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  1. Nic Ferrari. Fighting for his life here. Literally. Lose weight. Learn some basic science.
  2. Well a guess. We knew his stuff had been searched by the police. The rest of the day he had been detained. We guessed no gun. Just his trusty tent pole..the driver...he was allowed to keep. He had wrecked his own property and the camps with this. All of us had told the police we were uncomfortable with him and his club. Still they felt he needed a tent pole and let him have it back.
  3. The gun issue was raised We were pissed off. He backed down.
  4. Until this video was posted..I hadnt realised I was doing the same. Last thing, last hour or so watching videos like this..often of places I have been for the last several months. Good call. It does cheer me up. Of note The road North West out of there takes you to a country park, up on top of the hills. Mentioned to you in the past about me and my older brother cycling from Canada to Mexico. We stayed a few nights camping in that park up there. First day we met someone seriously unwell. Psychotic. Talking to himself. Seemed harmless enough. Mad though. ill. We noticed. Others felt h
  5. The forefront of the late German PJG's inspiree communication efforts. Taken from this link. https://www.thedrum.com/news/2021/03/01/how-do-you-convince-anti-vaxxers-get-vaccinated-covid-comms-around-the-world Time how long watching the video you call out and say...errr that is not entirely correct! The whole COVID media is one of psychological projection. Their views placed on those who dissent in anyway to the true story. Theirs.
  6. A quick scan of some headlines today shows an uptick in articles about health sector workers potentially being legally forced to have a COVID vaccine. This is not a new statement and has been around for pretty much the whole of this last 12 months. Resurected as injection rates slow in the sector.Although not huge in numbers, the articles are there and it appears more of the usual drip feed ideas to test the waters for such an idea. Lets just say they do manage to legislate. Not likely to be done before the other age groups have been targeted first in my view. That would likely increase refusa
  7. Good stuff. If the Scots want nationalism fine. Give them a choice. The SNP are not the be all and end all. Nickies number is up. Sod off with the communism.
  8. I dont really follow most modern lyrics. I just saw this video. James Blunt Monsters. Had me in tears. I have never heard this or seen this before. I am a rare daddies boy. My dad died 2007. It felt like today listening to this. Proud.
  9. Same here. Fishing rod had to be the best present. I remain utterly useless to this day at fishing. Looking back, the time fishing with my late father and uncle, pretty much set me up with the basics of lifes knowledge. This ranged from a swollen dogs penis in a bitch through to, they all keep the working man down lad, you will never be free of them. In between such hefty statements I was allowed to explore and at 7 or 8, chase a field full of bullocks all over the place. Not sure how wise that was, new skill acquired. Not pracised much since. I learnt so much from my late fathe
  10. Tip of the year. Shoes cleaned today..take the vaccine! I ventured surely you mean vaccines? They work in different ways you know. He shat on my shoes.
  11. Never gonna do a deal with you. You will sell my debts to the USA...eventually😉. Folding paper malarky.
  12. Like most of our 99 year old rellies in hospital Phil will not have a DNR in his medical notes. I wish him all the best fighting alongside those who this year, most younger than him, had no such luck. Many punted out of hospital with no COVID test, notable in the first wave, to take their precious gift to others. I do not want anyone to die that could be avoided. Can anyone tell me the stats of 99 year olds having access to an NHS specialist bed? I give as much as this country has gave us.
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