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  1. Its mad that folks just don't put anything into pensions, I know plenty of people in their 40s who have virtually nothing in their pensions despite a decent pay packet and expect to make it all up in the next 20 years. Its that assumption they will continue earning their current salary till 65 without a thought to potential downside scenarios On the roadmaps DB in what you describe above do you map out several scenarios (Best, mid, worst) case scenarios on a piece of paper or in Excel, is that how one goes about doing it, inputting the variables. I'm trying to conceptualise how an individual builds their roadmap as I guess some of the input variables are specific to the individual based on their personal circumstances
  2. Fascinating video, quite something predicting the world population will drop to a billion.
  3. From an individual perspective I suppose it makes sense for kids who are never going to earn much to have 3 years away from home taxpayer funded having a laugh. After which it is straight back to living with mum and dad and a rubbish job. There is going to be a huge burden on the taxpayer as these loans accumulate and start getting written off
  4. It is absolutely criminal using social and peer pressure to funnel these not very bright children into 50K of debt
  5. DB one of the things I notice is with the current debt load even a slight rise in interest rates causes all sorts of chaos, in the coming years the debt I understand will increase substantially, so how will CBs raise rates in that environment. I'm beginning to properly understand now how you've described towards the end of the next cycle 2028ish it will be one horrendous collapse, i'm guessing worse than the 1930s great depression, or is that being a bit dramatic Actually in terms of historical recessions what are your thoughts on the severity of the upcoming one, similar to the last one or much worse
  6. The main thing I say is reduce debt or get onto a long term fix and reduce pointless consumption The whole buy gold and miners etc and reflation cycle thing is something that I cannot talk about with 95% of people I know as they would just not understand what I am on about
  7. Talking Monkey


    That is an insane amount of air travel wtf
  8. Bloody strange why the police guy didn't take head shots, he was close enough and the guy had been disarmed, so the cop went for the kill due to seeing the wires on the vest, then why not take a headshot. Proper weird. Also was that video of the twat suddenly sitting up real or fake anyone know.
  9. Talking Monkey


    The way the UK is evolving I think William may well be the last monarch
  10. Fucking beautiful article, exactly the thing to do to these cunts drape some pork on them
  11. If facebook is out what do the yoof use now in its place
  12. How did that idiotic lefty cognitive dissonance of 'only white people are evil' even come about how did this fucking toxic self loathing thinking get here
  13. I have no sympathy for the guy, if after his son getting murdered he is still spouting this shyte on social media then he doesn't deserve any. 5 years or 10 years from now as this country slides downhill even further due to all the scum that have been let in I wonder will it slowly dawn on him how wrong he was and how he shoulders a lot of the responsibility for his son's death.
  14. For the majority of muslims 99%, the rote learning is done in a language they don't understand so they know how to recite it but do not understand what they are reciting, its an insane waste of time
  15. I would guess it is due to a variety of reasons, most of these thugs are low IQ guys to start with. They have been taught to recite the koran in Arabic. So key point here is they do not understand Arabic, they just know how to pronounce the words. Being low IQ means they are sure as shit not going to seek out an English translation, read it and try and comprehend what they have read. The korans incoherent nature means there are numerous interpretations of the passages in it which allows for all sorts of shenanigans to be brought in by manipulative imams