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  1. Sounds like we'd be doing them a favour, so maybe a plan B is needed. Slap a tax on their cars and stop shopping at their crappy Supermarkets.
  2. If i was PM that'd be pretty close to my plan.
  3. Because it suits the Establishment party.
  4. To get an extension beyond October 31st, can happen one of 2 ways .... the first being Boris goes and asks for it (which he won't) the other being Hammond, Grieve, Soubry and assorted remainers put a gun to his head and force him to ask. There is no other way it can happen. If i'm wrong please correct me.
  5. Only a few days of this wretched bitch then. She blasts people that are popular, what a fucken moron this retarded thing is. Nicest thing i wish her for the future is an early death.
  6. Thats the kind of thing thatll win him votes.
  7. Must be one of those blokes who lacks the self control to whip it out at the appropriate moment.
  8. Think the nearest most of us will get to that is buying the Asian equivalent in a Bangkok agogo bar, though it'd take some hunting.
  9. Older i get the less i understand. I just walk around in a state of bewilderment.
  10. They ought to fuck off. A few years ago the UK unions negotiated for UK oil workers workign in the North Sea to go from 2 weeks on and 2 off, to 3 weeks on a 3 off. Now to work 12 hours a day every day for 14 days is hard enough, to do it for 3 weeks is dangerous due to tiredness and people losing their sanity etc.. The Norwegian unions have got their workers a deal where they work 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off, and the rigs are far superior with no room sharing, decent food etc.. Utterly useless cunts the lot of them.
  11. Probably cant find any EE's who agree with the So-Called BBC's political correct ways. The are rather unPC.
  12. I was people watching in a Bangkok bar one evening, there was a ladyboy strolling around doing all it could to come across as graceful and feminine .... then it sat down like a man with its knees point north and east. Doubt it even noticed!
  13. The British unions should be making this point, but as they're incompetent thieving commie bastards who hate the British working class they're fighting for a 2nd referendum so the corporations can keep the doors wide open to immigrants. Strange and insane times we live in.
  14. Apparently it is, but she has covered herself in tattoos. Google her name "alizee Jacotey" and you'll see the many pics before hand, she truly is perfection. Its a pity i'm a 44 year old starting to recede putting on a bit of weight and have a shite manual job or i reckon i could have had her!
  15. Dont know but here is an earlier picture or 2, now im not saying i'd ever become a stalker but if i did .....