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  1. Just a few personal avoids. Hp brown sauce Gillette Cadbury Wherever possible I try to buy british, if it turns out to be crap I do without. (I'm hoping wilkins and sons sauce and jams are british, same with stokes sauces. If they are not please be gentle)
  2. Asking prices at record highs where i want to live at the moment, next to naff all selling though. Anecdotally a chap i used to work with has had his house on the market for 8 months now, had three firm offers as of the end of Feb, all fell through as the banks wouldn't give the potential purchasers the loans.
  3. It's the American business method.
  4. SirGaz

    Fake Lager

    I have been stocking up on the rubus beer in Aldi. A very nice grapefruit ipa. It's certainly one of the nicest tinned beers I have ever drank. I also have some innis and gunn lager in tins, just waiting for some nice warm weather to neck a few in the garden.
  5. Crikey, that was hard. No 720p streams available and it was not a great stream that I got, even with all the lights out I could barely make out what was happening. It would have been unwatchable in daylight. Looking forward to the next one though.
  6. Install them in pub toilets, instant millionaire. And no change left in the till.
  7. The amount of ex Sunday league footballers I know that have had hip replacements in their thirties is mad, a few poor sods have had to have both replaced. I myself had a knee op when I was 15 where the surgeon described the inside of my knee as 'looking like a sixty year olds'. As a kid we lived near a community college that had brilliant sports facilities and I spent as much time as I could participating.
  8. That is beyond bollocks, they would certainly describe me as 'far right' yet i don't particularly hate anyone.
  9. How the fuck would anybody recognise me with my studded patent leather gimp mask on?
  10. SirGaz


    I wonder what the tuberculosis rates are like in Swindon these days....
  11. I shall then immediately self identify as a Nigerian woman called Aphrodite Ngababwe and nobody can deny me.
  12. I soent most of last summer drinking this, just this and a couple of ice cubes. Delicious.
  13. Wasn't Enoch Powell a professor of classical Greek? One of only two men to join the army as a private and rise to the rank of brigadier.
  14. I may have found this here, or on the old site, but I think it was long ago for most here to have probably not have watched it. Its a bit spooky, great looking robots, great effects. I really enjoyed it.