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  1. Nope, that was @Wight Flight, or Cunning Plan as I still think of him. That was where I suggested the site : or the recipe pages there anyway, I've still never ordered anything from them, cooked a few of their curries though and enjoyed them. I know you had a bit of hassle with a delivery from them. I've not cooked a curry in some time, not had a take away curry in well over a year now. The last year I've mostly been cooking with my BBQ, out of gas now though so that's that until I have the time and money to go get it filled/replaced. I'm not totally sure but reckon I got about 22-25 BBQ's out the gas bottle.
  2. Carl Fimble


    Nah- that wasn't me. I would prefer to see Africa containing as many wild animals, and as many African people as the land could reasonably sustain. So LOADS less people than currently live there, I'm not genocidal though..
  3. Remember you’re supposed to be too old to have GCSEs...
  4. You’ve hidden your dodgy typing so well on that post that I can’t spot it, been poring over it for ages now and I just can’t find it.
  5. Yeah. I suppose, it being about money and connections would certainly rule the Jews out. It can’t be them....
  6. No, I’m guessing the perpetrator wasn’t hideously white though? Was that image you posted seriously one which was released by police?
  7. That has to be a piss take, it’s not an image released by police, surely it can’t be, is it??!?
  8. I am more and more sure each day that the establishment (judiciary, media, politicians and institutions) are not going to be on our side when the shit really starts up. We need to gain control again, and petitions and marches are not gonna cut it. We need to know who our true enemy is, and though it may be a difficult pill to swallow, it needs to be taken. The Muslims and non-whites have been recruited (mostly unknowingly) by those who hate white people, and they have used various means to try and pacify us, using our altruism and decency against us. I’m done with chatting about side issues and the seemingly mad stuff that has been going on. We have been under attack for so long now, and only now these attacks are becoming physical. This country will be unliveable for white people in no time at all unless we unite as a race. People on here and elsewhere rail against identity politics but without us uniting as a people we will perish and the world will fall into a darkness which I fear it will never recover from. What we do in life echoes in eternity, to quote someone in a film, Gladiator I think it was. Yip, it was Gladiator :
  9. Yip, I suspect so, and maybe not just Jihadists but non-white gang violence directed towards white people too. That fucking bus thing too- the six men with no descriptions or CCTV images....
  10. Apologists and those who aid our attackers can get themselves right away to fuck. That “more likely to be hit by lightning” shit does my head in. Even if none of those stabbed are British I still care, apart from everything else I don’t want these sorts of things happening in my country.
  11. I’m coming back to this again now as I can’t quite believe it was written, I mean WTF???!?