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  1. He is just a stupid racist. If you listen to his music it's very obvious he couldn't make graduation.
  2. Day four. Nonstop Cummings being pumped out on LBC. This has to stop otherwise I will lose the last source of broadcast media I listen to. No one gives a shite, it's embarrassing hearing the media disappearing up its own arsehole day after day.
  3. The dosbods contrarian klaxon is sounding on the latest media storm in a teacup.
  4. This tells me that he must be doing something right. So why are we being told to hate him so much? Majid currently doing a two hour false equivalence hate-a-thon, comparing the fining of 'black and south asian' youth for having large gatherings and Cummings driving to his family house.
  5. Went out today to get some timber. North Derbyshire folk appear to have missed the government guidance around social distancing, business continued unabated where permitted to open.
  6. Has to be after beer'o'clock. We will arrange it at the next meet up.
  7. Correct, I was drunk. Should have said Corolla.
  8. Its not Friday, should be in bed by now! Civic production restarting next week at Burnaston, 5 door model. Just don't show your arse ffs.
  9. INXS playlist, watching Kung Fu on the widescreen. Not sure my qualifications are going to help me now.
  10. Check your streaming rate while I remove the duck tape from the webcam. Grab a tangerine and get in the wardrobe. Let me know when your ready the stool is wobbly.
  11. Looked at badoo, far too white for me spaceeba. I will need to sort out a Facebook account and some underwear, brb.