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  1. No idea just something i got off google images.
  2. I fly with with Eastern Air from Humberside several times a year ... this airline alone is good reason not to move so close that i have to fly from there ever again! I had my thoughts on this airline confirmed by someone who checks their planes.
  3. The middle of the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig. Anything to do with work is beyond shite .... got an email in the middle of the night from the National Lottery telling me ive won ... for that minute or so until i found out the amount it felt good to dream ... but £30 kind of ended the dream!
  4. Thats fucken wrong in so many ways.
  5. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    They ought to stick a Pikey site in the garden of Buckingham Palace and make the cunt the next king.
  6. Yes it does seem rather docile to whine about being in the public eye, then profit on your fame with million dollar speeches at the banksters institutions ... then set up high profile charities. The royals are usually just get a reaction of bland nothingness out of me, but i just wish these 2 stupid would fuck and and go live a quiet life like they claim they wish to have. He really did marry the fucken dregs when hooking up with this thing, reckon the average man in the street would have fucked it off after boning it.
  7. Here we may have the post of the year so far. But i do find it unusual that you find her rabbiting on about the royals, more vomiting inducing than the thought of a tanned kid going down on her.
  8. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Yes i know what you mean. 100/1 and i usually do like a flutter, had a 8 hour journey today so didnt get round to it.
  9. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Wilders tagging him more than id like.
  10. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Really is no need to bring race into it. Hope he knocks him into next week just for this.
  11. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Try the 2nd link down. BT are shite, would have paid the money if they had it on telly.
  12. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Like southerner males all Yorkshiremen are poofs, granted probably more of them are man enough to be the giver. But still poofs none the less
  13. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Its like cricket, fucken shite but from the perspective it gets them away from the Mrs for the day i can just about accept it. Main problem i see with it, is golfers seem to love to talk about it, when no one really cares.
  14. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Ive just downloaded Kodi ... how does it work? Life was much simpler when it was on ITV at 9pm Found this, i reckon Bill Gates himself would struggle to fathom this out, and im probably brighter than him.
  15. Tdog

    Fury v Wilder

    Works on my laptop but just typed it in on the smart tv and it said webpage not available.