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  1. That's an absolutely textbook way to play it. I'd prefer gold to silver owing to its smaller volume but apart from that minor quibble it's covering all the bases. Unlike my friend who has spent most of the last thirty years earning between £40k and £60k and just wastes it. She genuinely is well below the £6k limit having debts and no assets bar a car worth about £200. She's an only child though so knows she's got a house and inheritance coming.
  2. It's some quirk of the software when I try to delete an "@" name instead of deleting it adds the last word multiple times with every successful partial deletion being instantly undone. Experience of this tells me to give up as I can't win and it will just fill the page with silver.
  3. It's not good and this, and possible future means testing of old age benefits and possibly even a wealth tax, does strengthen the case for keeping a chunk of your wealth entirely off the radar so that you can firstly keep it and secondly pass it on without suffering taxation. I don't just mean gold coins, there are other ways of holding unrecorded wealth such as @longtomsilver's watch. Ignore the below; I can't delete it on my phone. @Long John SilverSilverSilverSiSilverSilverSilveSilverSilverSilverSiSilverSil
  4. I think it's different with sex crimes because there is the element of shame despite it not being your fault. If you, as a man, had been raped by a famous footballer at the age of fifteen I think you would have been reluctant to tell anyone and ten times so if you knew you were going to be in the paper for reporting it. Imagine going into school the next day - children can be right bastards. It will become what you are known for - see him, he was raped by that famous footballer when he was fifteen. You'd have to be an incredibly brave fifteen year old to report it knowing that all that was going to happen when you could just keep quiet about it and nobody would ever know.
  5. At least 134 dead in a Mali village yesterday; probably a lot more. Slaughtered by islamists. Men, women and children as is their way. I make that three times more than the New Zealand attack upon primarily adult male muslims and I bet reading this is the first time that you've even heard of it. Since it doesn't suit the media agenda to report it.
  6. Yes, they absolutely did know because she was bragging about her footballer boyfriend before it happened. There's a difference between it being known locally and being known to anybody that's interested. I'm sure that it will mean that similar things don't now get reported. I agree that it's hard but if the justice system abandons all pretence of anonymity then the number of rapes and sexual assaults being reported is going to slide off a cliff. I suspect that male rapes have huge under-reporting as there isn't the support network to help male victims (women's crisis centres and similar) but add in loss of anonymity and there will be pretty much nobody coming forward to report them.
  7. I'm not speculating upon the whys and wherefores of the case, I'm sure that has already been done on another thread and people will discuss what they choose to discuss, but that the victim in this case who was given anonymity by the court has had that taken away by the internet. I read the name and saw her picture at the time, an internet search will turn it up for you. Everybody who wants to know who she is will be easily able to find out. A few of the people posting it, including the one where I read it, see it as being part of a campaign for anonymity for the accused as well as the accuser but I don't see how it strengthens that case. I support the anonymity for the accused in these cases because of the way that people, and is usually men, have their names dragged through the mud before eventually being found wholly innocent after people have lost interest (Paul Gambaccini) or mostly innocent (Dave Lee Travis was found guilty of a single thing: Travis was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10–2 of indecently assaulting a female researcher working on the Mrs Merton Show in 1995. That's it yet he was tarred with the Savile paedo brush in people's minds). Where it comes to superinjunctions taken out by celebrities I however applaud the way that the internet unmasks them for the scum that they are. This was however a 15 year old girl and this wil now follow her all of her life. What is going to be the effect of knowing that upon the next victim of a popular yet predatory celebrity? Report it and you will end up being exposed and hounded via the internet. Reluctant as I am to support clamping down hard on such naming, and I say relectant because it will make those bloody celebrity superinjunctions work, there need to be genuine deterrents to doing this.
  8. I think the US system is equally poor value for money which is why it is repeatedly trotted out as being the only alternative to the shambling nationalised money-eating behometh that is the NHS. There are plenty of far better health services than the rubbish fully-privatised US system or the rubbish fully-nationalised NHS; just pick a good one and emulate it. It isn't hard.
  9. No, it doesn't. What it does is make you not a woman which isn't the same thing. Similarly the bloke at work is trying to make himself not a man but he won't ever be a woman. From everything I've read and from the people I've encountered they all are unhappy with what it means to be their own sex and think that the answer to that is to be the other sex. Yet the other sex has its own problems too which is why there are MtFs and FtMs. All people running away from what it means to go through life as their birth sex and thinking that the solution to that is to become the other sex because it then removes the issues they have with going through life as their birth sex. What they're not recognising is that there are difficulties in being a man or a woman anyway so in transitioning they are merely swapping on set of difficulties for another. Add in the hormones and medical treatment and the fact that you will at best look like an outlier of your chosen sex (weedy short bloke with feminine features or strapping big woman with big hands) and surely it's obvious that it's not a route to happiness but to unhappiness. This lawyer is Exhibit A in supporting that argument. Man. Then woman. Then back to man. Then to woman again.
  10. If it was a really cool design that loooked smart then yes. If it was just some text, however humorous, then no. What is funny the first time after repeated vieiwing becomes as funny as this: @Southmartin your hour has come.
  11. We have a bloke who identifies as a woman but the voice, look, mannerisms are 100% male. Nobody wants to offend them but the brain is unable to do that loop the loop to look at an obvious man and say that they are a woman. In formal meetings they are referred to as "she" or the name they've picked but it takes a real effort to do it. I'm not about to post a picture, and don't have one anyway, but to get a real feel for it imagine Arther Mullard in the video below wearing a stretchy dress with fake tits the size of moobs and calling themselves Anthea. Picture that and then think whether you could naturally refer to "Anthea" as her / she. You just can't do it.
  12. The people's Prince. My grandad, like most of his generation, worse a suit at all times which included when on the beach. This was however a rather long time ago.
  13. Surely everybody has arranged a live Q&A session with their instagram followers and then accidentally forgotten about it whilst accidentally leaving on the live stream and having sex whilst broadcasting it live. Surely we've all done that. I know I have. I believe the weirdo. #metooweird
  14. This may already have been posted but is pretty emtional. Two guys who buy a lion cub from Harrods inthe 1970s; realise he needs to live in the wild so take him to an animal sanctuary in Africa, and then some time later raturn for a visit. Aww.
  15. I wouldn't as you regularly get stories in the papers from people saying that the electrity has been making them unwell: headaches, can't sleep. All fairly low level stuff admittedly but bad enough and reported often enough that I would never consider living near one.