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  1. As do I. Can't get my meat helmet as shiny as his though.
  2. That is going to make the Johnson family Sunday lunch at The Harvester rather awkward for everyone.
  3. Fascinated to find out why Jo Johnson resigned at his critical juncture. He had been appointed to keep a weather eye on London up until the end of last year, when he suddenly performed a volte-face on Brexit. Critically he was appointed to the privy council in July this year, just prior to the latest round of political and legal Brexit wrangling. One of the key roles of the privy council is advising the Monarchy on exercising the Royal Prerogative. Boris has moved one of his closest allies in to a key position in preparation for what had been planned. Meanwhile the media appear to be selling it as a political disagreement between brothers.
  4. Stayed out last night for work, went to bed early and thought I would have a look at the telly before sleep. I normally browse dosbods for a bit but I had no phone reception. Managed about five minutes of hignfy and some comedienne with a ventriloquist puppet. Damn shame, I used to love hignfy.
  5. Thank you for sharing, Been in since 2.19, I owe you a pint.
  6. Just caught this article below, will be interesting to see if this accelerates the share price any. Not long to find out, markets opening soon. Nickel soars on talk of Indonesia export ban BY REUTERS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: AUG 7 SINGAPORE — Nickel prices shot up on Thursday, with London nickel set for its biggest one-day gain in a decade and Shanghai nickel touching a record high amid worries that major supplier Indonesia could soon ban exports of ore. Three-month nickel on the London Metal Exchange rallied as much as 12.7%, its strongest one-day jump since 2009, while the most-traded nickel contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange rallied to 124,890 yuan ($17,736.53) a tonne, its highest on record.
  7. Not to worry, he could always represent himself in court. Dave could be going away for a very long time. The So-Called BBC will serialize the whole affair, and based on a random internet forum thread will be calling it........ The Cunt of Monte Cristo.
  8. Race baiting and peado baiting in one topic. How it's anyone going to try and defend an argument only to be tacitly supporting sex with children or the subjugation of black people. I am not convinced that anyone could be this 'clumsy' in discussion particularly given your prodigious level of output.
  9. A cautionary tale to be heeded. Don't dick around with overcocking your chip.
  10. We have made the decision and gone the opposite way. Sold up to an investor six weeks ago and desperately awaiting a completion date, local searches are taking forever. I am in contact with the buyers agent who is keen for completion and keeps checking that I am not pulling out. We are looking for a rental property in a really good area and going to bear the additional costs for a year or three as a holding position. Last time we were in this position was in 2009, I bottled it and didn't sell. Been waiting 10 years for the market to move towards normality and decided that now is the best time. Good luck with your new house. I would add that if I was in a nice area which we were happy with, then gambling on the price of housing would not be a game I would be playing at.
  11. Why not, seems like everyone else has had a go at it and managed to increase house prices.