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  1. Yeah but...if we were talking about it taking 1 more year of time (And my taxes) then I'll sit poolside happily and watch it fall 25 years of time and taxes? I'll be nearer to death than birth by then. And much poorer.
  2. Not strictly deflation related, but anyone know how would I go about finding out about investment opportunities in South American and African agriculture? Any good resources that are understandable to the average man? North America got absolutely smashed this year with floods, worst grain harvest on record I believe. #noplant19
  3. I have mixed years. I don't think there is anything special about 2019 coins
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/central-banks-are-out-ammo-un-head-demands-immediate-fiscal-stimulus-save-world-crisis
  5. Plumbing was exactly my thoughts. Combined with chipboard floors, good luck getting access easily. Apparently modern bricks are crap too.
  6. It would be nice if property for the likes of you and me could stay affordable while the overseas loadsamoney's buy the new build shiny crap. The right people still get their pockets lined. We don't have to pay 10x annual wage for a 2 bed semi That's how I would have played it.
  7. How funny would it be if the Potemkin quality new builds were just done to hoover up funny money from those countries. I do wonder what will happen in 30 - 40 years if they are still standing. Will there be the resources/funds to clear them and rebuild? The housing stock in London has served for 200 years in some cases. (With survivor bias meaning the better stuff is still standing) I just can't see mass produced budget spec new builds having a survivor bias.
  8. Excuse the broad question, but in x years, how will we know when the deflation cycle is over? What should the layman like me be looking out for?
  9. Just bit the bullet and bought CNA, so get ready for drops anyone else holding fire...
  10. So no drops until 2023 then, if gov is picking up the tab
  11. Amazing How much to have it sat on the drive, doing 375 miles a month.