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  1. Quick summary for anyone who doesn't click on random videos: SNP non-entity (with the "frog eyes" to which I have referred previously) surveys one man and his dog about regulating fireworks and they say "Yes" and "Woof". SNP non-entity thinks his moment of glory has come and worthily presents this as an important subject for debate. The Moggster stands up, says "No", and sits down again. End. SNP non-entity is upset and Tweets about it. It is then pointed out to him that regulation of fireworks is a devolved power so should be debated, if at all, in the Scottish parlia
  2. It was more a pop at Joanna Lumley demanding they be let in and then, with that done, swanning off back to her enormous house and leaving them to fend for themselves with taxpayer funding.
  3. This is with what I take issue. It wasn't "the Germans" or "we" that invited them it was large corporations who didn't want to pay the wages that the locals wanted to, say, drive a bus. Immigration is always detrimental to existing workers.
  4. I would say that it's because you are within the same nation state and nobody objects to movement within the nation state (Covid19 excepted!) because there is no net addition. If you're claiming benefits in SE England it costs no more than your claiming benefits in NW England. If you take a house in the SE you've freed up one in the NW etc. There is also a blurring with people from the Irish republic where they get a pass because it's all the British Isles. There is also generally not an objection where there is fairly even reciprocal movement between countries as there is between
  5. I would like a one for one system operating reciprocally between countries: one in one out. The one out being a volunteer. If Lily Allen was genuine in her tears for the Afghan asylum seeker she met in Calais then she could then give him instant passage into the country by herself renouncing her British citizenship and moving to Afghanistan. If Joanna Lumley was so moved by the plight of retired Gurkhas then she could make places for them by her and her husband moving to Nepal. Similarly Gary Lineker could move himself and his family to Iraq in order to allow in a desper
  6. It would definitely be more creditworthy; ditto if NI or Wales left. They all have higher public spending and lower tax return per capita than the UK so without them the budget deficit would fall and might even reverse. That's factual. I don't however wish to see the break up of the union so for me it is a moot point. Your average worker in Scotland, NI and Wales isn't benefitting from this largesse though; it's all going on public sector salaries and the bennies mob.
  7. The elephant in the room just broke wind...
  8. Yes, I'm probably seeing it through the prism of my intended upsizing where every rise will cost me.
  9. What I don't understand is why so many people who only own one house think that the price of it going up by 6.5% is a good thing. If it was gold or shares then you can sell some and realise the profits - buy a car, go on holiday - yes that's good news. You can't however sell some of your house (yes ok equity release but 'tis a very poor deal) and any house you may wish to buy when you sell your current house will also have gone up 6.5%. Once you have bought a house that's it; you own it. Most people wouldn't consider STR (I wouldn't) so the only "benefit" of a rise is that you
  10. They're cheap and cost pennies to run. I think we'd all better get used to our streets looking like Blackpool Prom because this is one thing that is only going to increase. I loop some around my front window and have them on a dimming cycle. It's too early for me yet but I've seen a few go up already.
  11. Gillian Hills. One of the first actresses to get her kit off in a proper film. From memory "Performance".
  12. Though not that great an actress though. The father always gave the impression he was simply going through the motions "I daresay". I asked for it one birthday when the DVD came out; it wasn't as good as I remembered it. "Children of the Stones" (not an Alan Garner) is good and in a smiliar vein. Elidor is excellent with the twin baffling exceptions of the hunter who just goes "Ha" rather than speaks (I read that he was a medieval weapons trainer rather than an actor which would explain it) and his monkey like sidekick who is entirely mute.
  13. Okay. I have yet to meet any who think that but have already noted that everyone I know is well aware that it means that the jackpot rolls down so only buy a ticket on that one for the Lotto. In addition they buy specials when those happen - such as additional UK millionaires on the Euromillions. This isn't me projecting; though I accept that it could be through my influence that they are doing this.
  14. The hope of the jackpot not being won on the "must be won" but instead being spread out around the other prizes is the particular reason why I buy the "must be won" in common with people I know and my old works' syndicate which only bought on those. People aren't morons simply because they buy Lotto tickets.
  15. Women and girls are always the preferred victims of these attacks. It's not just that they're less likely to present a physical challenge; it seems to be something deeper within islamic fundamentalism. The most grotesque tortures at the Luxor massacre were perpetrated upon the women when all the tourists, men and women, were captive and helpless. Women were deliberately targeted in this attack. I suspect that because fundamentalist islam forces women into domestic and sexual servitude that seeing them walking around independent and unaccompanied especially enrages the islam
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