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  1. Frank Hovis

    The Lidl/Aldi heads-up thread

    Cheers for the flag; annoyingly I went there yesterday and didn't spot it. Will revisit Aldi at the weekend.
  2. Frank Hovis

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    Or rather $1.1bn last quarter and $0.9bn last. I can't see how running what is effectively a piece of booking software can consume so much money or that it qualifies as a good investment. I don't even think I've seen and advert for Uber, unlike Just Eat or the holiday / hotel sites, so it's not going on advertising. One of these big tech companies is going to turn into a "What were we thinking?" disaster for investors and lenders. Maybe Uber, maybe Tesla.
  3. Frank Hovis

    Direct Line Home Insurance Jokers

    Build cost inflation has indeed been roaring away over the last five years. £1,500 sqm was a decent estimate in 2013 or 2014 but you won't get that now. My figures are traditional block built rather than timber frame which will be cheaper.
  4. Frank Hovis

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    I think it does. A vibrator and a fleshlight are equivalent IMO (despite one being viewed as empowering women and the other as the province of the sad man) but an imitation of a whole human takes it to a different level. That is an imitation human rather than a handlheld device that helps you to orgasm. If somebody, with zero sexual connotations, had a life sized replica of a human with whom they interacted I would find it odd.
  5. Frank Hovis

    Not buying EU Products

    I had to think about that - Unabomber. i am, like you, a number merchant doing very nicely thank you. But I do not think that a growing economy = growing human happiness.
  6. Frank Hovis

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    i'm certainly not virtue signalling but I think that there is a big difference between a sex aid (as it says - an aid to sex whether in company or alone) and a simulacrum of a real person. One is an aid and the other is a substitute.
  7. Frank Hovis

    Direct Line Home Insurance Jokers

    No it isn't. £160k - £180k for a new build depending upon specification and can easily go over that. Cost per square metre these days is about £1,800 - £2,000 (it was £1,500 a few years ago, pre building boom) even for a big estate; a single build will be paying more than that. You would be insane not to have home insurance at £100 a year or whatever.
  8. Frank Hovis

    Direct Line Home Insurance Jokers

    I had contents insurance when I was 18 in my first year at college - Endsleigh, good bit of marketing - but then worked out that my annual premium was pretty much the second hand value of everything I owned so didn't bother again. It came with the LV policy for free so I have it now; you have to list anything individually worth £2k IIRC and I have nothing approaching that.
  9. Frank Hovis

    Superb Honest Used Car Ad

    This is brilliant. Garage takes a car in part exchange to make a sale. Realises how bad it is at once and lists it for sale without any tarting up or spin and is brutally honest about its faults. It still sells! I won't copy and paste the story but worth a read.
  10. Frank Hovis

    Not buying EU Products

    But why? You have GDP growth endlessly trotted out but we don't need any of this stuff that we are running around to produce to feed consumerism and the banks. Do you have a better life now than you would have had in 1700 when GDP was a tiny fraction of what it is today? I seriously doubt it. This push for GDP growth is not coming from the average worker. Most people value most highly the following: Family Friends Living somewhere nice and above all quiet Enough food Being warm and dry I don't see GDP growth being a necessity in any of that. Economies work for big business. If there were half a million people in this country and everybody had a smallholding and could grow their own food I think we'd be blissfully happy. No iPhones, telly, internet etc. Big business requires you to want these things, to work to get them, and to be influenced by advertising.
  11. Frank Hovis

    Not buying EU Products

    Swedish products (IKEA) are to be avoided; we should help their economy to collapse as that is their only hope. Norway is fine. Denmark is okay as they rejected joining the Euro and keep voting against things in the EU.
  12. Frank Hovis

    Not buying EU Products

    Credit to the @the gardener for suggesting this but how about a concerted boycott of EU Products? Buy British first, non-islamic Commonwealth second, other non-islamic next, then EU, then islamic if no other option. An inlaw has refused to drink French wine for decades owing to their destruction of the Cornish fishing fleets; maybe time for the rest of us to take a similar principled stance.
  13. Frank Hovis

    Direct Line Home Insurance Jokers

    What he said. I moved to them for my car based upon a friend telling me how she had switched to them from the Post Office after an accident when the other party was covered by LV and she was so impressed by their claims handling. I then got them for my house and was equally impressed when I had solar panles fitted and phoned them to tell them expecting at the very least a £50 admin fee; "That's great, we'll make a note. No there's no fee or additional premium." Since then my parents have also moved ot them for their cars and house. They're not the cheapest but they're not far off and the service is excellent. House insurance is the only non-compulsory insurance I take out because I think it's incredibly cheap for what the payout may be.
  14. Frank Hovis


    I would like say how absolutely delighted I am that so many posters have taken decent money back off the banksters
  15. Frank Hovis

    Feed the world

    A judge in Romania gets to decide this???? Brexit cannot come fast enough.