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  1. Remember the toilet numbers. A total pisser if you get caught out on a pintathon.
  2. The Grey Man

    Old Statues

    Denmark. Copenhagen. Litlle hands at play on The Little Mermaid. A most unassuming statue when I saw it a long while ago. I hope the spray can be removed. Pointless ruination of a harmless statue.
  3. He sends satelites up for the US military. Of the books.
  4. There is Frank. But most is via Charity, not thats wrong I add, but if you put your life on the line for a job I expect more from the Government. Not for me to say state help, but for armed forces their formal help is diabolical. Just glad there are folk who do care as you said.
  5. Thats it though. The reason I didnt give my part, my family history of white slums is I object. Whatever I, or you know, of our unprivillaged past...its meaningless. In these days of intersectionalism, BLM or that scheme of things you lose. You always do. So no. Fuck it. Whatever I say I will be wrong. I will not prostitute myself to prove a point that out there...will be well your still privellaged. Not fighting on others terms. I know my view of the issues. If someone wants to turn this into racism they will. Good..they dont engage with me. Leave them to stew. I dont need to prove the shite I crawled out from. It gets dissed anyway by fault of my genes. White if you want to know. The point is many of us were from the gutter. I am not prepared to trounce my background as someone says this is rubbish just because of my colour.
  6. My late father used to tell me when he was a kid in the forties after the war there were many ex soldiers around the centre of Manchester., notably Piccadily. They would often randomly be distraught, shouting and screaming. Not at others, just distressed. Shell shock then. PTSD now. By the fifties it had cleared. It often made me wonder what had happened to these ex soldiers. Had these chaps worked it through. Or worse as you say. Death by other means, suicide, from damage done years before by war. The WWI perspective is encapsulated by Siegfried Sasoon in Memoirs of a Fox Hunting man. A great historical story...even if he was from a rather well to do background. Reading the bookq from when he was in a psychiatric hospital in Perth (Scotland) it is clear hes been affected, although dosent truely know. He had PTSD. Dr Rivers was the psychiatrist. Regeneration is a good movie that deals with this. Pat Barkers, Ghost Road series of books was the foundation. An aside, from aside, he, as did TE Shaw, El Lawrence, would be linked up with Bertrand Russel. Another story. Ludwig Wittengenstein would also be caught up with this great meetings of minds. To try and keep on topic. I think many regulars over the last 20 years have sufferred. Alas. In the ongoing political climate, such collateral damage continues to be ignored. Even worse. They are made out to be scum in some quarters. Not sure we have made any progress really in this area as the military victims are ignored due to political sway.
  7. I havent seen this posted. Its from HM GOV site. Anyone with any doubts about the UK standpoint on HK ..well this seems robust to me. Were boots deep in. Even forgeting issues re HK...our own goals with COVID...some pay back would be nice for this collection of shit storms.
  8. The great Andy Robinson. First class performance. Alas he failed the end of class swimming lesson. Also great in Hellraiser. He dosent get to go the pub there either. Just to kill time with the Cenobites. Forever. A tortured soul with no 4th July beer.
  9. Given it is NZ that tale counts for a lot. Based on my assumption of the politicos being all goody two shoes and dare not say boo to a goose. Dosent seem unreasonable to be called out with that CV and associated links with national security.
  10. I met a chap in Aberdeen around 1994. Unassuming to the nth degree. I had asked about his earlier life. Turns out he was a POW on the railway of death in Thailand and Burma. He was actually the main reason about 7 years later I went to visit the allied cemetary in Kanchanaburi, Thailand when I was in the area...the site of where the first Kwai bridge was built. He talked about gross emaciation amongst everyone, the POW's. No meat. No fat. Just bones. The Japanese guards would randomly strike out at POW's with the butt of their rifles..seemingly done for no other reason than they could. Stuck with me.
  11. Ta for the clear explanations TMT and Gilf.
  12. The husband fired too? I hope there is some common sense in the justice system there and he also looks at unfair dismissal. Those 50k bonds....if you are found to be innocent are they returnable? I might sound dumb but I really dont know. Blimey. That political climates a nightmare. Look at someone the wrong way and it.could escalate anywhere.
  13. Hot out of the oven and ready to buy. Do your bit to help our Royal Andy.
  14. Nah. Japan would be sucked in way before Oz was at risk. The CCP seem to be sabre rattling over their immediate borders at present..or what they feel are immediate borders. WA way too much work for them. Anyway..Indonesia is Australias mate! They have kept a lowish profile in all of the S China Sea issues. Maybe the Chinese dont like Muslims? The enemy of my enemy is my friend..says a blowke in WA.! They have to get past there first according to my map. They seem interested in their trade routes primarily. Not sure they have assets beyond in Antartica!
  15. Yep. If edited when the white lady gets out of the car it would look like she was an aggressor and the other ladies daughter a damsel in distress. The damsel was a grade A1 shit stirer. Shes 15 but really ought to know better. Editing..