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  1. leggers

    London Fricking Underground/TfL

    Fair enough! The use of the word "service" from me here is probably just from being force fed it in terminology on a day to day basis. You're (I am) just blinded to it being meaningful from the frequency of it's use. Can't disagree with that. Although, just because there's a lack of choice it shouldn't mean that there's a lack of (service) quality.
  2. leggers

    London Fricking Underground/TfL

    There's no danger of that particular event contaminating the delays I was complaining about, just pure underground general not giving a shit attitude being "in play". If the underground employees had to pay as much as the general public using "the service" have to, I'm confident the service would either improve or, more likely, implode.
  3. leggers

    London Fricking Underground/TfL

    I think you might have to fight "the unions" on that one.
  4. leggers

    London Fricking Underground/TfL

    Not that many people here that will appreciate it (or maybe there are). But, the pure fricking hatred that this company can generate from me when you've had a crappy day at work, and you are faced with delay after delay after bloody delay (as well as the same in the morning). URRRRHH!....
  5. leggers

    what are you drinking tonight

    Really cold and really nice!
  6. leggers

    SJWs ruin linux

    And Redis: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/09/13/redis_master_slave/
  7. leggers

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Or actually do anything/make a decision/come to a conclusion, without spilling all of your private details to their current* best friend forever. * when they inevitably fall out about some minor inconsequential detail, the ""best, "friend" and "forever" parts just get assigned to the next best option to discuss every happening. Rinse and repeat.
  8. leggers

    leaked google meeting video

    https://www.startpage.com/ Is another search alternative.
  9. leggers

    Short termism

    Maybe we could use him as some kind of minimum entry requirement.
  10. leggers

    Microsoft - back to form

    Agree with this except, I never tolerated 8, and the evaluation of 10 was less than 3 days! (sadly an element of getting work done means I still have to use it).
  11. leggers

    Short termism

    How about mandating that anyone who want's to become an MP has to have at least X (5?,10?) years experience in real life "business". That'd surely go some way to focus some effort on how business(es) could be better run?
  12. leggers

    Wordpress - WTF is this?

    All software will have bugs in it, however hard you try to not have them. The more popular the software becomes (whether it be open or closed source), with adoption by more and more people, it inevitable becomes a bigger target for people to try and exploit any weaknesses. The strength of the open source model, with Wordpress being one example of that, the more people looking at a particular piece of code, trying to work out ways to break it, the more likely weaknesses are going to be found and ultimately *should* result in more robust code as those weaknesses get ironed out. The closed-source software model doesn't benefit from this, and it's entirely possible that there are a whole host of unreported, but exploitable, vulnerabilities in any piece of closed-source software. I think Wordpress probably gets a bit of a hard time really, probably down to the fact that it's been around for so long, and is so popular (I'm not a user of it). It's not shiny and new-fangled and some (software developers) just don't like the fact that it's based on a very unfashionable language. It's easy not to use it though! That article looks like a bit of an advert for a company trying to say how good they are at pen testing.
  13. leggers

    First they came for your pies

    Nothing like a good evidence based argument!
  14. leggers

    Baked beans

    It looks like the bread may've also been buttered? There's easily enough bean coverage there to skip the butter. Also, brown sauce goes well. For some reason.
  15. leggers

    World Cup Final - Battenberg v Cosmic Apple - Sunday

    Croatians could well deliver. Definitely have the ability, but, are they knackered after the extra time and a day less rest?