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  1. One of the earliest decsriptions I heard of archaeology was "anthropology with time depth" and that lack of the time dimension was Marx's big failure. Yes it was an excellent analysis of the status quo but assumed that it would continue unchanging and that all that was required was a change between the reward to capital and the reward to labour. Felixstowe handles 42% of the UK's commercial imports with a handful of workers because of considerable investment in technology; in Marx's time that would have been hundreds of dockers manhandling goods ashore. His system did not allow for change and anyone who adheres to it despite the real world evidence showing time and time again that it doesn't work, and as you say with 100m dead through trying to force a flawed system to work, is either a lunatic or as you say a terrorist and should be removed from normal human society.
  2. And the way to do that is to stop the mass immigration that floods the labour market with supply, keeping wages low, and simultaneously pushes up the demand for housing so making the price of that rise. If you wish people to be paid more for their work and to keep more of thier earnings by habing lower housing costs then quite simply you want less people. You do not push up the minimum wage.
  3. That is the basic problam - Marx didn't understand how industry evolved and improved so the Soviets in following him were doomed to failure because no country is an island (well, many are but I will expand). Every country in order to have a long term future needs to trade with others for raw materials that it doesn't have, food that it can't produce, and pays for these with the receipts from finished goods that it makes. If you primarily just sell raw materials then you have a bleak future because they will eventually run out - Arab oil states, Australia, Russia. If nobody wants to buy your finished goods outside of the domestic market then you will be unable to buy raw materials from overseas and your indusry will contract - most third world countries. The Soviet leaders realised that the only way to solve this dilemma was to take over the whole world and turn it into a single communist state. That way raw materials would not have to be purchased and the domestic market for their finsihed goods would be the whole world with no alternative to buying a Lada for a huge sum. They tried to do this but the US industrial and military strength doomed their efforts to failure and with world conquest no longer an option then all they could do was to sit and wait for the inevitable collapse.
  4. Holy water - it looks easy and will be my first venture towards wine. I don't like commercial wine, or wine made out of grapes generally, but I certainly liked some of my parents' home made wine with elderflower champagne better than any bought champagne.
  5. Terrifying but true. Such political parties should be banned.
  6. Yes, that is the root failure of both communism and socialism. They see "wealth" as something existing independently of the people who create it and think that to get an equal society then all they have to do is bring in rules to distribute it equally. They miss that as soon as you take away any reward for making an effort people will cease to make that effort and the pool of wealth that they are redistributing gets smaller and smaller until everyone starves. Soviet Russia and contemporary Venezuela being prime examples of the application of these policies which fail to understand basic human nature. Without reward nobody works unless they are forced to do so. It is as much an intellectual failure as Mugabe's seizing of white farms to give to his supporters. The problem being that in removing the people who were running the farm it ceases to ba a valuable farm and becomes simply unproductive land.
  7. I think I might also next week. When I bought the house it came with a load of beer making equipment - which I've used - and wine making including half a dozen brand new demijohns which I haven't. I will need to make a trip to WIlkos for the wine yeast, nutrient and citric acid.
  8. He won't be; he'll be happy on £12.5k. And as you say with rent a room he's not doing bad. People often dismiss saving into pension on the basis that any tax you save on the way on will be payable on the way out so there is no tax benefit but it doesn't have to be. People paying higher rate tax when working will probably be paying basic when retired so that's 20% or 25% genuine saving. Also VCTs will still be availble for tax relief and you can put in a small ?£3,750 amount per year into your SIPP even if you're not earning or paying tax and get the 20% gross up so you can be paying negative tax every year; you can do this every year up to the age of 75. Needless to say I will be doing that this year That's the way to do it. As with many things you have to be reasonably lucky with timing but done correctly it allows you to pull out of the system when you choose.
  9. Turbo cider (apple juice) or Holy Water which only needs sugar as below: Ingredients 4lb sugar 7.5 pints of water 1 tsp citric acid 1 tsp yeast nutrient 1 tsp marmite 1 tsp all-purpose wine yeast Equipment saucepan 1gallon demijohn airlock and bung Heat half the water to just before boiling point and stir in the sugar and Marmite until fully dissolved. Pour into a demijohn and add the rest of the water. Allow to cool to room temperature, then add the citric acid, yeast nutrient and yeast. Attach the airlock and bung and allow to ferment out (ten to fourteen days; when the airlock bubbles stop). Serve with cordials to make them alocholic.
  10. It works in terms of personal morality in that I am not funding things to which I object; hence not paying the licence fee.
  11. Yes; housing costs, whether rent or mortgage, are the blocker for most because of the amount of net salary that it soaks up. The only other person I know that pays know income tax is soembody I know in RL. He inherited his mother's house and has lodgers to supplement his groundskeeping salary which I would guess is low £20ks. Everything above £12.5k goes into his pension.
  12. I really don't. My assumption is that so few people will ever take this approach that the government will not take action to prevent it. I have noted on here that I haven't paid income tax for over twenty years depsite working PAYE jobs and even on here, with its intelligent finance-savvy membership, nobody else has said that they have done this so there will be no crackdown upon it and the method is still allowed.
  13. I entirely agree. Those of us who object to "big government"- high taxation and high public spending - on principle have a direct method of cutting it down to size: stop paying tax. TV tax for starters - I know that it doesn't go to the government but I regard the BBC as the Ministry of Truth hence its being given tax raisng powers. Then: VAT - buy the bare minimum new; keep it second hand. Especially cars. Fuel - minimise petrol / diesel purchases. Walk, cycle, EV maybe. Alcohol - homebrew. I'm not the best homebrewer but it makes up half the beer I drink. Income tax - up your pension, VCTs. Double whammy here as by doing this you retire earlier and then get out of paying NI as well. Investments - keep in tax free wrappers and start accuumulating some PMs in case we go down the Norway route of wealth tax. Inheritance - there were several tips on another thread. Forestry investments, agricultural land (you need to farm it), or unrecorded PMs simply passd over.