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  1. Please let this be a Gartman standard contra- indicator
  2. I still like such a phoney reading this thread! It's like knowing all the materials needed to build a house are called down to types of brick and cement and no idea of what to do with them
  3. Loki

    Why Bother?

    If they're Scottish new build owners, just another day
  4. I take nothing but the kitchen sink.
  5. The earth is flat that day, most days it's round
  6. Good point. And they don't even work in the way they say they do. (Possibly due to allopregnanolone increase, not serotonin) https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150217114119.htm https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0149763415000287 Oh look another thing that isn't gov approved black or white Serotonin = happy hormone Climate change = your fault Debt = Wealth
  7. What? I didn't see any criteria
  8. Don't worry I understand posts here are for entertainment purposes only! Have you sold yours, top sliced, or are you sticking with them? Up 13% in 4 days is pretty incredible
  9. Staggered at CWR. I wish I'd bought four times as much, much sooner.
  10. I wish i could have experienced the General mood at that time. I was more interested in a acquiring booze and PlayStation games than pets.com shares
  11. Rope and streetlight columns would solve so many problems
  12. Well, something has lit a fire under some of the stocks in my attempt to shamelessly copy durhamborn inspired portfolio today Ceres, SSE, Centrica, Imperial, National Grid done most of the heavy lifting. So thank you everyone and durhamborn there are a couple of silver Britannia's with your name on here...