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  1. Yep. My wifes friends known for years. No pics of the miserable bastard. Moi. They honor it. Kids. Well split. Many know...dont shove yourself on to social media. Many dont know. Parents I guess. As my son knows. Best to be bland and grey.
  2. Unsurprisingly the government got the majority for the tier system. A labour abstention. Interesting test of the majority benches. There were 55 Tory MPs against. The breakdown of those MPs I havent seen. A guess? Those behind the Red Wall and Kent. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/01/johnson-suffers-biggest-commons-revolt-as-mps-back-tougher-covid-tiers
  3. I hate to mention the U word..cough..University but I have. That was a staple. When CH4 was really a different beast.
  4. I have found most I found great..films tv..upto 20 years of age, I have the opposite view now. Mostly films as I never did much TV. I will add to the watch list.
  5. It never really got me as a kid. There was a lot of light entertainment around. I kind of avoided this. I tried the video link. Must be a few decades since I watched a full scene from this series. From about one min and a half it set up the jokes and thereafter yes..I was laughing. Guilty.
  6. Been denied my revenue ad click. Let me know the conclusion.
  7. Whitney Houston. She had a good voice till the bath tub incident. The cover theme to The Bodyguard, 1992. I never knew the original by Dolly Parton. I dont mind the tune..or the lyrics..it was the secondary evil unleashed. Karoke..humming..singing..by countless women who just knew they could hit the high spots sweetly. My arse. My ear drums were fucked. Copulating foxes sound better. So the song and the late Whitney..fine. The subsequent introduction into "I can sing this"..."it is so where I am at emotionally"..no. As such...its overated for the trauma it has c
  8. Thats going to be used Frank. I am having it. Good one.
  9. There a vid of it..not sure if that article. Quite powerful. He was pissed off..although not as much that elderly lady I guess.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-55150052 For those who use stamps, they are set to rise in price from 1st January 2021. First class shoots up via 9p to 86p Second class up by a penny to 66p. There is a small chart there thats shows the climb over the last several years. I recall my late mother circa 2009/10 buying tons ahead of the news then. When you think of some items off ebay with P and P can be acquired for not much more than a first class stamp at 86p from Jan 2021. Ok it might be Chinese tat but I am trying to show a point. I use stamps for a
  11. Over; Barbara Windsor. Under; Justin Bieber.
  12. I see the guesstimate was about 159 million for tonights Euro Draw. How many rounds are left...assuming its not won...before it reaches the max and is split to the lower tiers?
  13. I think that was a theme last year. That pretty much it was a blue or red turd. Dont see anyone in Labour able to form it into a GE winning machine. Not sure Tories. Dont see BJ lasting. Outside chance backbenchers grow and become the dominant power. Liberals...couldnt even name an MP actually. Other third party. Possible. Hard work though. MSM and the money are going to have a serious reason to ditch the COVID dictator. UK folk way to apathetic to be arsed to change. Its been the cause of many "why havent we left the uk?" Discussions at home. Its exactly as you say the red or
  14. I posted seconds after you and it wasnt clear initially there were 2 documents. I think they published the doc you show Monday. The official reasoning one. The government were then alleged by The Times to have a second document that was very detailed but not shown. It looks like what you have posted just now as it said it was a spread sheet. The government didnt want the detailed one shown so I dont know if this is it leaked or thats from the Monday main document.
  15. Shes still going.....Starmer.. going.....no where. No to both. I have to ask my older brother on his knowledge of older celebs. I had been trying to sort my list of New Year predictions for that thread. I ended up here. My error!
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