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  1. Islamification of Europe

    I think we need to tackle the real issue here, are my hands getting bigger?
  2. London murders overtake New York

    It's the capital of America duh.
  3. Worst ever beer

    I can't believe the thread hasn't mentoned Skol. Absolute dishwater in a tin. It could have been a real low alcohol alternative if it didn't taste so rank. I don't think there has ever been a more pointless tasteless lager brewed, even Hagar couldn't save it.
  4. APB- potentially dangerous foreign national roaming the streets looking for problems, fully tooled up with a diverse arsenal.
  5. DOSBODS First Anniversary

    I got a double first actually. Not really. Thanks to all the posters and Spunko for making this what I consider to be the best board on the internet. A great balance of knowledge and humour. Here's to the next few years
  6. No, don't you dare start ruining some of my happiest childhood memories. Stop it right now.
  7. The big Oxfam thread

    I certainly did and got rid of them. I am a believer in charity as a virtue and do give generously, but only to charities I trust (mainly local) and which I know the employees are not taking the mick.
  8. The big Oxfam thread

    Neither of the schools my children got to did anything to support it this year. TBH this is the first time I have seen anything to do with it this year. I think charities may well have seen peak giving which is understandable. Yesterday I was going through my elderly mothers bank details as she had forgotten how her council tax was being paid. I checked through the account direct debits and found two charity debits for around £10 a month. I quizzed my mother as to what these were for, she had forgotten even setting them up. She thinks that it was people who come to the door in the evening which had set them up. A fairly ruthless way of getting money going door to door and taking advantage of elderly people on their own. One of the culprits was a charity called Sightsavers.
  9. Smashed on drugs

    I used to get someone to smuggle bottles of Dozol from Northern Ireland as I could never find it in England. It seemed to help ease the kids to sleep very well. The other baby drug treatment was Ashton and Parsons teething powders, it even came in a convenient bindle. I remember for some reason when my youngest was teething their was an A+P drought where it was changing hands for inflated prices on eBay. I have had a look and it is currently still available now, a bit late for my boy though. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone with a teething youngster.
  10. I think your sentiments are echoed.
  11. It appears that gender issues are now taking priority over holding the government to account in the offical opposition party. Politicians seem to be a bit like journalists who think we love to hear stories about journalism. I would imagine that such a long standing MP such as Harriet Harpie could be tackling the more prescient and relevant issues which are concerning the electorate (her bosses btw) instead of pointing a spotlight at the failings of her own party. This political navel gazing isn't doing much to help resolve many of the huge issues we are facing as a country. I understand that we live in a multi faceted world but none of the political big beasts are offering any big plans or strong leadership which is badly needed.
  12. 34 years doesn't seem quite adequate as a punishment for this deceptive and psychotic young man. The remarks by the judge definitely seemed a quite thinly veiled dig at the religion of peace. The Telegraph may be trying to imitate The Guardian in this article.
  13. What will be left when the whale part is gone?
  14. Tax is for the little people

    I quite often give my things away and being a rather nice chap allow the recipient to store them in my house. As a further kindly gesture I then use the gifts to ensure that they are taken care of. This is all perfectly normal behaviour
  15. Bookface Twattered by Cambridge Analytica

    Here are some eyebrow raising facts by an internet journalist, you had probably worked out the connections but this video gives some frightening examples.