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  1. Frank Hovis

    Wtf happened to respecting women?

    I would suggest that it's symptomatic of a wider disenchantment that we see on here in a more polite form and think that it's particularly prevelant amongst the middle aged (and older) because they grew up in a country with standards and decency with a genuine sense of doing things for the common good; there was a "social contract". They have since seen successive governments trash all of this with benefits culture, mass immigration, and cronyism. Society, to a great extent, has broken down and selfishness rules; it's a natural reaction to seeing how the "great and good' behave. The light recently shone upon charities is a great microcosm of this. Organisations that you thought were run by self-sacrificing staff are actually run for the staffs' benefit including overseas sex parties for the international ones. Add to that the Red Cross's active involvement in trafficking people into Europe and you would now have to be totally deluded to see any but local volunteer run charities as a good cause deserving of your hard earned.
  2. Frank Hovis


    Dear oh dear. If he actually said that that is incredibly stupid and embarrassing.
  3. Frank Hovis

    What has Katie Price (Jordan) done in the last two days?

    You're probably right; cutting down or doing some of that herself would be out of the question. I bet she wouldn't even consider driving a Rover Metro in order to keep the house.
  4. Frank Hovis

    What has Katie Price (Jordan) done in the last two days?

    I was surprised to see that the house costs £10k a month to "maintain". She bought it for £1.3m so that's nearly 10% of the purchase price in annual running costs. I know she has horses and other animals which would be within this cost but it still sounds huge. If you bought a £240k house you would not expect to be paying out £2k a month just to run it.
  5. Story from The Sun, Friday 20 July: Being involved in fashion, television, writing and modelling has seen Katie's net worth soar to an estimated £45 million. And today, Sunday 22 July: KATIE Price is reportedly being forced to sell off her Sussex mansion to pay off her mounting debts. The former glamour girl is putting the house on the market in a last ditch attempt to sort out her finances, according to the Daily Star Sunday. Now that's what I call a lost weekend!
  6. Frank Hovis

    When prophets fail

    You can see how voodoo can take hold with its use of incapacitating poisons that render a person apparently dead; allowing the voodoo cultist to inspire awe by awaking a "dead" person. That chap had the right idea - crowd, showmanship, dressed smartly - but missed the essential element that you can't perform the trick if the person starving is actually dead.
  7. Frank Hovis

    A minority in my own country

    I just wouldn't use it. I haven't patronised take aways or delivery pizzas for years, honourable exception for fish and chips once every two or three months. It's a combination of poor hygiene standards, religiously slaughtered meat, and that they create an artificial demand for unskilled third world immigrants to work in them.
  8. Frank Hovis

    Wtf happened to respecting women?

    To act protectively towards women is sadly now deemed to be sexist so it is no longer instilled into boys. Dave Allen spoke upon the subject but I can't find the clip.
  9. Frank Hovis

    Climate change...

    I've always been ambivalent about having kids and still am. With the right woman I still would but I don't see not having them as an issue. I assume my kids, if I had them, would be big strong and clever like myself so I wouldn't worry about their futures.
  10. Frank Hovis

    She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie

    Died 2002.
  11. Frank Hovis

    She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie

    Newlyn (biggest working harbour in Cornwall, with Falmouth second) was closed for hours because they brought the bomb squad in for a suspect package on the boat.
  12. Frank Hovis

    The end of Dr Who?

    I'm not starting a new thread for it but there is a Buffy reboot coming. In a nod to political correctness Buffy is now black but as long as it's still the essential character (goofy teen schoolgirl who happens to slay vampires) that's being played then that's fine. If she's going to be a black SJW lesbian who hates Trump however: not so fine. Joss Wheedon's involved so it shouldn't be too different.
  13. Frank Hovis

    How depressing

    I would guess (and that's all it is) that similar levels of prescribing occur in Singapore and Hong Kong because of their overcrowding. A crowded urban environment is pretty miserable for an adult; for a child who would like to run around fields and play with their friends it must be ten times worse. Here we go, Singapore: SINGAPORE: Depression, relationship issues, bullying, family problems – kids as young as five years old are seeking help for these problems. Suicide prevention centre SOS told Channel NewsAsia last week that it received about 1,900 calls from those aged five to 19 last year – an increase of 70 per cent compared to 2012.
  14. Frank Hovis

    How depressing

    People keep quiet about these things; I expect that several people (or everybody!) I know is on them but they're not going to volunteer it. So I can't extrapolate from the single case of which I know to say that they're usually temporary as I have no idea. Looking back I probably could have done with them for a couple of periods in my twenties when I was unhappy in a situation but realistically unable to change it in the medium term and they would have done me less damage than the industrial quantities of beer to which I resorted at the time.
  15. Frank Hovis

    How depressing

    I don't think we're miserable; touch of arrogance maybe. People tend to keep quiet about these things; I know someone who was on them for a while. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation with which you're not happy but you can't realistically change in the medium term; usually a combination of work and family responsibilities. Something that will lift your mood will be welcome hence "mother's little helpers". I agree that doling it out to that many kids is just wrong and other solutions should be sought. I would have thought a lot of the problems derive from high house prices (both parents working), overcrowding (nowhere to play), and the simultaneous isolation and peer pressure of social media.