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  1. I am pretty sure I have heard Lin and Sidney saying multiple times - sue me! It gives them the opportunity for full discovery.
  2. Something I am not particularly sure about is how the 3rd Circuit and Supreme Court deals with this recent Pennsylvania decision. It seems as though the judge in the district court decided to rule that the claim had “no merit” without evidence being presented (not a surprise). The appeal will have to be to the 3rd Circuit but does the 3rd Circuit have the authority to hear the evidence of this claim given that the District Court hasn’t reviewed it? Or if the 3rd Circuit decides to overturn the ruling from the District Court (ie not to hear the claim), is their only option to remand the claim b
  3. I don’t think it ever more convoluted to say that I really do not expect a PA court to overturn decisions from its own judiciary to allow late ballots (amongst other claims lodged) thus effectively ruling that 750,000 ballots are now void and handing the electoral college votes to Trump on a plate. You are right, I am not a constitutional expert but then again I am not an expert on most things. What I do know from reading the Constitution is that it is pretty emphatic about the state legislatures (not the state judiciary - the US is big on separation of powers) deciding the terms of the e
  4. And that’s not engaging. Let’s not bother discussing it.
  5. That’s not an answer In this situation, these courts are the equivalent of turning up to an appeal hearing run by your former employer after they dismissed you at a disciplinary hearing run by your former employer. It is a rubber stamping exercise to uphold the original decision. This doesn’t get going until vested interests are no longer allowed to mark their own homework.
  6. What a shock result! A Democrat judge in a Pennsylvania court rejects a complaint from the Trump campaign which is part of a wider approach to seek relief from the alleged unconstitutional conduct of the Pennsylvania establishment - including the courts! As Guiliani basically puts it in his letter - thanks for your time guys, one formality out of the way, next up: a higher appellate court.
  7. Can't turn down 25 on Betfair Exchange. Smells like a rare chance for a big payout on a small outlay. I'll probably keep dropping £50 on it every few days as more and more of the evidence comes to light. When the claims reach the Appeals Courts we will start to get a feel for what side of the arguments the Supreme Court Justices are going to favour. The Trump team need to get the Supreme Court to give them a 5-4 verdict in favour (makes no difference if he can get to 6-3 etc). So who are the five? It is looking likely that the three conservative Trump appointees will be on-board with
  8. I wonder when the “present in the room” part of the statute was actually written. For the majority of counties in PA I’d imagine “room” means just that - some reasonably sized room where you can pretty much see what is going on wherever you stand. I don’t think of massive convention centres as a “room”. But there you go. On to the Supreme Court it goes. Even though this particular case is important, it isn’t one that excites me.
  9. One of those Bush appointments is Samuel Alito who was the Judge responsible for ordering that the ballots in PA be segregated. He has also gone on record saying he is concerned about the assault on liberty over the last year. So Trump probably has 4 (his 3 appointees + Alito). He needs 1 of the other 5.
  10. I’m a bender and I find her strangely attractive! Definitely the intelligence.
  11. MSM presenters just appear rabid to me. That was desperate...from start to finish. I would suggest this is existential for channels like CNN now, but there is a whole subset of people who have made “orange man bad” a significant part of their identity over the last four years - they will probably continue to watch this shite.
  12. Sidney Powell inspires confidence. I am going to wait out and see what the kraken is. It is always darkest before the dawn, and as Dosbods is at the point of demoralisation (perhaps rightly so) then maybe we are indeed very close to the reveal. I am not sure I am on board with the idea that Trump losing will be better in the short/long term. If there is manipulation of elections and Trump just gives in, or doesn’t succeed, then what does the short/long term even look like? The machines will have dominion over who gets into any position of power.
  13. I’d imagine the claims at the state level are merely a formality. Is that case progressing to a higher court?
  14. Will enjoy browsing this tomorrow. Skimming it I did note that on page 20 the remedy that they are seeking (D) is to have the election voided and a new election to be held.
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