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  1. To be honest its more the absurdity from the So-Called BBC that they flash up their BREAKING NEWS shite, for a stupid cucked twat going to a fancy dress party.
  2. Just clicked on the So-Called BBC website and earth shattering BREAKING NEWS is Trudeau went to an Arabian Nights themed fancy dress and painted his face Brown. Now i know he's a cunt, but surely even he should know its more a light brown colour than a dark Brown. The Libtards are eating themselves by their own obscene PC ness, hope the cunt gets hung drawn and quartered for this obscene behaviour. Im off to sit in my safe space to come to terms with this.
  3. He was such a good talker for a solicitor, he really got his point over well. If his baby was abandoned by the hospital its hardly Boris's fault, more an internal problem. Maybe all these lefty nurses and doctors should take a pay cut, to levels in mainland Europe so more nurses and doctors can be hired. Maybe the BMA should be pushing for more doctors to be trained instead of seeking this to be restricted so doctors get paid more.
  4. Certainly not, and OZ know it. At the moment both nations seem to take the cream of the crop from each other without the need for the Islamic/African dregs. From a personal point of view it would be good if it was easier to work there on a temporary basis doing contract work as there is plenty of it out there in the O&G industry.
  5. Story in the DM, but to me they'd be mad to open their doors to all our filth. Still id much rather free movement with OZ, NZ, Canada than Europe, being as most of EU land is shite and they all speaky apeaky mumbo jumbo languages. (many a denial in there)
  6. But not being able to make faster planes more efficient.
  7. In the late 60s Concorde was designed and built not long after, we have regressed in speed of travel since then.
  8. So if they didnt go, what did they do just float around in the sky for a few weeks? Or was it some sort of trick that people werent on board when Saturn 5 launched Apollo 11? I think it was quite remarkable that humans went from this to this in 60 years ... and have barely advanced since. Sting will be pretty pissed off also.
  9. Prince harry is perfect proof that men should never get married, as when they do they turn into fucken women. What a prize ginger cunt this one is now.
  10. Look i am a crude cunt and talk about using women like the 2nd class citizens they are, but that was truly shocking. Too add I call women spunk buckets in jest, but it would appear that Boyo truly was one, and the sick fucks on there are desperate for a bit of it.
  11. I wasnt expecting that, I dont want to read that kind of shite. Disgusting
  12. As some one who has worked there quite a bit i can understand why.
  13. So should we eventually leave will EU contractors have it difficult to come to work here. Sick of the fuckers bringing the wages of the working man down.
  14. She is a fucken whore. But Elon Musk is certainly in competition with her today, by letting the world know he hired a private detective to dig for dirt on the guy he falsely accused of being a pedo. Elon Musks father has recently had a kid with the stepdaughter he raised from aged 4, think he needs to look closer to home for someone being a pedo.