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  1. My lazy Aunty sent me to the post office 100yards down the road after primary school, to buy 20 Players Number 6. I never realised fags had an age restriction on them. Loosies were called singles where I'm from. You always received one England's Glory match with your purchase. As youngsters we got quite skilled at lighting fags in all weather conditions.
  2. Bet Joe Strummer couldn't do road safety like this
  3. I don't think they have got the hair quite right, it looks like he is being attacked by a Frisbee.
  4. Whenever a ground level movement appears to be getting increasingly popular and or effective, out of nowhere the 'black block' arrive and ratchet up the violence and level of damage to property. They are allowed to do this with impunity in front of the media, providing numerous photo opportunities involving flames, masks, and broken glass. Where have they been for the last 17 weeks? Numerous examples of this occurring on YT, in many different countries and protests.
  5. RT livestream cameraman just been hit in the foot with a rubber bullet. Bit unfortunate.
  6. The TR shill argument has been done to death on here and I would like to avoid reopening it. Pointing out that any action not in support of the state is potentially dangerous for an individual, and marks them out for special consideration is a method of silencing debate. The internet exists and that toothpaste is not going to go back in the tube. Ultimately the panopticon will be overwhelmed. Frankly the reason things have got into the current state is that people have been afraid to speak the truth. If free speech and thoughts on internet forums make you an enemy of the state perhaps it is time to get on that list?
  7. If remaining off a government list for holding an opinion is a priority of yours can I suggest deleting your account, switching the light off and hiding under the bed. This course of action will definitely make you safe, and also make the world a much better place. These uncertain times require men of strong will and integrity who can wet the bed in confidence that mummy will change the sheets. Follow the official government advice to be safe
  8. He would have been accused of being in it for the money, he wanted an apology instead. Catch22
  9. He has to pay Cambridge Police £38k in total.
  10. Ezra about to talk live to Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon on his live Youtube broadcast.
  11. For Christ sake, please don't look in the mirror and say the name five times.
  12. We need a new word to replace the German one describing the feeling you would get when that scenario plays out.