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  1. I think we are about 50 years away before man can land on the moon for the first time, still it will happen before england wins the world cup again
  2. Is that mouth condom photoshopped, , it looks like hes sniffing a pair of used panties the perv
  3. To be fair he stated "i am" you never gave him the chance to finish,
  4. I thought it was common knowledge that the right and left think they are both right? Am i still allowed in the music bit, im the only bastard who post anything decent there
  5. The new normal is just more brainwashing, its to get the people to except it, during the spanish flu people just went to work and got on with it, and afterwards they carried on with life in the same way, The mask is to measure how compliant the general public are to state orders, and everyone is behind it it seems, i will never wear a mask in a shop and ignore any attempts to make me wear one
  6. To me the right are worse then the left, all they do is whinge on all the time, they whinge more then the left and thats saying something, Oh boo hoo this isnt fair , that isnt fair, oh look over there, that lefty is a being a hypocrite, yeah paul joseph watson we got the memo, about 4 years ago, change the record
  7. The british where the first to really exploit the advantage in technology in selling abroad, the chinese started it with silk and porcelain, we just rampt it up, Now every country has the means of producing even the most complex goods ,it really is just a race to the bottom of cheap slave labour, free market capitalists havent seemed to grasped this idea yet, Its time to give up on globalism if nations wish to keep some sort of functioning economy
  8. Yep, the ram has touched the wall, no mercy
  9. These ladies aint immigrants, they where born and raised here, its clear by there massive size
  10. Its true, like you im rural and have also seen a change in attitude so it must be very noticeable in urban areas, oddly i think it will be positive, im hoping the percentage of people who dont buy into the endless covid bore fest will just reject it in the end, im sure these people like you and me will find themselves spending less time online and watching the news and gravitate to each other and leave the rest of the idiots scared and tweeting each other about a second wave
  11. You have a point , even ignoring the media doesnt mean that the simmering tension this lockdown has produced is filtering out into the surrounding environment,, its still a production of the controlling elite, so you shouldnt fall into the trap, its not as bad as it seems out there, trust me
  12. That was the role of corona, it was brexit on steroids, the mask is there to trigger people, i admit im not above it,,it is making people irritable who dont buy the official narrative , its just easier to ignore it!
  13. They are also trapped in the matrix, i really believe we live in a actor based reality, most storys are simply made up, presented to you as fact, If you stopped watching the news and engaging (if you do) in social media (just for even a week) ,you will find your life is no different , all you will have is a clear head without lies running through it, and a more happy outlook,realising it was all bs
  14. The trouble with any form of governance is it ends up getting muddied, a lot of free market capitalists are also nationalists, the two dont mix, If you want protectionism it will interfer with the idea of free market trade, if you want a free market it will end up giving you the problems the west is having right now in destroying the manufacturing base of the nation state, The answer maybe not in looking for the goverment to come up with a answer which is compromissed ,but for people to form a stronger local community and support each other in regards to trade and goods, it may not be the dream of the true free market capitalist