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  1. If they were red squirrels then I'm very, very much against what they did.
  2. Both Dangerfield and Hugh not only live abroad, but have foreign partners too, good on them for continuing to care though.
  3. Yip, he's controlled opposition I reckon. The still was from the Murdoch Murdoch episode "Sargon the Afraid" : the afraid.html Along with a while load of other stuff that keeps getting removed from YouTube : ps : Nick "the knife🔪" Fuentes and Owen Benjamin are due to be on the killstream this week, that's set to be a massacre, Nick is sure to rip Owen to bits. You might like that if you enjoyed the Sargon one.
  4. Have you even read Locke? I trust Richard Spencer about as much as I believe he is heterosexual, but he has said done good stuff, and that stream was great! I take it you've seen what this still has been taken from :
  5. Are you advocating optics cucking? I think we, or at least some of us need to just go balls to the wall, aside from the truth being of utmost importance, it helps others go for it a bit more.
  6. Yeah, Hugh (OnTheOffensive) is good, Dangerfield has the best stories though. Did you see Hugh chatting with Sargon of Akkad when he was doing his soap box thing before the EU elections? If not, here it is :
  7. Thanks, I have to admit I wasn't expecting that when I saw you had replied to this thread. I know nothing of Hebrew though, so can't comment on that. Found this in a super quick search :
  8. My OP stated there were more 666 members, that is true. I added, as an aside, the bit about the barcodes. It still looks to me like there is a six at the start, middle and end.
  9. I'm aware of that, if the code doesn't scan they just type the numbers in, and the sixes at the start, middle and end don't appear on those numbers. The codes still have a six at the beginning, middle and end. The barcodes bit was added as an aside,and was described as such in my original post.
  10. Here's one for you then : I'm so dreadfully sorry for not initially writing it in a way which you could understand immediately without using your brain.