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    Carl Fimble reacted to SillyBilly in Facial recognition rolled out tomorrow   
    Aye, always brings me back to the famed quote by Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.". We're sleep walking into authoritarianism aided and abetted by the modern day "liberals" who are anything but.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Facial recognition rolled out tomorrow   
    Together with Google and Apple, data from searches, credit/debit cards, those little tracking devices in the clothes you've bought, etc etc? They'll be able to predict when you're going to fart.
    If you do anything wrong, they'll know before you do it. However they still won't be able to catch Islamists quickly because targeting them would be racist,
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Reck B in Facial recognition rolled out tomorrow   
    Just walk around pulling a silly face;

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    Carl Fimble reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Facial recognition rolled out tomorrow   
    Only until they add the AI that can identify people with their gait and posture. An oversized burkha with hoops like one of those medieval dresses might conceal that as well, but it's not exactly going to be convenient.
    Add in mobile phones/other devices and you can forget being incognito, basically.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to maynardgravy in Facial recognition rolled out tomorrow   
    Precisely. People going to venues to see various people speak, particular movies, comedians, political events - all tied back to a database showing all your FB/Twitter posts, friends etc.... 
    They don't want what happened in France becoming commonplace. Minority Report here we come.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to SNACR in Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions   
    Don't be put off by the length TBH once it gets started you won't stop watching.
    It's in Paris, so click on the subtitles for the video before you start, but in any case it's basically a chase video that starts with a guy riding round Paris in a Santa outfit on as it's Christmas. He then witnesses a woman in a Clio hit and run an old guy crossing the road. He then gives chases with another guy in an Opel Insignia who's seen it too.
    He's then laid a bit of a thumping Hans Zimmer style movie soundtrack on and ended up with a more thrilling chase than probably cost millions in something like Ronin or a Bourne film.
    What's also very interesting is thinking about if there was a similar incident in London. What's noticeable is, although they may have heard about the incident on the radio the motorcycle cops he finds instantly believe him, get on the case, and don't fuck about. Neither him or the other guy, in the Insignia, are potentially treated as criminals and if you keep watching the cops get him to follow them in convoy to the station to take a statement, on full blues and twos, to take up as little of his time as possible.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to snaga in Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions   
    bollocks to needing to ID us, the reason this is happenning is because law & order is declining.
    Instead of treating everyone as a potential criminal, start treating law-abiding people with respect, and lynch the fuckers that can't behave.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to M S E Refugee in Congratulations Honey, you are white. It is OK to be WHITE. Welcome aboard.   
    It is pretty amazing what you can get away with when you have Black or minority privilege as I am sure if a White person reacted in that way to discovering that they were of African origin they would soon be hounded off Youtube.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to kibuc in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Why would anyone care whether the anti-brexit rally amasses 15k, 150k or, in fact, even 15mil people? Over 17mil people turned up with an opposing view when and where it actually mattered.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to maynardgravy in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Haven't posted since Half way through the  march so thought I'd update on what happened to me.
    As we headed towards Trafalgar square, thought I'd take a wee break at Green Park. Instead of rejoining the marchers, I cut through the park and catch up at Trafalgar Square, only to find myself in with the anti-Brexit mob. There really weren't many people there so I could easily make my way to the front as the speeches were just ramping up. Some black woman who I didnl;t recognise was spouting vitriol about the Brexit marchers (some 200 yards down the road) being racist fascists. She must've shouted 'fascists' fro the 10th time before I lost it and shouted back at her. "You're the fascists You have no idea what the word means." I said a whole load of other stuff too, but never swore once, which is pretty unusual for me.
    As you can imagine, security guards dragged me off pretty damned quick as she said something about white privilege at me, and the police threatened me with arrest. "What for?" I asked. "For challenging being called a fascist or Racist?"
    Anyway, after arguing with the plod and pushing my luck I was escorted away from the march and found a pub to have a drink (something I don't do to often - even shouldn;t do) and got a bit blotto and fucked off home.
    On balance I'm glad I did what I did. These people are insane.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Stunley Andwin in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Holy shit, look how how few fascists Owen from Rainbow managed to get out! At 1.55 minutes, 200 to 300.
    3.05 mins. "I'm literally a communist" Ash: "What we're doing, because our own family doesn't want to see us" 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to JFK in A Corbyn Goverment   
    This is such an important post.
    Laid out like that it should be memorised as talking points, nice one
    Yes, he's being presented as how wonderful muh diversity is and look, we have a muslim PM ... well fuck that.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to PatronizingGit in A Corbyn Goverment   
    Quite right. If I was Farage, I would have lobbied for the question to be, back in 2016
    Do You
    a) want the United Kingdom to return to being a fully sovereign and independent state
    b) want the United Kingdom to be subsumed into a fully integrated Federal European state
    Those are really the only two options. There is no negotiating, there is no 'half in, half out' There is only one direction of travel, and, as numerous ignored treaty referendums have confirmed, the people be damned. 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Virgil Caine in A Corbyn Goverment   
    This is something I have mentioned a number times on this site and TOS.
    I have yet to meet a single campaigner on the Remain side who is prepared to set out their vision for Britain in the EU. Do they support all or only part of the EU's agenda for political and financial convergance. If not how do they propose to stop it. When ever I ask them what they think about joining the Euro or what they think the impact of the EU financial stability pact would be on taxes or public spending all I ever hear is deathly silence. 
    I am quite happy to admit that a lot of Brexit voters have probably not fully explored all the consequences of leaving the EU but I am bloody sure that most have thought more about it than Remainers have considered the consequences of staying.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Alonso Quijano in A Corbyn Goverment   
    Great post @dgul this is precisely what needs to be pointed out. There was no Remain (status quo).
    Coming soon (2020) some of the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty will be kicking in with removal of vetos and unanimity, and QMV (qualified majority voting) with the EU extending its power to more areas, i.e., even less sovereignty. It is astonishing that none of this is getting an airing. EU good - going it alone awful! Right!
    The train is in motion, we need to alight at the station Brexit, before it's too late.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to dgul in A Corbyn Goverment   
    That's the missing point of the current argument, IMO.
    Just as we're arguing what 'leave' means, we should have an understanding of what 'stay' means.
    Does it include (over a lifetime timescale as that's the level that the young are allegedly worrying over -- that we've destroyed their future -- let's call it 30 years or so):
    Effectively-mandated adoption of the Euro in the UK A European army, with only limited militia per country. Forced Europe-wide immigration targets EU wide financial sector shared risk (eg, we carry the risk of Italian banks mucking up their lending) The formation of Eurobonds to remove the need for Gilt issuance Centralisation of powers to Brussels, leaving UK parliaments/assemblies to only cover a limited subset of domestic duties. Centralisation of laws to Brussels, removing the influence of UK lawmakers. The harmonisation of welfare systems across Europe The harmonisation of healthcare provision across Europe The mandatory education of 'European Harmony Studies' for all of the EU's youth And the list goes on.  Will any of these things happen?  Will all of them happen?  It is what is wanted by some?  The majority?  I just don't know.  But what I do know is, the EU seems to be on a trajectory of being a USEurope, and I'd bet that that thing looks more like the list above than the status quo.
    See, as far as I can tell, the argument that is being had currently is exactly the opposite argument that should be made.  We're being told that the choice is between a certain status quo vs an uncertain, different world.  This is playing into TPTB 'remainer's' hands -- people are usually scared of change -- indeed, I'd suggest that the Brexit vote two years ago was amazing, in that the majority voted for an uncertain future.  But that's because the masses can see through the smokescreen -- if the future controlled by London is bad we can vote them out, but if the future in the EU is bad it isn't clear what could be done -- it has certainly proven difficult to remove ourselves from the. 
    So, I'd say we've actually got two uncertains to choose between, one which is in the UK's control, the other which is in the hands of Brussels.
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    Carl Fimble got a reaction from The XYY Man in Christmas Tree Thread   
    Congratulations, no longer Gammon, but Trumpian now. I think. 
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Rave in Volkswagens   
    I daresay overalls are a better bet for anyone who isn't combining working on their car with creating calendar content for a very niche market.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to onlyme in Volkswagens   
    If you've got a big magnet you might be able to pick up on the tool from the outside of the plastic engine cover and drag it to an edge for extraction without taking the cover off.
    Have a big cylindrical neodymium one that comes in useful from time to time, I wrapped it in a couple of layers of insulation tape to prevent chipping and keep it whole.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to bobo in Volkswagens   
    Magnet + String = Result
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Rave in Volkswagens   
    ↑ The fantasy
    The reality ↓

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    Carl Fimble reacted to The XYY Man in Christmas Tree Thread   
    When replying, use the "choose files" bit at the bottom I've highlighted in red to select your pictures for upload to Spunko's lair.

    Follow the on-screen dialog, and use the "plus" icon to add your photos to the post once they are uploaded.
    Look forward to seeing your lass's tits in your very next post.
    And that by the way was my 5,000th DOSBODs post...

    EDIT: PS - you can also copy and paste from any picture editor.

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    Carl Fimble reacted to SNACR in Christmas Tree Thread   
    I think there should be some declaration on whether the tree is real or fake so any scores can be adjusted accordingly.
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Bedrag Justesen in The dangers of smart motorways   
    One argument for having a more powerful car was to have more acceleration.
    Drivers used to talk about their 2.0l Ford Cortina giving them an 'edge'.
    What power ? 100bhp maybe 110bhp, together with maybe 99lbft of torque. A fairly light car compared to today, a tin can, with disc brakes on the front, drum brakes rear, no ABS. Narrow 165/175 maybe 185 section tyres on 13" wheels, no traction control. A 4 speed gearbox.
    Compared to average small cars and vans, typical trucks, a 2.0l Cortina would enable overtaking quite easily, maybe they would be travelling along at 40/50/60mph, struggle up inclines, you could put your foot down and pass them safely without breaking the speed limit.
    These days the equivalent 2.0l turbo-diesel has around 140bhp and 236lbft of torque.
    Now because of average speed cameras, Go Safe mobile camera vans, fixed camera, and campaigns such as Operation Darwin whereby areas are blitzed by multiples of police patrols, stopping drivers for speeding, checking for M.O.T., insurance, licence restrictions, drink or drug driving, and Operation Snap, whereby dash-cam footage may be uploaded directly to police if speeding or other 'bad' driving is recorded, almost everybody drives in a convoy, half asleep.
    All bunched up.
    Your 2.0l turbo-diesel is no benefit whatsoever, everybody is driving along at the 'usually recently lowered' speed limit, even the unbroken white lines where drivers safely overtook slower cars for decades have been replaced by solid white lines. We now have marked and unmarked police patrols looking for drivers overtaking on these new safer double white line roads. You can't put your foot down to pass because you will immediately break the speed limit, risking a fine, penalty points, court, imprisonment, and being publicised in the media.
    There are now more accidents, more serious injuries and fatalities on North Wales roads than ever before. What has been achieved compared to before when drivers more or less travelled at their own speed, finding their own space ? Revenue.
    Meanwhile a section of the community, drives around in 300bhp cars, without licences, without insurance, having taken drugs or alcohol, racing in the streets of towns and cities, and our police turn a blind eye.
    It's complete bollocks.  
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    Carl Fimble reacted to Libspero in The dangers of smart motorways