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  1. I watched this the other day, a really wonderfull snapshot of whole culture that has practically dissapeared.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's what lathes were invented for.
  4. I'm practically the dictionary definition of an incel. I've no one else to blame but myself though. Certainly not bitter and twisted enough to go on a rampage.
  5. I've heard that Liverpool and Las Vegas are to be twinned. The only two cities where you can exchange chips for sex.
  6. I for one have no problem with Boris asking for an extension. Just nothing over 30 minutes!
  7. They are the same word. (In my mind, anyway) Two cheeks of the same arse.
  8. A quality most socialists share. They are (in their own mind) wonderful, the fact that no one else sees that proves how biased the world is and only socialism will force people to look correctly upon their brilliance.
  9. I wonder how many are self declared autists or adhd. Only last night it came up in conversation with my mother, she used to be a dinner lady at a primary school in one of the more deprived council estates in Coventry. When she started there were no kids with any conditions bar the occasional food allergy, as soon as one kid was diagnosed with adhd and the other kids parents found out you got extra dosh from the social because of it, the rates shot up and half the school had a diagnoses for it. My mum was convinced the kids were instructed to play up as the general behaviour at the school went down the pan with kids screaming and throwing tantrums far more often.
  10. I've never seen one on the deck but one did do a couple of low fly overs when i went to the US GP back in 2005. Very impressive bit of kit.
  11. Linky I've just typed it all in by hand for you.
  12. Not a spot but I thought this suitable for this thread. Nice starter classic.
  13. I live in that ward and the lib dems were out three nights this week pushing leaflets through the door, the only other leaflet i got was one from the brexit party.
  14. SirGaz

    Ask dosbods

    One that has always made my heac hurt is this: I, as a person have two parents, each of my parents has two parents, each of those two parents. 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 Etc. Etc. It doesnt take long to reach numbers higher than the population of the country at the time and all of these people must have existed to create me. My great grandfather x 15 or so must also be responsible for other relatives in the family tree. Anyone got a logical explanation to how such great numbers of people must have seemingly needed to exist just to produce one person now?
  15. Can I just mention that I have never owned a diesel car and never intend to.