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  1. It doesn't sound very smart.
  2. I've noted that I seem to have a different purpose for watching YouTube to most people - TV shows rather than new user content with a couple of exceptions (Scotty Kilmer, Hubnut - both about cars) - but have found that BitChute is also now offering TV shows rather than just the new user content as previously. I'm about 50:50 between the two sites now and have noticed that YouTube has suddenly stopped routinely taking down The Grand Tour episodes; perhaps because I'm not the only one that has seen that they're on BitChute and watched them there.
  3. Current immigration rules mean that once in they then get to bring in all of their elderly relatives. Immigrants are not necessarily young.
  4. Those are certainly the traditional roles. "Live Free or Die" as Texas has it compared to "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" as communism does. If you want to be left alone by the state you vote traditional right wing (NB - does not equal UK Conservative) and if you want the state controlling many apsects of your life then you vote traditional left wing (NB - does not equal UK Labour). Or equally if you are productive and want to keep most of it - traditional right wing - or unproductive and want to take more off other people - traditional left wing. The last time there was either party genuinely existing in this country was the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher and the Labour Party under Michael Foot. Since then they have all tumbled down to being mere branded factions of a gelatinous globalist centrist mush.
  5. Yet "best in the world" has become an article of faith. My last doctor, my only one in ten years I am fortunate to say, was absolutely excellent but she was obviously very clever and very experienced. But I do get the impression that the deliberately fabricated staff shortages from insufficient training places in this country mean that any idiot waving the right piece of paper is admitted as readily as would be a genuine medical expert because it's a numbers game.
  6. This may have already been posted on this thread; it may even have been posted by me but it takes too long to page back and check. This is from 1988 when I was hugely into music and going to a gig a fortnight but thsi entirely passed me by. Tremendous song. The other two I was going to post were 1990 and 1979 respectively so just the one for now. Cranberries' Linger and Skids' Into the Valley.
  7. Aung Song Su Chi - currently repellingthe Rohinga invasion of NE Burma Penny Mordaunt - RN Reservist and was Defence Scretary And to fuel @Carl Fimble's conspiracy theories: Tzipi Livni
  8. That to my mind is why Corbyn got in. In the last Labour leadership debates you had three people obviously parroting stock phrases as they had been coached and then you had Corbyn who would listen to each question and give a tailored, thoughtful response. That his responses were utterly bonkers mattered not; what mattered was that he was the only who gave any impression of actually thinking for himself which is a requirement for party leader.
  9. Really? Bercow, Osborne, Hammond, May vs Frank Field, Kate Howey The obvious self-hate that I use to define SJW politicians would have me putting Bercow and Hammond as Labour or Liberal and Field and Howey as Conservative. May and Osborne could fall in either.
  10. I could put up specific counter examples but generally I agree with you. So many politicians are the woke self-hating types that wish to tear down everything good and replace it with a mess. They are genuinely despicable; the lowest of the low who if they entered a bar I would walk out. Examples just this week being Labour's "let everyone in" immigration policy and the Liberals pledge to let anyone pick their gender without any of yer actual surgery that would physically change their bodies. The conservatives are (IMO) also mostly bad but in a different way. They may like everything good about Britain but are equally happy to sell it out to the highest bidder and despite their fine words have shown themsleves to be globalists by their actions.
  11. I would take such dating on an exposed surface with a very large pinch of salt. I went on a site tour of a dig on Tintagel island in the late 80s, I was digging on a nearby site, and the question came up of any dating evidence. The guys laughed because they had carbon dated a deposit and it had come back at 40,000 BC os similar ludicrous date. The assumption was that some oil or petrol had contaminated the deposit.
  12. Ethiopia was conquered by Italy for five years so by that measure you can also say that France was colonised by Germany for five years 1940-45. I would class Ethiopia as the best, or rather than only, example of a proper state that was orginated and ruled by native Africans. Liberia is a colonial settlement of the USA IMO; that the colonisers were black I don't think changes that. Liberia began as a settlement of the American Colonization Society (ACS), who believed black people would face better chances for freedom and prosperity in Africa than in the United States.[7] The country declared its independence on July 26, 1847.
  13. I wasn't trying to rank the various European cultures and the one I linked above is in Turkey. Malta, for example, has some amazing subterranean temples.