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  1. Does anybody on here actually work?
  2. Technically that's correct for most in that you have to be 55 to start drawing your pensions with a retirement event. You've stopped working so at present the retirement exists in your head. Obviously different rules apply in the public sector where they have odd conditions like 55 or 30 years continual service whichever is earlier. Something like that.
  3. Beat you to it by two weeks (this time, third retirement). Keep regular hours. Exercise every day; ideally outside. Start thinking what you are going to be doing during the winter when so much outdoor activity like gardening and swimming cease and walking can be a chore in teh bad weather. My last two retirements both failed on that third point. Loved spring / summer / autumn but bored to tears in winter. Congratulations btw.
  4. I though the same in the rough parts of Exeter so nah! It does ring a bell now you say it.
  5. At cost four but with grant funding and the ability to borrow then twenty.
  6. They are too gorgeous. A few tips for anyone getting over-bored and in search of some Pot Noodle fun here.
  7. Nope, real meetings or nothing. Work was banging on about a WhatsApp group for the current bout of silliness and I said I don't do social media.
  8. You think she's been replaced like Paul McCartney?
  9. If you haven't seen them: Game of Thrones (do not watch the last series) and Breaking Bad Were both excellent.
  10. Oh dear. I thought she was very attractive for about two years in the late 80s but not before and certainly not since. She's lovely here.
  11. Now that is boring. Telly gets increasingly boring the more you watch because of the passivity it induces in the viewer. Whilst my main gripe is with the So-Called BBC I think broadcast TV generally is looking past its sell by date.
  12. That's fine! Just my opinion. I have been wrong before and will be again. That house prices had to fall massively post 2008 being my biggest error but I wasn't alone in that; there was a whole website dedicated to it.