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  1. Carl. You arrive from a view detached from the MSM. I will say it. Independent. That boat was BS. In name only.
  2. The Mirror..getting it in there whilst it can. Fuck. whats weve a situation to me akin to a war footing. Alright..a few hours before formal.result. Thsts what we have. The Mirror busy shit stirring. Make sure those two faced worms move. Have a full on cabinet for a straight direction. Oh..true..voted remain. Tired of this shit. Move forward. Accept.
  3. Yep. Thats the key. Its all BS. Name only..yet we stump up the boats and young men..oh..women as well.
  4. Out this weekend on Saturday night. Friend whose partner runs a restaurant bar. South Manchester. His business. Anyway they have had a successful run in this affluent area untill things dipped about two years ago. They tried to off load it but no buyer. Changed menu, fired staff. No luck. Saturday...busy accross the area till ten then shut down. Ghost town. My friend said this had been the way for some time. Reasons? Metro..tram into Manchester..too much competion....different demographic with kids and no spend. He wants rid even to the point of contract rekewal..he will walk and flog the insides. The dust ball has been coming for some time he feels. Apologies. No further details on area as I dont want to affect any future plans.
  5. Yep. Yep. Yep. And those lives signed up to HM armed forces. That said...start a clean up of BS flags on these ships..or we will be dragged in.
  6. Not sure how long he would last in some more traditional city districts.
  7. Same shite actors as at Christmas..but free. Ok dont pick me up.on the free comment.
  8. A friend was just asking about this. Wouldnt want to trouble her in doors for more info. Any specifics? Specifically about 12:00 noon Wednesday. Massage included fine. Role on tommorow🤤
  9. Odious cretin. Jump before your you have.
  10. Mr Morgan on The Squad. Looks like he is on the general view here and that Trump put himself forward to be the target of much chagrin. The secondary consequences backfire on the Democrats. Effectively..are you really going to back these socialists? I really am of the view that The White House have saved everything in ammo terms for this next election. A plan. They just keep grabbing that old ratchet and cranking. Wait till post summer. I think Team Trump will really pile on the pressure.
  11. Historically the colour of pussy has never bothered me. Been stuck with facing the same colour for many years now. Oddly, not put me off though.
  12. Well I had a speach to my older brother. Its a local issue in S Manchester. Carrington Moss. It was a local factor in the recent local elections with the MP Graham Brady saying as such on election night. A massive housing plan on farmland that over 40 years has developed new interests. Here was I, we need new housing, to my brother. Me the very same person telling him the utter shite new builds being built on brown land in Manchester. Me the very same moaning about depression of earnings for low income folk. Me who said..have you been on a plane and seen how much green land rich folk own. That was me. We can build there. The same me who convienently ignored why the road structure was not re done for the development..the schools..the drs..if this is an issue now on brown field sites then what the hell for the newly chopped and tarmacked places. I would stand by most of that. For a short while. Then on a stag do for a family member we had a few pints first. Talked. He then took me on a bloody unexpected hike to get to the do. We were late. We skirted Carrington Moss. I knew what he was doing. Showing me what I had learnt to love but denied in my spiels. Showing me my past. I was last hear 25 years ago, I exclaimed. He knew that. He knew in that time I had started a real interest in plants and trees. He told me of a kestrel, an owl and a buzzard he guessed he had seen. Not there as a kid. All dependent on decent mixed natural flora and fauna. And it wasnt an urban desert. It was being used. Those saplings I saw as scrub were maturing trees. He got me. Plants arent as important as people. Rich folk own shit loads of green belt. But going through that maturing wood, a wood I had seen grow, made a difference. Yes there need to be housing sure. It dosent address the real issue. The nature of the economy..spend..spend and perpetual population growth for the false God called GDP. Not my area of knowledge. I do know that we need to build better, even if that is replacing existing housing stock. I hate being locked in a city as it is. Before you choice..what choice. I dont want to see a concrete sea of shite and then 30 years hence being torn down as slums.. Use the land creatively. And Spunko said earlier..look at the new elephant..or the newly recognised elephant in the room..population growth. We hear none of it though.
  13. I hope one day, one day, their Saudi oil will be low in stock and value, that the bulk of global economy has moved on from oil..or rather dependent on oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, with nothing other than oil, and are screwed. All talk of a high tech growth zone in scorching Saudi desert evaporates. All those hidden overseas assets removed. No more funding of whahhabism/ Deobandi sects abroad. Their influence doomed. To then wake up and find a disconnected economy (ps this dosent mean I am up for globalism before anyone says the opposite). Where China and Russia really separate off into a different world, a different economy that will hammer coal and oil and push forward in their economies. Venezuala oil may be tied up by the US..but Irans oil may not. And we may not get control of Irans. We switch one defined enemy for the other, Saudi for Iran. This is not having a go at the Iran of today. This is one outcome if pushed towards nationalism. I view that as potentially going more strictly religious. The opposite could be true. The head chopping carries on. Only by accepting power is power given. Or, risk defining a New World Order. Shit I said it. Wasnt their a PNAC document about this?☺ Veered off a long way from sentencing for that NZ guy. Oops.