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  1. I view the renting `wasting money` vs buying argument as a longterm `share type`investment, with the following questions/caveats:- Buying means holding for the long term; 1. Selling/timing the market in the short term could actually mean a substantial loss in your capital (or even negative, as in negative equity on an owed mortgage). 2. Will you current company (house region) still be in favour in the long term or will it `fall out` of the FTSE100. 3. Do you need liquidity in the short term and at what need the mony (move quickly to another area), you will pay a premium for leaving the party early. 4. Opportunity, if your equity is tied up you cannot take advantage of sudden bargain shares in the market (better job in a new). BUT as with shares (owning)/being (renting) in cash, you pay a cost for the flexibility.
  2. Q. Cyclicals I understand, but broad based value shares?, can you give examples? OK, follow your argument but surely would prices of gilts and index trackers not just offer the respective % points above the safe cash rate (this being dictated by inflation rates) to reflect the risk element in all its forms? in all `open` markets.
  3. I would agree with this, not worth buying in the South as you need to work longer to afford the same property. Better to rent, save/invest, and then buy outright so you can retire earlier. I also look at prices in the South and think `if I had the money in my pocket would I pay that much for a pile of bricks?`....the answer for the South is always `No, I would rent for 6 months in the summer AND be able to afford to holiday for the other 6 months somewhere overseas that was warm!`
  4. Well why not?, it's not as if we have democracy/democratic rights, the last three years have demonstrated that that is the case!
  5. Or, as some fear, they just by-pass the government based on the Surrender Act and grant an extension on the assumption that BJ is bound to ask for one whether it be done with him as PM or Bercow/Corbyn/Beckett Well, what have they go to lose by continually extending?...we keep paying our `subs`, trade continues `as is`, and we don't vote on anything politically as we are in turmoil democratically...a `win, win` for Brussels!
  6. I wasn't talking about tradesmen (majority being selfemployed so subject to different aspects of employment law) perse, and was also focussing on environmental law as well...I must agree thought, never have found many developers/contractors very supportive of protecting Crested newts....well, not until the regulatory bodies inspector puts a temporary closure on their site/work and they realise they won't be making progress/getting paid for the next 3-6 months :-) :-) :-)
  7. This shows how bad democratically the Benn Law is, Labour can vote down a deal Brexit knowing that legally Boris cannot then just `run` with a no deal Brexit...unless of course he has the balls to ignore the law (unlikely, he is a politician after all and so is likely to `hide` behind the law for political capital) or is allowed to do this and remain in post as PM?
  8. Well I've just wasted the last thirty years of my working life then...that or I have been well paid under false pretences.
  9. So Boris has `gone into the ditch` , come back out dressed as Teresa, and is hoping that nobody will notice then?!
  10. OK, can someone explain briefly `where we are now`, as I have been away for a week...the last I heard was Boris offered a non-border customs check with border down Irish sea (supported by DUP), and Brussels within less than a day were saying `Non`
  11. What about improved consumer protection and (maybe not) human rights legislation? and free roaming for mobile phones And increased/more robust environmental protection, and increase employment law/protection (although UK has part exemption on maximum hours as they felt 40 was too low!)...`and I ask you, what have the Romans ever done for us?!`
  12. Why is it always about business?!...this was (or should have been) a vote about democracy, not about how a Brexit could be detrimental for a businesses profit line/opportunity to access cheap labour...but as we know democracy doesn't count if a Brexit vote `goes the wrong way `, if it ever did in the first place!
  13. This, makes me wonder if the whole electorate is just being `played` in a game of `political football` and politicians career aspirations...this is why we shouldn't have career politicians, they should all have had to have done a proper job (not working in a lobbying/PR firm) for 10 years before getting in, have a maximum stay of 10 years, and have no pension attached....we will then really see the difference between those who want the job to `serve the public` and those that want to serve themselves!
  14. And hence why UK industry is so anti-Brexit/immigration tightening, it would stifle cheap labour, push up costs, and reduce profits.
  15. But although French workforce are resistant to change (especially increasing hours), when they are at work they are more productive, and studies have shown the `sweet spot` is about 35, which is the average French working makes me laugh, my bosses think they are getting more by insisting their salaried employees do excessively long hours through an unhealthy work culture, but even I can see this is not the case, especially where quality is concerned.