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  1. Not surprised, predictive text gibberish!!!!!! Right video, thanks. Not surprised you didn't understand.
  2. I initially was going to write that it bore rotating as it had been mentioned before. I couldn't find the video interview with Noel Gallagher to post him saying what he thought. It appears to be fine from the net. Does anyone remember it because I can't get it?
  3. I'm in agreement with the song writer on the use of his song: “Your kids can’t go to a gig these days without getting fuckin’ beheaded or something,” Gallagher went on, bringing politics into the conversation. “It’s fuckin’ out of order. The people that we put in governments know why this fuckin’ shit’s happening and they should deal with it. We’re just walking around like fuckin’ chickens while they’re going, ‘London’s open for fuckin’ sale.’ Fuck off, mate. Sort it out.” If you search the internet it is hard to find what he actually thinks, only others saying what they think he means. History is now being rewritten in less than 12 months.
  4. Probably the case but it highlights how overwhelming evidence of fraud can be disregarded. My bank immediately cancelled the transactions and did not pay the bar. Wouldnt mind paying if I had got something for my money. I didn't even get a memory ffs.
  5. I remember hearing that tune a while ago. Probably due for a remix, something bigger and bolder this time I imagine.
  6. Have you seen the price of one of those premium burger meals?
  7. Top tip, when you call Barclays the calls are not on your itemised list as they have a umber which can not be listed. Use an app to download your phone contents so you can prove that you called them and give very precise times. If you don't they will deny it, they really are a bunch of deceitful twisting bastards. They repeatedly would not provide any evidence of calls made to them or any transcripts, the penalty for this is a reward of £15 in lieu of going to the data ombudsman. I told them they could keep the derisory amount ad will be dragging them to the next ombudsman after this one. This will end up costing them thousands in time and energy, and I will get my money back as well.
  8. Go on you dancer, get in bank.
  9. I had £2000 stolen from my Barclaycard and £1500 from my bank card in a girlie bar in July 2016. Lloyds immediately refunded the money as it was obvious fraud. Three years later I am at the ombudsman with Barclays. They have lied to the ombudsman not replied to calls or recorded delivery messages in trying to get a resolution. They even misrepresented the date of the final decision to the ombudsman so that he would throw the case out for being outside allowed time frames. I have had to send a copy of the final response dated within the time frames to the ombudsman. I made the claim to the in the start of December 2018, it took 4 months to get a reply. The ombudsman immediately sided with Barclays, I provided the additional evidence weeks ago and am awaiting a further response. They are the worst of the worst. I will be pursuing this until the end of time, or until a fair outcome is reached. It is no longer about money it is about right and wrong. Even if this ends up costing £10k in legal fees I will get my £2k back from Barclays. Good luck getting any money back from them. Up to this point the ombudsman seems to be firmly in bed with the banks and not at all impartial.
  10. I have seen a sneak preview of the new referendum papers
  11. Thought I would put a few quid on the election result...... Shalln't be bothering at 50/1 on Looks like the bookies aren't willing to take a hiding but the political parties are going to. Now remind me what are the pollsters saying, as they are so good at promoting predicting election victories?
  12. Used oddschecker based on the comments on this thread. There was only Betfair offering any odds as I could see so had to open an account with them. I like to place a bet on political stuff. The european elections is a bit like The Grand National whereas I would liken the In out referendum to a Cheltenham Gold Cup. Thanks or reminding me though, I was going to put the bet on last week but forgot, wish I had looking at the odds.
  13. I think we are past that stage. Everything I have done to support TR I have used my real name, including writing to him in prison. It's time to be counted.