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    SirGaz reacted to maynardgravy in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Treason always reminded me of that pilot thing from Farscape:

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    SirGaz reacted to Austin Allegro in Extinction rebellion?   
    I actually wonder whether the recent climate protests are an unconscious, or even deliberate for some, attempt to distract from the rise of populism across the EU. To drown it out with a love-bomb of emotional, moral virtue signalling on an unrelated issue ('cuddly policies') because they know they can't compete with the political arguments of the populists.  It's a way of closing down the argument (which the left loves to do)  by saying 'yes yes never mind  Brexit, what about saving the planet!'
    I don't say that it's done in a co-ordinated way, more in the manner of a young child who is fed up with the grown ups talking and so creates some sort of drama at the dinner table as a distraction. 
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    SirGaz reacted to snaga in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    SirGaz reacted to twocents in God bless her and all who said in her/him/it.   
    Nobody would vandalise the word "it" of course.
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    SirGaz reacted to Frank Hovis in God bless her and all who said in her/him/it.   
    That's so cowardly; why not catch and punish the vandals or more probably vandal?
    The museum should be correctly reflecting the way to which ships have been referred by sailors for the last couple of thousand years.
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    SirGaz reacted to maynardgravy in Extinction rebellion?   
    I have a new slogan for these morons:
    'No Border, no nation...
     no NHS or welfare...' 
    That'll be a juxtaposition to make their tiny intellects implode.
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    SirGaz reacted to MvR in Extinction rebellion?   
    And they want to ban meat because corporate agriculture has convinced them that veganism is healthy and good for the environment, when really it's just good for corporate profits. Huge monoculture farming is easy to mechanise, whilst ethical organic meat production isn't.  
    The lack of crop rotation, including grazing animals, means the destruction of grasslands, the release of masses amounts of carbon into the atmosphere as the grass root systems break down, and necessitate endless toxic pesticides and oil-based fertilisers to keep things growing.  The resulting crops need to be transported around the world from where they are grown to the consumer, and are so lacking in nutrients that vegans need all kinds of second-rate artificial supplements, produced or extracted using oil or acid based chemical means and sold to them by big pharma, to try to stay healthy.  
    Real sustainable agriculture and healthy eating means meat reared in local fields, locally produced dairy and eggs, supplemented with local seasonal fruit and vegetables if available.  At most, it's fair to allow for the transporting of food from the countryside into cities, but apart from that, any food that requires heavy machinery and industrial processes, artificial pesticides and fertilisers, and can't be grown or reared within walking distance of home.. ( i.e. at least 95% of what the average vegan eats ) clearly isn't a natural part of our diet and damages both our health and the environment. 
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    SirGaz reacted to SpectrumFX in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    I agree that the EU are out to get us. I just wish that our political establishment was on our side instead of theirs.

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    SirGaz reacted to kibuc in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    It doesn't seem like the current bunch in the Parliament has one, which is why they need replacing. The question you're posing is one for the MPs to answer. They asked for instructions and were given one, now it's up to them to carry it out or make room for someone who will. 
    This mess we're seeing does not stem from the referendum result but from the reluctance to accept and enact it. If I tell my kids to make their beds and instead they get into a pillow fight, the resulting mess is the result of their defiant actions, not my instruction. 
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    SirGaz reacted to the gardener in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    It's Easter Sunday so I'll be polite.
    Fuck off.
    That's certainly true of Remainers.
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    SirGaz reacted to goldbug9999 in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    We leavers all know that the pro second vote lobby is 100% remainers wanting to over turn the result. They know that we know it. Not sure why either side is wasting energy on pretending otherwise.
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    SirGaz reacted to One percent in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    But this isn’t about how to run a business project. This is about the concept of democracy. It goes to the very heart of who we are and how we are governed. 
    It’s the behaviour of a totalitarian state. 
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    SirGaz reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Extinction rebellion?
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    SirGaz reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Trump's progress   
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    SirGaz reacted to sleepwello'nights in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    My rambling opinion is she thinks of herself as Margaret Thatcher 2. This lady is not for turning. By doggedly sticking to the strategy she originally decided on she thought that eventually the public would admire her for seeing it through. She doesn't have the political instinct MT had and refuses to see that she has lost public support but has convinced herself that she is doing the right thing.
    Has she been got at, not sure. She is certainly very stubborn and has taken to lying through her teeth to achieve us leaving the EU on worse terms than staying in. 
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    SirGaz reacted to Frank Hovis in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    The unchallenged belief of everyone cited in that article, and of the journo themself, is that it is a desirable goal to have a workforce at all levels reflecting population percentages of race, gender, trans and however else they divide people.
    Their demand is for an equality of an outcome as the overarching aim whereas surely the overarching aim should be development of the technology by those who are most interested in it and capable of developing it.
    The goal is decent AI.
    Why on earth would you want to do as they are suggesting below? Why would you want to not hire candidate A who is highly intelligent, motivated and experienced in AI and instead hire candidate B who doesn't know much about it and shows little aptitude. 
    Why would you not hire on simple merit? What is the benefit of picking a second rater over a top candidate purely because the top candidate is a white man?
    As @Stuey said you can only afford to indulge in such damaging practices if you are already successful and wish to virtue signal; because all it does is make your company worse than it could be.
    changing hiring practices to increase the number of underrepresented groups at all levels.
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    SirGaz reacted to Bingobob in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    The people that write this stuff are not like us. They are the enemy.
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    SirGaz reacted to M S E Refugee in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    There seems to be a major change in the media's treatment of Farage,he now is the preferred opposition to Remoan.
    For this reason I cannot vote for the Brexit Party.
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    SirGaz reacted to Sgt Hartman in Money from TAT   
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    SirGaz reacted to spygirl in Extinction rebellion?   
    Wheres an ISIS transit when you need one...
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    SirGaz reacted to Kurt Barlow in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    To be fair a lot of them medals were won / granted from combat operations in WW 2.
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    SirGaz reacted to Van Lady in Darwin Award Candidates   
    It is very sad but sitting on or going anywhere near train tracks at any time is extremely dangerous. Basic childhood teaching!
    Surely a sixteen year old with no mental incapacity would know that? 
    Stoned? According to the article toxicology tests showed no drugs in her system. I thought cannabis showed up in tests days after having it?
    IMO the girl is a Darwin Award candidate due to her stupid actions. 
    I think the mother is wrong in suing the rail company and I hope she doesn’t win her case.
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    SirGaz reacted to One percent in Extinction rebellion?   
    Out of...👍 
    bet they use all the things that a modern society provides. When they forego all forms on internal combustion engine travel, electricity and gas, then I might be minded to listen to them.
    Until then, they can fuck off  
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    SirGaz reacted to Panther in Notre-Dame   

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    SirGaz reacted to One percent in Climate change...   
    Yes. Exactly why I ignore it all.  Their wet dream is for Zil lanes and first class travel for themselves whilst the great unwashed sit in their hovels consuming as little as possible whilst producing as much as possible. 
    They can fuck off.