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  1. What a proud nation of song that has such fine citizens within it. (not having a go at Wales; every rogues' gallery from the magistartes' courts countrywide has similar looking people. I think the Victorians were onto something with diagnosing criminality by reference to facial features)
  2. There were reports of muslim terrorist training camps in remote parts of Wales. I don't think it's a salt of the earth local farmer that they've arrested because of this comment:
  3. Very well done on writing to them by the way and eliciting a response.
  4. It depends what you watch. The only political videos that I watch are the ones pre-selected by people on here. I use YouTube to watch a mixture of old TV programmes, the various independent archaeological investigations such as Ancient Architects, and car vids such as Scotty Kilmer and Hubnut. If people on here start linking to BitChute videos then I will be watching them but when I looked 99% of the stuff on BitChute was not the sort of thing that I actually watch. Hopefully it will evolve and improve as I have zero loyalty to YouTube.
  5. Edited out per @Long time lurking's post below.
  6. Frank Hovis

    Mental cunt

    It ruined her life. This bloke did it and there was evidence a-plenty. However she got all the media attention because she was attractive and there was an invented story of a sex game gone wrong that the tabloids couldn't resist. Do you know his name, the guy who actually murdered Meredith? Doubt it. Do you know the name of her co-accused boyfriend? Possible but unlikely. Do you know her name? Yes. Not really fair is it?
  7. Good bit of research there Deep Lurker.
  8. I agree there are some fantastic self made vids following these things and they are great to stumble upon with the finding being part of the pleasure. I've watched quite a few van life / conversion videos and in their combined variety (there isn't a particular one I'd like to emulate, rather elements of many) they are very helpful in the mind experiment of whether I would like to do that and how would I do it.
  9. In their minds, as they appear to be militantly and aggressively lesbian and go around deliberately provoking and enjoying the reaction they get, they would have viewed themselves as fully justified in twatting someone who gave them verbals. Even though by most people's estimation they may have started it in their minds they didn't so publicity it is. Allegedly etc.
  10. The insurance premiums would have been huge owing to the vast cost of rebuild so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't insured. It wasn't really a church in the sense of a place of worship; it was more of a tourist attraction like Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. So I don't see it as being the automatic behoven duty of the Catholic church to fund it all.
  11. It depends what they want to get out of it. If they want to study the subject for its own sake (I did, naively I thought that was standard when it turns out to be quite rare) then it's automatically a good deal. If they are studying something that is a requirement for a career that they wish to enter then it is also a good deal. If they however have some vague idea that they will magically be more employable and paid more merely because they have a degree then they are wasting their money. In that case doing a degree is like doing another set of A Levels immediately having finished the first set: pointless.
  12. I'm actually with them on this. If you are giving a substantial amount then you don't want it wasted by well-meaning incompetence. You want specific plans and competitive tenders to happen that will be very well managed and then you start paying. It's actually quite refreshing that people have begun to understand that if you want to "do good" then you don't just hoik money towards a charity and trust that they will spend it effectively given the recent cases of Oxfam, Kids Co., Red Cross etc. Instead you hold the charity to account and force them to spend it properly. Good on them.
  13. That looks to be the mark. Righteous evangelical SJW anger collides with concrete reality. Reality wins.
  14. Uncle Monty. Franco Zeferrelli dies at 96. Bruce Robinson based the Uncle Monty character and particularly his attempted seduction upon his experiences of fending off Zeferrelli during the filming of Romeo and Juliet. "I know you're not asleep boy."
  15. Whilst you can't "know" you can imagine a hunter gatherer lifestyle in often very cold Europe; similar to the palaeo diet theories. There would have been long treks following herds with occasional bursts of energy when actually hunting. Suggesting that European bodies were evolved to cope with walking all day but not running all day.
  16. Here's the specific effect of ultra running upon the heart: extreme-endurance event participants, he and his colleagues found evidence that over time this type of training might be changing people's hearts—and not for the better. The researchers found that many of these athletes had temporarily elevated levels of substances that promote inflammation and cardiac damage. One study found that as many as half of runners in the midst of, or who have just finished, a marathon show these spikes, which can last for days after an event. And over time and with repeated exposure, these compounds can lead to scarring of the heart and its main arteries as well as to enlarged ventricles—all of which can in turn lead to dangerous irregular heart beats (arrhythmia) and possibly sudden cardiac death.
  17. Really? Why not past rugby games or that Top Gear special. They both have as much relevance to a game of women's football.
  18. I see it more as centrist tbh. Liberalism having taken on a new virulent form that has taken it from being "we tolerate everything" to being "we tolerate everything and so must you and if you don't you will be hounded and physically attacked".
  19. Totally. Modern terms such as SJW and Libtard are much more accurate. You can be a socialist, maybe even a communist, and despise these people as much as anybody. They aren't lefties.
  20. I reckon all the lizard stuff is purely metaphor used so that people don't take him seriously enough to sue him. I'll go to one of his talks if he makes it down yer.
  21. Every long term ultra runner I've known, which is three with another who has been doing it a couple of years so the effects are less obvious, looks unwell. They have a grey pallor to their skin and the one who had been doing it longest had eyes so sunken back into his head that the bridge of his nose must have been blocking a lot of vision on a sideways glance. I've read that it damages the heart and the more you do it the more damage you cause. Add in the knee and hip problems and ultra running seems to be to be as unhealthy in the long term as heavy smoking or serious obesity.
  22. St Austell White River shopping centre - right in the middle of town, prime site, multistorey car park sitting under it. Cost £64m, sold ?five years ago for £25m, now up for sale for £10m. Net rent £1.2m. Even at £10m it doesn't look an attractive buy; the future for retail is out of town where the rent and rates are lower or online. Which probably means the council will buy it with my council tax money and add it to its commercial property "empire".