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  1. Carl Fimble

    Black Friday deals

    I have an old tablet which I’ve filled with every episode of The Trap Door, Astroboy, a whole load of early Batman and Spider-Man cartoons and some Postman Pat, early Sesame Street and other things. It’s got some games on it too but it’s a Blackberry PlayBook so nowhere near as much is available for it as a Kindle. It’s been great for long car journeys and things, reckon I might get them both a Kindle for Christmas.
  2. Carl Fimble

    Black Friday deals

    Kindle kids edition £60, the normal (equivalent) one is £40 so that’s a case, a year of amazon kids content and two years whatever happens guarantee for £20. I reckon I’d be buying the kids edition even if it was just for myself. Not totally decided whether getting them a tablet each would be a good idea, they’re only 3 and 4 years old...
  3. Carl Fimble

    Another big thread crosser

    No, Our Day Will Come actually in this case.
  4. Carl Fimble

    Black Friday deals

    Bit racist mate
  5. Carl Fimble

    Eu draft proposal thread

    #metoo I voted for them to support Brexit, never again. I now have Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem’s marked as never again. I don’t agree with the fake independence offered by the SNP, or their approach to immigration, so that leaves..... Nobody, unless there is a credible independent, or a UKIP candidate in my area, and there wasn’t one last time. Sad.
  6. Carl Fimble


    Oh God- not Mouldy Locks is it?
  7. Carl Fimble


    Nah, I’m anti-porn, you can ask him though. I would think that might be more suited to the Hobbies and Interests forum though?
  8. Carl Fimble

    Litter Trays

    I was going to make it shit outside but you’re saying that’s not possible, how old does she need to be til she can go outside? Only thing I can think of is to get a few Maybe you could train them to roll it outside? Or get an air filter with an ioniser maybe?
  9. Carl Fimble

    Dosbods secret Santa

  10. Carl Fimble

    Dosbods secret Santa

    What did you get, and for whom?
  11. Carl Fimble

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Oh aye. @The Masked Tulip disregard what said about secret Santa, keep the life advice though, I think. Thanks Swampy, I’ll PM 1% and Ze/Xir can put it up.
  12. Carl Fimble

    Johnny Gat YouTube channel shut down

    Johnny Gat had a YouTube channel which had a lot of videos made by him. These videos came at things from an angle from which we don’t hear a huge amount. Anyway, his channel was shut down by YouTube. Someone has created a website with an archive of Johnny Gat videos, it’s here :
  13. Carl Fimble

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Pick something for your gift recipient and post a picture of it and maybe a bit of blurb, not till Christmas time though. As for your other question, just keep doing what you’re doing, but do more good stuff and less bad stuff. I reckon. Probably.
  14. Carl Fimble


    I noticed that the other day, made me laugh too. “ Off Topic A safe space for anything general, that can't be easily put into another subforum.”
  15. Carl Fimble

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Bastard. I was gonna get you a smart phone.