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  1. Hmmm good point that. I just thought if they're gonna boing, just buy in one go and forget about until they've made some returns. But yes the potential gains your way are much better
  2. Yeah, I only have smaller amounts to put in I think some of you lot are dealing with significant sums which I admire
  3. Neither did I, I bottled it. I'd already put in what I'd be prepared to lose, and at £12 a trade multiple buys of dubious certainty don't make sense to me
  4. Still haven't come out of the red but I wasn't expecting to see that!
  5. I want to believe this is the start of the return to sanity but I've been hurt before.
  6. Imagine how things could be if such ingenuity was put to worthwhile use
  7. I have a way to go, but then that's why durhamborn calls them rubber bands twang!
  8. At the risk of staying on topic ...has New Gold finally started it's bounce back?
  9. Just don't touch Sirius, I'm down 50%! Or maybe that means you should?
  10. I have an idea that people could do worse than chucking a small amount on long corn and wheat ETFs due to flooding
  11. Seems to tie in with what durhamborn says, to my amateur understanding anyway
  12. Yes I like to buy and hold too, here's hoping you're right. Thanks again!
  13. Well, it's doing well so far. As I only bought a tiny amount it has a way to go before it returns any profit, but still. Seems like a good call!
  14. Nice, thanks. I stuck a small amount on, let's see what happens.
  15. Any idea why is nickel is rising? Tempted to have a flutter (Which it is, let's be honest). Can't do any worse than any of my other 'punts'