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  1. Carl Fimble

    Sheffield school riot

    Why would this be happening? It's perplexing, I mean look at these Fir Vale former pupils at their prom :
  2. Carl Fimble

    Oven cleaning

    Nah, it's only you I poke when you mention Miele. We have a Neff (I know, I know!) with a pyrolytic cleaning function, haven't used the cleaning mode yet but this thread might well be enough to get me to give it a go.
  3. Carl Fimble

    The Vacuum Cleaner has passed to the other side - what to buy?

    Seventeen hundred watts! POWER!!
  4. Carl Fimble

    Bent Archeology

    Another excellent argument, you have convinced me! Convinced me that you are either a Jew or you are philosemetic and anti-white. I don't think you are a retard. I'll continue to be polite, you can debate me if you like, I would recommend you do, as your strategy (as shown above) is absolutely shite, and does not show you in a good light.
  5. Carl Fimble

    Bent Archeology

    Producer of that programme : Susannah Zeff "Trust director Jon Zeff is the brother of freelance TV director Dan Zeff, whose credits include the BBC3 comedy Siblings and an episode of Doctor Who. Their sister Susannah is a development producer for 360 Production, which makes programmes for the So-Called BBC." from : Oh gosh, look : "Zeff Name Meaning Jewish (Ashkenazic): from the personal name Zev, meaning ‘wolf’ in Hebrew. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press" from :
  6. Carl Fimble

    "Okay" hand gesture now apparently hate crime???

    Ha! Even the ADL have realised it was a hoax :
  7. Carl Fimble

    Drugged up homeless

    Different things depending on the circumstances. I will usually try to help in some way. Heavily drunk people need a doughnut (or something for their stomach), really badly heavily drunk people need to be put in the recovery position inside their flat/house, junkies need spoken to and pointed in the direction they are headed. People who are causing problems need to be told to get to fuck.
  8. Carl Fimble

    What were hipsters before there were hipsters?

    ^ Wrong threa but he is right, Chewy does do a lovely bit of drawing. I was also given that same advice, but after watching it settle I kicked the bucket over then refilled it with different water. Really good advice IMO.
  9. Beautiful, I think I recognise where it is too, impressive. Thanks! Looks a bit like this : Though I prefer yours.
  10. No, you didn't, I didn't either though. Get your pens and pencils out anyway!!
  11. Seriously, how bad are you at drawing? Mine have been awful!!
  12. How very dare you! Get your pens and pencils out and show us what you've got!!
  13. I did the electric overhead cables first, then couldn't be bothered with the tram. It was, I thought, a rather poor effort. Ding ding!
  14. Carl Fimble

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Thanks! Not just tip top, but tippy top.... He's standing next to an ex model and a weird Easter Bunny, with glasses?