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  1. He is underated. He likes the cash I guess given his role choosing in recent times. I hope he chooses some more demanding roles as he ages and the action roles seem out of place (hasnt stopped the guys in the Expendables series though). I havent seen Taps for a very long time. Haven't checked where available. Starring Tom Cruise (1981 with Timothy Hutton) for a very long time. He was 19 I think when this was released. At that point I think it was Mr Hutton who was expected to go in to be the big star. Tom Cruise would be seen now as cast very much out of character in Taps, a mo
  2. Oh no! Amal Clooney has quit her job! What the heck will she do for money! Crowdfunding site imminent. Politics wont be the same. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/18/amal-clooney-quits-uk-envoy-role-over-lamentable-brexit-bill
  3. The Grey Man


    The startegic goal post of Diego Garcia. A key stone in linking allied forces via The Indian Ocean. Contested of late by The Maldives. Those debt giants to China. Give it a year or two before speculation of "The chain of pearls" Chinese plan acquires Maldive land for a rival military base. Its all about the money. Or lack of. Maldive debt to China, as happened with Sri Lanka and likely Pakistan. Military acquistition. If correct this goes beyond the usual view of China enforcing its view on age old boundaries. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-asia-52743072
  4. His brother has form. Public knowledge and in the press before we all get jumpy.
  5. She needs to chill out with a Camberwell Carrot and relax. Shes heading for a brain hernia with all this thinking.
  6. The Grey Man


    https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1201338.shtml This is about China sending off some firecrackers as a warning today. A visit by US Undersecretary of State Keith Krach who arrived Thursday. . The article appears in the CCP mouth piece, The Global Times. There is the usual sabre rattling. However, this goes a bit a further though. It openly talks about invasion of Taiwan. Yes I do care as this would almost certainly escalate out of the wider area. "Through this exercise and the previous series of exercises, the PLA has accumulated experience in attacking Taiwan and mastere
  7. Had that conversation this very afternoon. I have better things to do than follow every second changes to boundary rules. If I escape this shit storm without some fine I would be surprised. I am expecting some new legal diploma in the Covid Act Law to be announced. Experts. Then specialist areas for each part of the UK. The media really dosent help. Confusion. Obfuscation. In my view...the government have made me very aware its those damn youngsters to blame. My kids are going up for adoption ASAP.
  8. The Red Guard would have been envious of this countries results, with culture change, over these last several months.
  9. I need my youngers brothers van this weekend. With my brother. Bit of labour required. Some nice steaks in the freezer from pre August BH washout. Great bargain Asked him to stay after for grub and bbq steak....is it allowed he asked?..well still under rule of 6 at the mo and this might infact be a very early Boxing Day meal. He and his wife penned in for then. My feeling it will all go north easterly from the news today and Boxing Day grub will be just us and the kids.
  10. What a laugh. Is the UK on their safe list? Without the right visa and being prepared to cough up for quarantine..this..as it was around July a load of old codswallop from our UK gov. I just wonder what surgery mrs k price had recently.
  11. I had to work with a social worker this week. Nice lady. Mid thirties. Quite far left leaning but easy to work with as she can separate her own beliefs from the job. I recalled a post via TMT..preganant lady..family contact with CV..poorly..husband could not secure a COVID test for love nor money. Due to possible contact community mid wife nor hospital would see her without a test result and she was poorly. I had read this article just before heading out that morning and fuming. So much so that I could not help but mention it. To my astonishment she really let rip at the c
  12. That basket ball trainer craze! That makes me laugh. So true the tongues were as big cricket shin protectors.
  13. Adeed-as was always popular when I was a kid and it was a very white area. I moved to Hitec amd Gola off memory. Adidas indeed. Ok..I don't pronounce it as I used to above.They, trainers, remain popular in some cultures long after many teens give up on them and so they remain a must for some in their twenties. Those trainers of bright colours seem in favour. Not the generic forms. The useless shite for show. Being a pre coffin dodger I stopped wearing such crap years ago. A podiatrist friend pointed out both my cheapskate shoes and trainers were aggravating factors for both my a
  14. Tai Pan. Oddly I stock up on non Asian food there...the back warehouse has a good assortment of bulk items. Wing Fat also a must at the end of Ancoats. Carparking can be tight but on Sundays you are allowed to use the Fire Brigades carpark to the side.
  15. https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/16/up-to-25000-teachers-in-england-self-isolating-due-to-covid-fears 25k teachers off. This year is heading for another right off education wise. My own experience 2 weeks ago saw the lack of track and trace when my son was sent home with his year. This isnt a new issue though is it? Reagents for the PCR test? Heard that months ago. Come on. Whatever. 10 billion. 10 billion..spent on what? Make a damned factory. Buy the company. Do something. Do something meaningful. Were going to get a sodding second lock down by defa
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