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  1. DOSBODS DIY bodger thread

    Yes, easy and quick to cut a straight line with a plunge saw on a track. They're hundreds of pounds worth though, a cheap electric plane and marking gauge will be less than £100. Planes can still rip faces if used shitly though as you say. Probably an idea to mark each door so you know where it belongs, especially if doing 11 of them.
  2. Baby news

    Not your best work there I'm afraid to say...
  3. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Good good, keep the heid though!
  4. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Hmmm, "Russian" communists and Globalists... None of them Jews I'll bet. Anyway, I'm done trying to get you lot to wake upon this thread, this video is probably the best way for me to leave it for now. If you do nothing else, pease just watch the video, it's an important one. A recent example of what to question, "Way of the World" a YouTube channel. Shut down completely, the whole channel, and for what? This : I have posted it previously, on the "I love Dr Jordan Peterson" thread. I watched it again today and it really is worth watching, or at the very least listening to.
  5. Bare armed whores

    This would never happen in the US. They have the right to bare arms over there. Sorry, could not resist.
  6. Baby news

    One of them is expecting a baby anyway. Poor child.
  7. The Sweden is fucked thread

    I re-read your post after Dianne referred to it as cult member speech and to be honest, could see what was meant. I thought it sounded more cult leaderesque than just cult memberesque though! I hope you are not planning on moving us to Guyana and getting us to drink KoolAid, or having the US government burn us to death inside a compound.
  8. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Eh? What do you mean? What have you been told/read since the late 70s? Sorry, just don't know what you mean.
  9. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Ok, so you heard nothing new in that (over three hour) interview... All stuff you have "heard before many many times"? Everything is just a coincidence, just a fuck up of one sort or another? How you can hold the beliefs you seem to hold about money and the control it brings, and not be able to take that any further is beyond me.
  10. The Sweden is fucked thread

    It's not paranoia.... Gotta go though, got a life to lead and a million things to do. Hopefully others will properly look into these sorts of subjects and make their own minds up, the future depends upon it.
  11. The Sweden is fucked thread

    That's her, and you, not me. I think you should listen to that video (or download the MP3 I uploaded, on page 3) again. If he did mention what you say he was arguing it was one of many dozens of points made. This isn't an easy thing to digest, and we have (been programmed to have) a particular distaste for it, but it is a subject worth exploring. Edit- It was on page 3 of this thread, here's the post with the MP3 : Well worth a listen.
  12. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Time to leave, or time to let that shit go? Not really getting what you are saying, sorry.
  13. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Yes, in response to someone ( @One percent from memory) asking why Sweden is as it is. It is you who spoke of banking. You seem almost obsessed with it.