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  1. RWJ

    Boiler question

    One major positive when I switched to a combi was the increase in shower pressure. Prior to the combi it was a dribble which made the thought of a shower in mid winter very unappealing. Now it's more than adequate. Also gained extra cupboard space as a water tank was removed from the 3rd bedroom.
  2. Gotta occupy their time somehow, now that JK is off the air. Fuckin morons 😂
  3. I don't see anything about not jumping out the tech class window, running round to the classroom door, chapping and asking if it's ok to come back in the class now Sir. Bit of an oversight.
  4. Possibly related to the cultural change in this country, where in the past sufferers would deal with it stoicly. Now everything is a badge or label and someone somewhere should do something about it.
  5. Ice Magic. Squirt it over ice cream and it magically turned solid. A fusion of chocolate and magic, what more does a kid need?
  6. Flying Goose, the best make. I go through a couple of bottles of that a month. MSG laden though.
  7. Is that Mick Philpott's place? If so I assume they all come toasted.
  8. Peanut butter, chicken, sriracha sauce and rocket. Off the shelf - M&S chicken and bacon club. Magnificent.
  9. Had a Ferroli combi fitted 7 years ago. Never had it serviced or repaired in that time and still going strong.
  10. Agreed. As I said up post, it’s handy when you’re not in the house. You know Gemma too?
  11. It also has ‘frost protect’ which will always switch it on at a set temp even if you have your heating set to off. Comes with that set to 7 degrees but I think you can change it.
  12. It does a good job of that. If you want it and are prepared to wait till Black Friday you’ll likely get it half price as I did. £150 iirc
  13. It’s basically just a temp gauge which switches on the heating when the temp falls below you’re set target. It has a timer function but then so do all boilers. It’s only really useful when you’re away from the house and for whatever reason want to switch it on/off. Never needed to use it for water. I have a combi boiler. edit: combi not combo
  14. I have Hive. It’s handy for switching the heating on when, for example, leaving work or if can’t be arsed getting off the couch, out of bed etc What I don’t like is that it heats to a certain room temp (wherever you place the temp gauge) then goes off, the temperature drops and it kicks in again. You can’t control the thermostat on the boiler, meaning the heating is on/off/on/off. Before Hive I would switch on the heating and once it warmed up turn it down to a suitable constant temperature. In summary, it’s pish.
  15. RWJ

    Nail infection

    I’ve read other reports of Vicks being used, interesting...