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  1. Anecdotal: Polymetal may be worth a look, as their autoclave system is more environmentally friendly and as we move away from China (and their lack of environmental protection) this could be worth watching.
  2. Back to worrying about climate change then. SSE boss now saying it's a bigger threat than corona and gov should invest. @DurhamBorn ...your crystal ball works well https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-52778666
  3. I did wonder if i should clarify that - i didn't mean good or bad, just big. Hence the scared smiley
  4. @wight flight well done mate. It's insanity and oneupmanship combined
  5. It's been broken for years and no one seems to care
  6. Covid or "covid" though? Seen a few articles online about the ventilators possibly causing death too
  7. That is true, the financial side can only work with the pieces it has. I thought you meant team red vs team blue rather than geopolitics. My mistake!
  8. My opinion now is that politicians are the puppets on the arms of finance. I didn't even vote in the GE. First time since I was 16. If the economic paradigm needs a Blair, Trump, Hitler, Stalin, etc, one will be created and put into place. (Leads and lags!) I'd far rather spend time learning about the subject(s) of this thread than politics...on a time/value basis.
  9. Because he is autistic and might not like noises like that?
  10. Stopping the 24 hour supermarkets was genius humiliation ritual. Rather than me going at 2am when it's quiet, and I can "Stay Safe" (And sane), I have to queue up outside like a cunt. They could even just have self service only tills open at that time with a bottle of spray disinfectant.