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  1. Well the festivities are over for a year. Normal business I am afraid resumes. First of the year.
  2. The Grey Man

    Ok Boomer

    I have never voted labour. I was from pond scum. I wanted more. This last election. I asked myself in all that I know..ignore it...would I have voted for Blair now. No hindsight. Yep.Repeat no hindsight. I would vote for him We have Boris. I am still trying to understand this statement. Labour as is? Needs to move a little to the right. We have Blair Two. I struggle given what I have said, how I can moan. As stated before I voted BXP. The quiet C. That can be owned by either Tories or Labour. The middle. The next ten years are Tories. The Boomer vote will indeed die off. The state of the economy/ personal spending power/ how much an individual gains from investments/ property will dictate how the voting and direction of politics we go. For now Blair II.
  3. A few bits were fireworks. The rest appeared small arms. Wtf. Dosent that require MI6 involvement? Thats more than worrying. Fucking hell. A few hundred miles away. The next link is are those weapons being brought here? Not happy.
  4. Wild. Good movie. Female protagonist. Reese Witherspoon. I largely avoid Drama. I have seen it all my work life. Relented here as the story is about a big walk. 1000 miles worth of walk. I wouldnt put it it at an imdb of 7.1. Its a mid 6 from me. Anyone who has ever jumped ship for a while from the system and done their own thing can identify with this film. A few risque bits so not for young kids. If you know the outdoors you will whinge when she sets off. She learns.
  5. I have done the Twitter feed at times. Have to admit you have been an influence. Boy it takes a lot of work. Dont mind having the odd intense go though. I apologise for kissing ass twice in one night. You do put in the efffort and it shows. The site is better for it. For those newbies to the The Twatosphere...dont be worried...I regard myself as such...its worth a play with. It really is the most upto date info stream. You dont have to register. I havent. Note stream. You choose the news. Local UK news..sure..leftie...the real world..a very good source. TMT brought this mainstream to the site and how to use. Immitation is the best form of flattery.
  6. The Grey Man

    Ok Boomer

    Known as divide and conquer. Defeated by awareness.
  7. The Grey Man

    Ok Boomer

    Nice camp site there to.
  8. The Grey Man

    Ok Boomer

    And that line of thinking was that which made me end my war with the boomers. Arguably SJWs to. I would have done the same. Not that some, as any other generation I could pick, dont rub it in. Those generations below make me justify my ethical differences. Folk are folk. Now I judge as an individual not as a collective. Honest people know honest people.
  9. I just don't get this. About to retire teacher in the USA has been nipping one off, taking a dump, a Mr Whippy Special, shooting a fruity log, a No 2, the turtles head escaping, defecating in a public park upto several times a day for the last few years. Hes coughed up just shy of 6K US dollars for cleaning costs due to his pooping activities. He gave no real reason other than some link to using the park to get to work and running. He took aim at some public building. The park even had a formal latrine that he chose not to use. Armed, he was equipped with toilet roll for his indecent deeds. Sounds like there might be a lot more shit to be uncovered on Scat Man if looked. Wierdo.
  10. Saw these pictures of the inferno in Oz at the moment. Striking. Scary. I hope folk heed the saftey advice. The other animals have no such look. An estimated half a billion BBQ'ed. Its nature. Sad though.
  11. Last night. At home talking about needing an air ticket for East Asia return. I said its gone quiet in the ME. Consider the Emirates for the flight. What happens. You good Sir! You jinxed us! Couldnt sleep and saw your post. Texted my wife for a reminder in the morning...sorry was wrong. We need the tickets via the northern route(Finn Air) and avoid The Gulf.. The tickets booked today. Really mean thanks.
  12. Yep it is. My direction in this are prolonged spells. 7 days or more with the Central England Temps hitting lows (CET). They arent common but I love to look for them. Cold in Feb. Yep. A monster? No one can say. Too early. For me anything like this has to take place and establish my mid Jan. After that the day light length affects cold and snow cover. Hence comments re Europe and establishing a cold pool to tap into later. I just like snow. This year not bothered to wait for this maybe crap. Ideally go abroad but other constraints mean an Air B N B near Inverness at half term in Feb. Access to the Highlands. I want some snow....for the kids.
  13.!/there-are-rumoursreports-of-explosions-at-a-us-base-in-iraq-20200103 Still meaningless. No firm news yet
  14. Looks like a cooling period with warmer and wetter interludes. Progs have a lot of deep cold over Greenland with threats to spill down south. Europe and Eastern Europe gets about three blasts in the next twelve days. Europe cools. No way of tapping into that cool pool. The UK. Well. The area to really look for is not Greenland. The progs have the cold trying to come down but theres no high pressure block over the North Atlantic. It therfore gets blown away by NW low pressure systems. Colds lurking but the High isnt playing ball to let it settle over the UK outside of cold snaps. I thought the Sun Headlines this am about 14 inches of snow were very optomistic. The circulation for winds streaming down from Scandinavia after they cool is there...about 10 days hence but with no block in the N significant cold snap. Might change. Been here before( forgive pattern matching) and tends to a colder spell Feb or into March with such patterns and no blocking high as the cool dips move further westwards.
  15. Theres a few loony toon backpacker types who like to try and prove were all invertebrates with our myopic views. A few posts and vids. And one two three their gone.