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  1. Duly noted. Looked a bit further into LND and seen reports that the grade isn't the best, it has a large share count and the asset is located at the arse end of NW Ontario, current price of 0.84 pence makes sense now.
  2. Same here! I think somebody posted a screenshot of this fellas portfolio before, this is his latest position and Twitter thread discussion which I found interesting.
  3. Sorry, yes explorer not miner. Cheers, I'll give it a little more thought before taking a punt.
  4. Anyone got any thoughts about this share tip I got from a bloke off T'Internet In fairness he's had some great calls thus far. I'm thinking of gambling a very small amount on them. Landore Resources, Canadian junior gold miner listed on Londons AIM - ticker symbol LND. Apparently they have a good team of geologist and have sourced a min. 1 million oz, link to a recent company presentation below.. https://t.co/pLaiJOrw6c?amp=1
  5. Construction here also, I'm employed by a QS practice working with one of the 'big four' supermarkets. CapEx budget has been ominously slashed in comparison to previous years but nobody seems particularity concerned about job losses in the office, perception being that the supermarket industry is recession proof - no one is anticipating a depression obvs.
  6. The misses ain't happy about selling POG Going to identify some Canadian silver juniors to pick up tomorrow morning in an attempt to salvage the situation
  7. Indeed. I spent 10 years working for them, as well as the retail side they have a large property portfolio including big chunks of London. They were in the PFI game but offloaded the property outsourcing arm to William Pears Group following the GFC, I suspect similar drastic action will be required with what's approaching.
  8. What's the ticker for the above endeavour DB? I've bought EDR last September and was just going to buy a few more today but noticed there is also EDV Endeavour on HL, which is up today where as EDR is down. Got a horrible feeling I've made a rookie error here.
  9. A welcome sight after it's steady decline since I got in at 4.10.
  10. I don't own it but my wife has a chunk in her ISA after I mentioned it. She sold up yesterday with decent profit as we think the miners might follow the wider market if this is indeed the start of the second leg down... Watch it moon shoot now.
  11. Surely they can't continue forever Good interview below regarding COMEX: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/10110/pricing-system-broken-thursday-conversation-andrew-maguire
  12. Where are you based? There is a website that lists raw milk suppliers if that's what you're after. Get our raw milk from red lodge farm near Wakefield, nearest to is but fookin miles away, buy 80 litres at a time and freeze it. https://m.facebook.com/rawmilkyorkshire/
  13. Brits get delivered ok Loki? I'm after a few more but haven't used coininvest before..
  14. Cheers, a great listen, he makes a compelling case for the final melt-up, God I hope he's right. First time I've heard him in conversation, comes across rather brusk on Twitter but he seems quite an affable chap.
  15. That's encouraging! Now do I chase or wait for the pullback... Decisions, decisions.