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  1. SirGaz

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Sounds like fun. In!
  2. SirGaz

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I've just been trying to imagine different scenarios, sitting on a mountain top, floating through space etc without having the words 'sitting on a mountain top' or 'floating through space' going through my mind. It's really bloody difficult not to describe in words in your mind what it is you are trying to imagine. Or am I just odd?
  3. SirGaz

    F35 grounded

    If I recall correctly when the mod issued the specs that became the harrier, Rolls Royce wanted to use a lift engine and a thrust engine. Bristol Siddeley went down the vectored thrust route as they predicted that a plane in flight mode would essentially be carrying a useless lump of an engine all the time, reducing range and efficiency and making the aircraft very heavy. The Bristol proposal was chosen which put a few noses out of joint at RR, they obviously never forgot the snub so the F35 has a lift engine and a thrust engine, it seems to be proving the Bristol Siddeley engineers were correct.
  4. SirGaz

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Mr Graham just let both barrels go. Fantastic stuff.
  5. SirGaz

    kids films you can watch yourself

    The first Charlie and the chocolate factory, ratatouille.
  6. SirGaz

    Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    Maybe they should say, good morning Ladies and gentlemen and indeterminate narcissists. Credit to Pat Condell for that one.
  7. SirGaz

    Hurricane Michael seems to have caught people off-guard

    Another view, looks like a couple behind it as well.,30.78,1287
  8. SirGaz

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Is she suffering from the same neurological problems as killary?
  9. SirGaz

    Islamification of Europe

    Probably a bit too accurate.
  10. SirGaz

    The Germany is fucked thread

    I did see snippet on the So-Called BBC last night where the deeply stupid Jenny Hill was rubbishing the story that a woman was being sexually harassed and the stabbed guys tried to help her, she called it fake news. I truly think that if she was kept in a cellar and gang raped by immigrants she would apologise for it being her fault.
  11. SirGaz

    At our expense

    As my mum puts it, I was 6lb 3oz, my middle brother was 8lb 3oz and the youngest was 9lb 10oz. She told me that if I had been 9lb 10oz I would have been an only child.
  12. SirGaz

    Islamification of Europe

  13. SirGaz

    "They wouldn't call it that now"

    I spent many a happy hour as a child under the sheets with my favourite tranny.
  14. SirGaz

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Just a couple of irksome bits I noticed this morning. The UK leaving the eu with no deal is always 'crashing out. Trump only 'slaps on' tariffs against China. (I don't think I have ever heard the So-Called BBC mention anything of China's import tariffs)
  15. SirGaz


    Happy birthday, another four years until I crack the half century.