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  1. I watched that new programme tonight called Britain’s Best Parent. One mum was bringing up her son, Willow, in a gender neutral environment surrounded by girls toys and dresses.
  2. Yep and Don’t Fuck With Cats.
  3. You don’t mean the boomers do you 😏
  4. Me. I’m ashamed to say I’ve watched loads of them. The Confession Killer Unabomber. How to Fix A Drug Scandal Making a Murderer Trial By Media The Keepers Audrie & Daisy Abducted In Plain Sight The Ted Bundy Tapes The Staircase there are more, but I shan’t list them all. Edited to add watch Evil Genius. That’s a really good one.
  5. I tried employing Mr B once. It was a disaster. He's not a director either, just a minority shareholder with no voting rights.
  6. Spooky that this was only mentioned her a few days ago.
  7. My 18 year old has always loved Nintendo. He also still loves and plays his Switch. Personally I like it more than any of the other consoles, and we have them all.
  8. Battenberg

    Let's BRAG

    I met Red Rum at the opening of a bookies in Exeter. He really was quite something and behaved incredibly calmly considering the amount of people in there.
  9. Anecdotal.. Spoke with a nurse today. She thinks that England have lifted too soon. She was telling me that a hospital in Somerset had had a spike and had to close. She knows a nurse there and the hospital could see it coming. In her hospital she says it’s really eerie and once you arrive you can’t leave your ward. The corridors are empty, no one about. Her colleague works in the Covid ward And she was very reluctant to give me too much info. I could tell it was troubling her. She acted like it was really serious still. I wasn’t sure what to make of it but it did make me think that perhaps I’ve become complacent.
  10. I’ve splinters up my arse on this topic. Its the double standards I don’t like. They’re telling us not to go anywhere and yet they travelled all that way. Why did they both need to go as well. The other part of me thinks, meh, who fucking cares. I went to see my mother when she was sick. I took supplies and went to the pharmacy for her. I then stood outside the front window. I’m sick to bloody death of it all now.
  11. Some breeds are definitely more prone to bark too. I have a rough collie and those and Shelties are prone to excessive barking. TBH he only barks when he’s at he bottom of the garden where the sheep live. If the owner is in the field he goes mad. I think he thinks they’re his sheep. i also have a chihuahua cross and fuck me they really are yappy. Nothing can pass the front of the house without her going off. I’ve spoken to others with small chi’s or cross chi’s and it’s very common which is why they have such a bad reputation as being noisy, snappy little shits. I often look at that website on dog breeds which lists what’s good about them and what’s bad about them. For example, I love lurchers but a high prey drive wouldn’t be suitable same as any hound breed, which is prone to follow its nose and be oblivious to anything else once it’s picked up a scent. Worse still is if you’ve got a cross breed. You may inherit the worst bits from both. It may be worth doing some research, on the breed you have, to find out a bit more about traits.
  12. That and schools breaking up, officially. They keep trying to push that one back until it no longer matters because the little darlings would have finished anyway.
  13. Do you think in her head she’s thinks WTF did I start this.
  14. Are you getting out with him everyday. Exercise will help take the edge off. I have a barker, my little bitch has been a pita this last fortnight but we’re always quick to stop her. I’m very aware of other people however we do have a number of dogs on our row so it can be anY of them that starts it off. A few weeks back, untiL the clocks changed, next door had geese and every time my dogs went out the back they’d all make a racket. The dogs, the geese, it was bloody awful. Thankfully the geese have moved for the summer.