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  1. Ha! Either that or these people you describe are money grabbers. Grabblers. I'm not posting it here, check stealth...
  2. Also Ezra Levant, he won it once too. Ezra could do with people chipping in for his (economy) flight over there this year remember everyone, it cost him £1000!
  3. Tommy Robinson, obviously he has done some good, but just no, I mean seriously? STILL?? I've already said about all I can be arsed saying about that Zionist shill : Fimble&search_and_or=and
  4. Aw! That's a shame, I think we should be encouraging the less aged, we've not many of them.
  5. You may be the youngest dosbod member.
  6. I have semi skimmed milk in my tea, but loads of it. Had to open god knows how many sachets recently when I ordered a cup of tea, I would guess at twelve tiny milk sachets. That's shit these places don't have full fat milk, or do you mean gold top or something fancy? Anyway, I have a Boden thermos-ey cup which I will occasionally take out in the car, I'm not wandering about with it though. I understand sitting down for a tea/coffee, but this walking about with it thing folk seem to all do. Weird. Presumably they are walking to work, where tea and coffee making facilities are anyway. Not all tea is good though, oolong is minging, fermented, strange. Lapsang souchon (sp?) is like a burnt tree taste, wrong af. Just normal tea, with loads of milk. Anything more than £2 is just taking the piss, unless it's super fancy and there are nice biscuits. God knows, each to their own and all that. Coffee was become super wanky though, and them charging loads has (I'm sure) impacted tea prices in cafes, etc. I FUCKING love tea.
  7. Eats lobster and travels the globe, has a cold house though, in winter anyway. Among other things. I think, @Hopeful ?
  8. I just checked and the android play store has loads of them. My phone says "charging slowly" or "fast charging in progress" depending on which charger I plug it into.
  9. I drink tea, and don't wander about with a cup, ever. Coffee's shite when compared with tea. I'll drink maybe ten cups of coffee a year, pretentious bitter pish that it is.....