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  1. I am happy to sit through any pullback with GDXJ, might slice a little off if it adds another 25% from here, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t see the hassle of timing a pullback as worth it. Same as you, will probably just add more at that point.
  2. Not just benefits underpinning rent in the BTL sector, but student finance. It is honestly worth looking on Rightmove/Zoopla at the number of rentals available in student areas/student cities. A lot of the student BTL landlords are now already into their second void month (the July to July crowd) and an army of them have just hit their first void month (August to August) + council tax eligibility comes into play. They are offering £0 deposits now, including all bills in the monthly payment, and slamming down the rental price such that the vile excess in the sector (making £750 - £1000 per house per month profit in places) is now mostly eliminated. I am tracking the numbers for a few such places and they haven’t moved in the last 6 weeks. This is going to be a big source of future inventory, the problem is no one is going to want them in their current state.
  3. Interesting stuff. It definitely ties in with what I am seeing in South Wales. Limited stock, prices flying high - the vast majority of it really awful - and I wouldn’t buy a lot of it even if you knocked 40% off the current asking prices. The rental market is also shocking in terms of quality.
  4. They did indeed. The Waitrose in Cowbridge made sense to me - Cadoxton, Barry, South Wales did not. Two Waitrose stores in Vale of Glam was unsustainable. They jumped in to old supermarket premises and Waitrose is mostly about the brand.
  5. The mammoth JL in Cardiff will probably linger on - plenty of people mulling around in there again. Whether that is translating into sales or not, I have no idea. Will be interesting to see if the Basingstoke site survives - in a massive site along with a Waitrose. Will of course be dependent upon the wider fortunes of Amazingstoke in terms of the future of the London commuter belt (as things stand, not looking great). Waitrose Caldicot is looking sorry for itself - it reminded me of Waitrose Cadoxton (Barry) before it shut down (was never really on brand and felt like an old Safeway). Wouldn’t be surprised to see that go in Caldicot, leaving just a big fuck off Asda in the town centre.
  6. My mother has sold her house in South Wales but the bank devalued the house by £3000 (and that was on top of my mother pricing it £10k under previous sale prices for the street). The banks are really not happy with 10% deposits. My parents have dodged a bullet because I seriously can’t see this bounce lasting long.
  7. 90% of US electorate will be voting for Biden...47 out of 50 states choosing blue not orange man bad!!!
  8. That was the most biased episode of Newsnight for quite some time...and that is saying something. You know it is going to be bad when Maitlis says, in the run up to Sopel’s Shite, that they make no apology for their hard-hitting overview.
  9. Shoppers in Wales are faaarrr less likely to catch the Corona than shoppers in England. Welsh Government says so. Keep your masks on over the English side of the bridge plebs! I am not certain the mask wearing is getting more people out shopping. My evidence is very limited and anecdotal - but then so is the government’s - however Cardiff is getting somewhat busier without masks in shops.
  10. Shh we won’t allow you to advertise your junk food but we’ll give everybody £10 off their bill so that they can buy the junk food from you. Half the price...double the portion! (To sort of steal an expression from Little Britain)
  11. Sasquatch, you timed your entry into this well 😂😂 Lets see where this punt of all punts goes.
  12. You are probably doing better than me with it then. I am nearly back to square one with this now!! Elon Musk has been mentioning the need for Nickel - not at all a bad thing for HZM.
  13. Agree. PAYE should just be seen as a means to cover your living costs (safety blanket) and generate the initial capital to start accumulating wealth by other means. I think this is likely to become even more strongly the case over the next five to ten years. With just one stock I have accumulated more wealth in a few months than I would in two years saving from work income.
  14. The resource stocks continue to do well. Nice day for HZM thus far. Just after I call my ROCK holding a dog of a share, it jumps up 30%. It’s starting to look like “anything but fiat”.
  15. Definitely. I am in quite a few at the moment (alongside the “safer” bets of GDXJ, BP, RDSB etc). Eurasia (EUA) has given me a massive comfort blanket to take a chance at more resource stocks - I am happy to keep them sitting dormant in my account for years if necessary but hoping that a couple of them will pop. If one or two go bust, no drama 🍻 Just about breaking even with HZM as it pushes 4p. Changing NOMAD can often mean something...though what that “something” is, who can tell? For EUA it really opened everything up. Got a few dogs like ROCK and ORCP that will probably go nowhere but to me the risk seems worth it. Fingers crossed for a HZM breakout soon