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    When you mentioned William will probably not make it to the throne yesterday it got me thinking, once the Queen has gone, our attitudes to the monarchy will really change as Charles just doesn't command the respect
  2. Very interesting question DB, I'm of the opinion they will go down somewhat in the huge downdraft but they've been so battered I cant see how they could halve from here
  3. Talking Monkey


    I can't see it diverting attention, more highlighting Andrew even more
  4. Talking Monkey


    Even if he doesn't see a courtroom if the focus continues it will be hugely damaging, pressure will be on to side-line him which itself will send further signals, I think the royal family are in a very tight corner
  5. Talking Monkey


    I wonder if this gets more coverage will they cut Andrew and let him be a fall guy, wonder where he is in the pecking order
  6. Cheers DB, I guess the next 5-7 years is the final bit of decent living a lot of people will see in their lifetime, with population growth, growing ageing population, technology making more and more people obsolete, some sort of huge bump was going to come
  7. If we were to see complete collapse at the end of the next cycle would that be UK or global, or mainly western economies In that scenario what kind of things would one expect, I assume it doesn't go mad max, just really bad
  8. Talking Monkey


    I think with the deep fake shiyte which is being referenced more and more we are being conditioned to believe that we can only trust the MSM who will be able to discern what is deep fake and we must not trust alternative sources There is an all round sinister tone I'm picking up, this Greta thing, the ban beef shiyte, eg that university banning beef in its canteens, its all getting a bit strange we're being coralled manipulated and it is becoming very obvious Not articulated it very well, but last year or so the MSM manipulation has really kicked up a gear
  9. Do you think one final melt up DB before the bust hits, or was that it what we saw when the S&P was at 3000
  10. Top read just read his latest post. Are inflation stocks different to reflation stocks
  11. Talking Monkey


    absolutely crazy stuff the arm position
  12. This obsession to wring every last breath of life out of a body using all resources available is just stupid
  13. Talking Monkey


    Remember Godfather 2 there was a scene in that sort of similar
  14. Its true though the efforts of literally 10s of thousands of kids doing collections for charity will all go to sorting out these twins, and then there is the asylum stunt. We have gone mad as a country literally burning our resources on non-citizens who have a deep seated hatred for us and our values. Our kindness and charity is seen as weakness and deep down they laugh at us and feel nothing but contempt for us I'd much rather give my money to a hospice as at least there the money will largely go to helping brits who will have contributed to our system