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  1. Karen is an anti-white slur. We need "Karen's" anyway, they're the reason standards are maintained, looking at the world Is say we've never needed "Karen's" more. They're just middle class white women who care.
  2. He's great, I really like him, it was someone on here who alerted me to his channel- @onlyme I think.
  3. Do what you want, don't be expecting any sort of response from me though.
  4. If this is him fishing then fine, I'm stuck of the cunt, and was only ever hiring him in the past, as I'd imagine half the forum was. No longer though, he can forget it, I've got things to do which matter, work, children, friends, family, real life stuff which actually interests me and is important, unlike him.
  5. You're talking shite, and can't even explain it. You're a waste of space. Fuck off.
  6. In what way I am "crying like a bairn", and how have you come to the conclusion that I'm paranoid?
  7. You're an arsehole, a boring arsehole, and you can get to fuck. Clueless, even at a time like this, and you have children too...
  8. Please explain what the fuck you mean?
  9. My attempt would be : teeg nah broo aitch
  10. I reckon everyone should do as they like, rules like this (if it's even a rule/law, as opposed to a suggestion/request) ought to be ignored. I'm in Scotland and I think it has been made law here, fuck them though. I understand it's your wife who needs reassurance though, not sure if telling her that Carl from dosbods says it's fine will be enough!
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