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  1. No, tis true. My mate Alun, he was a welsher, at primary school used to tell people that I wanted world war three so I could fight in it. I did. I do. I won't now and accept that.
  2. "Exciting" generally means lots of mistakes. That's not a bad thing and I watch non-league mostly to the extent that I watch football. The premiership is the world's best players and consequently incredibly boring as they cancel each other out. Even when I had a TV licence I had stopped watching Match of the Day for just that reason.
  3. The only reason I went into the really exciting profession that is accountancy rather than joining the marines as was my initial intention was that I couldn't see a proper war happening and I didn't want to spend twenty years getting muddy and then cleaning that mud off my kit as it seemed rather pointless. My big regret is that I never got to fight in a major war, and now that I've turned fifty I won't even if one happens.
  4. If you take out Rangers, Celtic, Hearts aand Hibs then the rest of the teams would be in the English Conference League or below. The crowds are absolutely that level. Rangers and Celtic are good Championship teams. Hearts and Hibs would be in Div 3. The league is similar to Wales. Cardiff and Swansea can compete in the English leagues but the rest: no chance. I'm surprised that the Scottish league persists to the degree that it does; clearly nobody is interested and the indvidual clubs must be heavily loss making.
  5. Yes. I'm cutting down myself as I've been having a few downsides from it but if everything's fine then glug away. Roddy or Dai Llewellyn, I forget, used to merrily put away, as he put it, "half a case" of wine a day. That's six bottles or twenty four pints in real money and he was absolutely fine on it. We're all different and the targets seem to exist because some people want to tell others how to live their lives and others have this need to be told how to live their lives.
  6. The limits are meaningless IMO. What you need to look out for are the negative effects which mean that you are drinking too much.
  7. I heard the story this morning and my first thought was what does this have to do with the Public Accounts Committee? If the So-Called BBC takes fifty years to build this set whilst wasting billions in doing it then it's their loss as it's their money that they're wasting. I know it's not public money forcibly taken from taxpayers as like many on here I don't pay a penny towards it. If people wish to continue to fund the So-Called BBC that's up to them and the PAC should keep its nose out of this private arrangement.
  8. This bit leaped out for me: The driver was reportedly known to police Driving a school bus
  9. I wasn't going to pitch in but in response to @Hopeful I have them on my car and they do have value. They are not tyre specific and are set by holding down the button once I've pumped up the tyres; they have a reasonably high tolerance and tend to come on the first hot day of the year after the tyres have warned up, and the first cold day after the car has been sitting idle outside. They give me the nod to check them all and adjust accordingly. There have however been two circumstances where it wasn't so routine: A sidewall bulge had developed that I hadn't noticed. A particular tyre that was slowly leaking air because the seal with the alloy wasn't perfect and it required pumping up every few days until I took it to be taken off, the alloy properly ground, and refitted. End of problem.
  10. Bloody hell. She used to be catnip but that's bleuurgghhh...
  11. Get in it now! Even if you aren't bothered about winning it if everyone with whom you work swans off loaded leaving you at your desk desperately trying to feel pleased for them you will feel at least a twinge of regret.
  12. Somebody on here said that their son / friend's son was a serving policeman. He said that 90% of them think it nonsense but keep quiet about it for fear of losing their jobs. It's like East Germany under the Stasi: thought crime alert.
  13. Yes, I did used to use it like that years back when I had a telly.
  14. Import vast numbers of people so that you put the environment of Britain under strain and then start lecturing the natives to cut their consumption. Genius work there.
  15. If you need a laptop in the first place. I've had a few from work and owned one but I find that with remote access meaning that I don't have to store anything locally then I don't need to transport anything. Their remaining value IMO is if you regularly work on the train or hotel rooms and I do neither these days; though I did previously have a more mobile job so it was handy then.
  16. That's just repeating the story; nothing has gone badly for him. Unsurprisingly the now Remoaner Mail has the usual media verbal tick of labelling everything non-SJW as being "far right".
  17. Have you not got somewhere to put a desktop? They are pots better for watching DVDs or YouTube with an extra big monitor; I have one for work in my office and one which basically functions as a TV (without the live broadcasts so no licence) on a wheeled coffee table in the lounge. The screen quality is head and shoulders above laptops and the viewing experience better as you are looking across at a distance rather than peering down into a small screen. It's an all in one desktop so the gubbins and DVD sit behind the screen meaning that there is no bulky base unit.
  18. One view is that if 99.99% of your savings sit in low risk investments such as tracker funds then sticking two quid on something ultra high risk is balancing it out. I don't make a point of it but if I notice that it's rolled over a few times then I will buy a ticket on the grounds that it has acquired additional value from the previous rolled up unwon funds. My scratch card experience is similar to others; I bought a couple in the mid 90s, won £10, thought "great", spent it on ten scratch cards, lost it all, felt stupid, haven't bought one since.
  19. Frank Hovis


    Et in Arcadia ego. (not really)
  20. Trago as I hear is much quieter these days owing to the similar model operated by B&M in particular but also The Range and Buyology. My experience of B&M is that they do everything Trago does but with a sensible layout as they're in new purpose built stores.
  21. I like the idea of Trago with its clever buying and cheap pricing but find their shops an unpleasant experience. Falmouth has jammed too many aisles into a small space and the Glynn Valley store's layout has baffled me ever since my parents first took me there. I will however be going there when I decide to replace my carpets as they are excellent for that. I haven't experienced the Newton Abbot store or "Devon Disney" as it is known owing to its having a playground.
  22. The mod cons became standard, the houses and flats aged, and the councils didn't have the funding to keep up the maintenance beyond the bare minimum so the homes went from being a desirable step up to a slum which people who could afford to do so left. The dire state of this social housing stock led to the large scale stock transfers to housing associations from the 90s onwards who, unlike councils, were able to borrow money against future rents and spend the huge sums required to either refurbish these homes or demolish and rebuild. The newly refurbished or rebuilt estates do still delight done of their new occupants; unlike the mugs who have lashed out for Persimmon new builds. So what went wrong is that councils didn't maintain these homes properly. I have read that it was down to central government rules on spending and borrowing rather than the councils' being rubbish but don't know enough about it.
  23. That's deliberately structured that way so that people don't blow it all on a Lamborghini and then end up drawing benefits. Hence pension auto enrollment; it's not to help the worker rather it's aimed at reducing the likelihood that they will be able to claim benefits, pension credit or whatever, in retirement. Most people like the monthly income as it's what they have been used to since they were receiving pocket money as a child; few people I know have any concept of investing or have any aim to have substantial savings (more income = better car, holiday or house rather than more savings) so the monthly pension payment suits them fine.
  24. Yes. I think we all know a strident feminist who somehow morphed into a Stepford wife in their twenties. Not that that's a bad thing, people do change as life is change, but it means that I always take it with a pinch of salt when people come out with this "I will never!" nonsense like the OP and the press give it credence as a real movement. I used to live in central London, hated cars, saw them as noisy, dangerous and polluting. Why did people keep driving them; the selfish twats? I was certainly never going to buy one. Scroll forward a few years and I'm driving every day and enjoying it. Though I understand from where the anti car bias of governemnt and the civil service springs: from living in central London.
  25. To be clear I'm certainly not knocking your daughter; I'd have gone the same route as her because at 18 I would have thought "that's what you do so I'm doing it".