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  1. I caught things just in time picking up a Masters in a core science subject before the fees went ballistic. The science itself isn’t useful to me now but there are genuine “transferable skills” from a scientific/mathematical discipline. Transferable skills is just waffle for “can be used for business” and thus shouldn’t be applied to a swathe of the degrees out there now. Enjoyed that comedian ripping in to Gender Studies 😂😂. I have about £6k left to pay off but hardly think about it tbh. It sees to itself. Would I go to uni now? Fuck no.
  2. Don't worry Spy - Chris Grayling knows people who can run some ferries for us.
  3. Cardiff is also unusual in the sense that it has three department stores practically next door to each other. John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser. For the time being only one of those has any customers. JL Cardiff will probably survive the company’s upcoming cull.
  4. Debenhams Cardiff has more staff than customers. I think it has got to go. Then leads to the question will the retail space be subsequently filled?
  5. Walking around Cardiff, it is really interesting seeing how many For Sale signs are popping up all over the place. There is going to be a massive glut at the end of the lockdown. The banks are wanting ever larger deposits, nobody has really been able to sell for a month, unemployment will rise, furlough will be tapered, and I can’t see how there isn’t going to be a big spike in the 3 Ds to create a perfect storm. I walked past a property on the riverside yesterday, which has been crassly converted into three flats. The landlord has put all three up for sale. Three For Sale signs outside one property. Rats trying to run to safety.
  6. EUA are currently going through the process of changing NOMAD. The NOMAD that was in place (WHI) has now been removed and a recent RNS suggests that they are in late stages of a successor being established. They have until the end of this month to complete this. Beyond this I am not certain what else is going on. They are being cagey, as expected, on the matter of their talks with CITIC etc and there is news expected on final stages of licensing which allows the company to expand into surrounding flanks which supposedly have significant amounts of Pt and Pd. From my perspective it has been great to be suspended for the last couple of months. However I do feel that unless EUA can reveal big news about a full sale or partial asset sale then there will be a substantial drop. Just my view. Rumour mill is saying that a potential RTO involving MNRG could happen. I don’t really have a strong view on this despite having a small holding in MNRG. They have a shared board member (Christian S) and MNRG is pretty much a shell that would allow EUA on to the Main Market but I would need to read more and see more to be convinced that this is anything other than wishful thinking.
  7. I managed to get a new member of staff in post lockdown - but company is pretty much freezing any recruitment now. I am getting plenty of emails about the other services that Recruitment Consultancies can offer - never had them before. It’s looking desperate.
  8. Yep - as it tracks Ni price and Ni seems to have turned, I hope to see HZM go on a bit of a run.
  9. One of my really fond memories of my time living in Winchester was walking along the Itchen from Winchester to Twyford and Shawford - loved it. Given my partner and his family are from Winchester I dare say part of my future might be there (though I struggle when I leave Wales for significant amounts of time - all those sheep...) but despite having a significant amount in savings we are very definitely priced out. Horrendous council - agreed. The part of town around Brooks has aged very badly, very quickly!
  10. Wow! Just the 94 inexpensive properties 😂. Houses converted into flats - good luck with those.
  11. Yep, people tend to romanticise Winchester a little too much. Stanmore is very central and a lot of dossers amble over from there into the small city centre (around the Brooks Shopping Centre and McDonalds in particular). Couple that with a shedload of tourists and your “posh coffee”, squeezed in amongst the crowds, is just not enjoyable. The countryside around Winchester is beautiful however. Salisbury is ok, if you don’t go by train (like Swindon, Winchester and Woking, the train companies exploit these relatively remote junction stations) as it is expensive to get to even Romsey/Southampton and Warminster through to Bath/Bristol. The street leading from Salisbury station into the town is a bit of a shit tip which doesn’t do the city much justice. Salisbury is going to be hurt in the same way as Winchester though I feel. The amount of property for rent and for sale in Cathays (student district of Cardiff) is insane right now. An area that is now mostly shit because of BTL/HMO/Student/Slumlords - it is now an area that nobody cares about and nobody is proud of. Nearly all of the long term residents are now gone. However Cardiff has gone ballistic with disgusting tower blocks for students - Cathays LLs are in massive trouble!
  12. I dodged a bullet when I worked in Basingstoke a few years back - I moved over from Wales and was looking for a place to rent there. I was begrudgingly going to accept to rent a place in a rather quiet part of Blazingstoke (flat was bog standard) but the estate agent wanted (with deposit etc) circa £2200 upfront. Coming from Wales I thought fuck that - if I am going to pay that sort of cash I’ll take Winchester. Made some good friends in a house share there (very lucky) which was done without an estate agent (one of those online housemate finders) so no fees. Met my partner who I now live with back in Wales. Winchester is going to get slaughtered for different reasons to Basingstoke. Winchester is relatively nice but I wouldn’t say it is an outstanding place to be. The house prices there, in places like Weeke, Harestock, Badger Farm etc cannot be justified and will fall massively I think. Basingstoke, as somebody said earlier, is soulless. Working there for a year was beyond depressing and I was desperate to leave. The sinkhole estates rammed with BTL and HMO in places like Popley are going to be fascinating to watch over the coming years. There is *nothing* about B’Stoke that makes it worth living there. It is already nearly £10 just to get to Winchester on the train. Reading is about £6.50 from memory but then why would you want to go there particularly? But then train ticket prices are another thing that I think are going to be interesting to track over the next couple of years...once inflation starts to bite how do they justify say 7% increases in fares particularly when people are going to be working from home a lot more from now on?
  13. I first visited Poole a couple of years ago so only have a fairly recent perspective on the place. I was amazed at what a dump it was. Also unimpressed by Bournemouth which was very unappealing. I’ll stick with Wales - if I am going to live in a shithole town then at least I’d have cash left over to enjoy myself.
  14. I wish I had the nerve - I put half back in and await whatever is in store at the end of the suspension.
  15. Well done for sticking it out 👍🏻