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  1. It's not necessarily a waiting list, but the time it takes for you to jump through the number of hoops you have to jump through. My wife and I went to an adoption agency information evening some time ago and a few things stood out to me : 1. The number of gay and lesbian couples there. Actually this doesn’t surprise me - it’s pretty bloody obvious when you think about, I just hadn’t thought about it. To be clear, I don’t have a particular issue with this - although I do believe the clear optimum is one ‘cis’ mum and one ‘cis’ dad, any child will be glad to have the stability and security of a permanent family and home with 2 loving mums or 2 loving dads instead of being in the care system. 2. Quite a few of the ‘normal’ hetero couples there were just a bit odd. Hard to describe exactly how but you’d know what I mean. 3. There were some old copies of ‘children who wait’, a magazine that used to be provided (it’s now all online) to prospective adopters showing photos and profiles of children available for adoption. What immediately stood out was how vastly over represented were children of black / white mixed race parentage.
  2. Am I missing something? I don't think these 2 will be caning tax credits or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  3. Sweden still top of the cuck table for now as it has closed its borders, but makes an exception in certain circumstances - "the ban does not apply to Swedish citizens or residents, people who have "particularly important reasons" to enter the country, such as healthcare professionals, people importing goods, diplomats, or those who have "urgent family reasons"." That includes asylum seekers. They will also prioritise illegal immigrants for medical care over native elderly Swedes and those with pre-existing health conditions.
  4. She looks pretty disturbing doesn't she
  5. Can I just say. I read and enjoy every single spygirl thread and post. Just the sheer contemptuous bile spilling out is a joy for me to behold.
  6. They usually say 'neck injuries' for that.
  7. I see the 'Axe The Tenant Tax' lot have been pondering lobbying the government to make some coronavirus adjustments to Section 24 to alleviate some pressure on them. The delusion is mind boggling. I can't imagine the sort of mentality that thinks any government will entertain the idea of reducing tax on landlords at a time that many other taxes will have to go up.
  8. I'm coming to the end of a 5 year fix in August. I'm at about 50% LTV though.
  9. Yep, 100% agree with that. Even when we make Pizza dough, I just leave the remnants in the tin overnight to dry then brush it out with my hand/a bit of tissue the next day. My parents have the same machine but my mum insists on washing it all religiously after each use. Theirs is only a couple of years old and seen a tiny fraction of the use but ours is in better condition.
  10. Don't buy a cheap one, spend a bit extra and get a decent one, we have a Panasonic SD2500 and it's been hammered - several uses a week for the least 6/7 years. Makes much better bread than the crappy Kenwood one we had previous to that.
  11. Yeah I'm liking this so far, absolutely chunking through my to-do list. House is tidier than it's been in a long time and DIY stuff getting finished off left and right over here. Only real downside so far is a big pile in the garden that would be tip-bound at any other time but looks like it will be sat there for months.
  12. Boglet

    Peak Guardian

    I'm not reading that shite. How many paragraphs does she to before she blames it on Tories/The Far Right?
  13. Been out in the RS again today. Not a single Honda Jazz in the way, lovely.