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  1. This story looks like the biggest load of made up bullshit in the world, how fucking hard is it to stand around while the solar panels do all the work I bet it was a load of geezers who built all the stands and connected them up
  2. Buy her a mary berry cook book, im sure theres one that shows how to make pasta by hand
  3. Its a great idea, more reasons to buy less chinese crap
  4. I always wondered why office workers never got anything done, they are always in meetings wading through piles of A4 bullshit
  5. I dont understand how people can be taxed more if they are unemployed? Or people like me who have decided to earn under the threshold for the rest of there working lives
  6. ninjaborrower

    1980s land

    It looks like the sex pistols, sid vicious second on the left died in 1979 my dear watson
  7. Shes a social worker stoke, she isnt there to read people,but scripts that the council hand out to her
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