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  1. Didn't hear the comments but a few giggles from the ladies serving as I collected my 5 cheapo FFP2 masks from Screwfix yesterday, I felt like a bit of a loonie but better to be safe, etc.
  2. That image is seared into my childhood memories! We moved to a village a couple of miles north of Drax when I was a kid due to my Dad working at the nearby Gasgoine Wood Mine. Selby and surrounding was such a boring place to live back in the eighties, we did have the prestigious YO postcode though
  3. Has the train left the station on PMs? No 14:30 smack down today. Probably jinxed it by highlighting the fact.
  4. That was my logic before committing but I was spooked by the scale of their exposure reading all the recent press - appreciate the reassurance SP.
  5. I just remortgaged on a 10 year fix with first direct!
  6. 10 Best Silver Mining Stocks For 2020 Summary: My favourite risk/reward silver mining stocks for 2020; Low valuations versus their upside potential; Quality properties with long-life mines; Exceptional leverage to higher silver prices. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4315151-10-best-silver-mining-stocks-for-2020 A Seeking Alpha post that's worth the 5 min read IMO - DYOR
  7. Isn't the legal minium 3% now, that's what my lot contribute and I have to put in 5%.
  8. Merry Chrimbo All! Nice surprise to see my SIPP / F&S account balance return positive tonight, let's see if it's still the case when the market manipulators return from their jollies Thank you to every contributor on the thread, really helped me get my shit together and prep so our family has a fighting chance when this economic cycle turns. All the best.
  9. Well played, my miner picks have been brutal since I got some skin in the game a few weeks ago. Sticking with them though as it's a long term play for me - Although I'm concerned about PM miners being nationalised by governments if PMs really shoot for the moon.. probably worrying unnecessary.
  10. You're welcome. You can avoid VAT using £'s, I just assumed I'd get stiffed using the exchange rate offered. Although I didn't do the maths so I may be overly cynical! Worth checking.
  11. Thanks for the summary, I could only find info on the CEOs departure when I searched last night. Fingers crossed we see a rise today, my transferred SIPP fund didn't clear with HL until August so I've been sat on the sidelines waiting since then regarding Miners, I bought Great Panther, Alexco, Endeavour, Yamana, Fresnillo, Hochschild, Impact Silver & Horizonte Minerals last Thurs/Fri.
  12. I can recommend 'GoldSilver.Be'. I've just had some Silver Britannias (minted 2019) delivered today, 30 coins cost 538 Euro plus 29 Euro delivery to the UK. They were significantly cheaper than CoinInvest when I was looking around a few days ago. Just remember to pay in Euro using TransferWise. https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/1558-1-oz-silver-britannia-2020.html?search_query=britannia&results=73
  13. I'm about to buy some Silver Britannias from CoinInvest to hopefully flog in a few years time, is it recommended I pay the premium for 2019 coins or will mixed years suffice when it comes to the resale value? Thanks in advance.