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  1. What happened to "marigold" the black guy who directed traffic on the inner ring road wearing yellow marigold gloves ?
  2. The torys work for the global elite,just like the others,,they may fool some tory wets but they have always been pro EU from heath,major and cameron Im sorry but there are millions like me who have had enough, we are turning are backs on it all and letting them fight there stupid games alone, I could never work out why years ago, older and wiser people told me not to bother voting,,im now older and wiser
  3. Its a lie, a vote for torys is a vote for staying in ,in all but name Turn away from it all,,live your life and let them bicker,,we had a referendum and it wasnt upheld, fine ,but dont exept leavers to take any notice, its over
  4. The moment he announced the brexit party wasnt going to contest tory seats is the time he showed his hand
  5. She tastes like honey She done a double take when she saw me, im not sure if it was corrrr, or what a ugly fucker
  6. I see her more as a frustrated middle manager working in the public sector
  7. Its good news for the puppet man, he can start earning some decent money again after retiring more times than rod stewart
  8. I cant stand laminate,,its the cheapest shitty looking thing,,its this centurys equivalent of stone cladding Avoid if you can afford Will add if victorian will be shallac on the floor i bet
  9. Are you thinking of lifting the laminate? I dont know how old the house is so maybe a shellac based stain on the floor if 1930s if its the case you may find a dark band going around the floor about 2 foot from the skirting so a floor sander maybe needed to sand it down to bare wood, Maybe cheaper to buy a few packs of cheap laminate rather than try and sand and stain,,it will end up cheaper
  10. Blacking up on tiswas was a bit much though
  11. ninjaborrower


    Always use children when pushing a agenda, they make good human shields
  12. I agree with the over reliance that people have in the political system and the effects it can make in the normal lives of people , Even in a declining western world its still a better standard of living then alot of others elsewhere have,,i cant ever see it leading to a civil war,,it would be a war the globalists will never win so will never happen
  13. One will balance out the other,,better to have a bottle of gin within reach