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  1. Bit o' Metals & Miner chat with Jake Ducey & Don Durant for anyone interested.
  2. Thanks for that, cushty, I'll keep my SIPP with HL and start an ISA at ii. Their website states £20 a pop for Canadian trades through ISA - I'll get confirmation of that when I call on Monday and report back.
  3. Can anyone help please, over the next month or so I'd like to ladder into the below silver stocks but HL don't have them, I currently have a standard HL Fund & Share account and it's probably time I convert that to a S&S ISA to avoid any possible tax in the future, but before I commit to HL I wondered if I could get them with different brokers within a tax wrapper - anyone know? I've a hunch Interactive Brokers have them but they don't offer S&S ISAs. Klondike Silver (CVE: KS) CMC Metals (CVE: CMB) Rio Silver Inc (CVE: RYO) Honey Badger Exploration Inc (CVE: TU
  4. Scrap that, from my list I only found >$10M market cap companies on HL and not micro/nano as I stated! However I did buy some AUU last week as a long term hold. I wish HL carried the more obscure names, just looked at II as an alternative but it shows international share deals at £19.99 Interactive Brokers sounds ideal but I don't think they offer a S&S ISA.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/bd9f257e-6758-4436-ab2c-50c9a9aa0e00 The missus is still holding these but not sure if the attached should be reason to be concerned..
  6. I was going to post asking the same, Thus far I've bought only established silver majors and producers and they have performed very well for me over the past 12 months I've had them but I have decided to up the ante somewhat and buy a list of silver micro/nano cap stocks (c. 15) starting from today, tricky as HL don't have some names I'm interested in. Plan is to exit these early next year but that could of course prove folly. Wish me luck!
  7. Tbh I've not looked into the funds available as opted for shares.
  8. We went with Hargreaves Lansdown, I've no complaints, they dealt with the transfer from the cash ISA. Linked to my main account so easy to monitor via the app, think it's £6 to deal shares online.
  9. I found it on a streaming app, assumed it would be on Netflix or similar but just checked and can only see it on Amazon Prime to rent for £3.50.
  10. Old Piers roughed up again, this time by Sheffields finest. Hope the bloke being resuscitated at 7 mins is ok! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1758155514339543&id=100004353348751
  11. Just watch this and thought it was decent, a russian version of Alien.
  12. Glad I happened to be in London so I could make it, wasn't sure what to expect but all walks of life there and the day had a good energy about it. But like another poster mentioned, next time drop the star names, they drew attention away from the doctors and nurses who spoke and will turn the average punter off giving the MSM that acknowledge it an easy win. But yeah decent turn out, maybe woke a few normies up.
  13. Vernon Coleman added to the line up.. sweeeet. We happen to be in London this weekend so might swing by Trafalgar sq with the fam for a bit of kettling action. The 1 million march didn't make a blind bit of difference but at least I can say I did my bit when the hunger games begin.
  14. Interesting article from our old mate Don Durrett: Summary Silver is currently in a bull market. There are very few pure silver miners left, creating opportunities for investors. The GSR (gold-silver ratio) has been trending down from 122 to 70. This bodes well for silver prices. Gold is trading at an ATH (all-time high), but silver has a long way to go to reach an ATH ($27 to $49). A good trading strategy could net once in a lifetime returns. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4367147-silver-miners-shine
  15. Short 4 min video posted earlier today on the three things you should do before/during a PM bull market correction. It's nothing new to most on here as it reaffirms the thoughts already shared, but might be of use to some.
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