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  1. Can we have another who can eat the most Matzos thread instead, because that hasn't been done to death already?
  2. It's shrinkflation in reverse,
  3. Drove up to Congleton to pick up a brand new second hand bike for my daughter today. When we got back we all had a test run on the five pit trail up the road. We stopped and waited for the train at Teversall Manor Station for a bit but no train came. Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.
  4. Good luck (this late in the proceedings) trying to convince the electorate it does not want to leave a European union, which is currently ripping itself apart arguing over who is going to pay for it's interfering economic incompetence.
  5. I've got twenty quid on Cazoo not making it until December with my boss. Can go halves if you want?
  6. Cazoo have just bought Imperial cars and the recently expanded branch network. So from a pure internet business they have now entered the physical market. All of their cars are prepared and imaged by BCA at the Corby depot, if you pass you can see their sign next to the road. They are burning through a lot of cash with their massive advertising spend, rented London gin palace office and staff heavy corporate structure. It looks like the likely next step is an IPO where Chesterman and the VC's can release their capital with huge profits. Personally I wouldn't be getting involved in buying shares, as Imperial was not a particularly profitable business before Cazoo bought it. Imperials continued rapid expansion has hidden a lot of underlying stock issues, and imo Cazoo has bought a busted flush. Not the first time this has happened in the motor industry, Autoquake failed rather dramatically over 10 years ago, Virgin had a try and even Tesco couldn't make it work. No reason to believe Cazoo will be any different.
  7. Joe Pineapples was always my favourite ABC Warrior. Had to do a double take on the image as I still remembered the art work after all this time.
  8. Perhaps I have not been as generous in my up voted as I thought.
  9. I love to spread the love, just never scraped the bottom of the dish yet.
  10. No offence intended, sincerely. I have always been able to up vote and was unaware that there was a daily limit.
  11. I honestly never can tell if you are taking the piss or not. How is it you can run out of upvotes whilst I have never managed to?
  12. If I remember correctly the men wearing the bunny costumes are representations of Jesus Christ. Suffer little children comes to mind as a Catholic. These pieces of art deeply disturbed me when I first saw them, and they still fill me with revulsion.
  13. Where is our Mark Anthony?
  14. I'm out before @MrPin turns up.