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  1. Its the chance to make generational wealth that does it for me, to set up the grandkids that haven't even been born yet
  2. That makes sense to say for the long haul, but in the big downturn when the stockmarket halves would PMs go down hard too and would that cause some of the miners to go bust, its that bit that I'm trying to get my head round
  3. How far do you see the dollar going down DB, also once equity markets really start falling do you expect the dollar to recover most of that fall
  4. visa looks nuts, its tripled in the last few years, lord knows how far it will drop in a recession
  5. That Purplebricks chart is quite something almost quartered in a year. I look at the likes of Netflix and reckon they will quarter in due course. Loads of companies with tons of debt, after the blow off top lord knows how brutal the crash will be
  6. That would be one explosive move higher bloody hell, if it gets close to 4000 lots of folk gonna make some good money
  7. How stratospheric you reckon Barnsey, Dow to 30K or is that pushing it. That bust has been a long time coming wish it would get here so we can get through the bad stuff
  8. Interesting viewpoint Major, do you see the potential for China to be greatly diminished in the coming decade, is there that much rot under the covers that has been hidden
  9. It has taken them ages to figure this out, it was clear to see all along what China was up to
  10. Do you still see a market blowoff before big declines DB, there was talk of that a couple of months back
  11. My god what prompted it to increase 6 fold in the last 3 years. I guess that is a good example of what could happen to some of the miners we have bought. I can see what DB means that if gold or silver runs some of the miners could go up 20 or 30 times
  12. when he wins again im gonna have to take a week off work to run around the streets laughing at the SJW cunts wailing n gnashing their teeth