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  1. And the best. The original Wicker Man. This is Britt Ekland and Willows Song. Enchanting
  2. Mentioned this the other day. A movie with bite.
  3. Its been barred from the MSM in my view. This horror has just been escalating. If it really kicked off down there..really...with enclaves defending themselves from the government sponsors...I just know who would be made out the real victims. The aggressors..not the defenders. Sad its just not worthy of our MSM.
  4. Random victims...? What has this to do with such a thread? Read. Read. No the paperwork says they arent..."foriegn". There not the first being attacked in SA at the moment. Tragic story. That place is going hell in a hand cart. And its not just.."foriegn" home born. Nigeria seems to have copped it to if you read the news. Not sure if SA will ever get off the bucket list.
  5. The Grey Man


    He needs advising that the request for accom. Is a vulgar word with three f's. I just know someone will find a word I wasnt thinking of.
  6. Labour want to abolish...or rather change the rules of engagement with students. Labours Politburo not happy. The snake is starting to eat its own tale. Burp.
  7. I am considering if this argument could be used to cover spouses? Those damned friends asking. Just checking.
  8. And that..that..that is the knub of it.
  9. Good grief. Thats a saddening figure. I guess many will also be Joe worker or tennant farmer. I mean the guy on the ground...irrispective of their individual wealth. I have only met a couple of farmers. Work related. They were not "hard" in my softy city sense. They just never moaned. An issue when they were stressed , under duress...and had access to firearms. I know it appears the thread has gone awry. I cite the XXY on this! It hasnt. Folk must get to know such a lifestyle before getting into it and committed. Relationship wise. To me...its a profession. Many professions have a long familial lineage because at least one the off spring is attracted to the job and know what it really entails, and not what the others say. The effects in various ways on life and family will be known. If we get out, out of the EU, these guys, their set aside land will be called in to action. I would suspect an expansion of new tech to...much like the mileage of green house cover in Holland. Farmers never became more attractive I suppose.
  10. A rare jolly jaunt today. Great weather and for once some jobs in rural areas. Just been driving behind some monster tractor with two arms of blades hauled up both sides. A cop car travelled past the other way to somewhere. I thought farmers really have some hardcore gear. Machines close to military, guns and a fuel depot at home. The cop car wouldnt have stood a chance. Do they ever show angry farmers on these shows? They must pretty dodgy to get on the wrong side of.
  11. I wss due to see him in concert a few years ago..bugger phoned in sick! He managed London though!
  12. Came up tonight. Teen son chuckling. This was big when I was a student in Scotland. Dance floor great with the chorus. A friend has flogged his flat and waiting to move south. He has been getting familiar with a girl called Alice where he is staying. I replied with the chorus. He didnt get it. So let Roy explain. Saw him in Manchester 3 years ago. Funny. In fact typing this I need to look for his return. You dont get laughs he gets live from.the So-Called BBC.
  13. I have a B n M round the corner so I check their plant stock once a week. These are new in. Azaleas. 3 for a for 3.99. I have a few around my place. Acid lovers so top up on the ericaceeous compost. Confifer cuttings great for mulch. B n q for slightly larger specimens will be a tenner plus. Flower spring so cold induction this winter means some flowers next year. Plus..they grow slowly, not too big and shade compatable. And no. I have nothing to do with B n M. Nice buy.
  14. Adding to my lexicon there Joe. Have to try and get that in a conversation this week.