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  1. We have a Switch and everyone likes it, Playstations and Xboxes are there if she wants one when she's older. Got Mario Kart, Lego Jurassic World and Zelda, son wants Animal Crossing and Minecraft for it, darker games are available even though it is a Nintendo. Our daughter has used the screen and controllers about the house but its usually just attached to the telly. Controllers are expensive, but PS4 and Xbox ones are too, probably.
  2. Yes, he seemed to be a lovely man, brave and honest. I was a bit upset too, a genuine loss.
  3. Yip, and people are pretty good at keeping quiet when offered the choice between silver or lead, and worse...
  4. I checked, and that's actually true!! Gimme gimme! I thought I just needed a new inner tube but it turns out my back and front tyres are all fucked up. I'll be having one of their vouchers!
  5. Curly not kicking. I resent that, I'm hardly a conspiracy nut.
  6. @swiss_democracy_for_all, is that you?
  7. They did it again, same as before but maybe not as long this week. Still find it rather scary.
  8. This is another excuse for this short video ;
  9. People recommended Gandi to me and though I've only used them to buy and hold a domain name, the do hosting too. It's never going to be 10p a month but its quite cheap with Gandi. I'm not the person to ask though.
  10. Bank of Scotland looked to be tye same when I checked again. Didn't want to use HSBC but it's the easiest way for me. Hope you hear back from TSB soon.
  11. If they specify a particular time period then I'll answer honestly. I'm not able to borrow much either way as my turnover isn't much higher than my profit.