wants to reduce their workload but is concerned about being poor in retirement.
  6. Packing in a well paid job that I really liked at thirty to do a postgrad research degree with the intention of going into academe. After two years of self-funded study I got the degree but decided that I didn't want to go into academia after all and returned to finance. On one level: cost me a lot of money, lost me a job I really liked, and meant I had to start again at a lower level in finance. However: chased my dream and prevented my spending the rest of my life wondering "if only / what if". It also meant that after that I appreciated my work a lot more and very clearly saw the upsides as well as the downsides. Fired up by that I worked very hard and did very well for the next eight years and then retired. Though I did return to work and am still working now. Taken in isolation it was a failure but in combination with the following eight years it was far more successful than if I had stayed where I was for the same ten years.
  7. Yes, in Campbell's case he is reaping what he sowed. The diagnosis of depression seems vague, is it being down or something more fundamental? I still clearly remember waking in the middle of the night in about 1989 and feeling, for no reason whatever, absolutely bleak, shattered, terrible. The feeling began to fade and I did eventually fall asleep and when I woke I was absolutely fine but had the very clear memory of it which has stayed with me. I can only put it down to some transient chemical imbalance in the brain; I haven't had it before or since. When people say they have depression and it's that then I don't know how they can carry on, but if it's general unhappiness then yes all the self help advice applies.
  8. There is a great quote which I thought was by Dr Jacob Bronowski but actually is by Oliver Cromwell. This sums up these idiots; they have this absolute certainty and think that all actions are justified but they are wrong. Jacob Bronowski used it retrospectively about the Nazis but it now applies to the latter day fascists who have such certainty in their cause that they think that any atttack upon "the enemy" is justified. I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.
  9. And crossing with 1p on self service tills thread. What do they actually intend to do with the proceeds of this tax? They intend to shovel it the way of charities like this so that they can waste it. There is no plan, no big idea. Just more of Gordon Brown's pouring money into the charity sector because that is an end in itself. Th egovernment has discharged its responsibility for a particular social problem by raising tax for it. And then just gives it away to load of badly dressed hair dyed incompetents to waste. Scummer (I don't mean Nige!) Scummer: These people would not get an interview let alone a job in a normal company. Yet in the charity sector they can award themselves six figure salaries because they're worth it. Like fuck are they.
  10. Thankfully they have sacked her. She also tweeted this: Happiness Charity
  11. 1) Do you want to leave and CRASH OUT with NO DEAL? 2) Would you like to have the calm certain future that continued membership of your benevolent EU will bring?