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  1. PPE at Oxford and Downing Street awaits. Whilst most around me saw their degree as a chore I enjoyed most of mine which was archaeology and those doing geology also enjoyed their course. They both contained a lot of practical stuff do it wasn't just sitting in the library all day. That makes it sounds like woodwork as being the course for thickies but it wasn't that at all. It was a long time ago (obviously) but as well as the essay writing there was surveying (a couple of chapels), pollen analysis, finds recording, local field trip and one around Europe plus you were required to do four weeks on a dig between your second and third years, I did seven weeks as I enjoyed it. Highly recommended and I was not disadvantaged in going for jobs against others with more relevant degrees because in the real world they weren't actually relevant at all. The woman who had spent three years doing Actuarial Studies thinking that all that tedium would give her an advantage was bang wrong.
  2. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Ah yes, talk about incestuous and jobs for the boys: Brendan and Jo met while working for Oxfam, where Mr Forsyth had been their boss. Mr Forsyth became Gordon Brown's campaigns chief when he became Prime Minister in 2007, and Mr Cox joined him in Downing Street, while Mrs Cox became an adviser to Sarah Brown. The Coxes married in 2009. When Labour lost the 2010 Election, Mrs Cox followed her political dream – eventually being elected MP in 2015. Mr Forsyth became Save The Children's chief executive and Mr Cox went with him as director of policy, including responsibility for the 'empowerment of women.'
  3. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Sorry who? I presume not Bruce or Bridget.
  4. Tremor South Wales?

    Indeed, it's a logarithmic scale (I thought so and have just confirmed) hence the "log book" reference from @The Generation Game. Decibels are the same so twenty decibels are ten times louder than ten decibels rather than twice as loud. Anyway I was posting as I'm hearing a string of stories about the effects of the earthquake in Cornwall so I was probably driving or walking when it happened so didn't notice it.
  5. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    I heard exactly this about the mid / late 90s Arsenal team from someone who knew the landlord of one of their regular pubs. Getting pissed, certainly, but also vast amounts of coke and lots of prostitutes. The Sun confronted a couple of them with the evidence with the deal of give them an exclusive revealing sob story about the booze and no mention of the drugs and prostitutes or we'll publish the lot. Cue a couple of front page exclusives with tearful pictures accompanying the story of "my booze hell".
  6. Steptoe spied for Czech secret police & Soviet Union

    That presupposes that the Conservative party knows what it's doing; last year's snap election suggests otherwise.
  7. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    St Brendan has just been officially thrown under the bus. After studiously ignoring the Harvard story the So-Called BBC has just led its 7am news with the new story and it's also the lead story on their news page.
  8. Which Father Ted character are you?

    And.... breathe.
  9. Given a hot summer Italy may well explode. No nation can taken this level of shit.
  10. They don’t make them like they used to

    I accept that charge to a degree, though it's more a stance of "I can afford a rare Ferrari so will instead drive a very ordinary car as I'm not jumping on that bandwagon"; a lot of much wealthier people than me do the same. Zuckerberg, Buffet, and the IKEA founder all drove / drive ordinary cars. It's also a "green" (in a good sense rather than a virtue-signalling sense) motivation. I mend my socks so wear them ?two years more than somebody who chucks them out at the first appearance of a hole. So my sock purchases are a third of your average person meaning less environmental damage from producing three times as many socks and discarding them. I linked the R4 Your and Yours phone in which included amongst the callers a woman who on principle would buy nothing new barring underwear because she wanted to cause the minimum damage to the environment. It's an acceptance of the necessity of having material goods combined with a dislike of materialism. I like having old things; especially if my repairing them means that they continue in use.
  11. They don’t make them like they used to

    For all the absolute tosh that Blair / Brown brought in about GDP growth being their god (and Cameron / May continued; their is no left right difference in this nonsense) these monetary measures really do not improve people's lives. I am at this moment wearing a polo shirt that became too small for my brother ten / fifteen years ago. I actually prefer wearing that, with its thin patches, to a brand new ? £80 polo shirt. All this excess money sloshing about makes no-one happier. What makes people happy is family, friends, and time. GDP per head ncreasing 10% will not make people happier.
  12. They don’t make them like they used to

    Thnak you Jay; that anecdote in isolation left several unanswered questions which you have excellently answered.
  13. Which Father Ted character are you?

    I think you're our first Dougal!
  14. Which Father Ted character are you?

    No. He really wants to starve and die of hunger! I changed my mode of transport and my lovely girl; but I'm still Father Ted.