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  1. SirGaz

    Dosbods Spirits club

    I soent most of last summer drinking this, just this and a couple of ice cubes. Delicious.
  2. SirGaz

    Barbarians at the gates

    Wasn't Enoch Powell a professor of classical Greek? One of only two men to join the army as a private and rise to the rank of brigadier.
  3. SirGaz

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    I may have found this here, or on the old site, but I think it was long ago for most here to have probably not have watched it. Its a bit spooky, great looking robots, great effects. I really enjoyed it.
  4. SirGaz

    which expensive cars

    Big merc coupes. £100,000+ new. 10 years old under 10 grand.
  5. SirGaz

    Giraffe neck - a SJW thing?

    Wasn't the professor the guy who belted someone with a bicycle u lock?
  6. SirGaz

    Favourite Food?

    My great grannies recipe (well hardly a recipe) boiled sausage and mash. Large saucepan two chopped onions, 1 packet of cheapish sausages (expensive ones just don't work) and peeled potatoes, just cover with water and boil until the potatoes are cooked. Mash it all together on your plate with some torn up white bread and salt and (white) pepper to personal taste . Food of the gods.
  7. SirGaz

    The big EU count starts today

    A certain premium automotive manufacturer that has just announced 4000 redundencies has been recruiting from Romania very heavily for the last four years, even to the extent of managers telling contract agencies that they don't want uk staff, because they can get away with paying them 30 to 50% less.
  8. SirGaz

    I don’t want an Asian doctor

  9. SirGaz

    Retro! Computer game music

    Personally i think to get this sort of music from a 48k speccy was not much short of magical. I used to load this up just to listen to the music.
  10. I wonder what they put for BBC videos?
  11. SirGaz

    Invasion flotilla spotted off Kent

    Its all the right numbers, just not necessarily in the right order.
  12. SirGaz

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Q. Why did the vegan cross the road? A. To make sure you didn't mishear when they told you they were a vegan.
  13. SirGaz

    New year, new crossed thread of the year...

    He was aiming for the door post to make a point?
  14. I always thought of this as a bit of a masterpiece, it captures the times so well, certainly no softly softly approach but it captures how we were as kids back in the old days. During my time at secondry school there were six deaths of pupils that i can remember, usually by fucking about on the train lines, no counselling offered, none needed, just the year head reading something out at assembly.
  15. SirGaz

    Unusual Beauty

    Showing my age a bit butI've never understood the attractiveness of either Rula Lenska or Jerry Hall.