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  1. If you're considering keepass, there's also keepassX and keepassXC: https://askubuntu.com/a/1011433
  2. I think someone on here mentioned this a while back (not tried it/used it myself): https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec
  3. What do the locals know that you don't?
  4. leggers


    Vvialdi looks like it might also be interesting: https://vivaldi.com/
  5. leggers


    I also encountered the same problem. Looked at their blog for what's going on, and followed the advice about enabling "studies" to receive their hotfix, then, seemed to be crucial to me, restarting the browser which they didn't say. After restart, refresh your installed add on's page, and all was good. Then disable the "studies" setting, again, if you had it turned off originally. https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/
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    TV Adverts

    Fixed Odds Betting Terminal
  7. I put my used mug next to the "Fill dishwasher with dirty cups and glasses" sign in the kitchen at work, then ran away.
  8. Maybe a transition phase/dumming down to, Patisserie Gregory? Steak slice avec Tuile
  9. When the So-Called BBC write articles about the (non-)increase in shopper footfall, maybe they should also report, and write, an article about stuff like this (can you find one?) too?
  10. It's (currently) all about the journey, not the destination.
  11. Thanks Mark. Will take another look.
  12. I always want to remove my card details after an order, but there doesn't seem to ever be the option. I assume that they must (have to) let you, but have buried the option deep.
  13. But only because people just blindly participate in the whole circus. Surely if you question why you went out with 50 quid and now only have change, you look deeper at what happened? Cashless payments are not to make my life as someone who may need to buy things, easier, however much I'm constantly told that this is the case. All cashless payments do is expose your spending habits, and history, to others to whom that information was not previously visible. What happens to that previously unknown information? What is it used for? Who's interested in it? Probably going off on a tangent but, I think it was a while back we had a thread here about "open banking". One of the reasons used to sell that was (is? - I've not heard of it recently) along the lines of "to see your spending habits and let you know when/where you can get a better deal". Really? Back towards the topic though, I'd not like the task of putting these points to the cashless millennials.
  14. Sure, that's all good. We're all different, which is kind of the point I suppose. My specific point is just that cash as a payment method is not at all a reason for the slowness of a transaction. Many places I'm sure (entirely a baseless claim) would rather you swipe your apple pay/android pay phone/device/whatever over their PoS device and not bat an eyelid at the expensive bill that they've charged. The other week I was charged just under 20 quid for three beers(!) in a seemingly average pub. I, obviously and visibly shocked, queried what was so special about these beers (before handing over a 20 pound note...). Apparently nothing, just the going rate there. I'm sure people just blindly swipe over the till and don't really acknowledge what they're paying, and companies are a fan of cashless payment for such reasons. I'm sure companies are being charged stupid rents etc for their premises (where applicable), and that no doubt get's reflected in their prices, but that's a separate issue...
  15. Not really. 2 beers. "8.10 please" (not ideally, obviously) <hand over a 10 pound note, understanding that 10 quid covers the transaction before it's started> Where's the delay? It's not with the method of payment is it?