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  1. It’s like when people flounce and announce they’re leaving a forum in the hope they going to get talked out of it. One of those “right, I’m off” posts. If you’re going to have a break just have one. No need to announce it to the world, besides most people wouldn’t even notice they’d gone.
  2. 6 parts on, page 72 and I still haven’t got a clue what’s going on.
  3. That happened to me a few months back when discussing house prices with the parents. My mother who’s only ever had a few part time jobs for pin money and has been very well provided for by my father thinks the youngsters don’t know what it is to go without. It all descends into an argument. My father starts pointing his finger and saying things like “now, let me tell you” and then I know it’s game over. I actually find that in real world most people don’t have much of an opinion on anything that’s going on around them. When I meet one it makes a refreshing change.
  4. Battenberg

    HPV vaccine

    I don’t think it’s just that. It’s that if those 3 people slept with 3 people who’d slept with 3 people and so on....
  5. Had a company managing mine for a few months. Complete waste of money. I knew I should have known better, having used someone in the past and it not being successful then. Just thought I’d give it another crack as I’ve now got a line that is more specialised which is what we were focusing on. I think you have to throw loads at it now. It’s so much harder to get there organically. Strikes me that the only people getting rich are eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google because it’s become a case of “pay to play”.
  6. IMO there’s nothing wrong with a bit of blackcurrant coloured paint.
  7. Watched El Camino last night. If there was a NOT good films wot I have just watched thread that is where I’d put it.
  8. Can't we go for the peekiest tits instead. You know, the ones that peek out from the hemline of a jumper. You'd have a much wider selection.
  9. I remember that film. Wasn’t she supposed to have murdered her sister or some young kid?
  10. Or birds falling out of the sky. Seriously though, tin foil hat on, I don’t trust any of it. There’s been talk of WiFi causing cress to die when placed to close. I do think we may well find out one day that mobiles have frazzled brains.
  11. Could we have links to details about the pictures please, for those of us that didn’t attend university? I don’t know what some of them are.
  12. #metoo. Fuck off women and get your own sport. Seriously, I can’t bear it. Even when they read out the football results, like they give a shit, I’ll be heard ranting at how ridiculous they sound.
  13. They are actually my favourite bird, if that’s such a thing. I remember being told about them when I was little, I think by a teacher. I would often see one in the school playground when looking out the window when I should have been doing my handwriting practice. Now, when I see one on the ground, it takes me right back. Silly but true.
  14. I’ve always found that story weirdly fascinating and extremely unnerving.