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  1. I get the same vibe on end of this year early next for some serious carnage.
  2. Today's epic move in Silver to above 28 is hardly being reflected. Interesting to see, it certainly wasn't what I expected to happen I thought the miners would be flying today.
  3. I think a huge sell off will eventually come but shorting that as you say is risky if the timing is wrong. The alternative strategy to allocate that cash to buying reflation stocks sounds eminently sensible. Personally I don't see the Nasdaq on the brink of a huge down move at the moment and would be surprised if it does -20% this side of the US election. An alternative to the leveraged ETF short maybe to short via spreadbet, both have pros and cons I suppose If there was a no leverage short Nasdaq ETF through HL I would defo have a go at that at some point
  4. V on a leveraged short don't those things have huge costs if held for more than a very short period,
  5. On Potash miners DB I have Nutrien, Mosaic, OCI, KS all in roughly equal amounts and then a little bit of Intrepid. Any other names worth looking at.
  6. Interesting to hear oil is not your favorite sector DB, what would be your top 3 sectors. I do think oil is going to do incredibly well through this decade, like you I find it unbelievable that the mainstream narrative is vilifying and dismissing the sector so much.
  7. DB do you rate Total I spread the allocation into Total to diversify the allocation to oilies
  8. Agree with this it feels like it has been deliberately done, and the bumbling is a charade. There is more to it than is let on, but what that is fuck knows
  9. Its terrifying because no one is saying its bollocks when it is clear to see its bollocks. Ok I understand the NHS are not coming out and saying anything or else they will lose their jobs. But there are no CEOs or Billionaires or clebrities speaking up etc nobody is saying that the whole thing is crap. Even when that fuckhead Ferguson's numbers were shown to be shit, there was no uproar it was just brushed away, the fact that he wasn't thrown under the bus is nuts
  10. The longer the charade is kept up the damage to the economy continues. It may be worth just coming out and saying they got it wrong throw a few fuckers under the bus and see if that helps jolt the economy some
  11. Whats strange is why aren't more NHS staff coming out and saying that there has been no overwhelming of the medical system. The amount of people that have gone without cancer treatment or surgery etc, the whole thing is weird how people are not speaking up in large numbers from the NHS They've trashed the economy its properly fucked, once furlough ends it'll be clear to see
  12. Yup I am planning on not wearing one, it makes no sense
  13. I read that article and links in to what some of the people that have rocked up to A&E have told me on how quiet the hospitals were. I just don't understand why perpetuate this shit when its so clear that the pandemic was not at all as bad as predicted. Why curtail the access to the medical system for large swathes of the population. Then this face mask thing now seems utterly bizzare. People will be reusing the same face mask over and over so its clearly not a safety thing but a compliance thing, however the consequence is yet another blow to the high street. The last 2 months have been surreal since I realised it was no where near as bad as they had made out. Walking around London during office hours on a weekday, around London Bridge station and it was eerily quiet, surreal proper surreal
  14. But will they win, I think the left are behaving so nuts that the quite majority will vote Trump. Imagine how insane the US would get if the Dems get in, they've gone insane
  15. But aren't a lot of these pensions inflation linked Ah just read they usually have a cap at 5%