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  1. I've actually been taking vitamin D for years with my Himalayan salt. I've got a knob the size of the Eiffel tower and I can fucking fly - if I want to.
  2. I also use the pink Himalayan salt or sea salt. I looked into it many years ago. The gist of it was that the table salt you get is so heavily processed that nothing is left except pure sodium chloride. Other salts such as sea salt may have a hundred or more minerals. I use very little salt so not much bothered by cost as it last ages; only thing I use it for is potatoes.
  3. The problem is you are trapped, if married as this chap is. If he decided to divorce her because she's essentially a parasite, then the court would give her everything and throw him out of his own house - because she doesn't have a job. In the reverse case it would be a 50/50 split (because that's fair) and the man told to get a job. Not sure what I'd do in his case but I couldn't tolerate supporting an entitled parasite for the rest of my life - you can guarantee you'll never get any gratitude. His options are limited, hitman, set the house on fire with her in it or resign yourself
  4. All double standards. What's always intrigued me though is the lengths most women will go to in order to protect those double standards. In this example they are demonstrating that they can all use logic perfectly well when it suits them. If it was the man with the mortgage free house then the entire thread would be totally logic free, it would be all feelings and shaming tactics. I also know/have known of many couples where the woman chooses to go part-time or not go back to work at all. Very, very common and nobody bats an eyelid. Women will not tolerate a man not working though, hardwi
  5. An interesting thread, I can actually see it from both sides. On the one side if she is fortunate enough to have a paid off house then why not share that good fortune with the person you love - make both your lives better. On the other side, why should you expect to live for free in a house that isn't yours? Sure, he pays half the bills which a lodger paying for a room wouldn't so if he did pay rent then that should be taken into account. I think that he needs to do something to balance things out a little, even if it's doing the maintenance on the house. What makes me la
  6. She had a fucking cracking pair when she was younger. How could you actually date her though, I'd be staring at her tits all night with a glazed expression on my face. By the second date I reckon it would just come out of its own volition 'Get those fucking tits out rarrrrrr' I can imagine her to be extremely difficult and with entitlement off the scale. I doubt she'll ever find lasting love.
  7. Not convinced on that at all when you take into account all the hidden and indirect taxes.
  8. Awesome! I don't think I could ever bring myself to go and buy a piece of furniture for example for hundreds of pounds when you could probably get something better quality second-hand for a fraction of the price. I think things are going to get much, much harder in this country so we're going to have a lot of competition. Enjoy the drizzle cake, I really should learn to bake myself!
  9. Indeed, I wouldn't actually be surprised if it was even less than 20%. You get to lose 40 odd percent immediately if you're a higher earner. Add on a vast range of indirect taxes, council tax, fuel tax, wine/beer tax, VAT etc. I've paid over £17,000 on stamp duty purchasing two houses in the last seven years (moved, don't have two houses sadly). Why I have to pay the Government huge sums of money to purchase a basic human need is one I could never figure out Let's say you then have to pay £350,000 for a house that has a real value in non-la la land of, I would say, £100,000. Th
  10. I've felt like the Government have been on my back relentlessly for the last 20 years at least. They've been relentlessly pushing down my wages in nominal terms via the massive use of cheap labour while taxing me more and more - squeezing me at both ends. In addition to that they've relentlessly pushed up the cost of something I really needed - a roof over my head to keep the rain off. I got divorced many years ago and got ass-raped due to Government laws that enabled it. I've thought about it a lot - how much of the value of my labour has been stolen from me over my working lif
  11. Interesting about the cheap steel. I've had quite a few screws recently where the steel is so soft they just round straight away even if you're being careful. Was hanging a door recently with some hinges I bought from Screwfix. The screws that came with the hinges, two of them the heads snapped off as I screwed them in. You'd think there would be minimum standards for steel depending on the use, especially a windmill.
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