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  1. Impressive set up,, i have been doing the joys of double digging some of the lawn and adding 5 more raised beds Double digging works wonders
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    He aint getting a state funeral though
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    This, the dude was bumped off because of it,, if there is to many questions im sure a high profile showbiz personality will be up for the chop very soon within the next week or so to take the heat off anyone else
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    Hasnt everyone indulged in threesomes? Hardly earth shattering that a member of the royals has
  5. I come on here so some other poor cunt can wade through the shit so i dont have to So then i can smuggly say i dont look at the media
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    The days of people being titillated by 3 some orgies from the tabloids are long over Just looking at your dumbphone can get you far worse
  7. Yeah i know , its blowjobs today and a total spas tomorrow I remember watching a potter on a documentary saying to a apprentice that he felt he wasted his life when asked about his trade etc It always stuck in my head, he got to a age to realise the facts of life ,but to old to really change anything I thought he was such a top guy to not feel bitter about it but educate the young guy instead in a charm way
  8. All very good but we dont really live in a capitalist or democratic society, more off a crony capitalist democratic society, Im not that bothered by it, as long as you realise what your living in, thats why higher education is pushed so hard, when your young ,you are more impressionable and open to peer pressure As you get older you realise its all just a game,, they just hope you get to old to do anything about it when you have your epiphany Thats why its the duty of every old fart to educate the young, let them know its all just a ride, ignore the media,, your not going to destroy the earth by merely existing in it, dont let anyone shame you just so they can control you, or frighten you for the same reasons But also have pride in your heritage, dont let globalists make you feel its something to feel shame over, simply because they want to make a few pennys from you, your ancestors stuggles sweat and tears will be lost forever, and for what, so some grease ball can make a few promissory notes, Encourage the kids to have a family, to enjoy grandchildren, have people around them , so that when the time comes they are surrounded by people who love you, and they know you lived a decent life and done the best for them Whats the alternative, dying alone in a sterile nursing home with a stranger serving your needs until they can clock off! Fuck that!
  9. He dosnt have to ,but where else is he going to be unless he wants to be surrounded by his equally irratating mouth breathers who agree with him The further away from london you are,, the better for your wellbeing i find
  10. The great thing about all this is that allow owen is living in a 2 million quid pad and living the dream, drinking cocktails and eating some fancy poofter shit by some french chef, he still has too live in London and get kicked in the head I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy, and having listened to him he would be a good candidate to be very high on my list
  11. Aint antifa dead in the water? Just another controlled group that has had its day, im sure another "grassroots" protest group will be along very soon
  12. I like gold but silver has more in industrial and medical value then gold will ever have, its the most conductive metal the most heat retentive, it is antibacterial but is limited in its source that still makes its a precious metal, The price ratio with gold is low, but with alot of commodities that doesnt mean its fixed, i feel that as gold gets beyond the reach of the average invester this fact will make it attractive