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  1. We can still have the debate which is needed and then take the steps required to save ourselves from anything awful. ^ Posted before but it's relevant, and important.
  2. Vertigo Politix did something which sounds very similar : Bitchute link for when YouTube remove that video, they have already shut down two of Vertigo Politix's channels...
  3. The more I think about it the more I think it's a choice between being way more active with deportations and incentives to leave, and civil war. I'm not keen on either but it's easy to see which is the least of the two evils.
  4. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I don't wear a watch, or collect watches, I do think @Knock Out Johnny should come back though.
  5. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I wouldnt say that's the ONLY problem *, but would agree that people felt much more able to say bad things about them as they were white. * I also wouldn't have put problem in quotation marks as you did.
  6. They're idiots. These people were cunts : and were not Nazi's. They REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want anyone becoming a National Socialist eh?
  7. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Like 1% said, this is it here. It would be good to have a condensed version though, not just of this thread but others too. Anyone got loads of time on their hands, I know many of us are busy, surely at least one percent of us have plenty of time though...
  8. Films to depress the f**k out of you

    Sixteen Years of Alcohol Dead Man's Shoes and eh...... Rush I was thinking about replacing one of them with Sweet Sixteen but didn't.
  9. Interesting, I've read hardly any Dalrymple, have heard Woes mention him quite a few times though. I'll have to have a look.
  10. Proper Fantasy Garage

    Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II Some decent sized campervan (a VW one would be nice, but too wee), maybe a Unimog one like this : (at least partly inspired by Spunko's pick, I've always liked Unimogs though) and an Audi RS6 Avant 5.0l V10 I'm not having to pay for the fuel, insurance, repair, tax or storage of these am I? If so, then I'll just go for one of these : Mazda 5 2.0 D Sport
  11. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    Why did you name her Mr Cavey? Seems a strange name for an inflatable wife.
  12. Disabled People

    Onanist Association meetings are even worse, they're chock full of wankers!
  13. Best thread title - Vote here!

    I've used it a few times, I like it, perfect for when I'm feeling embarrassed. I like this one too : Not sure what it is supposed to convey though.
  14. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    Dodgy teeth too, as Swissy spotted. Still....
  15. The Police embarrassing themselves on social media

    That is excellent! I would advise watching it at 2x speed though.