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  1. It's OK, it's only a 'play' account. If I get margin called I can either top up or lose the lot. I started with £500 or so and now at £1580 (Account value over all, not free funds) so I'd rather prefer NOT to lose it all, but it's not an initial amount I'll lose sleep over. It's basically to try and make use of David Hunter's twitter thoughts, while not getting stung for £11.95 every time I want to try and sell a rise/buy a dip
  2. I am this close to losing my bottle and closing my position(s)
  3. Don't worry I sold yesterday too, and wasn't up by over half!
  4. Just a free Trading 212 account. Still being careful as margin works both ways. It's only for fun but it would be nice to walk away with a few grand. Spread is whatever they say it is
  5. Feed them sodium bicarb and they go boom too.
  6. @5min OCD speculator Yes glad I added another 60x Buy CFDs at $25.6...and held my nerve to let it run over-night
  7. Self-raising flour wouldn't need a plane
  8. A rifle and a map of all the substations is all it would need. Well, rifles, plural, as you said a team. They're not an off the shelf item and AFAIK were made in China...
  9. Even if it didn't: https://electroverse.net/greenhouse-gas-theory-is-completely-wrong/
  10. I assume the Beirut Lives Matter lot will be all over this?
  11. If you look at the chart they are putting up a hell of a fight
  12. They will NOT let silver get over $26...the chart is laughable
  13. @BurntBread Superb post, I enjoyed the thought exercise and following your thought process. It must have some value as a rough and ready indicator - I suppose you could try it with sectors/industries rather than individual stocks? Could the VIX be any help I wonder, if tied in to the sheet somehow. I think you put yourself down far too much in that post!