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  1. I feel like it...they're a spitter. "Oh you must have got that from me" No shit.
  2. That didn't age well. Is it more or should the President not be concerned with the stock market? Especially when it is based on a yuge debt-fuelled 'big ugly bubble'. Proper bigly. Stocks/house prices are not the economy...
  3. I've come down with a cold today fucks sake. Thought I felt it starting as didn't feel right yesterday. Sore sinuses, tired. Breathing etc fine. I know who I got it from, they're still alive.
  4. Up 15%! It has a lot of work to do but this is the most positive sign for a long time.
  5. @DurhamBorn do you have any thoughts on Tullow, and would buying BP and Tullow be considered too much of one sector? Your reply for info only and i will consult a financial advisor of course
  6. I can't get my head around precious metal mining stocks. I'm sticking with oil/energy, comms and infrastructure. As well as physical PMs. They are more tangible to me.
  7. That sounds exactly like what I would do, if it's any help
  8. They look like a good investment at that dividend and price - have you got any TLW?
  9. If you've got some spare it might be worth it @Errol? (I suspect he won't be parting with his in a hurry though!)
  10. The only problem with that sort of thing is if I'm going to use a matrix or map to stick with @DurhamBorn's theme: Do I want his Ordnance survey quality layout of the territory Or do I trust my own drawn on the back of a fag packet with a blunt pencil A map is either right or wrong - there a different types of maps, scales, etc. But it's either accurate or not.
  11. Very true there's always an opportunity somewhere in the markets!