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  1. My big disappointment was some year slater living near the Wychwood brewery but finding all of its beers so sweet that they were almost, for me, undrinkable. Shame as I thought their marketing was brilliant and they were in all the local pubs.
  2. Oh noes, people will be pouring in now! Tbh I think it's because both places have so many retired people who are happy not doing much during the various lockdowns meaning that overall social contact is that much lower.
  3. Funny how we're all different. In my City days the two big London brewers were Fuller's and Young's. I liked the ethos of both, traditional London brewers, and their pubs. Yet I loved every single Fuller's beer whilst finding Young's like drinking medicine; I tried them all and I think it was only the oatmeal stout with which I found reasonable.
  4. I've got some, though less than 1% of my investments, primarily because I like it and used to collect coins when younger and a sovereign was beyond my pocket. I didn't buy ridiculously cheaply but at £250 bought and £320 now the return is reasonable. I will buy again when gold is so out of fashion that people are practically laughing at it. Bitcoin is the current hot investment; maybe there will be sustained gold sell off to transfer into that. Or maybe the stock markets start roaring upwards. Gold isn't a bad investment but it is a one trick pony in that over the long term it wil
  5. Chards are very open about the premiums they charge on sovereigns compared to the bullion price. Looking at the charts gives without premium (a sovereign is 0.2354 troy ounces): Now $1,808 / 1.33 = £1,359 x 0.2354 = £320 First week of August (peak): $2,000 / 1.31 = £1,526 x 0.2354 = £359 They look right to me at present but I wouldn't know what they were charging the first week of August. The peak came rapidly so if your quoted summer price was from anything up to mid July then it would have been similar to current levels. This graph is in dollars hence th
  6. Yep. I would not want to be aged 16 - 30 at present. There are hard times coming and they are going to pay for it.
  7. I remember one of the pension guys at my audit firm proudly telling me that the company pension had never lost money on their money purchase scheme. At the time I was very impressed. When I knew more about investments I realised that they could only do that by sitting in bonds and deposits and missing out upon all the big stock market gains with occasional losses. So I transferred out. My listed investments are now back to the level they were in February, within half a percent as of yesterday, so your pension will be back up as well.
  8. It may or may not be a good investment but you certainly need a steady nerve to hold it.
  9. I don't think he understands the meaning of the word "work". It reminds me of the analogy of the celebrity telethon: a person with a thousand fridges crammed with Mars Bars tries to convince lots of people with two Mars Bars to give one of them away.
  10. Not related to the latest announcement but Google on my phone started suggesting stories I may want to read about six months ago. A good two thirds of them are Royal stories. Not just Meghan Harry but also Kate Wills and Liz Phil. I have never read any of them and simply clear them yet still they keep coming. I don't think Americans understand the relationship between British people and the royals - generally we like that they are there but are not very interested - and think that we want to know every single details of their lives in full Hello magazine technicolour. This
  11. Don't tell it to me; tell it to Pauline.
  12. @MrPin would know about motorcycles specifically. The huge rise in prices in ordinary models seems to be driven by the ready availability of finance deals meaning that very few individuals actually pay those prices; instead they sign up for three or four years of monthly payments. Job insecurity is going to reduce the number of people to whom those deals are available and increase the number of price reductions / trade ins for outright buyers. I can't see a crash in such prices but I can see some reductions via deals. I don't know why sterling in particular would tank as al
  13. The real story is here. He'd already been thrown out once for being trouble and came back in, climbed over the bar and poured himself a beer. https://www.rt.com/news/507850-australia-teen-choked-mask/
  14. When did being the first country to approve a vaccine that has not been through the normal trials and testing become a good thing? I wonder what happens if you work for the NHS, are in a role where you have specific knowledge of vaccines, and refuse to have it? And that hits the press. BRITAIN has a “50/50 chance” of becoming the first country in the world to approve a Covid vaccine — with a decision expected as early as next week. NHS staff will be first in the queue for the jab under plans being finalised by health bosses. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1330050
  15. I think the aim is going onto UC rather than JSA as the house will not come into the means testing.
  16. It seems to be compulsory to include at least two classical music tracks even if you're Bez from The Happy Mondays and have only heard them on adverts.
  17. Does anyone on here actually work? I know I don't
  18. I assume I'm not going to win the jackpot meaning that I'm buying in the hope of winning £100+ for three numbers on roll down. Giving the £5 plus free draw for two numbers didn't have much impact on the bigger prizes. That's not always been the case; when it came out back in the mid nineties I was buying in the hope of winning the big one. I obviously didn't!
  19. Yup. For anyone aged currently aged under forty I think it has evaporated for just that reason. Being a housewife is not something from which feminism has freed women; rather it is a door which it has closed to them.
  20. You can't draw your pension early though. It's already 57 at the earliest IIRC.
  21. You can hire people for that; the really diificult thing is sorting out the loonies when they kick off. Why do that for minimum wage when you can do it for £200k a year if you work for yourself?
  22. I know your hands are tied at the moment but when not definitely get that HMO for "troubled" people; you don't need the money because the bank will lend it to you because you will have such a huge guaranteed income. You will be the richest poster on DOSBODS. The person I know who did that down here was pulling £200k a year for very little effort; he dorev a Porsche and an AMG Merc. The council will hurl money at you to do this.
  23. I did pay out for a review last year with just such in mind but the expected transfer value bonanza did not materialise. It wasn't bad but not the lottery win that I was expecting and I don't see interest rates / annuity values increasing any time soon. Schemes, and loan agreements, contain provisions for the discontinuation of reference indices which tend to work in the favour of the scheme / bank. LIBOR is being discontinued to be rpelaced by SONIA; and now RPI to replaced by CPIH. If the ONS is not producing these indices then they cannot be used because they don't exist.
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