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  1. My word is something I have always felt the most precious thing. I have broke it once and lived for a long time knowing it. The presssure from me not others. I think its something you recognise in others and respect. It seems meaningless in todays world but not to me. I was called out by own son in such circumstances and have now corrected the issue. I am unable to lecture about honesty if I dont do it myself.
  2. Its interesting there are many similar directed comments so far not just about lying but the personal, moral and ethicaI aspects. I assume were not telling porkies! Its of note at times there are certain types who are out and out the point you can show them the untruths and yet They still persist. In such cases I would assume either a direct personality issue and/or or a higher reasoning that would justify such actions, or indeed a higher reasoning ask that such obsfucation be mandatory. Oh dear. I have slipped into British mode hiding my intentions such that you suggest and I therfore blame you, should I need, if the discussion dosent go in my favour. What am I on about. Your doing well.
  3. Gulp..looks like were gonna have to pay for a few thousand extra council houses and associated benefits. Throw in costs for funerals to. Actually the prison costs for anyone objecting Ok stop it. Whatever...this dosent sound good. The repercussions from the Turkey incursion will hit Europe soon enough.
  4. Family courts. A law unto their own. Well done.
  5. I had one of those removed. Deemed cosmetic by the NHS after some recent rapid growth in my forehead. The prescient skills were amazing. However it was a sebaceous cyst without cosmetic. A few months turned out to be a lipoma. Pathology non malignant. Whatevah.
  6. Your up count shows your respected here. Straight forward.
  7. My first boss told me that ..shit rolls down hill. I have not not knowingly done that. I think that usually shows at work. I would never ask anyone something I would not be prepared to do myself. Lead from the front. Respect is to be earned not given. He added folk in brown shoes dont go anywhere but I think he had little understanding of style!
  8. Nope I dont. I give big indicators for when I am playing the game to show I wont show my true colours. Semantics and language. Lying? Or evasive? Is there a difference? I think this is more basic principles. To be vague in answering is not a lie. This is up to the recipient to challenge. But backing a whole set of ideas you dont believe in and push it..thats lying. For my part I find those who can speak the truth potentially the best liars. They arent though. I dont think its just an ethical idea. Its quite pragmatic. Knowing your stuff..setting it down means less of a comeback even when wrong. Less to be accused of. I always say its easy to say yes...far harder and to take responsibility and say no.
  9. I dunno. Still lots of blank looks if I raise the issue of banks, debt and financialised basics. Might be some insight re student debt. Housing not sure. Going further...I stand hear typing to folk who understand. Linking todays issues at home and then politically abroad for various national interests is just too much. I get cornered as a loony tune. Spunkos pic of the x mas jumper...Epstein didnt kill himself just got me derided on one whats app group...sneakily changed to a joke. Honest. The idea that most can link what to this group is obvious..put out chance. It takes bloody ages even getting to the point of being respected before ideas such as these can be raised. I need to win the euro millions this Friday. for the DOSBODS island.
  10. No quotes as I read earlier and dont recall. The stats on the average income for US citizens wage form the seventies is scary. A net wealth loss. Were not far behind.
  11. I dont see this new one pulling it out of the bag. I am craving though..they have me. I want to atone for my sins..not least trying to brainwash the minds into being Disney junkies. At least for.collecting purposes I can refrain and wait till.Home Bargains or B n M have them as reduced for clearance.
  12. Yes. On a trans Atlantic Flight..albeit just in same compartment. Balls..just read the rest of the post. were in an airport first class lounge and just the pair kf you
  13. I think the new mainstream ones are a bit ropey. Giving them a second chance as I want to be up to speed for the new one I coughed up for and the kids might understand. Solo and Rogue One...the back story ones....they are way ahead of the others and worth a watch..esp if you know the story lines of the initial they numbered out of order...the first three released.