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  1. He did make comments on occasion that it was only a part of his thesis but I think in reality it is most of it
  2. Damn, that some classy writing, you as suave as that Tom Hagen
  3. That is true markets may well be heading down further and I will do a few more tranches across oil and other sectors if it declines. However the sell out and buy lower approach includes a massive amount of emotion and psychological stress as opposed to the mechanical approach of buying and positoning for the long term I do understand your thinking though as I understand it from a day trading perspective and in that context your thinking is sound. However this thread is about long term portfolio positioning for a reflation cycle, a reflation cycle which may be preceded by an element o
  4. In terms of investing rather than day trading the thesis on this thread is to hold for the long term through at least to the other side of 2025 probably closer to 2030. In terms of the payoff for the type of portfolio this thread has a preference for, the capital gains and substantially increasing dividends are expected to start materializing 2023-24 onward The oil stocks are down, with the first tranches substantially down, however this I think is a positive as it allows the lower ladders to be triggered. In terms of admitting being wrong I don't think what is materializing is evi
  5. Its bloody late I wonder at what point he throws in the towel and updates his forecast
  6. Its going to be absolutely brutal DB I reckon. Some currently fairly wealthy people on paper I going to be a lot poorer in a few years
  7. Seeing that clip of Obama talking at a Biden rally of about 50 people was telling. There is zero enthusiasm for Biden. It feels like some crazy propaganda being played by the media and the tech firms, none of it stacks up, how come Trump can hold multiple huge rallies in a day and Biden can barely muster 50 people yet there are predictions of a Biden landslide win, hopefully the opposite happens and Donnie smashes it
  8. Ooooooooh man that was bad, Joe is stumbling
  9. she's actually being a bit tough on Biden kin hell
  10. Fuck me Donnie turned on the charm to her just now, stylish
  11. I reckon he is on the ropes. On the other side Trump is doing way better than I thought
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