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  1. The new Chief Executive walked out after 3 months in the job. God alone knows what horror he had found buried in the business. Whatever it was, it caused him to run out of the door.
  2. Dealers are pre-redging cars again. Could be this, if they are brand new cars with number plates attached.
  3. Not sure what benefit getting public opinion onside is going to give. The media are constantly keeping her imprisonment on the new agenda though.
  4. Come on mate, it's only a bit of pisstake on the internet.
  5. TEFL teacher from King Colledge London.
  6. So I guess all these Nazis must be really good people then.
  7. Are you referring to the 'most definitely not a spy, just a journalist trainer honest guv & queen of hearts Nazernien' (sic).
  8. But he called my pint a hooor..... 100% agree.
  9. Shaneyson


    Its alright @stokiescum, this week has been taken care of.
  10. Four days later on a different thread. the criticism is hidden. Two days later the same technique of hiding criticism is used again. Apologies for quoting myself, I have used full quotes so as not to be accused of misrepresenting anything previously posted. If anyone wants to search, prior to me accusing @SNACRof using 'false equivalence' it was last used by @unregistered_gueston May 18th. Nobody else has ever used that term in criticising @SNACR on any other threads. A subtle method of garnering support for his arguments? I have approached you head on a number of times, and directly said that you use many different logical fallacies. Every time you have swerved and gone on to spray gun other members on a variety of threads. Its getting to the point where you might just be able to enter the hallowed anals of members which @The XYY Man has called a cunt.
  11. I liked it because you often used your own experience to infer that everybody else's experiences should be the same. The example you choose to highlight is more hyperbole, as an obviously exaggerated scenario is being used to reflect experience. Your experiences are being used as evidence to support your opinions and rebuke others. The last poster was supporting their opinion by highlighting the absurdity of their experience.
  12. Very fair comment. I can see both sides and I am not setting myself up as a de-facto moderator on here. Sometimes a thread digresses so much that it deserves its own thread so I did that. If I can find the old avatar have I still go a chance with the Mrs?
  13. I agree and have tried to drag it over to the green people thread, leaving this thread to go back on topic. Geert Wilders has been blocked by the UK government from seeing TR in prison. Not sure of the full details, this is from the Twitter account of Geert.