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  1. I've bought IBTL via HL before, no problems. Not sure if you'd be better off with a shorter duration bond, that's well out of my knowledge
  2. The Japanese have worn masks forever. Doesn't look like the masks made any difference https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3221
  3. Oh boo hoo. When I was discussing it with you, you called me anti-science then blocked me, you pompous twat.
  4. Embed function sucks so for posterity. Fuck you hopeless. So pro-lockdown but no problem with killing some of the people the lockdown is supposed to protect?! He's a maniac.
  5. I'm on ignore so I don't worry about upsetting him. Fuck him. Even I, Head Sceptic of the This is Fucking Bullshit Department, have never agreed with them sending cases back to nursing homes. My whole point is that people like me, held to ransom by a lockdown based on a model that he refuses to acknowledge has been "debunked" by both experts and reality, would prefer to carry on living our lives while offering isolation support to anyone who feels they need it.
  6. Interesting vid. The main part is an old video that uses the word 'negro'...but also says "We must not be lead into placing the blame for the riots, the civil disorders, on the negro people of our nation". Excuse the terminology of its time...
  7. I'm all for this, shame about the outright lies about climate/capitalism etc that go along with it. Most packaging is a complete waste of materials.
  8. Fair enough, everything stays the same for ever. If you say so. Seems pretty clear to me the timescales he's talking about...decades, not tomorrow. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00007-1
  9. Apologies, I know I'm guilty of using this thread to discuss day to day moves. I'm not worried by it at all, just curious about the cause(s) and on quiet days it is interesting to see what the Big Brains think. Completely agree with the bit in bold
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