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  1. Can’t Bob Geldof put her up. He’s fond of them Ethiopians. He even wrote ‘em a song.
  2. She wasn’t groomed she was indoctrinated. It’s who she, it’s in her very core, it’s her culture and I have no confidence that she would change her views or change her beliefs as to who her enemies are. You cant compare that to the victims of the Asian gangs. They held fundamentally British values and were groomed by another culture who saw them as fair game.
  3. I’m a terrible person because I’m beginning to think like this more and more. This girl is utterly pointless and we don’t need her or her type in this country.
  4. Battenberg

    OAP serial killer in Exeter

    I think it’s probably a woman in her late 70’s early 80’s. She’s seen that vagisil advert and now she’s gone out and shagged them to death.
  5. Battenberg

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    That’s a job I’ve always fancied doing. Suiting and booting. I’ve known some brilliant reps that had years of experience in men’s apparel and they really understood what it meant to offer a service. It’s my understanding that this is where the term “the customer is always right” comes from. A man is being kitted out and can’t decide between two ties. After some thought he chooses one and the assistant agrees with his choice and tells him that he’s made the right decision. It’s about affirming your customer’s choice and not what people think now which is to do whatever it takes to appease a complaint.
  6. Battenberg

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    Not unlike men who have a big fat gut and tiny cock.
  7. Battenberg

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    You're right. The biggest mistaake women make is wearing the band too big and the cup too small. Lots of women are fitted by M and S incorrectly and I blame part of this in the changeover of styles within the company. Any decent fitter will have learned her product and be able to work with what she's got. M and S change there stuff so often that you'd never learn what works and what doesn't. I would say however, that women get hung up on what size they are. It's not about size, it's about the fit. You can fit in a 36D or a 38C depending on the style, brand, fabric content etc. You will also find that all styles don't suit just because that's your approximate size. There's a lot of expectation from women as to what they can and cant wear. I would say that the the sizing is nearer to 38 - E-G not 36DD now. The demand is also increasing for post surgery bras for bigger band sizes now as more women survive breast cancer.
  8. Battenberg

    Sports what we invented

    Are you me? That’s the sort of thing I’d ask although on this occasion I know it’s been at least a few years. WTF they let Italy join in for I don’t know.
  9. Battenberg

    Rachel @ 50

    I also thought how she’d not aged well when I saw her in Girl on a Train. Apparently she says the same about me.
  10. Grandfather lost license because of glaucoma. My father s 87 and still driving. My mother hasn’t driven for years. He’s got a 1 litre Ford Fiesta and was happy to inform me the other day that it’s such a great car he never has to get to 3rd gear. I do worry but he’s certain that he’s fine.
  11. You can’t use the term ‘coloured’ anymore. It’s not the 80’s
  12. Battenberg

    katie price shot down allegadly

    Is that you messing about on your 9th iPad Harvey?
  13. Battenberg

    I don’t know whether this is beyond sad or life affirming

    I like your take on it.