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  1. SirGaz

    Dowsing Rods?

    I remember watching this chap on tv in the early 90's, seemed legit.
  2. SirGaz


    I was sat in the garden from 8:50 to 10:15, saw most of them between 8:55 and 9:20 but saw 3 around 9:45 and a last one at about 10:04. Didn't see any asteroids tonight though.
  3. I might be wrong, but I am of the opinion it takes real brains to play a good clown. I think Noakes was a brilliant clown. He did what every boy in the country wanted to try.
  4. SirGaz


    Saw 8 of them over about 15 minutes, did see a very bright shooting star. I think the 9pm one tomorrow should be more visible as its closer to sundown and a more recent launch.
  5. I've been doing the going postal Saturday crossword for the last year or so, I don't think its terribly difficult but enough to keep me going for a week sometimes. If you find anywhere with some relatively gentle cryptics I'd appreciate a link.
  6. No work at the moment and bored so got my old Nikon D40x out for a charge and a clean. I can't ever see my samsung phone taking snaps like these, and these have been resampled down to fit in Spunko's upload limit.
  7. Imagine what she would have done if he'd said 'Ivor, Ivor Biggun'
  8. Only on the So-Called BBC, Item about weddings being cancelled and who do the So-Called BBC find to illustrate the story..........Lesbians.
  9. Managed to keep a couple of last year's late crop of Tomatos, at the end of January I diced them up and buried them under half an inch of compost on the window sill. As of this morning I have 14 little tomato plants. I have five chilli plants growing now as well, in another three months I should be sorted for salsa.
  10. The way HMRC will do it is the same as they have always done it. They will send you a fucking huge demand, then it will be your responsibility to run around like a headless chicken and prove otherwise. They are bastards.
  11. SirGaz

    Budget 2020

    Shit for me, but thats all to do with IR35.
  12. Maxons Yorkshire mix. Boiled sweets that don't make your mouth hurt if you suck them for long periods. Highly recommended.
  13. I had an email from my accountant yesterday and he thinks the the 10% entrepreneurs relief will be gone in the budget. So that'll be an extra 10% for all those contractors liquidating ltd co's because of ir35 to pay. This is all nicely synchronised. Bastards. The company I am contracting to have no intention of offering me a permy job (I'm too old at 47) and have knocked 11 quid an hour from the contract rates from April.
  14. I get this to a greater or lesser degree most winters, hurts like hell. I twist up a corner of a flannel and give each nostril scrub. Every now and again when blowing my nose I will notice a small scab and they are always a sort of honey colour, twenty years ago I caught impetigo and the scabs were the same colour. I wonder to myself if there is a connection.