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  1. Shaneyson

    Blow Up Dolls

    Wouldn't want to waste my breath.
  2. Shaneyson

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    That brought back memories, not good ones. I can feel myself reaching for the toilet paper. Don't tell me northerners were responsible for that muck.
  3. Shaneyson

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    We're putting the band back together.
  4. Shaneyson

    Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    Managing to sneak out a story about 55 child rapists without major press coverage is quite some feat. It is unfortunate that this story comes out as the media is busy with other matters.
  5. Seen this on my twitter, thought it looked like the same machete wielding guy in a train station event being discussed.
  6. Shaneyson

    Should have kept women in the smug ....

    You snug bastard.
  7. Shaneyson

    Trump's progress

    Luke Kelly version?
  8. Shaneyson

    Manchester stabbing

    The use of language is a powerful tool in defining how people create their opinions on any subject. Currently we have press reporting a 'mentally ill man' stabbing people on New Years Eve in Manchester. Whilst this obfuscation continues to be the central plank of the " " radio, papers & telly, it behoves us to utilise the same methods. Outside of the promoted narrative, the rhetoric I have used is very commonplace in the comments section's. If the issues were not being discussed by the man on the Clapham omnibus five years ago it is probably more to do with boiling frogs. On an earlier point, the Persians expanding their borders up to the Byzantine empire were Muslims, and as correctly stated not Arab.
  9. Shaneyson

    Manchester stabbing

    When the legacy media presents a representation of immigration which so vastly differs from the experiences of many, it is no surprise that people respond in such a highly charged manner. When voicing an opinion which deviates from the accepted narrative gets you labelled as a racist, it is no surprise that on a forum which supports free speech posters are more vociferous. When democracy is undermined so wholly and entire communities sidelined, it is surprising that the reaction is only a ramping up of rhetoric. The problem is massively being exacerbated by the complete failure to address the problems which uncontrolled immigration are causing and the failure to even allow a balanced debate on those problems.
  10. Shaneyson

    9/11 Case to Reopen

    So what was your excuse yesterday? You don't seem to have an opinion on what caused the collapses, yet simultaneously attack anyone else proposing alternatives which do not follow the official narrative. You have tried to paint other posters as TFH loons. Not in a Jokey way like that twat @xyyman. Consistently played the man and not the ball. Posted large walls of text snowing the board. Posted a rather sinister reference to a members child. Tried to direct the discussion using obfuscation. I sugest that your behaviour is insincere at best.
  11. Shaneyson

    Nobody told me it was cold 😩

    I think you are all being a tad bit judgemental and dare i say it, sexist. She does have somewhat a look of the night about her though.
  12. Shaneyson

    9/11 Case to Reopen

    Should have used Saudi Passports, far more resilient.
  13. Shaneyson

    I've been called a cunt by XYY

    I wear my cunt as a badge of honour. Perhaps we could have a special symbol on our avatar @Spunko?
  14. Shaneyson

    9/11 Case to Reopen

    Thanks, can i pick it up at Wilko's or do i need a fancy spray gun? Just remembered my Dad used to paint trains using three pack isocyanate, is that a thing?