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  1. As I'm getting my garden landscaped soon I've been looking at greenhouses. Likely to be 8ft x 6ft. There appears to be 3 main roof/wall types - polycarbonate, horticultural glass and toughened glass and 2 frame types - aluminium and plastic. Can't make my mind up on which to go for. Polys appeal but concerned about robustness in wind. Anyone use one or have a view either way?
  2. I realise this is a couple of weeks old but a good way to make your yeast go further Frank is to make flatbreads. Don't need as much yeast as you don't need them to rise as much. Make a large batch of dough using a pizza base recipe (I like brown flour), roll it out and bung it in a pan/griddle with some oil, press down on it with the spatula to make it rise. I done this at the weekend and topped with bacon, black pudding & a fried egg for Sunday morning breakfast - exquisite. I find it's even better if you roll it out and refrigerate it for a day before cooking.
  3. @spunko @Van Lady@Bobthebuilder Where are you buying the seeds if you don't mind sharing? Maybe we need a stealth thread on this.
  4. My council's excuse is that the firms they use to collect the stuff from the tip are not operating. Fly tipping is definitely on the increase. They've also reduced bin collections to once every 3 weeks, no recycling trolleys or garden waste picked up. Dump everything in the general waste bin and if that gets full, which it does, dump the rest in the garden waste bin. I can just about manage that living alone, dread to think the state of a 4 or 5 person family's bins currently.
  5. Same. Been twice in the last week. Click and collect only here. Place order online, get text, drive to the store and wait in the next available parking bay, person comes out and asks for order number then goes and gets it. Load into car and drive home. 10 mins. Toolstation today - order online, park up and get in queue outside shop, person asks order number, staff inside shop go get it, bring it out and sit it on a table. Collect, go back to car and drive home. Less than 5 mins. Very efficient and I'm wondering why someone has to eat a bat before it's implemented.
  6. Picking up 7 decking boards from B&Q tomorrow. Ordered Friday, no problem.
  7. Left the ex's house at 7.55pm and drove a longer route home to ensure I wasn't getting into my driveway at 8pm.
  8. Duck on the left is taking a piss and the other one is trying not to look.
  9. Gave my conservatory a thorough outside clean yesterday. It was badly needing it, first clean in about 5 years. Sprayed first with all purpose cleaner, then power washed and wiped down. Strapped a paint roller to a broom handle using electrical tape to reach the higher parts and dangled myself out my bedroom window to get to the very top. Gleaming now, pvc is a treat to clean.
  10. Funny you mention it. My new clippers arrived today. Number 4 back and sides, 2 on the sideys, didn't do much on the top as I'm still waiting for my hairdressing scissors to arrive. Sides are easy. Back is tricky, need to double mirror it. Top tip is to look in the hand held mirror with your back to the larger wall mirror rather than the other way round. Had a brief go at cutting the top with ordinary scissors but gave up quickly as they weren't that sharp. It's bloody difficult trying to get your hands to move in the direction you want them to whilst looking in the mirror. All in all I'm fairly pleased with it for a first attempt and with some practise think I can improve. I'm hoping the £60 + £12 I invested in clippers and scissors will pay for itself in 7 months as I'll be saving £10 a month at the barbers. Wahl Magic Clip corded and Wilkinson 6.5in scissors.
  11. 2nd time I've seen you mention this you happen to have a link? I missed it in the news.
  12. Cheers, I've read that but I'm after something lighter. Creocote comes in light brown which looks ideal. Normally £10 for 4 litres but a piss taking £35 at the moment.
  13. Damn right. I'm after some creocote for the summer house so headed to as all ebay sellers are 'away', whatever that means - you're in a queue, wait time is 1 hour. Go fuck yourself. The only other options are chancers on Amazon or ebay selling at 3x the price. Anyone noticed how pricey Amazon is for everything these days? Was previously my go to. The creocote can wait. Cleaned the conservatory with APC I already had instead.
  14. Her father has hours to live and she can't be by his side. A terrible situation for her and the pain was evident on her face and in her voice.