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  1. If there was any gap in this share then it has definitely been filled today. About the only interesting thing that can be said about HZM for the last 6 weeks.
  2. Time for me to call it quits on this one with a decent profit. Too volatile for my liking though hoping that I haven’t buggered off too soon
  3. Fingers are crossed janch. Still holding.
  4. Bit of movement with HZM today. It has been a corpse of a share the last few weeks. Wonder whether any financing news is on its way?
  5. Finished the day at 2.95p. This is multibagging. Fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow!
  6. Still not sure what the end game is for #EUA but am still in and enjoying the ride. Another 67% increase in SP today (UT though closed around the 1.8 to 1.9 mark). May all end in tears tomorrow but may set up an enjoyable Christmas!
  7. This is only half the story. Most cases where the employer knows they are going in weak will settle before reaching tribunal. That same document shows for the reporting quarter that 25% of disposals were settled via ACAS and 9% were decided in favour of the Claimant at Tribunal. Employers know when they are going in weak and aren’t generally stupid enough to pay compensation and pay legal fees to their representatives on top. As Claimants can represent themselves and there are no fees for bringing a claim, then a lot of cases get to tribunal that only have a limited chance which pushes the success figures down. Being forced to pay costs is rare.
  8. Which is why it makes no sense for Workers Rights to be included in a Withdrawal Agreement. The Political Declaration is the right place to include such things. The review process doesn’t actually make it particularly easy for employers to screw employees in practice. In order for a capability dismissal to be “fair” and “reasonable”, there should be a paper trail of performance management docs which show how an employee is failing, what support has been offered to try to help and how the company’s Capability Policy has been followed. Now theoretically this should make it straightforward enough to dismiss an employee on capability grounds but it takes a manager with a strong personality who is willing to have those difficult conversations. More often than not it just doesn’t happen. If you dismiss on capability grounds and haven’t followed your capability policy (and the policy is up to scratch) then you are likely going to have to shell out some coin at the end of a tribunal. Dismissal for Misconduct is a lot easier for an employer to defend under “band of reasonable responses” and reasonable belief in the “guilt” of the employee.
  9. Plenty of news flow at the moment. Platinum group metal junior mining company that is making moves to exploit its in ground palladium (Russia). Have put a bit of cash in sub 0.9p as a punt but hoping not to get a spike up my arse. Going to watch it closely next week. RNS has stated that a Chinese investment bank (CITIC) and a Russian investment bank (VTB Capital) are assisting EUA with strategic options for their assets, and are doing so on a success fee basis. Two main concerns for me are 1) the vagueness of how much Palladium they are sitting on: two Moz is now all of a sudden “about” fifteen Moz when they include their flanks. 2) No guarantee of a sale or if no sale comes “soon”, investors will lose interest and down it will come. There is always the ever present threat of pump and dump, of course!
  10. Precisely. A good question to add to the list would therefore be in what way has the EU strengthened workers rights with respect to the points that you just mentioned and others? The reason why they never go in to the detail is because the neoliberalism of the last 40 years, with the EU as one of the chief cheerleaders, has led to the deterioration of such rights in many areas. Though I will concede that disability discrimination protections have been strengthened (the employee-friendly Discrimination Arising from Disability s.15 EqA as a prime example).
  11. One of the main problems for ardent remainers who have claimed that the UK is going to suffer Armageddon-like consequences by leaving is that if we do leave then they will require there to actually be Armageddon-like consequences to save what is left of their reputation. You can see they are willing it to be true. If we Leave and the consequences do not constitute the end of the world then they are going to look completely fucking stupid, even for a politician. The hot disaster porn topic at the moment is deteriorating “workers rights”. But it is NEVER specific. What aspect of workers rights will deteriorate? What is the standard of workers rights in the UK relative to other EU member states? What aspect of Section 98 - Unfair Dismissal are they going to change that is adverse to workers (bearing in mind that the Burchell Test, contentious though it is, has been in existence for many many decades and that the statute actually has very little to say on Unfair Dismissal)? What aspect of the Equality Act 2010 is going to change? Why is it impossible for the UK to strengthen its workers rights if it deems it fit to do so? Unions are already pathetically weak even whilst we have been a part of the EU - how will they be further eroded? I am genuinely interested in employment law and would love to know answers to these sorts of questions but you never get further than Lisa Nandy, Pidcock and other such Labour MPs screeching “BUT...WORKERS RIGHTS!!!”
  12. Wow. Horizonte back down at 3.8p at the moment. Opportunity?
  13. Without turning this into a circle jerk, would just like to say how enjoyable these threads have been. The level of discussion has been a lot higher than in most other places on the net and “in the real world”. Had a brief look over at TOS and their Brexit thread and fuck me, no analysis whatsoever. Cheers
  14. I haven’t got of clue of course (it goes without saying but worth saying all the same) but I wonder if this is where the circus surrounding prerogative powers interacts with coercion and the validity of Article 51 of the Vienna Convention. In March, Treason May extended by prerogative. If it is a prerogative power then Parliament has no authority to compel the Prime Minister to ask for an extension. If they are attempting to compel him to do so then either: a) extensions are not a prerogative power, in which case Treason May’s extension is invalid and we in effect left on March 31st b) extensions are a prerogative power, in which case Parliament mandating that the PM must do something which he has stated he does not want to do could be argued to be coercion. Article 51 of the VCLT could potentially be applied such that any extension that arises has no legal effect. Going to be another week of constitutional crisis! That fucking Fixed Term Parliament Act is utterly utterly dreadful.
  15. It has probably been said on here many times but Hilary is an embarrassment to his father. Whatever Tony’s motives and ultimate allegiance, he knew and understood the working class whereas Hilary hasn’t got the foggiest. He is champagne wealthy middle class socialist through and through. Real shame that he has decided that he wants to be in the history books as one of the key players resisting the outcome of the biggest vote in UK history.