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  1. Says 25 on my remote control. It’s like constant warm air being blown outside rather than an intense focused heat. I’m sweating like a Swedish teenager in a mosque.
  2. Personally I’d rather that then when rodents get in your house. A few homes ago we lived right next to a graveyard. Soon as our carpet died we had mice all the time. Families on Weymouth beach were coming under attack when we went this year. I used to love cracking open the picnic when my kids were small. You couldn’t do it now. They swoop down so low and they also shit on you. I’ve made no secret of the problem I have with them at work. I agree. I’d like to see the fuckers culled in large numbers. I swear they’re getting larger too.
  3. I had my first toy dog last year having always had larger breeds. I’m close to saying she’s the best dog I’ve ever had. They are yappy as a breed and you have to be firm with them and make sure they understand they are a dog not an accessory. She looks very much like Gizmo, only cuter and weighs 3 kgs. Myself and my 2 dogs get regularly swooped down on outside my warehouse. It’s really disconcerting. I actually think this could have happened.
  4. Is this going to be like the ‘I paid off my mortgage with 2p I found on the ground’ thread? Are you building a house with the bricks that you find?
  5. I’m hearing a lot about this stuff. What does it do and how do you take it.
  6. I like that, very similar to my POV. I always say to my kids it’s often better to travel than to arrive. I say “suck it up”.
  7. This was my thought exactly. Sauce for the goose. I hope it comes back to bite them on the arse one day. #disgustinglywhite
  8. My nan, when she was alive and my mother still does it.
  9. It’s nuts. Eldest, now 22, had a “prom” when leaving primary. Some of the mothers hired black tie. Son wore black school trousers, white shirt and tie for the whole 2 hour experience. A couple of the wealthy yummy mummy types did a whip round for a limo. Next son at the same school did similar and youngest who’d changed school just had a disco, I think. My kids don’t go in for this sort of thing anyway but a friend of mine paid around £600 for a dress for her daughter’s prom, leaving after GCSE’s, so Christ knows what she’s going to spend when she leaves after her A levels or for a wedding! i sometimes get invited to attend prom events for work and some of the stuff on offer to these kids is crazy. Ballgowns, chocolate fountains, make up contouring. Where does it end
  10. My bank have changed their logo on the app to a rainbow eagle. Fucking cheek.
  11. Battenberg

    Bad to the bone

    Someone on here, or was it TOS, used to have one of the characters as their avatar. Where’ve they gone.
  12. Battenberg

    Age Gaps

    Yes and he’s also up his own arse. If he was chocolate he’d eat himself.