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  1. It appears elf is up for a bit of 'Whale Hunting' this evening.
  2. Could mock up some Gelf for you?
  3. You don't really have to do it, it was meant to be a bit of light relief. My son was made up this morning that the elf had eaten daddy's chocolate and not his, he even found the crumbs which I had left down. Feel free to shit all over it if you want, and as for Gemimas parents I couldn't give a fuck about them either.
  4. Well hung, no doubt Sounds like you have children, so imagine there are loads of multi-coloured pipe cleaners in a drawer somewhere. With the elf on the roof could use some wire, as they aren't going to get a hold of it. The kids told me today that if the elf is touched the magic goes. Quite a useful fact.
  5. Another good idea @Libspero Thinking of doing something with the elf Velcro'd completely upside down on the ceiling. Just need some absurd/surreal activity for the elf to do, skiing possibly?
  6. As per @Libsperosuggestion. Could be a possible elvish Dirty Sanchez though.
  7. Not sure they could get one started. No problem with that one, this elf is a chocolate lover.
  8. Going a bit Mumsnet with this one adding some seasonal light relief. The kids have quite cleverly cajoled us in to getting an elf on a shelf for the run up to Christmas. The idea is that the elf checks up on them when they are in bed and gets in to mischief while they sleep. When the children get up in the morning they have to discover what the elf has been up to. Tomorrow is day one for the naughty elf antics to start. I blatantly stole this idea to begin with but will be being more creative for the rest of the month. Any (appropriate) suggestions/ideas welcome.
  9. Shaneyson

    The 80k man

    I am considering this option, and will be buying additional canned goods and ammo in anticipation. Wasn't there a user on tos called "ex nihilo de novo"?
  10. Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the ballroom.
  11. Who knows, wouldn't like to speculate as to the reasons for this guy dying. As you pointed out it certainly has more plot twists than a Bourne movie.
  12. A good amount of UK funding went that way from the Foreign Aid budget via The 'Conflict, Stability and Security Fund', £60m in 2017. You can buy a lot of helmets with that sort of money.
  13. But more importantly, how did he manage to pull the zip up inside the holdall before it accidentally tumbled off the balcony? Mesurier setup, trained and channelled various western foreign aid funding to the whitehats in Syria. If the British are removing support from anti Assad groups and withdrawing from this conflict the funding streams may well have died along with Mesurier. Often wondered why he had such high visibility for a former MI6 agent.
  14. Pwp is something I have had to cut back on. I always ended up failing to pull the pub bike after some top quality banter. Don't see so much of the old burd @mrsxyy any more. Don't stop believing, and quitters don't win. Nothing further to add to the group therapy session we are having.
  15. Didn't his thieving put an end to his celebrity chef status? This is going to be a difficult thread to derail.