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  1. Boglet

    Immigration Map

    Just remove all the free shit and a huge proportion of ROPers will self deport. It's going to happen in the end anyway.
  2. Boglet

    Star Wars

    Sorry but if you say you liked either The Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker (I'll give The Force Awakens a pass) then either: 1. You have some financial or ideological reason to do so. 2. you're under 12. 3. You have an IQ well under 90. Fight me.
  3. She's going to be good meme material at least.
  4. The basic problem is - there is no such thing as equality in nature. It's a harsh truth and I take no happiness in it but different racial groups are not equal to each other in many ways. To just aim for 'equality of opportunity' will inevitably result in inequality of outcome. A refusal to acknowledge the basic inequality of different people means only one explanation remains for this inequality of outcome - oppression, discrimination, persecution. Why can I not claim discrimination and racism every time not a single white person gets into the 100m sprint final let alone wins it?
  5. "LOL americans are so dumb with their 'second amendment' right to bear arms, why would anyone think they would ever need that?"
  6. Quite funny that they express an opinion on it, given attitudes towards womens issues - if you're not a woman, you can't comment. and
  7. If Frisby is going to give the proceeds to a suitable charity, then I'll join in.
  8. I had a mate at uni who was similar and joined the police. Now if they gave him the chance he would make Judge Dredd look like Jack Merritt. "I'd just get rid of them, they have no reason to exist"
  9. Maybe one of that blue haired bint's tuneless cacophonies ? That might be quite good for turning a lot of people are are still remainers into leavers after all.
  10. There's a whole new estate near where I work like this. At least in the photo you step out of your front door, walk down your 5 foot long front path, then there's a pavement at the end of it. This new estate here your path just ends in the road.
  11. I'm NEVER again going to live in a house without a porch. I moved to this place (with a porch) about 5 years ago and and I can count on one hand the times I remember having to go to pick a parcel from some god forsaken depot in the middle of nowhere during that time. Previous places without a porch I was forever fucking around going to collect things. I often find UPS is competitively priced when booking through parcel2go and dropping off at the depot round the corner from work. The house numbers not/barely visible from the street thing really pisses me off, I think I've said on here before that householders should be fined for it.
  12. Boglet

    EU short of money?

    They like to try to get you to do school STEM events, no way will I do any. I just cannot in good conscience go into a school and tell impressionable young people that engineering is a good career to get into for most of them.
  13. Boglet

    EU short of money?

    IMechE is near £300! All they're interested in these days is women/BAME in STEM. Pointless. If my employer didn't cover the fees for me I wouldn't bother.
  14. A mean of 100 doesn't necessarily mean 50% are over 100 and 50% are below. You could have 60% being a little bit over 100 and 40% a long way below it, for example.
  15. Short answer - yes. Fortunately most people give various cues as to their level of intellect before you've even spoken to them, so you can 'level' appropriately.