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    Most people have never even heard of Kriss Donald.
  2. The pic with the kids toys reminds me of Schindler's List. LOL
  3. I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Something is coming, I can feel it, even if I can't fully understand or articulate it. I'm not the most clued up regarding financial and macro economic matters but I've come to realise that even I am way ahead of the average normie, who is largely oblivious to all of the stuff discussed on here. The question I've been pondering then is how to use this slight advantage of awareness to protect myself?
  4. Well, it doesn't carry well over plain text...
  5. Then it's the same as a normal 2-stroke. The USP of this is that they claim better emissions from this precisely because it doesn't have fuel mixed with the oil.
  6. Initial thoughts- Lots of reciprocating mass. Interested to know how the upper piston section gets any lubrication. Potentially interesting sealing challenge where the piston rod part of the piston/crosshead assembly passes between the two chambers. Due to the shared inlet concept of this, you're forced to have the cylinders locked to exactly 180 degrees out of phase, but with the V configuration this forces the crank to have the journals unevenly spaced. So probably has some 'interesting' secondary moments/couples.
  7. Or, they've got nothing substantial and are bluffing, hoping to get the Dems to fold.
  8. I think you credit people with more principles than they deserve. I reckon if fraud/manipulation/whatever was 100% proven to have taken place and stolen the election, a very large proportion of people would still want Biden to be sworn in anyway and be pissed off if it didn't happen.
  9. I had an Astra hire car for a work journey last year, first time I've driven a car with this lane change thing and didn't even know it existed at the time. First time I tried to change lane on the motorway at 70mph without indicating I nearly shit myself when it yanked the steering wheel back over.
  10. Touchscreen controls for everything. heater temperature, radio volume etc, the lot. Dangerous.
  11. So the government will just buy and supply them to the disabled outright. The political implications of essentially denying transport to the disabled are too difficult to deal with.
  12. It'll just be changed so that the disabled can get an EV on motability. The unintended consequence will be that suddenly even more people become disabled as it represents the only way for those of modest means to get access to a car.
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