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  1. Carl Fimble


    Dangerfield's done a video on her, and the treatment she's been getting from the Independent :
  2. They're sweet things in my head, all this word talk of fish, cheese and pesto now! Pfft.
  3. Nonsense, Nutella rulez! I'd be having Lennon and sugar ideally, had ones with chocolate buttons inside earlier. Your post made me think of this, it's actually decent, though the references are obscure. It's actually alright though!
  4. Carl Fimble

    Dun Pimping

    All of them,sick treaterous scum. 48seconds long, Tim Fortescue, former Tory whip on the way the strings are attached..
  5. It's possible :
  6. Maybe it was the cup wot dun it, rather than the tea itself :
  7. No, I WAS just saying "purely on looks", but it's not my favourite accent. I was assuming the OP meant Earth.
  8. ^ Frank is right about Perry, third time this post of mine has be pertinent :
  9. That what's her name's tidy, eh.... Fuck sake- Abbey Clancy. I can't be arsed finding photos though.