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  1. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    RPI + 3%. Wow. Anyone would invest in a bond that offered that. it's a FANTASTIC rate. Though obviously not so good if you're paying it.
  2. Tax avoidance - a moral duty?

    I'm surprised that a bit of due diligence isn't done before lending or giving credit. It's an old game. The Long Firm
  3. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    And his father died when he was young I've not seen him on much but I think I knew those facts when I saw him and viewed him through that lens; a little lost boy putting on a very brave face for whiich I respected him.
  4. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    This one. Not mine but the same, and similar condition. I had to pay out to have a part made privately to get it working despite the Rolex claims about being always able to fix them. My grandad's watch on my dad's side and I also have my grandad's watch on my mum's side which is more valuable. I don't quite know how I ended up with both as combined there are about twenty grandchildren and I'm not acquisitive but somehow I do. I have just been reminded how very pleased I am about that.
  5. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I had a fake Tag Heuer from Bali back in the 80s that I had to stop wearing as, whilst it looked really cool, it raised blisters on my wrist. I also have a non-valuable (£600) 1930s Rolex which keeps time to within a couple of seconds a day.
  6. Disabled People

    I know someone disabled by her weight which often makes her ill. But she works full time, is always smiling and pleasant, and never moans. If we were in a era of rationing she would be running up the stairs rather than being unable to use them; besides fat and the health problems that it brings (heart mainly) she isn't unwell. It's a great shame.
  7. Bad start to the day

    Ditto, one more year's MoT sorted, though I don't think that's an unusual coincidence as this is the time of year when people buy cars. One naughty bird has however relieved themselves on my front picture window. Which I have literally never cleaned (four years and counting) because every few weeks the driving rain does its work. I do have to clean the back windows; nobody sees the side ones.
  8. MRICS

    Chartered surveyors? Yes, good ones are very useful.
  9. Bad start to the day

    Ding ding - we have a winner!
  10. I'm probably four weeks in thirty years. Mostly flu and a single sickie back in 1990 where I had seriously underestimated the strength of the beer I was drinking (Courage Directors, not my usual) and, rather than being hungover, I was still drunk in the morning. Got off the bed, fell back onto it. Phoned in sick.
  11. Yes, and hugely at risk and under stress these days because of understaffing. I actually got to recognise the name of this PCSO in Saltash, Kirsty Down, because there was a spate of really bad accidents on that part of the A38 over ?18 months, several times with children dead or seriously injured, and she was the first responder being interviewed pretty much every time. I wasn't surprised that she quit. I get the impression that some of the big city forces contain a lot of wasters because you can hide but with existing staffing levels there's no hiding in rural areas.
  12. Windrush

    What is this "must" bollocks. Bugger off we're leaving you do not control us any more.
  13. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Tattoos seems to be a mixture of peer pressure and thinking it's cool when you're younger. Though that huge arse tattoo of Cheryl Tweedie looks like a cry for help "I'm in torment here, look at what I'm doing to myself." The ludicrous hair colour does seem to be something different to tattoos. Mainly "look at meeeee" but I think also a cry of pain. This was Macaulay Culkin in one of his more troubled phases, it looks like a cry of pain.
  14. Windrush

    I don't know. That's not "no" but I genuinely don't know. I could see that it's within the Border Agency's interest to pick on immigrants who the public would instinctively support because then it gives them licence to pursue their other work less effectively. "Look what happens when we try to do our job properly!".