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  1. My mistake. He’s named as the villain. I thought he was going to be Bond for a minute there.
  2. Does he want Dad fighting his battles? Have a think about what you would have wanted when you were his age. I interfered with a school bus incident once and my son was not happy. I left him to sort out the rest. I’ve told my kids ‘don’t bully and don’t get bullied, don’t throw the first punch but always hit back’.
  3. “Sack the juggler” was often shouted when I was a barmaid.
  4. 😀 lol. That was the poem I first thought of but like this 1w1@@c
  5. I bought my first house when I was 20 and one day the ‘friendly travelling folk’ called at my door and asked if my mum or dad was in. I told them it was my house but they were insistent that my parents might want their drive tarmacking and would I go and ask them.
  6. What do they say if you’re shagging someone’s wife?
  7. I don’t know why everyone is being so mean about her. We know she’s numerically challenged. She clearly didn’t know what those numbers meant on the side of the can and just thought it was pop.
  8. Hope everyone has a great day. The weather is lovely. Just heard the bells ringing out from the priory which I’ve never heard before but it seems extra poignant with the news from Sri Lanka this morning. Off to lunch at eldest son’s and his girlfriend’s which is perfect because we have no kitchen at the moment. Looking forward to someone else doing the cooking.
  9. Not as much as this 3 year old.
  10. Have any of those that need to nap considered the possibility they may have sleep apnea?
  11. Well don’t tell her that. It’s what defines her, dontcha know.
  12. Battenberg


    It made me cry but that was because I thought they genuinely really wanted to be together, him as much as her, but then God won. Shows what a hopeless romantic I am or perhaps a sucker. You decide.