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  1. ITV4 Now: Film "End of days". Now!
  2. What's the deal once there though? Booking a table at a weatherspoons doesn't sound right, or maybe even possible? Table service only and pay for everything by app, or is it vaguely normal now, with bar service etc?
  3. Hadn't actually heard about it before your reference here. I always got the impression that there wasn't that much on Eurosport that was catering for the more "mainstream" sports? Not to say that there's nothing worth watching though, obviously. Have seen it on when on holiday in France etc, but not really taken that much notice as it was normally in a bar or whatever. What are you after watching on it? Maybe there's other services to consider, like that "Bein" or similar.
  4. I'd be one of those many. Busy, noisy, open plan offices whilst trying to concentrate....
  5. This is advice that could/should have been issued at the start of all this, and we wouldn't have had much further discussion about it! I agree with you, it is sensible. I also I understand why people will get bent out of shape about it though.
  6. Probably because the advice/info about why you should have to is so inconsistent, combined with the PITA-ness of it all, and, if, seeing as at the height of chaos (depending on where you are) masks were not an important rule to adhere to, and the virus is receding, why would we need to start now? One of the parts of this to mentally reconcile is that when this all kicked off, when you were out and seeing people wearing masks, I imagine, they were doing it to protect themselves. Now we have advice to be wearing masks/"coverings" to protect other people from us. I've no confidence in the advice/reasoning in relation to this whole saga.
  7. There's https://www.pandora.com. Need to be using it via a U.S IP address though. You can "seed" a "station" based on an artist name or specific tune. It then recommends similar. Works OK, although not amazing in my experience, but that could be related to what I use as a "seed" in the first place, YMMV.
  8. Be civil and (make it clear before starting that you will) record the meeting. Might be worth it in the long run.
  9. leggers


    Isn't that any language, where academics are involved?! (Tongue in cheek, people....) Have used it on and off, never to any great depth, but the impressive thing was, IMO, there was a library for everything, an hey worked. Just get used to the syntax, like anything else, surely?
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    Code reviews

    try { } catch (Exception e) { }
  11. Firefox. Its the icon at the right hand side of the URL input field.
  12. As if it was a common subject for people, a link from a new aggregator type email I just got: https://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/money/bills/article-8210573/Can-boss-make-holiday-anywhere.html
  13. The very strongly worded email makes me think that they're "shaking the tree" to push people and see what comes of it. It is very much their style to do something like that. I just take exception that I "need" to do something for them, but the rest of the time I'm just anonymous to them. That's the game though I suppose. Next up? What I must eat for lunch?! Anyway, I suspect they'll have to chase me for this, and all the other administrative things I supposedly must do, seeing as I'm actually flat out doing the actual work they employ me to do. Oh well...