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  1. Yip, though it wouldn’t be reported. To find out who rules over everyone, simply find out who even Muslims are not allowed to criticise. hint : Ilhan Omar got in a bit of shit recently for criticising them.
  2. What, that almost every single prominent Counter-Jihadist is working for/with the same people? The same people who have pushed for the wars which resulted in the “refugee crisis”, those who have pushed for multiculturalism and an open door immigration policy, and who have been pushing hate speech legislation on us? There are a great many coincidences, too many people are so busy looking at, and moaning about Muslims that they can’t seem to see who did this to us, even when it’s right in their face on their t-shirts. This Millennial Woes bit (Normie Conservative Impotence and Bafflement) totally sums up this thread for me : Archived copy : 11mins 30sec long, audio only. Well worth a listen.
  3. That’s what you have to say about it?
  4. Nice t-shirt Katie. Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has one just like it.
  5. I take it she is mentally ill?
  6. Bloody hell, how much evidence do you need, or have you just not noticed it all yet?
  7. You don’t yet believe in the white genocide thing being real?
  8. The fact these tweets don’t get taken down and the twitterer doesn’t get banned sorta suggests Twitter’s approval though.
  9. Nah, I would have thought it was sorta reserved for you if it was in your basket. Did it come with any sort of guarantee, or do these things not really break much, aside from the HDD? From reading the spec I would be going for one of these if I was Stokie/ someone needing a laptop.
  10. Racism of any sort- terrible, awful, dreadful, hateful, despicable, horrendous, etc. Racism directed at white people- completely warranted, totally fine, encouraged even. You must have (somehow) missed this.
  11. Holy shit- £130 for 8gb RAM, 3Ghz and all that other shit! That’s a proper bargain!!!
  12. Yeah but you get an adaptor, to turn the microSD into a full size SD card. It may then, as it would with my laptop, stick out too much, if that’s the case then you can buy one of the “short microSD adaptors”, like this : so it only sticks out a millimetre or two.
  13. That’s why I suggested sticking a MicroSD card in it.
  14. This (brand new, cheap, small, as much as is needed I’d imagine) :$ja=tsid:59158|acid:532-198-3455|cid:598756200|agid:24290293370|tid:pla-482123449351|crid:86846330570|nw:g|rnd:18138172669273357572|dvc:m|adp:1o11|mt:|loc:1007326&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkbfSyPGN4QIV2eF3Ch1McACkEAkYCyABEgJsoPD_BwE Brand new, Windows 10, £190, 4GB RAM, 14” screen, tiny 32GB memory but stick a 64/128/200GB microSD in it and buy an external DVD drive and maybe a big monitor (or just connect it to your telly using an HDMI cable) for film watching and you are laughing. My laptop only has 2GB of RAM and works fine, if you’re not doing video editing that one (with 4GB of RAM) will be fine for you too @stokiescum
  15. From what I’ve read their laws in NZ were pretty open to guns. “ tegories of firearmsEdit Learn more Firearms in New Zealand fall into one of four categories: Pistols are firearms shorter than 762 mm (30 in). Restricted weapons include machine guns, selective-fire assault rifles, grenades and rocket launchers. This category also includes some non-firearm weapons such as pepper spray. Cabinet can declare things to be restricted weapons by regulation. Military-style semi-automatics(MSSAs) include semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that have any of the following components: A folding or telescopic butt A bayonet lug A military pattern free-standing pistol grip A flash suppressor A magazine that holds more than 7 rounds; magazines holding up to 10 rounds may be modified to carry 7 rounds. The limit on rimfire is 15 rounds per magazine. A detachable magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, excepting rimfire magazines, which may carry 15 rounds. A Category firearms are those that do not fall into any other category, and are the vast majority of legally-owned firearms in New Zealand, and support a surprisingly wide number of types. For example semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles are permitted in this category provided they can only hold 7 or less rounds as well as meeting the other criteria. Registration is not required under the law but the police carry out a regime similar to registration for all but "A Category" firearms. Firearms in any other category require a "permit to procure" before they are transferred. Firearm licenceEdit Learn more Except under the direct supervision (i.e. arm's reach) of a licence holder, a person who possesses or uses firearms needs to hold a firearms licence issued by the police. Firearms licences are issued for 10 years, but can be revoked at any time if police believe the person is no longer fit and proper to possess a firearm. Visitors to New Zealand can apply from overseas for a 1 year visitor's licence based on their existing licence in their country of residence, though frequent visitors are encouraged to apply for a 10 year licence. Licence holders who possess or use pistols or military style semi-automatic firearms, as well as collectors, require additional endorsements. Firearms dealers and their employees need an annual dealers licence for their place of business. Only licence holders can buy, sell, or exchange firearms; permits to procure are needed for restricted firearms and licence holders must have appropriate and current endorsements. Importing or exporting personally owned firearms requires additional permits, and the importer or exporter must be a current licence holder with appropriate endorsements. To become licensed, the applicant must be a fit and proper person over the age of 16. They also need to have adequate secure storage for firearms, attend a safety program administered by the Mountain Safety Council, pass a written safety test, pay the requisite fee, and supply passport-standard photographs with their application. Police also individually interview the applicant and two referees, one of whom must be a close relative and the other unrelated, to determine the applicant's suitability for a license. The applicant's residence is also visited to check for appropriate storage of firearms and ammunition and to ensure any other people living there are not a security risk. Having criminal associations or a history of domestic violence almost always leads to a licence being refused. An application can be refused if the applicant has indicators of drug or alcohol abuse, criminal associations, a history of domestic violence, or a physical, mental health or disability issue that would prevent them possessing or using a firearm safely. Previous denied applications or revoked licences may also be cause for denial. Other categoriesEdit A standard licence allows the use of "A Category" firearms. To possess firearms of another category, one must receive an endorsement by meeting additional requirements: B Endorsement – Target (competition) pistols Applicant must be a current financial member of a pistol club, a financial member of Pistol New Zealand (or in some cases membership of an approved club) and have attended at least 12 club shoots in the last 6 months before they can apply Applicant must be sponsored by their club Applicant must attend at least 12 club activities (either at their home club or to another recognised club) in a financial year Applicant is normally limited to 12 registered pistols Pistols must be of an approved sporting type Pistols can only be carried to and from the range in a locked container with ammunition in a separate container or to a gunsmith Pistols may only be shot on a Police approved pistol club range C Endorsement – Restricted weapons Applicant must provide proof of a need to own restricted weapons, such as for collecting and movie making Firearms must be stored in an inoperable condition Firearms cannot be used with live ammunition, but are allowed to fire blanks for movie making and re-enacting Firearms can only be transported to an approved display venue, re-enactment event or to another collector for sale D Endorsement – Dealers licence Applicant must renew the endorsement annually Applicant must maintain a written record of firearm purchases and sales Applicant must maintain additional security requirements If selling restricted weapons, applicant must receive endorsements for restricted weapons E Endorsement – Military-style semi-automatics A new class of restricted weapon that was created after the Aramoana shooting spree. At the time, anyone with an MSSA that wanted to keep it in that configuration was given a E endorsement (after going through the vetting and extra security requirements). Those people that did not want the extra hassle and expense of the endorsement converted their rifles into 'A' configuration by removing the components that made it an 'E'.[citation needed] F Endorsement – Dealers staff licence This class allows an individual working for a dealer to demonstrate a pistol, military-style semi-automatic, or collectable weapon without having to have the corresponding endorsement. Individuals with this endorsement may demonstrate these weapons, but cannot possess one for personal use.[citation needed] L from :