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    Carl Fimble reacted to stokiescum in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    try fiting one to a veloster,5 quid would be a bargain.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Rave in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    Rennet is the enzyme that calves produce to help them digest the milk. I believe they get it by pressing one of the glands in the calf's stomach, rather than by 'chopping it up'.
    But they're killing the calves anyway, so it makes sense to use it- they don't kill the calves purely to get the rennet, they kill them because male dairy calves are an unwanted byproduct of dairy farming. I know you're a vegetarian because you find the idea of eating animals repulsive, but really from a moral perspective it would make more sense to either carry on eating cheese, or avoid dairy products in their entirety, because killing the male calves is simply how the industry operates, and has done for a long time.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Turned Out Nice Again in Operation Nookie 60   
    Thanks for the video and the advice Joe (and everybody else who has commented on this thread)
    Now I've had time to think about it, I  think this latest fuck up and the ones that preceded it all spring from insecurity.
    As has been noted, I seem to have developed serious confidence issues around women I fancy, resulting in weird coping behaviours like spilling my guts  to them and manic attempts to escalate to sex in an attempt to avoid being "Nexted" or "Friend-zoned"; speaking of which terms,  I also have spent way too long hanging about on Manosphere sites that have poisoned my expectations of women, my last of whom, in retrospect, played straight with me all along, even though I could never quite bring myself to believe that.
    I do have plenty of good male friends and I think I'm going to take a rest from the woman-chasing now and concentrate instead on sorting my life out and establishing a new career direction, which are in any case necessary preconditions to getting a relationship.
    Operation Nookie 60 is therefore officially concluded - Mission NOT accomplished but lessons definitely learned and a new respect for the opposite sex achieved.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to stokiescum in Employment Advice   
    the advantage in my sort of jobs market is the ease i can move around ,i simply walk out often after a blazeing row then sighn up with an agency for 4-6 weeks to my tax form shows the agency has my previouse job.i then get a friend who owns a buissness to pretend i was there to fill in the blanks regarding my employment history.but im talking the bottom end of the jobs market.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to ILikeCake in Thermostatic radiator valves, leaking...   
    Hope you got this sorted @Carl Fimble
    I find YouTube handy for plumbing videos, in true dosbods style it has saved me a small fortune the last few years.  Check out Dereton33 channel it's excellent. 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to XswampyX in Infowars being censored   
    Here :-
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    Carl Fimble reacted to billfunk in Employment Advice   
    If your mate resigns I don't think they can put anything negative on his record regarding the investigation. If they call him in for a disciplinary he should just resign and stay clean.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to DTMark in Employment Advice   
    Job offers will often state that they are conditional on satisfactory references.
    Problem is that if someone fears this then their only option is to remain unhappy and stay where they are.
    A reference is not normally an essay. More like tick-boxes. One golden question is "Would you re-employ this person?".
    This is where - if you are likely to leave on bad terms - a certain level of honesty may be useful when answering the interview question "why do you want to work here?" (or "why do you want to leave there?")
    Not total frank honesty "It is a shithole" but phrased tactfully.
    After all they can't have you if you don't leave there. You leaving is their potential benefit.
    And if references are taken after you start and you start well it seems unlikely that short of the reference saying something truly awful (fraud, theft) you would be dismissed.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Stunley Andwin in 2000 Hondurans   
    That is an extremely spicy black pill and is causing me uncomfortable thoughts, the spiciest since Barbara Spectre.
    It seems as though the Hondurans are currently being stopped on a well fortified bridge.

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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from wherebee in trans madness   
    It would be amusing if they did it with a beard and hairy legs too. This shit needs to be exposed to ridicule as much as possible.
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from Mirror Mirror in Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist   
    When are companies going to start either ignoring morons, or telling them to piss off? 
    Rule number one with dealing with these twats is to never give them an inch and never apologise. 
    Stuff like this just provides them with validation.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to snaga in Syria Gas Attack   
    possibly because western media call them Syrian Free Army or White Helmets?
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Errol in Syria Gas Attack   
    The Ukrainian military shot MH17 down. With the help of their Western friends they've managed to cover it up so far - largely due to the Western media being completely controlled by intelligence agencies.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to wherebee in Syria Gas Attack   
    Hartman - 
    You are correct in that the people at the top in Russia are mostly unpleasant fucks.  Then again, show me a country where that is not the case.
    The MH airliner shooting down is not a black and white issue based on evidence I have seen.  Was it shot down by someone?  Yes, 100 percent.  Who was it, and if it was the Russians was it because enemy warcraft were knowingly using it as a shield (as per this event in Syria just now), is not clear either way.
    The ultimate responsibility for those deaths follows, in my mind, a long trail back to the US neocons who engineered a revolution in the Ukraine to weaken Russia and thus set in motion a conflict over the Crimea.  End of.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Charles Carter in Syria Gas Attack   
    You normally write good posts. The last one hasn't been your finest. 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to wherebee in Syria Gas Attack
    This is like watching a bad spy movie where the plot is completely, completely unbelievable.  Al-Assad has won.  Game over.  And the Yanks are saying that he's going to launch a gas attack which would give them an excuse to go back into Syria?  When he can just take the city and kill anyone he wants with bullets and no one will give a fuck?
    Mental.  The MSM are lying, mendacious warmongers.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Dosbods secret Santa   
    I thought @JoeDavola was a gentleman, would have expected him to run out and help the woman not put videos of her on the net! 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to unregistered_guest in Dosbods secret Santa   
    No, just on the redundant use of the word 'parasitic'.
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from mooncat69 in Dosbods secret Santa   
    Surely we can just look through our dossiers?
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from mooncat69 in Dosbods secret Santa   

    When is the draw?
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from mooncat69 in Dosbods secret Santa   
    You in then?
    Online Speak & Spell :
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from Lone Lurker in Dosbods secret Santa   
    You said almost exactly the same thing to Talking Monkey on the 21st of April '17 at 4.34pm.
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    It's about as umami (sp?)flavoured as could be, I love it. There is shitty bacon out there though, and lots of the time folk cook it shitly- with stringy uncrisp fatty bits that I hate.
    One of my best ever forkfulls was from a caesar salad I put together, with smoked bacon, roast (then fried in bacon fat) chicken, anchovies and parmesan. 
    Each to their own though of course.
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from NTB in 2000 Hondurans   
    I not on the fence, and have been more brave than I perhaps ought to have been. I maybe shouldn't have called out others for their shitebaggery though- I do understand it.
    I know you have not enjoyed, or agreed with all my postings on race, we don't agree on everything, and that's fine, and to be expected. I'm glad you haven't discounted me entirely though, even with those disagreements. Thanks for the compliment on my English too, being Scottish it's my second language, so it's especially pleasing to hear that from an English native.
    I'll write something at some point, the basic script is that there are some who carry a grudge, especially against White Europeans, and who have remained a group with a strong in-group preference. Some of these people have gotten into positions of power, and gathered power and wealth over the centuries, and are not using it to benefit us or mankind, but themselves. Many of the things we discuss on this site can be traced back to them, but they have installed mental fences and walls to dissuade us from going down those paths. 
    It's a massive subject though, and it's probably best to do your own research, of all the red pills I've taken this was the hardest one to swallow and digest, that's not accidental either, they've made it hard to take.
    I should add here, because it's true, that I have nothing against anyone, apart from people who threaten the existence of my people and our countries.
    I also see nothing at all wrong with The Fourteen Words :
    "We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children." 
    I'm for securing the existence of other peoples of the world, and a future for their children too, but it is my people who are under attack right now.
    We have a limited window of opportunity right now, to save ourselves. Once we have done that we can then help save everyone else, if we are gone there is no hope for the world and it will descend into darkness. It's on us now to do this, the internet and speech will be so heavily clamped down on soon, and that would be the end.
    Hope that's sufficient, let me know if not!
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Hopeful in Things you wish you didn't know.