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  1. Feed the world, let them know it's Christmas time.
  2. I had £25 at 10-1, if anywhere is going to be pissed off with the democrats it has to be the people living here.
  3. Just give over with the baldy stuff, male pattern baldness is a serious affliction.
  4. Straingone

    BLM UK

    Absolute bollocks, it has to be Thunderstruck. Didn't realise this was so long ago!
  5. Straingone

    BLM UK

    Trying to balance the impact on my children's education against my own personally held standards and beliefs has required me to adopt a more nuanced approach in dealing with this situation. No point winning a battle and allowing my children to lose a war, that they don't understand or even know they are participating in. The Head did reply today, and gave what I would consider a fairly thoughtful response. I do not think that he is naive enough to dismiss my concerns. I have learnt that words softly spoken can prevent the requirement to use the stick.
  6. Suffering with baldness is no laughing matter
  7. Spontaneously combusted due to cognitive dissonance. Reportedly the flame was seen by astronauts on the NASA Space Station.
  8. Straingone

    BLM UK

    I like the school and the Head does a good job imo. Not looking to make a problem for him, just pointing out that some parents are aware the lines are being blurred in what is acceptable, particularly given that young minds are very malleable. I will have a chat with him later and clarify that I am not making a complaint. As below have emailed the school.
  9. I wonder if Geoffrey the Giraffe would be available as a DOSBOD's mascot?
  10. Straingone

    BLM UK

    I have just emailed the school regarding this: Here is a link from Hansard to part of a speech from the dispatch box regarding Black History Month by The Minister for Equalities (Kemi Badenoch) in The House of Commons yesterday. Hansard Link I thought I would draw your attention to it after my daugher has made me aware that in class today she was creating a poster which involved the BLM movement. As the Head of the school I thought that you may be particularly concerned regarding a number of points raised by the Minister. The right hon. Member for Is
  11. Just hold the line, stay strong in your thought and have the courage of your own beliefs. I don't normally bomb threads with videos but have listened to this Joe Rogan podcast from a couple of days ago. Murray isn't talking specifically about COVID, but his words encapsulate what it is to be able to think and speak freely as an individual in the madness of crowds. Please give it nine minutes of your time, I promise it is worth it. Starts 1.18:45. " I have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm not lying. And for young people watching in particular, this is just one of the mos
  12. The new normal, it's no mistake that the political rhetoric was front running the overt propaganda reinforcing it.
  13. Are infared panels not an option?
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