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  1. I think pikelets are smaller crumpets, although in Coventry we call crumpets pikelets.
  2. It does look like something is happening on the other side of the sun.
  3. 3 grand on a week in tenergrief. Someone's on the compo bandwagon.
  4. That is similar to engineering, I'm getting 36 an hour as a Ltd company contract design engineer, EE is getting 21 to 24 an hour, guess who's rate won't be going up anytime soon (not had a rise since 2014 despite moving three times)
  5. Shops are debit card, and nothing is ever a non considered purchase, pubs are always cash. I do not want some government busy body knowing how much I spend on beer.
  6. Becky Balboa 😂
  7. The final live on channel 4 sunday. (And more 4 when the British grand prix is on)
  8. I still have some angel delight in the cupboard, it comes in a little cardboard pot now and you make as much as you need. I used to look forward to a birds trifle that came with all the ingredients in one box, jelly, custard and some white stuff for the top (dream topping?) together with orange and brown sprinkles. That was a posh treat. Breville snack and toasties, beans in one side and lemon curd in the other, main and desert in one go! I did buy one with removable cooking plates a few years ago but i went a bit mad with cheese and onion ones so it lives in the cupboard now. I did get some tinned spaghetti a while back, watery sauce with a very funny taste, just nasty, its been ruined just like the tinned spag bol! I dare not try the tinned ravioli for fear of ruining a nice childhood memory.
  9. I was on about Brian, are you thinking of Nigel?
  10. My dad reckoned he was shaping to be one of the greats before a bad injury finished his career.
  11. 1928 Morris Commercial.
  12. I spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon at a summer fete and motoring festival. Lots of classics on display, only got pictures of a mk iv Cortina 2.3 ghia, lovely car and rare enough back in the day, let alone now. The highlight though was riding shotgun in a friends 1928 Morris Commercial truck, a real privilege!
  13. Oh dear. I'm going on a pub crawl in Whitechapel on the 12th. I won't be wearing my rolex 😀