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    SirGaz reacted to Fully Detached in Ok, own up, who is it?   
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    SirGaz reacted to Strawberry in Trump's progress   
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    SirGaz reacted to Fischer in Trump's progress   
    He should be respected for carrying on an American tradition of arriving late for any World War event.
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    SirGaz reacted to SNACR in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    Already put this in the bike thread but added here for the benefit of any ordinaries who aren't avid readers of aforementioned bike thread.
    Don't be put off by the length TBH once it gets started you won't stop watching.
    It's in Paris, so click on the subtitles for the video before you start, but in any case it's basically a chase video that starts with a guy riding round Paris in a Santa outfit on as it's Christmas. He then witnesses a woman in a Clio hit and run an old guy crossing the road. He then gives chases with another guy in an Opel Insignia who's seen it too.
    He's then laid a bit of a thumping Hans Zimmer style movie soundtrack on and ended up with a more thrilling chase than probably cost millions in something like Ronin or a Bourne film.
    What's also very interesting is thinking about if there was a similar incident in London. What's noticeable is, although they may have heard about the incident on the radio the motorcycle cops he finds instantly believe him, get on the case, and don't fuck about. Neither him or the other guy, in the Insignia, are potentially treated as criminals and if you keep watching the cops get him to follow them in convoy to the station to take a statement, on full blues and twos, to take up as little of his time as possible.
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    SirGaz reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Trump's progress   
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    SirGaz reacted to Virgil Caine in Remembrance Zealots   
    It is an act of remembrance about events that impacted millions of ordinary people in this country and across the world.
    If you want to guess the scale then just watch episode 26 of the World At War which is simply entitled Remember.
    No one is forced to participate
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    SirGaz reacted to Alonso Quijano in Irish border is non-negotiable..   
    This is going to end in war. We are being pushed and pushed. Appeasers doing the negotiations, one day they won't be.
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    SirGaz reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Wheels coming off HE bubble   
    That's a sandwich course.
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    SirGaz reacted to TheBlueCat in Twat of the day.   
    Does anyone else remember Not The Nine O’Clocks News’ news for the hard of hearing?
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    SirGaz got a reaction from The XYY Man in Twat of the day.   
    He was told it would be smooth running, but then the wheels came off.
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    SirGaz reacted to The XYY Man in Twat of the day.   
    He didn't have leg to stand on...
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    SirGaz reacted to Bkkandrew in The French Grenfell Tower   
    I think they should indeed be rehoused - in fucking Algeria or whichever shithole they came from!
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    SirGaz reacted to Dave Bloke in The French Grenfell Tower   
    Judging by my last payslip, from me !
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    SirGaz reacted to eight in Thousand Oaks shooting - 'possibly dozens of casualties'   
    Fucking hell, the punchline wasn't very amusing.
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    SirGaz reacted to The Masked Tulip in Undercover in Antifa   
    I will say it again, how is this different from brown shirts outside the homes of Jewish people in 1930's Nazi Germany?
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    SirGaz reacted to Strawberry in Jordan Peterson   
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    SirGaz reacted to Sugarlips in New Car Registrations   
    They are an abomination and a blight on a once great marque, here is a good overview of the history of Morris Garages Oxford. My ancestors would be turning in their grave 💀🇬🇧
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    SirGaz reacted to Horrified Onlooker in They are coming for your meat   
    And how many people, currently gainfully employed in the meat industry, will be thrown on the scrap heap? This will include vets, the millers of animal feed, butchers, smokers, and packaging suppliers. All to protect foolish people from the consequences of their own decisions. Finally, it imposes a new and totally unnecessary form of misery on the rest of us, who do show some restraint and self control. 
    Wankers, each and every one of the Fascist bastards that have proposed this ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist.
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    SirGaz reacted to Thombleached in Bad taste now a hate crime..   
    Just seen a post on gab that I'll paraphrase:
    "5 people arrested for burning a paper Grenfell tower, no-one arrested for burning the actual fucking tower. Fucking police. "
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    SirGaz reacted to Austin Allegro in Trump's progress   
    With women of that age I suspect a lot of it is to do with feminism. They have been told since their youth that the world is theirs, and most male leaders since then have at least paid lip service to that idea. Then along comes an unrepentant alpha male (with a gorgeous, feminine wife) who refuses to bow the knee to them and treats them with genuine equality, ie, pulling no punches just because they are women.
    They try to dig dirt on him, but all they can find is some crass but harmless remark made years ago, which only enrages them further because in their minds, a man like that MUST be some sort of rapist or sexual predator. This starts up a feedback loop of rage.
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    SirGaz reacted to billfunk in Bad taste now a hate crime..   
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    SirGaz reacted to null; in trans madness   
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    SirGaz reacted to PatronizingGit in Is it coz I is black?   
    With the above being said, I don't see what business it is of the police even if she did beep him because he was black. I thought it was simply for the police to investigate if it was 'racially motivated'...but a crime must have occurred first. Beeping another motorist because he is black on a private forecourt is missing the 'crime' bit (even so, I dont really see the need for such emphasis on racially motivated. If a thug stabs me, its perhaps not that important if its because im white, or if he is a (non racist) thug. Im stabbed either way. 
    If she beeped her horn, instead of calmly waiting if it was a white motorist, so what? The government can't force anyone to like anyone else. Disliking blacks because they are blacks might be irrational, counterproductive, against your financial interests, (if in business)...its still your (potentially bad) choice to make. 
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    SirGaz reacted to spunko in Pecan Resist   
    She's still fighting the patriarchy on Twitter.
    Presumably she graduated her $50k a year private education at that college and is going to walk into a job fighting for gimmegrants rights on a six figure salary etc.

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    SirGaz reacted to SuperTramp in Pecan Resist   
    Close, although I think you'll find the name is "TrigglyPuff".
    She's the rather excitable young lady who had an acute attack of verbal diarrhea whilst Christina Hoff Summers was speaking at the University of Massachussets:
    p.s. I see JFK, replied earlier. Sorry for the repetition.