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  1. This is exactly what gets them angry, seeing happy, successful people, enjoying life in a nice way, not a debauched hedonistic enjoyment of life, rather a wholesome enjoyment whatever that may be. It grates on them to see that happiness in people who don't have a shred of fear of allah, that in fact are amused by the concept of this allah thing Its a crazy death cult, it is a cult, why the global elites would appease this cult, even embrace it is frightening, once this thing snowballs in the west and I think it is getting close, we will not be able to shackle this islam monster we have let into our midst
  2. It was absolutely outstanding drama. I remember watching it, was some amazing telly
  3. This would be the best way, none of that karate, judo stuff, a few boxing lessons and it will work wonders. Learning to headbutt expertly also would help, though I don't know where you get lessons for that.
  4. What was the thing that got them the lasses, were they super confident or more cocky. Or were they rich and threw money about
  5. On another note Db there are more and more articles talking about a recession not coming until late 2020 if not 2021, I just don't see how the plates can be kept spinning till then, though anything is possible I suppose. In terms of the big leg down in the markets do you still see that happening later this year
  6. Ramadan starting next month, very likely something will happen here or in Europe, maybe this year the political parties might start reflecting our concerns
  7. This is it TMT, what I don't understand is why so few have woken up to this, most people are walking round as if they are brainwashed
  8. Its so easy for women makes you wonder how many are cheating on their husbands, like you say Bedrag until you see it with your own eyes. Risky business marriage, divorce rape is nasty
  9. This is basically it Joe, I reckon there is tons of this going on
  10. A lot of the folks that promote diversity will never ever understand this
  11. I was just going to say that if security goes up around cathedrals etc that would give it away. Also the number of desecrations of churches over the next month would also point to the truth, 10 in the past month, X in the coming month, and around this time a fire at Notre Dame
  12. Turnmills was damn good, them were the days Sarge. MoS was shit
  13. Dude I'm crying with laughter reading this, well played
  14. He must be doing something right if he is not ageing
  15. All these leveraged fuckers should eventually go to the wall with IO going Its those that have portfolios of paid off houses, how are these parasitic fuckers disgorged of the multiple properties they hoard. It really is immoral the hoarding of property