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  1. Also watching this thread for progress. I recently requested a transfer value for an old DB pension which gives £2300 at 65, tv £126k so about 55x. I was stunned and seriously considering transferring the cash into a SIPP. Had a free consultation earlier with an IFA through my current employer who gave the low down - he's wanting about £3000 for the advice with no guarantee of advising in favour of a transfer. Hopefully there's a cheaper option. As an aside, he said he hadn't recommended an annuity to a retiree for at least 5 years. @Frank Hovis I don't understand your comment - 'I don't actually know how much I have hence my paying out for a review; this is a required precursor to any transfer which then comes with its own fee'. Can't you just contact the pension provider for a tv? p.s. first post here, great forum, been lurking for years and the other site prior, learnt and laughed a great deal